Tough week of practice

January 25, 2006

Here’s a question for you: I noticed Justin has his grades up, but what I’m wondering is who do you think is the most under-rated player on the team? I’ll leave that up to your definition.

Perhaps believing his team needs more work on conditioning, Komets coach Greg Puhalski has put his squad through two very challenging practices this week with lots of extra skating and has said more are coming. It’s probably the right time of year for it since they Komets have only one game this week and two next week.

Jason Kean also returned to practice today and skated.

"It wasn’t too bad,” the defenseman said. "I was actually surprised, especially with the tough practice. It was kind of getting a little tough toward the end. The best thing was being out there and interacting with the guys.”

Kean was injured Nov. 18 when he  was checked from behind into the boards by Muskegon’s Rustyn Dolyny.

Concussion specialist Dr. James Stevens said Kean can not have contact in practice for two more weeks, and there’s a follow-up appointment scheduled for Feb. 7. Kean said he is still suffering headaches three or four times per week.

The Komets also had rookie defenseman Eric Patten in camp. He played 33 games two years ago with Richmond of the UHL. He’s listed at 5-11, 195 pounds. He had been signed by Utah of the ECHL, but did not play in any games.




28 Responses to “Tough week of practice”

  1. Dan Says:

    Troy Neumeier by far is the most underrated player. He works like crazy, makes few mistakes, and checks hard when need be. The fans get on him like they did Lucyk. I never have understood why they hammer guys like them.

  2. TB Says:

    I’d say Matt Hunter is the most under-rated player on the team. He works his butt off every night and is all over the ice. Hopefully the goals will start coming for him soon. Keep up the good work, Matt!

  3. Nanci Says:


  4. nicko Says:

    Summerfield. The readers of this board seem to give him credit, and are all for him getting more ice time, as am I. The coaches must not think much of him. You notice how IF he gets ice time, he is taken out as soon as we have to play defense. He seems to be one of our TRUE hustlers. The other guys do it, but they have to concentrate on it or be motivated.

  5. Blake Says:

    I guess I’d have a difficult time saying the UHL Defenseman of the Year is under-rated, but I understand where you are coming from.

  6. Mark Says:

    Matt Hunter is definatly under-rated in my opinion..I also would have a hard time thinking the reigning UHL defensemen of the year could be under-rated..

  7. Blake Says:

    My pick is Guinn because when he’s playing well you don’t really notice him, but you also don’t notice the other team’s forwards, either. Have you guys seen his stats of late? Plus 14 last 10 games. He doesn’t score much or get much time on the power play so that’s one way to judge him and that’s amazing. To me it proves my point because no one has mentioned him yet. What do you think?

  8. David Says:

    I would agree with Guinn and I would also put out there Miller. He is a true center which we need badly and he has done a really good job on the PK. Plus when we were in trouble early in the year and he came out of retirement he add some energy on the east coast swing.

  9. Blake Says:

    Good pick, David. Send me your e-mail address and I’ll send you a copy of that story on no hitting.

  10. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Kelly Miller without a second thought. He skates hard every shift. He does the little things on the Penalty Kill and has a knack for getting behind the opposing defense with his hard skating. He is a guy that also brings physical play when it is needed. He seems to always get a big steal, assist, or goal that makes a huge difference. I like his game, I’m glad he is here.

  11. David Says:

    Off topic here, but we have come to the half way point in the season. First half done and over and at we are over the .500 mark. The main goal for this team is to win the second half of the season! Is that obtainable, maybe. When we look at possible trades for the proven scorer I am not sure we have anything to give so I would not count on any trades. Blake why did we bring in this Patten kid? It is not like he is the physical defensman. He had a total of 49 PIM’s in 33 games with Richmond. You know if I was Franke I would be very interested in Frank Littlejohn but he is the type of player we lack. He is a proven scorer, skates well, and is tough!! Who would you offer up for this type of player Blake. I am sure the Otters will not part ways with Littlejohn but man I would love to see him a K’s jersey. Just a thought.

  12. blake Says:

    Missouri will not trade Littlejohn. Komets need more rookies, especially with Jarram and Carpentier hurt. They don’t want to have to play short some night.

    You gotta give them some credit. They never give up looking.

  13. dnlkomets Says:

    If he comes back…hopefully Kean is the most under-rated player!

  14. JC Says:

    You can quote me….Patten will not be the only new defenseman they bring in. Another guy that will be brought in will solidify our defense very well!

  15. scoops Says:

    Is this like the “soup is on” rumor?

  16. JC Says:

    Nope, as far as I know this guy is already signed.

  17. Tim Clark Says:

    One thing Blake…Kean was not checked from behind by Dolyny. Kean went to hit Dolyny and Dolyny moved out of the way so Kean basically went head on into the wall at an akward angle. I believe he fell in the process and hit the boards with is head. It happened right in front of the section where I sit.

  18. scoops Says:

    Who is it or do we need a reason to sell papers?

  19. JR Says:

    If the guy already signed, why cant you say who he is????????

  20. JC Says:

    I can’t say anything until its official. I have heard from very reliable sources (people in the organization) that he is signed. He has AHL experience.

  21. JR Says:

    Can you give us any details without giving it away or when we may hear something official????? You know, vet, non-vet, rookie, tweener….scorer, stay at home, tough guy…..

  22. JC Says:

    From what I’ve heard he could be the complete defenseman in this league. Solid in his own zone while being able to chip in offensively. He is supposed to be able to fight if needed. He is a tweener.

  23. JR Says:

    Thanks… I mean JC….

  24. scoops Says:

    Is the official word coming by carrier pigeon?

  25. Blake Says:

    The official word is that it is defenseman Luke Sellars who played 74 games over two years with Chicago of the AHL and then had to sit out last year with a knee injury. He’s very good friends with Galley and Chaulker also knows him. He was drafted No. 30 overall by Atlanta in 1999 and played one game with the Thrashers in 2002. He played juniors with Galbraith.

  26. scoops Says:

    On one hand…I’m pumped up. Here is the first pick in the 2nd round of the NHL Entry Draft heading to our team. He is still young and has tools in his toolbox.

    On the other hand….I’m leery. Here is the first pick in the second round of the NHL Entry Draft without a job and for some reason falling right into our laps? Not signed…coming in for a tryout. Serious knee injury causing him not to play for a year and presumably for the Thrashers to cut ties with him. Aside from that…news of this is buried in the blog so it must not be that big of a deal. i would think it would be but maybe not.

  27. Blake Says:

    It probably should be bigger news than the attention it’s getting, but I’m a little swamped with some other projects that right now have to take priority.

  28. JC Says:

    Yeah Sellars is the guy I was talking about. I heard that Rockford almost had him signed awhile ago but I’m not sure what happened there. Anytime you can sign an AHL quality D-man you have to do it. I like this move by the Komets. With Neumeier, Jorde, Sellars, Dupuis, Guinn, and Bozoian we have a solid defensive team. Now all we need is a legit scorer and we could make some noise come playoff time.

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