Pet peeve

January 23, 2006

  I noticed this topic on intotheboards and thought it was interesting. As many of you know, I hate diving, and I’m happy to see UHL officials calling it more. Halelujah! It’s about time!

All they need to do is call it solidly for a month and  then let’s all hope it disappears forever. 

I once had a referee explain to me how you could call hooking on one player and diving on another involved in the same incident. He said just because a player dove doesn’t mean his opponent wasn’t hooking him. My only problem with that is that you very rarely see a player called for diving all by himself. It’s almost always the second penalty in a series.


14 Responses to “Pet peeve”

  1. Brandan Says:

    Huh. I had wondered how both could be called (same goes for a Hold/Dive)…guess it makes sense.

  2. Hoss Says:

    I posted about this question on ITB after I saw it called three times at the start of the season. (Only to be asked if I ever even knew anything about hockey!) I understand the idea behind the calls but like you said, they never just call the dive. I don’t understand…

  3. Mark Says:

    Actually, the other night in the Adirondack game I think against Missouri, Duhart got called for Diving about 2 minutes into the game..its about time…Im also glad that they call it diving and not unsportsmanlike conduct..

  4. blake Says:

    Hoss, don’t you love it when they pull that one out? Like we must believe they are some kind of expert, right? I don’t remember anyone ever getting a degree in hockey. One of the best things about the game is that everybody views it differently.

  5. Hoss Says:

    And everyone either “played semi-pro hockey” or could run the team so much better. I love hockey and love going to the Komets game, but if you feel you can do it better, but a team and try!

    PS Could you do a story about the “rules” of being a fan at the game like;
    1. Stay in your seat until a stopage in play!
    2. Keep your kid from kicking seats.
    3. Don’t yell any of the following, “Shoot!” “Hit the goalie!” “Fight! Fight!”
    4. If you don’t know what’s going on, don’t fake it to impress your date.

  6. Hoss Says:

    Sorry, that was “Buy a team and try” not but and team.

  7. TLS Says:

    Comment on the “rules of being a fan”….
    When I’m in to a game I find myself saying/yelling things and not even noticing I said it until after the fact…or until my sister laughs at me. Point being, sometimes fans yell things like “shoot” and don’t even know they said it. 🙂

  8. mark Says:

    Have a few less beers then or take your medication. I can’t think of anytime sober I yell things and don’t remember what I say

    But, you’re right. The people yelling shoot really don’t know what they’re saying.

  9. Jeff Says:

    I can’t figure out how you can call diving and hooking on the same play. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It’s like calling a ball and a strike on the same pitch in baseball; offsides or false start on the same snap in football; or charging or blocking on the same play in basketball.

  10. JR Says:

    What do you mean fans who yell “shoot” dont know what they’re saying????? Your tellin me that I cant yell “shoot the puck” when the K’s powerplay is have way thru the penalty and they have’nt takin a shot yet?? This type of mentality is what is helping transform the “jungle” into the “playpin”!!!! My gosh, people have the right to say whatever they want as long as it stays reasonably tasteful. I agree 100% about the stayin in your seat until a stoppage of play; but come on people like to get into the game and just cause someone yells shoot doesnt mean they dont know anything about the game….

  11. Unit Says:

    Absolutely agree JR. It is ultra frustrating to watch the puck being passed in a triangle for 1:30 of every power play. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. I understand waiting for the best opportunity, but when the defenders are just standing in the same spot watching our guys pass it back and forth , a new look probably isn’t going to open up. That being said, it seems that every game I have the biggest moron on the face of the earth behind me. If I were Oliver Stone, I would write a book about it. The other night was classic when I had to listen to a college aged kid explain to his girlfriend how Jim Duhart “is just like Steve Fletcher was but scores more.” And that “without Worlton here he is going to be beating the crap out of everyone, cause he’s the best fighter in the league.” Thats the kind of stuff that drives me nuts, not a difference of opinion regarding style of play.

  12. Blake Says:

    Something to remember about Shoot the puck. We can see the openings on the ice much easier than the players because we’re higher up and actually have a better perspective. That’s sort of like the higher you sit, the slower the game seems to move, but you really get a feel how fast it is sitting along the glass.

  13. Hoss Says:

    I’m sorry for not being so clear. I didn’t mean you can’t yell shoot (or anything you would like). I was talking about the kids, and people who don’t know about the game, yelling “Shoot!” as soon as any Komet has the puck, including Frenchy! I yell as much as the next person, sometimes more, but there is a difference from the “Jungle” and “Shoot!”

    PS I also have a gripe about “Family Enjoyment” at the game. If we are going to let one or two boy scout moms being upset about the ol’ “YOU SUCK” chant change the “Jungle” into the “kitty cat litter box,” then why can’t I hold my six-month old son close to the glass durning warm-ups so that he can see the players? The first game that Kelly Miller was back, I took my son down to watch the players. Miller skated to the glass right next to him and made funny faces, put his glove to the glass to play with him, and flipped a puck over to him. Miller made a hockey fan for life out of him, all by taking a little time out to say “hi.” The next game I tried to take him down to warm ups, the usher (just doing their job) made me leave the glass and stand back so that I did not block the view of others. (Others that were not even watching the warm ups.) Just doesn’t make sence.

  14. JR Says:

    I know what you mean about not always having a knowledgeable fan sitting behind or around you… I’ve got this guy who must be around 50 who thinks everything the other team does is a penalty, then gets mad when the ref calls alot of penalties cause he thinks our powerplay stinks… then there are those times that I go nuts, yell a bunch of stuff, then wonder who hit me with the stupid stick….

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