Most nervous guy in the place…

December 21, 2005

…tonight had to be me. I wrote the story about shootouts in Tuesday’s paper that said teams scoring in the last two minutes to tie were 31-19 and that the team that scored first in the shootout was 168-51. I was dying. I couldn’t relax until Chaulk scored to go up 2-0 in the shootout. I figured for sure they’d get up 1-0 and then lose the shootout 2-1 or something bizarre like that and everybody would blame me for jinxing them.

Of course, I have to admit Justin Cohn called shootout in the middle of the second period.

I did think the order was interesting going with Luciuk, then Drouin and then Chaulk just like we talked about in the story.

So my next prediction story will be that I get to go out with… oh, I don’t know, Sela Ward. Yeah, that’s it. Oops, she’s married. How about Jennifer Aniston, or Lauren Graham, Molly Ringwald or Eva Mendes. Man, with such an important topic this is going to take some thought. I can’t blow this one.


5 Responses to “Most nervous guy in the place…”

  1. Justin Cohn Says:

    Molly Ringwald?

  2. Blake Says:

    I’m old. What can I say?

  3. old Says:

    molly ringwald? you old fart!
    hey you guys do a geat job covering the k”s, i like the way you call it like it is, even if you might have a player mad at you for awhile,
    thats the way bud was.
    have a geat holiday!

  4. blake Says:

    Thanks. That’s a great compliment.

  5. Eric Says:

    Liz Hurley, Diane Lane, Catherine Zeta-Jones (she likes older men!) or Summer Sanders. Just a thought.

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