How much fun was that?

November 6, 2005

Opening night couldn’t have gone much better for the Komets. A 4-1 win over Motor City before a full house showed them everything they had been looking for, including a couple of extra Icys that they hadn’t been looking for. Where does he get those toys?

Lance Galbraith was everything advertised. When a Motor City player got an elbow up on Colin Chaulk, Galbraith was right there getting into his face. It’s going to be very interesting to watch he and Danny Stewart team up on the same line.

Thanks in part to the spectacular ice, the team speed REALLY showed up big. The Komets did a great job controlling the front of both nets, which was a major problem for them last season. Except for the play of the Mechanics’ goaltender, the score could have been 8-1.

The new rules also seemed to work as planned. The game was fast-paced and fun to watch. There were a couple of points where play continued for three or four minutes without a whistle. Outstanding! Both teams had lots of scoring chances, and there was actual hitting in a hockey game. What a concept! Big-time hitting at that. Who had the most hits? Rob Guinn, Guy Dupuis, Galbraith, Stewart, Mark Smith? There were so many good hits it was hard to tell. It sort of looked like the first game of a playoff series with the Komets trying to set the tone.

My biggest question? Did they clone Icy or did he have a very busy off-season?

It’s tough to imagine how opening night could have been much better.


4 Responses to “How much fun was that?”

  1. Mike Says:

    It was a great night! I was impressed with the game, speed and our team. I was NOT impressed with the amount of advertising Komet management has on the ice. It is actually embarassing. I have been to many games in other venues NHL/UHL/CHL and have never seen anything like it. Every aspect of the game is an advertisement of some sort. It’s just tacky and like I said an embarassment.

  2. Mark Says:

    Opening night was awesome, although the fireworks scared my boys. But, my comment about the advertising, who cares, I went there to watch a hockey game, once that starts i don’t care about anything else. Next time your at a hockey game, watch the game, who cares about the rest..GO KOMETS GO

  3. Tim Clark Says:

    I don’t even notice the advertisments anymore. I DID notice when they said the “Komets are at full strength sponsored by Three Rivers.” I was hoping they’d say the same for the opposing team. Can you imagine us copying Kalamazoo’s,”And the still SUCK, WOO.” chant after saying the opposing team is at full strength.

    Heck…how much money do they want? I’ll sponsor that lol.

  4. IndyKomet Says:

    They could of done something different with Icy….they did the same thing last season i believe. I know the k’s staff could of come up with something new.

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