All-star Komets

January 10, 2006

Defenseman Guy Dupuis and center Colin Chaulk are the only Komets named to compete in the UHL All-Star Game Jan. 25 in Missouri. The team was selected in a poll of media, general managers, coaches and team public relations managers and was announced today.

Chaulk leads the Komets in scoring with 35 points in 31 games, and Dupuis is third with 28 points in 33 games. He ranks fourth among all UHL defensemen in scoring.

The starting lineups for the game will be selected by the fans. Information about for voting can be found at the official website of the UHL, Fans will be able to vote for the starting lineups from Wednesday through Monday.

Here’s the full list of players.

GOALTENDERS: Rod Branch (Motor City), Sylvain Daigle (Danbury).
DEFENSEMEN: Scott Drevitch (Adirondack), Donny Grover (Danbury), Alex Jerofejevs (Roanoke Valley), Bob Rapoza (Adirondack), Matt Smith (Motor City), Dan Vandermeer (Richmond).
FORWARDS: David Beauregard (Roanoke Valley), Hugo Belanger (Adirondack), Aaron Brand (Port Huron), Chris Chaput (Elmira), Adam Edinger (Motor City), Alex Goupil (Danbury), David Hymovitz (Danbury), Jarrett Konkle (Elmira), Brett Lutes (Port Huron),
Louis-Philippe Martin (Roanoke Valley), Mike Oliveira (Richmond), Kevin Watters (Adirondack).

GOALTENDERS: Joel Martin (Kalamazoo), Jason Tapp (Quad City).
DEFENSEMEN: Daniel Carriere (Kalamazoo), Guy Dupuis (Fort Wayne), Corey Hessler (Rockford), Greg Labenski (Kalamazoo),
J.P. Morin (Flint), Dave Van Drunen (Muskegon).
FORWARDS: Nick Bootland (Kalamazoo), Robin Bouchard (Muskegon), Colin Chaulk (Fort Wayne), Jim Duhart (Missouri),
Frank Littlejohn (Missouri), Terry Marchant (Flint), Jeff Nelson (Muskegon), Jason Notermann (Rockford), Tyler Rennette (Kalamazoo), Todd Robinson (Muskegon), Chad Woollard (Quad City), David Wrigley (Muskegon).

Anybody else think Group B is going to kill Group A?


5 Responses to “All-star Komets”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Congrats to Guy and Colin on making the All-Star Team for this season!!!!!

  2. Carl Says:

    How the hell can Duhart be an All-Star after playing only 14 games?

  3. Greg Says:

    I think that this proves stats do count for how the teams are picked. IMO, I don’t believe that Chaulk earned it this year. Guy has improved so I’m okay with him getting in.

  4. Shawn Says:

    The reason for Duhart making the team is because each team must have at least two players on the All-Star Team. I am sure was picked more for his history in the league than his stats.

  5. Mark Says:

    Group B will kill Group A..but we said the same thing when the all star game was in Fort Wayne and the “west” go figure…

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