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December 9, 2005

The Komets are going to have at least one very difficult decision to make next week in terms of their roster. Currently, the Komets are at the league-maximum with 19 healthy bodies. Jason Kean and Brent Rumble are on injured reserve, Lance Galbraith is coming back off team suspension, and Justin Laverdiere will also be activated. That means at least two players have to go on injured reserve or be released. Kelly Miller will be released to return to coaching in Toledo.

The Komets can have as many as seven veterans, at least four rookies and eight tweeners. The rookies currently are Laverdiere, Michael Wiggins, Josh VanderBreggen, Kevin Kurk, David Carpentier and A.J. Bozoian. The veterans are Colin Chaulk, P.C. Drouin, Troy Neumeier, Rob Guinn, Kevin St. Pierre, Guy Dupuis and Andrew Luciuk. The tweeners are Mark Smith, Jonathan Goodwin, Lance Galbraith, David Hukalo, Matt Hunter, Jeff Worlton and Ryan Jorde. Kean and Rumble are tweeners.


15 Responses to “Something to consider”

  1. Keep on winning!!! Says:

    If I follow the combinations correctly as you have listed them, Jeff Worlton has left the building. I think we need skilled players on the team rather than a meat head like Worlton, who in my opinion, is worthless right now. We have plenty of guys who can drop the gloves without Worlton. He cannot skate a regular shift and is a waste to keep on the bench for him to only skate 1-3 shifts a game. Easy decision in my book. Looks like the recent moves for the most part are working out pretty good. Hope that we go on a nice string of wins. The only guy I still question is Jorde, not sure he is the player that everyone thought he would be.

    Also, where do you think Galbraith’s head is going to be when he gets back. Seems like a real mystery to me how he just sort of disappeared into a personal emergency when the team needed him the most, being that he is an assistant captain and was supposed to have been one of the biggest signings for this season.

  2. scoops Says:

    Little torn between Worlton and Rumble.

    I haven’t seen enough of Rumble to make a decision one way or another. Rumble isn’t a big stats guy to begin with. Neither is Worlton, obviously. The K’s have made too many moves since the went east to really see what the line combo’s are now. But if Rumble and Worlton would both be concidered the “extra” forward being dressed, I’d probably side with Worlton because the one ability he has is bringing the crowd to its feet and/or energizing his team with a check or a tilt. Rumble may be the more “skilled” player but I think most nights he would be invisible. Concidering who we have now I don’t concider Rumble a skill guy and he definately doesn’t fit the role Worlton plays. You know when Worlton is out there. About 50% of the time he is out there he does something positive. Thats his role and he does do that well. Just like the other night. Worlton gets into a fight. The crowd that buzzing, the K’s start playing inspired hockey and we score 3 goals right away. Jeff also has the ability to play defense if needed.

  3. Keep on winning!!! Says:

    Another win for the Komets! A very balanced attack tonight. We didn’t kill ourselves with stupid penalties tonight either. Worlton not in the lineup. I think he will be the next player sent packing. I like Jeff, I just don’t see how we can keep him on the roster. Let’s keep it going. If we can catch Quad City in the standings in the next 2-3 weeks, we will be in good shape. Rockford can be caught because they keep on losing players to the AHL. Tibbets and Michel Robinson both called up this week. At least we don’t have the call-up problem here.

  4. Blake Says:

    Just talked to Chief and he said Laverdiere went home to Rhode Island and got socked in by a snowstorm so he won’t join the Komets this weekend. He also said they’ll find out sometime next week if defenseman Mark Lindsay, whom they claimed off waivers last week, will join the team. He went home to British Columbia. That could mean even more roster changes.

  5. TOM SMITH Says:


  6. Shawn Says:

    Actually Blake the rules this year in the UHL is that you can only have 18 skaters (2 Goalies, 16 players). With Miller being released after the road trip, assuming that Galbraith returns to the team and that Laverdiere and Lindsay get signed, the komets would be at 23 players. Two of which are PTO’s (Kurk & VanderBreggen) and 2 are on the IR.

    Kurk should get signed because we need a second goaltender. I would assume that VanderBreggen would be waived (his PTO expires 12/14). In my opinion Worlton should also be waived to make room for player that can skate full shifts.

    If these moves were made the Komets would still have 19 healthy skaters and 2 on the IR going into the game on the 16th, which means that one player would be a healthy scratch. I can’t see Rumble being with the them too much longer unless Larverdiere, Hunter, or one of the other forwards dosen’t gell with the team. Plus when Kean is healthy we will have 7 players on defence.

  7. Burgee Says:

    whats the penalty $$$ for having too many on the roster?

  8. Bob Says:

    In response to Burgee….I am not sure if there is a “luxury tax” that would have to be paid for exceeding the salary cap. If there is….it is based on how much over the salary cap you go. Let me know if this helps….GO KOMETS!!!

  9. blake Says:

    I was told last week it was 19, 18 on a game roster and one extra, which would make sense because you’d always want to have one extra player. You can put four — one each on each of the four lists — on IR at one time.

    Luxury tax hits at the end of the year, from what I understand. You just have to make darn sure you are under by then. I think I remember someone saying it was a 200 percent tax, but that was a while ago. As for having too many men on the roster, you simply aren’t allowed to do it, which is one reason why the commish has to approve every contract before a player can be activated. There’s someone in the league office whose responsibility it is to check up on stuff like this.

    I also believe PTOs count toward the active roster. From what I’ve been told, they really like VanderBreggen because they feel he can skate a regular shift and fight.

    We’ll learn a lot more about Kurk sometime this weekend, maybe even tonight.

  10. Keep on winning!!! Says:

    In reference back to Tom, Worlton can’t skate worth a crap. He is fun to watch when he comes out 1-3 times a game just to see what kind of riot he is going to start. Putting him in front of the net is not a bad idea on the power play, but do you actually think that Pulcrapski would do this. Under the current circumstances of this team needing a combination of scoring and defense, where does Worlton fit in? We have several other guys who can drop the gloves when needed. This team, with the coach we have, cannot carry a player on the bench who can only fight and do nothing else. The good news is, looks like we may finally have some pieces put together to make a run at getting into the playoffs. Who knows, we may even make some noise again this year.
    No one ever answered what is actually going on with Galbraith. How can the assistant captain, a guy that was built-up to be an impact player, mysteriously leave the team in the middle of the most difficult time for the team during multiple player trades and changes? How will his return be taken by the rest of the team, and where is this guy’s head going to be at? Just wondering.

    Go Komets!!!

  11. blake Says:

    I’ll say this and that’s it. Lance had a legitimate reason to go. It’s one of those things that is nobody else’s business.

  12. Keep on winning!!! Says:

    Ok, guess it must have been something that didn’t involve Hockey. Just was curious. Just seemed like really bad timing to leave is all. Hope things are better now.

  13. For Sure! Says:

    Blake I have to commend you on your comment about Lance. I love the fact that you are not putting his personal life out there just because you know what’s going on. Sure, it could be considered newsworthy because a lot of people would like to know what is going on with him, but the fact that you are keeping it under wraps is great.

    As to how the team will take his return, I think they will be glad to have him back. They all know what is going on with him and considering the situation I think they respect his need to go home for a week. Hopefully he got what he needed out of this trip. If he did I’m sure his head will be right where it needs to be…in the game and ready to win.

  14. George Says:

    I think that Blake is a man that does alot of false reporting and gives some of the Komet players a bad name that dont need one!

  15. Blake Says:

    OK, George can you give me an example?

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