Roster update

January 20, 2006

Just got off the phone with David Franke. John Jarram is out at least three weeks with a shoulder injury, but Brent Rumble will be activated. Colin Chaulk will not play tonight after banging up a wrist in Rockford, and neither will Ryan Jorde with a knee problem. Both are day-to-day and hope to play Saturday.

Kevin St. Pierre will be in net tonight and the Komets expect him to start all three games this weekend.


10 Responses to “Roster update”

  1. Nanci Says:

    Can we catch a break? Gezz.. Thanks for the update!!!

  2. Shawn Says:

    for once month, one month I it would be interesting to see how we would do for one month with EVERYONE healthy, I bet this would be a different team……

  3. scoops Says:

    How are Joe Franke’s forward or defense skills? Yikes….

  4. Skate Says:

    What ever happened to Jack McCoy?

    Has he given up refereeing to work full-time as an A.D.A. in the New York Prosecutor’s Office?

  5. JR Says:

    1. K’s 4 Kzoo 1
    2. Good physical game
    3. Couple fights for good measure

  6. smitty Says:

    just got back from k-zoo
    great game,a lot of big hits all night,lance played his best game as a komet, he stood grill to grill with wills, the best fight in a long time,wills had two red eggs on is forehead.
    with the way lance played he should have been #1 star,the the team played very hard, guinn was #1 star.proud tobe a komet die hard.

  7. scoops Says:

    Why don’t these happen in Fort Wayne? Probably to get back at all the bloggers. LOL

    In all seriousness, I lestened to the game tonight and it sounded like the K’s came out with some authority tonight and kept it up all night. Lance was the Lance he was billed up to be. Druin sounded like he played well also. NOW…….

    There is no excuse in the world to NOT come out tonight against Quad City and play the exact same game. We have been trailing these guys by 3 points forever and its time for some payback.

  8. Nanci Says:

    I agree Scoops! Take Quad City and shove the puck down their throats!! Come on ..Komets..let’s rock the JUNGLE!!

  9. TOM Says:


  10. Laurie Says:

    After driving home last night from the fantastic K-zoo game, I’m ready for a replay of last night’s performance! LET’S GO KOMETS!!

    And maybe Summerfield will actually get some ice time tonight. He didn’t play at all last night. Poor kid! We still love you, Summerfield!

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