The answers

December 27, 2005

1. 1986.

2. Two: Paul and Perry Pooley and Mike and Neil Buchanan.

3. Colin Chaulk and Troy Neumeier

4. Wally Schreiber

5. Mark Wells, Steve Janaszak and Slava Butsayev

6. John Torchetti for using an ineligible player

7. Jeff MacMillan played four games with the Dallas Stars in 2003-04

8. Colin Chaulk

9. Jason Hueppelsheuser

10. Mike Torchia

11. Dave Farrish

12. Kevin Kaminski

13. Bruce Boudreau

14. Moose Lallo

15. Max Middendorf

16. Scott Gruhl

17. Bruce Boudreau

18. Bruce Boudreau

19. Don Atchison

20. Wes McCauley

We had a whopping two entries and Phil Harber is the winner with 17 correct, which is pretty darn impressive.

So was this worth it, was it a waste of time or just bad timing?


3 Responses to “The answers”

  1. Mark Says:

    Bad timing more than anything…

  2. Joe Says:

    it was worth it, but too hard for me so I didn’t enter

  3. blake Says:

    I understand. Maybe since he won this time I’ll have Phil help me on the next one, possibly during the playoffs. I’m not sure what’s easy and what’s hard. That’s not bragging, it just means I need to get a life. LOL

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