The best latest example…

February 6, 2006

…of why I need to get a life: I was thinking the other day about Paul Willett coming to town for the first time as Port Huron’s coach on Wednesday night, and I wondered what the UHL Komets’ record was against former Fort Wayne players who became coaches. It’s pretty amazing.
Scott Burfoot 4-0-1
Kirk Tomlinson 8-3-1
Shawn Evans 2-1
Brad Jones 9-6-1
Bruce Ramsay 6-2
Donnie Martin 2-0
Lonnie Loach 11-1
Kevin Kaminski 9-4-2
Paul Willett 1-0-1
That includes a 29-7-1 mark at home. Whoda thunk?


12 Responses to “The best latest example…”

  1. smitty Says:

    Blake you are right you do need to get a life. OPPS,wait a minute i’am reading this blog so i guess i need a life to.

    You do a good job,keep it up

  2. smitty Says:

    Blake i just read your article on Lance,Very nice

  3. Bob Says:

    Hey, What would life be without hockey, eh? (lol!) That was a really nice story about Lance. I was getting hoarse from cheering him on during his fight Saturday! I was very upset with the PIM’s that he got for it. Perhaps the officials should be “sponsored” by Lenscrafters, where you can get new glasses in under a hour!

  4. Nanci Says:

    Great story Blake. Two things why I ‘enjoyed’ that fight: 1) Lance taking care of business 2) Fighting without the ability to see! At one point in the fight Lance’s sweater was pulled over his head and he was still swinging and hitting right on target! There is a picture on this blog..on the right hand side ..under “Komets Photos”..under Elmira game! LOL!

  5. Nanci Says:

    opps..left hand side.. duh.

  6. Blake Says:

    Shutterbug is the best, isn’t she? Nothing gets by her.

  7. Shutterbug Says:

    “Nothing gets by her.” I wish…
    Nice job on the Galbraith story!

  8. Eric Says:

    You DO need a life. What do you prefer: blonde, bruntette or redhead?

  9. Laurie Says:

    Great story, Blake! I never get tired of reading Galbraith articles. 🙂

    I can’t believe we have 3 home games in 5 days. I’ll be broke by the end of the weekend. LOL

  10. blake Says:

    Look at it this way, it starts 12 games in 19 days for the boys, then they have five days off and then 20 games in 37 days to close the season.
    To Eric, the answer is Yes.

  11. Tony E Says:

    Blake at least you are getting paid…..what is MY excuse???? LOL

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