Olympic hockey

February 20, 2006

I like Olympic hockey, but I love World Cup hockey. Let me explain. During the Olympics, there is almost no time for a team to practice, so guys are learning linemates on the fly, especially with a younger team this time like the Americans.

One of the reasons I love World Cup hockey is that the teams are together for a much longer time practicing before the tournament. The skill level and teamwork is amazing, especially by the time you get to the finals.  I’ll never forget Brett Hull’s deflection that helped the US win the Cup in 1996.

I’ll even get up early to watch the preliminary round games from Europe. I’ve been looking all over the web for about 30 minutes trying to find out when the next one is and have had no luck. Man, it’s tough to love this sport sometimes.


11 Responses to “Olympic hockey”

  1. Nanci Says:

    If anyone loves Hockey as much as Blake does..Join the KOMETS BOOSTER CLUB!! E-mail us at kometsboosterclub@yahoo.com

    Go Komets!!

  2. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Do you have to play Hockey or use to play hockey to be a member of the Booster Club? Just kidding…L&L&LOL

    Um…I mean…..Yep, I agree. Go Komets. Out!!!

  3. Blake Says:

    Nanci, send me some details please.

  4. dnlkomets Says:

    I cant get into Olympic hockey or World Cup. When it comes to the Olympics I like the women’s hockey better….but then again you cant beat the thought of women playing hockey…

  5. Laurie Says:

    I’ve been watching Olympic hockey all day. I’m glad to see Jagr is back after that horrible hit from Ruutu.

    Everybody should definitely join the Booster Club!! Send a message here: kometsboosterclub@yahoo.com

    Happy birthday, Galbraith!!!

  6. Stripe-11 Says:

    Sorry to disappoint you Blake but this article was posted on TSN last Friday.


    It looks like having a 2008 WCH tourney is pretty bleak.

    – jamey

  7. Blake Says:

    Bummer. What am I going to do all summer in 2008?

    I’d vote for World Cup over Olympics.

    Don’t we all feel so sorry for the NHL players having to play three games in four nights. Everybody now… aaaaawwwwwww!!!!!

  8. scoops Says:

    I miss the days of college kids playing myself. I love the World Junior Championships and the college Frozen Four more than World Cups or Olympic hockey. I try to watch as many college games that pop on television as I can because the action is simply awesome.

  9. Jennifer Says:

    I love all hockey. It is great watching hockey in the morning while getting ready for work.

    Happy B-Day Gally!

  10. Stripe-11 Says:

    I loved ESPN’s coverage of the frozen 4 last year. I skipped out of work early a few days last year to catch games. Does anyone know if ESPN will be coving again this year?

  11. Brandon Says:

    In this post, Blake says and I quote… “Man, it’s tough to love this sport sometimes.”

    Yep, it’s only a job…

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