Another thing

January 18, 2006

  Did the  story on Joe tonight come across OK? Sometimes I can’t tell if it was clear enough that readers "get it.” That’s my problem not the readers if it happens.


11 Responses to “Another thing”

  1. Burgee Says:

    i got it and enjoyed reading it.

    i think the fellow bloggers will get it, it might be the ones who attend a game every other decade that might not get it. You know who i mean — “Oh wheres the organ player?”.

  2. Ross Says:

    Loved it. (For proof, see

    The first Frenchy quote completely blindsided me. Great stuff.

  3. Unit Says:

    Your link seems to have died. Would you mind fixing it or shooting me an email with it? I would like to read it but don’t have any subscriptions. I am way more likely to read the Sentinel than the Urinal Gazette but its crappy out so I’m staying home!!

  4. Unit Says:

    Nevermind, I found it online. Let’s hope that if he does get in the opposition didn’t read the article which contains the secret to beating 1-0 Joe!! Interesting article Blake. Outside the norm for sure. So Joe likes to criticize the players huh? Maybe he’s the one posting under others names.

  5. Ross Says:

    Sorry, the closing parenthesis broke it (and apparently Blake doesn’t allow anchored hyperlinks in comments). This should work:

  6. JR Says:

    Blake, I noticed that Blake Stewart was traded again this time to Missouri….Whats the deal? Is there something in his demeanor that keeps him moving or is just a numbers game…any info???

  7. Blake Says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about with the hyperlink Ross, so I wouldn’t know how to allow it or disallow it. LOL.

    B. Stewart is deceptive. I think he’s one of those guys who looks good on paper, and you think he’s the sniper to put you over the top, especially with that speed. He’s the kind of guy every coach thinks they can get more out of, but it never happens. He’s not physical and can really only play one style.

    All I remember is all the screaming when he was cut in training camp.

  8. Ross Says:

    No problem Blake. I just wanted to embed the link in the words “Loved it”. Then people could just click on that, instead of seeing the “http://…” It’s just prettier. 🙂

    Sorry, I guess it’s referred to as “Allow HTML in comments” in the TypePad documentation. Apparently this is disabled for your blog. You can see more here:

    See how ugly that is? I could have made it so you just click on the word “here” to follow the link. 🙂

    Oh, and trackbacks would be nice, but I suppose I shouldn’t ask too much at once…

  9. Blake Says:

    Again, Ross, you’re dealing with someone who is too old to learn how to use this stuff. I can barely type and listen to the game at the same time. Write me out some detailed instructions and maybe I’ll be able to follow them. But go slow and use small words. LOL.

  10. Blake Says:

    OK, Ross, I think I’ve made those changes but seriously, someone is going to have to explain them to me. They pretty much handed me this blog and said good luck. Help!!!!!!

  11. Ross Says:

    Heh, you beat me to the email with directions I just sent you. Here is what I was trying to do:

    “Hey, check out what I wrote on this!”

    You can click on the blue text to go to my blog post.

    Thanks Blake!

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