Who’s watching the game tonight?

January 25, 2006

Warning, warning, warning, pandering attack ahead, pandering attack ahead. Danger Will Robinson (anybody remember who Will Robinson was?)

I have to be stuck in the office tonight working on about a dozen stories so I’m not going to have time to watch the all-star game. I’d appreciate it if you are watching the B2 if you could maybe please, pretty please let me know here if Guy does something great, which I expect. He’s been so hot lately. That would help me a ton.

Thank you sincerely, and yes, I have had too much caffeine today.


24 Responses to “Who’s watching the game tonight?”

  1. DL Says:

    I have nothing going on, so I’ll be watching the WebCast of the All Star Game tonight. I can keep ya posted Blake.

  2. Mark Says:

    Im watching also…

  3. Blake Says:

    All right, sounds like I’m covered. Thanks

  4. Mark Says:

    DAB scores..

    1-0 Aquafina..

  5. Mark Says:

    Littlejohn scores..1-1..

  6. Mark Says:

    DAB scores again…

    2-1 Aquiafina

  7. Mark Says:

    JP Martin scores..a bad pass by Dupuis turned it over at the blue line…

    Konkle from Elmira has 3 assists…

    3-1 Aquafina…

  8. Blake Says:

    How’s Dan Silver sound? I think he’s top-notch as long as his regular sidekick isn’t with him.

  9. DL Says:

    Silver is pretty good in my opinion. I haven’t had a complaint yet.

  10. DL Says:

    Duhart with a nice goal, and Beauregard completes the hatty!
    4-2 Aquafina leads

  11. Mark Says:

    Id agree with that Silver is pretty good..

    Duhart scores for Gatorade 3-2

    then DAB scores he has a hatty..

    4-2 Aquafina

  12. Mark Says:

    Nelson scores for Gatorade…


  13. Mark Says:

    Duhart scores to tie the game I think…either him or Labenski..

    then Rapaza playing forward for aquaifina..normally a dman..

    5-4 Aquafina

  14. Mark Says:

    DAB scores…6-4 aquafina..

    DABs 4th goal Konkle has 5 assists..

  15. Mark Says:

    Keller scores…

    6-5 aquafina..

    assists Bouchard and Nelson

    Nelson has a quiet 1g and 3 assists..

  16. Mark Says:

    Dupuis is a -4 right now…

  17. Mark Says:

    Goupil scores for Aquafina…


  18. Mark Says:

    2 goals were scored

    Bouchard for Gatorade 7-6

    Hymovitz for H2O 8-6

  19. Mark Says:

    Duhart scores..

    8-7 H2O

  20. Mark Says:

    game over

    Team Aquafina 9,
    Team Gatarade 7

    MVP for Team Aquafina DAB 4 goals
    MVP for Team Gatarade Duhart 2g 1a

  21. Blake Says:

    Thanks a ton Mark. Saved me some time tonight.

  22. Blake Says:

    9 goals on 25 shots. Reminds me of my favorite Pokey quote of all-time when I told him he had been selected to another all-star game.

    “Oh great, I get to go be the punching bag again.”

  23. Shawn Says:

    All-Star games are fun for everyone but the Goaltenders

  24. Mark Says:

    No problem Blake, I wasnt doing anything else…

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