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Post-game notes

March 31, 2006

A few things I thought you might be interested in:

* Kevin St. Pierre has now tied Kalamazoo’s Joel Martin for the top goals against average in the UHL at 2.23.

* Mark Lindsay fought for the second game in a row. “Good for Mark,” Komets coach Greg Puhalski said. “He has played aggressively and generally the second half of the year he has played real solid and he has improved. He’s a hard-working man.”

Considering he’s only 21, that’s saying something.

* How about the new guy? Jamie Milam has some great wheels and some nifty moves. I’ve also heard he’s got the best shot on the team already which is why the Komets tried him on the point on the power play. He could be a huge factor, and it’s obvious he has fresh legs.

* Mike Dombkiewicz said when he was with Kalamazoo, the last time the Wings played Flint he knocked out Flint’s Dave Stewart with a check and that’s what led to the altercation tonight. BTW, how good are Dombkiewicz and Guinn working together right now?

* If any of you can’t see how Jorde is asking guys to go, then you’re just not paying attention. I saw at least two times tonight. No one wants to mess with him because A) he’s a lefty; B) he’s pretty darn good and C) he’s just the right amount of crazy. I’ve noticed a lot of times lately where he’s just skated by a potential something starting with a Komet and everyone just kind of backs off. That’s the real value of a player like Jorde.

* I’m very impressed with what the Komets have been doing of late. Anybody realize they are out-shooting their opponents 38-24 over their last 10 games. Who cares about the 38, but the 24 is pretty freaking good and will allow Frenchy to play as much as he wants. Penalty kills is also back on track, giving up just four goals in the last 49 chances.

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Frenchy’s durability

March 31, 2006

Justin and I were talking in the press box tonight about Kevin St. Pierre’s playing time of late. His thought was that Kevin Kurk needs some playing time, and my thought is that as long as Frenchy wants to play he plays. Justin wonders what happens if Frenchy gets hurt. My thought is they are dead at that point anyway so why worry about it?

I’m also thinking that lately Frenchy has not faced that heavy of a workload. Sure, he’s starting in his eighth straight game tonight, but during the first seven, he’s only faced 150 shots, giving up only 13 goals, and halfway though the game tonight the Generals have only got seven. Flint just had its best scoring chance so far on a two-on-one and he stoned them and made it look actually pretty easy.

So, what do you think? I mean besides the fact that Justin has absolutely no leg to stand on.

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I’m wondering

March 31, 2006

There are about two weeks and 10 games remaining in the regular season, and I’m wondering who you think should get the annual awards:
Best defenseman
Unsung hero
Defensive forward

Mr. HustleRookie of the yearMost improved player

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Some notes to keep you busy

March 29, 2006

* The Komets are 8-15-0 this season against the top four teams in the UHL, Muskegon, Rockford, Kalamazoo and Danbury, but they are 6-3 in their last nine games against the elite teams. That means they are 30-9-4 against everyone else.

* Since the Komets started the season 5-11-2, they’ve gone 33-13-2. Here’s how that compares with the elite teams in the UHL: Danbury 31-8-9, Muskegon 31-12-6, Kalamazoo 31-11-6 and Rockford 29-12-6.

* Lance Galbraith, Colin Chaulk and P.C. Drouin have contracts running through next season, and Kevin St. Pierre has a player-option year left.

So how about tonight’s game. Was there some hitting or what?

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Rockford suspension news

March 29, 2006

According to the UHL office, IceHogs coach Steve Martinson will be at tonight’s game, and will serve his one-game suspension at Rockford’s next home game on April 7.

The IceHogs’ Robin Big Snake will not play tonight because of a suspension from a game March 24 in Danbury.

Which leads to today’s story:

See you at the game.

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Before the rumor gets started

March 28, 2006

Mark Smith is back in town and was at practice today visiting with the guys. Because of UHL rules, he’s not allowed to play in the UHL this season or next since he left to play in Europe.

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Today’s stories

March 28, 2006

Here’s one on John Torchetti:

Here’s one on how the UHL supervises officials:

Got some other very interesting arcticles coming up Wednesday and Friday as well. Some of you will be shocked at Friday’s story.

Linda Leslie should have gotten credit for the photo of Russ Johnson today. My apologies.

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Talked to Lance today

March 28, 2006

He skated at practice for the second time and said he believes he’s ahead of schedule. He’s hoping to skate in at the least the last four games of the regular season, but he said the best way for the boys to keep him on the sidelines was to keep winning.

He’s definitely back on track as far as raising the volume level in the locker room.

Lance said he might be back even earlier than that since there are 11 games left in the regular season and he has played 288 in his career. He needs to finish the season at 299 games play to not qualify as a veteran player next season.

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Who are these folks?

March 27, 2006


This is a photo by Linda Leslie taken from her site

She also took the picture of the referees in today’s paper.

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Playoff picture

March 27, 2006

The Komets have 11 games remaining, including six on the road. Wednesday’s game is their second of four out of five at home followed by five in a row on the road. They have three games — all at home — against Rockford, Muskegon and Kalamazoo, the top three teams in the league. They have six games overall against teams that are in the playoff race, including two on the road at Quad City.

Motor City, which is two points ahead of the Komets for sixth place, has eight games remaining, including five at home and six against playoff teams. The Mechanics may have the toughest schedule of the teams racing for a playoff spot as they face Kalamazoo three times, Fort Wayne once, Quad City once and Richmond once.

Quad City, which trails the Komets by four points for seventh, has nine games remaining, including six at home with six against teams in playoff contention.

Richmond, which trails Quad City by four points for the final playoff spot, has 11 games remaining, including five at home and five against playoff teams.

Despite having fewer games, Quad City seems to have the best control of its own destiny with two home games against the Komets and one against Richmond in the next-to-last game of the season.

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