Let the sniping begin

March 14, 2006

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58 Responses to “Let the sniping begin”

  1. SMITTY Says:

    Good job Blake, this is what i said several weeks ago,We have about the same talent that we have always had, its the rest of the uhl teams that have caught up with us.

  2. David Says:

    Hey Blake remember our Littlejohn conversation throughout the season and how that was more than likely a longshot, well QC got him and hit the jackpot and now the K’s let a team behind them get stronger….To me that is an embarrasement to let happen.

  3. Blake Says:

    David, did you ever wonder why Littlejohn gets traded all the time? There was a time last year when it was an option, and the veterans on the Komets said they didn’t want him. Here are his numbers againt the Komets all-time:

    Frank Littlejohn*21*6*4*10*-6

    Not very good, certainly not good enough to trade for.

  4. David Says:

    But don’t you have to look at what he brings vs rest of League. His nubers are comparable to that of Galbraith

  5. David Says:

    Since when did organizations start getting input from players on trades that could make your team better. Did any of them complain about the Danny Stewart trade??

  6. David Says:

    Also, Blake all that said to me “wonder why Littlejohn gets traded all the time? Yes I do, because he has value as a hockey players!!!

  7. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Once again, we sat on the pot, and forgot what to do. I thought we were the jewel of this league. The team that averages 7 to 8 thousand fans a game. The organization that wants to win. The proudest tradition in Minor League sports? I think things have gone soft this year overall. We have been 2 months behind on everything this year. 2 months behind on training camp, 2 months behind on winning, 2 months behind on trades, 2 months behind on the season. How do we catch the rest of the league now? Oh, I know, do nothing and I’m sure that “we’ll be just fine.” Same season that we make excuses for not needing an enforcer type of player. Same season that we turned what makes the MC the jungle, into the baby nursery. I know the Komets have turned things around nicely this year to maybe make it into the playoffs, not a guarantee yet. But can we actually compete with the best teams in this league now? I think lots of people are kidding themselves if they say yes. I think bottom line is that we want entertaining hockey in Fort Wayne that wins. I feel like in some respects we have all been cheated for whatever reason. Maybe I’m crazy. I know the names of lots of you who will say I am.

  8. David Says:

    Hey Hit attendance at the last 2 home games was 6,800 and 6,500 about 1,000 off the normal for a Friday and Sunday contest. Heck the Friday game was against QC and one would think that 7,800 to 8,000 would have been there…Wonder why? Entertainment value lacking and that is where the extra 1,000 to 1,500 show up.

  9. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Littlejohn would have been a great addition. You know, if we hired a GM the Komets vets wouldn’t have to make personel decisions.

  10. JR Says:

    Just to add a lil something. The attendance #’s go down a lil at this time of year gradually till we’re only pulling in around 4000 nto 5000 fans come playoff time. Happens just about every year cause when the weather gets warmer there are more things to do around here. It would be nice to see some of the lines I used to have to stand in the first day tickets went on sale for the playoffs in the old days but thats hockey now. anybody else remember those lines that would rap all the way around the lower arena.

  11. ROOKIE Says:

    Lets get a clue guys. We are the minor league hockey version of the Chicago Cubs. Why spend money, when our loyal fans buy tickets. All the Franke Nations does is give us enough to hang on, while other teams(QC and MC) have money and players to improve.

  12. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Yes I do, remember the type of exciting players we used to have, too. People won’t pay to see a mediocre team play a boring style of hockey. There are many other things to do. Only us idiots that are diehards will continue to go. We like the game and will take our chances that something fun may happen. I still think the best thing so far is Enema Man.

  13. Mark Says:

    I missed the enema man, my son wanting to walk was more important..

  14. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Where does Scoops fall on this issue? Anyone seen or heard from him. I hope he is honest in his opinion. I’d bet he his finally ticked off too.

  15. Tony E Says:

    Rookie I am not sure that your statement is accurate. They Komets just won a cup a couple of years back. They were in the finals last year. They have gone from the sewer to a respectable competitive team this year. I don’t think there is any comparison to the Cubs/Leafs and the Frankes. I am prepared to give Komets ownership the benefit of the doubt because they have proven that they not only care about this team but more often than not, make good hockey decisions.

  16. chuckitt Says:

    ho hum lets get the first round out of the way so we can pay our season ticket money so the ks can operate in the summer and then we can hear the optimisim again about the toughness and speed that were gonna bring to camp and oh well , its all a vicious circle anyway. and since all the teams at our heels ,made moves, we may not even get to the ist round. i hope we do! go komets!

  17. Blake Says:

    Hit Somebody, let me get you a tissue because you are crying river. You guys are so ungrateful and so spoiled it’s unreal. I’m sure the players are reading this stuff and thinking, yeah, they sure have faith in us. Grow up all of you. My nephews behave much better than you guys. Nowhere in the Bible does it say the Fort Wayne Komets get to challenge for every title every year. Get some perspective on life.

    I hope David Franke is reading this simply because I’m sure he never knew he had such a resource available. Who knew running a hockey club was so easy? Oh, you guys did.

    I don’t know why you guys even go to the games if you are so miserable. You obviously aren’t enjoying them.

    I’ll come back to the discussion when the grownups show up.

  18. Blake Says:

    Another thing, at the beginning of the season everyone was crying because the Komets made some trades. The whining was unreal. So why is now different? Do you only want to trade the players who aren’t so popular? Yeah, that makes for a great team.

    Yeah, I’m disappointed they weren’t able to get some help today, but I know it wasn’t because of a lack of interest or effort. Does anybody remember how Littlejohn cracked up against us in the playoffs last year? He was Missouri’s worst player. He had one goal, one assist, was minus-5 with 16 penalty minutes. He cost them one game all by himself. Three years ago he had one goal in three games and that’s it. Do you realize he has never made it out of the first round of the playoffs?

    Don’t you think the Komets know that?

  19. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Blake, you think this team not pulling off some kind of deal is ok? Why shouldn’t we be a little bit upset. I would think the players would be too. What kind of statement does it send to the team when we are the only team in a playoff spot that did nothing, when we have arguably our best player of late out for 3-4 weeks or worse. If and when we make the playoffs, then what? We still have a team with holes. Say what you want. Call me every name in the book. It’s my opinion. Not just my opinion either. Look at the other comments.

  20. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    And no, the trades early on were expected. I’m actually surprised they didn’t do more at the time. Mike Wiggins is going to remain a tough one to swallow, I’m still left clueless what that was about. I never once griped about any of those trades. I liked both of the popular players we traded, but I never complained when they were traded. I knew Virag would go. Danny surprised me, but I understood it. The one thing that people should realize is the job Greg has done with the hand is has been dealt. He should be coach of the year. You think Willet would have got any wins out of this team the way things started. Keep hating on me. Its what you do best.

  21. Blake Says:

    I didn’t specifically call you any names, I just said the whole group is spoiled, myself included. The Komets have pretty much always been competitive and they are again this year. We truly are.

    So the question comes down to, Littlejohn sucks in the playoffs (6 goals and 8 points in 19 career games, including 3 goals and four points over his last 14 playoff games) and Beauregard quit on this team here three years ago so both of those are out. Who else would you have taken? Looking at what got moved, I don’t think anything left was better than what the Komets already have. If that’s the case, they were smart not to make any moves.

    And don’t forget, there are still going to be some waiver wire moves coming up as well. Have a little faith. Everyone screamed and cried when they got off to the rough start and they’ve played .700 hockey since. Give it a chance.

  22. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Keep generalizing all the other comments people make and just assume that I made them. I understand that I gripe alot. This has been a very frustrating season. I can’t understand how we sit idle and do nothing at the trade deadline when everyone else somehow made sweet deals. I think what makes me mad is, I all ready paid my playoff tickets. At least they will role over into the season tickets. Then we can listen all summer how we are looking to bring in big tough forwards and defensemen to give the fans what they want like always.

  23. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Your right on the last part Blake. Maybe something will happen. We can only hope.

  24. Scared out of my mind Says:

    I think Justin and Blake are going to take us all out in the parking lot and kick our *&$ess. I’m a little scared of Justin. Blake, I don’t know.

  25. Blake Says:

    I wouldn’t be scared of me either. Justin, you take them while I run and get help.

  26. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    That was actually a post from Enema Man. My hero. Can you play forward? I bet you could go 5-hole with the best of them….or maybe 2-hole?

  27. Scared out of my mind Says:

    I think we’re all 12 years old anyway.

  28. Scared out of my mind Says:

    That’s Eneman to you. I do excel at bending over the rules to clear out cap space.

  29. Blake Says:

    Here’s a thought from something I saw on Justin’s blog. Somebody was talking about how come we don’t have a Bouchard or a Beauregard taken comfortably taken care of or some such. What do you think a Chaulk, St. Pierre, Drouin and Dupuis are. Oh, and Neumeier was only the defenseman of the year. I think the Komets veterans have as much individual talent as any group in the league.

  30. ? Says:



  31. Scared out of my mind Says:

    Oprah is going to be in Fort Wayne? I love her talk show.

  32. ? Says:


  33. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Are you peeping his blog, too? He was peeping you last night, now you peeping him? We need to keep a better eye on the two of you.

  34. David Says:

    Blake quick question for you if the K’s were not interested in bringing in a Vet and you pointed out the points about Littlejohn, but explain to me why the K’s did inquire about Littlejohn? To me I love the passion that people have here pro or con it just shows why this hockey club is important part of Fort Wayne. I am not sure that could be said about any other team in this league.

  35. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    SCOOPS!!!!! Are you in the house or what man? You are missing all the fun tonight.

  36. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    David, is passionate a code word for “Hit Somebody is a jerk?” At least I am entertaining, or maybe you all call it something else. Happy thoughts.

  37. SMITTY Says:

    Blake, you just made a comment about DAB quitting on the team three years ago. What did you mean by that?
    Also i had supper with Rob G. and David H. they are both very nice guys. I talked to both about this blog,nether one new about it.But Rob did say that he does hear the boo birds.also FTW is a tough town to play for. So maybe this is why some of the other big name players don’t want to come here.Maybe is not the Frankes fault.
    With all that has been said, I still will be at all the game till the very end,and ill be back next year. (I am a vet. way over 300 games. I will NOT be traded to any other team……)

  38. David Says:

    Scoops is icing his elbow oh wait just saw a blip on ESPN, Scoops has been traded to Roanoke for a player to be name later and cash…

  39. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Damn, we lost scoops too? Where does it end? Who did we get for him? Wiggins? oh, that is why we got Enema Man. Makes sense now. Enema Man will get traded to Flint, crappiest town in the league.

  40. David Says:

    Not at all Hit, I am with you man. I love it and I like to read others thoughts. I was one of the first to start my rant about Littlejohn and our failure to sit and do nothing. If I were king for a day I would have not at all been afraid to deal a Vet and I mean anyone one of them. I say that because for most part that is the only value we had in terms of trades..

  41. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I’m glad you got my back man, you are the only one. Are you Enema Man?

    I guess what it boils down to for me. I do expect alot out of this team. I like it when we kick the other teams butts. I miss the old time hockey and the Jungle. When the buzz of the crowd gets crazy loud when we score, or when we drop the mitts. Things aren’t the same this year. I hate to go to the games and feel bored. Komet hockey should be the hottest ticket in town. We should be able to go to the games and at least see some excitement, even if we don’t win. I can remember 3 games this year that got me excited. I do have some favorite players on this team believe it or not. I like Kelly Miller, Chaulk, Goodwin, Guy, Carpentier, and some others. I didn’t like Galbraith at first, now I can’t get enough of him. I wish he was allowed to let it rip on the ice a little more though. It would be fun to see. I’m glad we have a team. Just want more always, I guess. I feel guilty for saying that.

  42. Tony E Says:

    I don’t want to get everyone upset here but gheesh…I would kill as a Leafs fan to have the success the Komets have had!! Do you know that they have not been to the finals since 1967? Do you know that they sell out every game, every year before the season even starts and that you are lucky to get a standing room ticket for $80? Talk about blind loyalty. I would kill to have had the cup Championships and runs to the finals that I have never seen in my lifetime as a Leafs fan (born in 73) Fort Wayne has one of the most stable, well run franchises in all of minor league sports. You have a great Arena, very reasonable ticket prices and heck, the one year in the last many that they didn’t make the playoffs, they still had a winning record!! Other teams are not going to just give us their best players. Also as far as Wiggins goes, he had his chance here and didn’t produce. A change of scenery and now he is producing. It happens folks. Was it a mistake letting him go? Maybe but even the best general managers make mistakes. That is sports. If the Komets made the perfect moves every time, we would have twenty 50 goal scorers and two goalies capable of winning 40 games, and nobody would bother playing us because they would just bow down to our awesomeness (is that a word?)
    This is sports, you have good years and bad years. Oh wait, when was the last bad year here? I think it was when I was living down there in the mid 90’s when I had to vomit through ex Leaf Peter Ing who haunted me for both of my favorite teams.
    I am going to end my rant now by saying that the Komets management could have let this season go in the tank but they didn’t. We all questioned the revolving door at the begining of the season but it revolved because they would not give up until they got the players in here that they wanted. Look what happened! The season turned around. So now they lost a couple of games with 4 players out of the lineup. IT HAPPENS!!!! They are still in a solid playoff position and when healthy are one of the better teams in the league.
    The Frankes have given us years of competitive winning hockey. It is time to give them a break and the benefit of the doubt.
    I am putting on my bullet proof vest. Fire away!!

  43. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Your right.

  44. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I mean…You are right.

    Or your left..no…you are correct.

  45. scoops Says:

    What did I think hit….Personally, I don’t care. Honestly though it sure looks like the teams that improved the most in my opinion was Quad City and Danbury. Quad City is behind us so as long as we worry about what we do and take care of business, they cannot catch us. There is 2 big games in Quad City later this year that could put the nail in the coffin for a seed for either of us or make up any ground one of us may lose. Second, we do not play Danbury again so lets finish the season before we worry about what the guys in the East are doing.

    Next, like what Blake and Justin said….what are we going to trade? The two biggest guys people are all up in arms about are DAB and Littlejohn. Both vets, and the management team said from the beginning they were not dealing for vets. So no, I was not disappointed, just surprised they got Littlejohn for so little (no pun intended). The guys we value (including Guinn mind you) are what other teams would also covet so making a trade for the sake of trading would only hurt us more than help us. The rest of the cast of characters is partially made up of other people’s dumps so if they were considered that valueable….they could of been sought long ago for free. Personally…I wouldn’t of traded for then either, no offense.
    The best team we can assemble this year at the trade deadline is what we have in the locker room now. Once we get Hunter, Druin, Galbraith, and Goodwin back in the fold….that is fine by me this season. That is what should be the focus…not trying to pass anyone, but to maintain and get healthy.
    I am not saying this has been a great season of scouting for fillers and making roster moves but it is what it is this season. Live and learn. It doesn’t do one bit of good to get on here and ask for the Frankes to tell the general public “we’re done”. How stupid and unrealistic is that? Would you tell your own kid you hate them?

    Some of you guys a really classless. Please stay home and watch March madness this weekend. I’d much rather sit around a bunch of people attending their first game (as irritating as that can be sometimes) than sit around a bunch of whiners and pessimistic people yelling some of the most moronic comments ever heard.

    Its going to be a bumpy road till the end, no question. That is no reason to lose optimism because quite frankly its about all we have. Get behind your team so they can in turn get behind you. Being told you can’t is what kind of motivation this team needs to get through this stretch.

    Its not the size of the dogs in the fight but rather the size of the fight in the dog that matters.

  46. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Maybe I could of said it alot easier earlier tonight and not have went crazy on two blog sites.

    Here it goes. Wish we made some kind of move to improve our team. That’s all. I want the guys to win. The grass is always greener on the otherside of the fence. What?

  47. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Scoops in the house. Ok, I hear you. Don’t judge a book by its cover though. I only post this stupid crap on here to vent. I am actually very calm and reserve at the games. It’s the guys around me you hear. This is actually just a form of entertainment in a way. Not to be taken so seriously. I am glad though that you finally got on here tonight. We’ve been looking for you for hours. I do have some gripes about this seasons entertainment value. I just blow it all out of proportion. I am guilty as charged. I do like yelling at you at the games. I, my daughter, and about 8,000 of my closest friends all yelling: SCCOOOPPPSSS!

  48. Laurie Says:

    Hmm… now that Scoops is here, and all is well once again in Hit Somebody’s world, I think it’s about time for a commercial break….

    Yes, it’s that time once again to be reminded about the Komets Booster Club. http://www.kometsboosterclub.com Join! Our next meeting is this Saturday before the game!

    Okay. Commercial break is over. You all can go back to your “passionate” discussions about Enema Man or… whatever it is you guys were talking about… 😉

  49. dnlkomets Says:

    Tony I’m glad to hear your a Leafs fan as well….it’s so hard sometimes cheering for Toronto. It’s been the same old ‘we’ll get ’em next year’ routine since I knew what hockey was. Now I know there is someone else in the area who can share my pain. But it could be worse, it could be Ottawa…

  50. sarah Says:

    I’m probably going to get blasted for this but oh well. I’m not trying to start anything or piss anyone off, I’m just stating an observation. And I’ll put this out there now, not that it really matters, but I’m a STH also for the last 13 years. So this includes me too.

    A very common and IMO over-used statement in sports is the old “I’m a season ticket holder, I pay their salaries…blah blah blah.” but have you ever thought about what YOUR season tickets really pay for? Say a STH pays $600 for 1 seat. (The maximum for the Komets is $575 if I remember right)the colisuem gets $.50 per ticket for arena clean up fees. multiply that by 38 home games and the colisuem gets $19 from each seat. that leaves the Komets $581. The Komets have 22 guys they have to pay right now. (this includes Jarram and Patten) So take that $581 and divide that between the 22 guys. That comes out to a one-time payment of $26.41 to each player. That’s enough to fill up their gas tank once if they’re lucky.

    Now this doesn’t include concessions or parking or the souvinir(sp?) stands. Frankly because i don’t know how much they get from each one. This is just the payment for your one seat. When you put it into perspective of how many players come through here each year, how much players make each year, staff costs, medical costs, travel costs and everything else the Frankes have to pay for to have a team, your $600 doesn’t even make a fraction of a dent when it comes to paying the bills.

    All of these numbers came from the komet website for Season tickets so if anything is off, it’s not my fault. This is just something i was curious about and found the outcome a little funny. Especially since i pay $350 for my tickets and I can’t even fill up the players’ tanks once.

  51. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Blake you seem to be a very passionate apologist for the Frankes. Why is that? I have seldom read anywhere that you have questioned them. It seems like you are blasting the fans on your blog often. Just curious about your point of view.

  52. Greg Says:

    I’m okay with the Komet’s standing pat. I didn’t see that much more talent in what was traded than what we have now. The key is to get something without giving up something and I think in the case of this year anything would be a wash. So why not keep what you have since they have played with each other for a while instead of once again messing up the chemistry of the team near the end of the season.

    P.S. anybody got any comments on the cheers and jeers section where Ian Boyce ripped the Komets and the Twister?

  53. JR Says:

    Well, Well, Well….while I was out of town for awhile did we have a vote on who decided what was classless, moronic, or pessemistic??? I thought this blog was for people to express thier views both positive and negative. I think alot of times everyone is one the same page; but they all just have different ways of expressing them. I had a disagreement with Dippin earlier in the year about Jorde I think (not sure) and found out we were’nt too far apart. At the same time I was jumped for my comments by a couple of others and now those comments are ok as long as they are broad and generalized. I am firmly camped on my side of the fence and enjoy reading others views even though I may not agree with all of them. I’ll say again check the posted name and skip it if you dont like it…

  54. Jeff Says:

    In November and December, this team wasn’t going to make the playoffs. For whatever reason, the roster that included Wiggins, Virag, and Stewart took longer to gel than expected. That’s OK. I’d much rather have a team playing well towards the end of the season than at the start anyway.
    Does anyone remember what happened in the 01-02 season? We won something like 10 straight to start the year and then played .500 hockey the rest of the way and missed the playoffs.
    I’m not saying it will happen this year, but in years the Komets get off to slow starts, they have extended playoff runs – 02-03, 92-93, 85-86, 77-78, 72-73 all ended with runs to the semi-finals, finals, or with cup wins.
    When we get Goodwin, Drouin, Hunter, and Galbraith back, we will be a team to be reckoned with.

  55. Charlie I Says:

    Hit wanted to let you know I am with you all the way but the wife told me I can’t post anymore cause I get so angry sometimes at certain people. If I typed what I wanted half the time the hate emails will begin again and I would be kicked out of a certain group and probrably out of here…lol. I will say too that you are somtimes more entertaining than some of the games.

  56. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Thanks Charlie, now I have 2 on my side.(David too) We three can now play the first line for Roanoke. If any of us score 30 goals, will it be because we play on a bad team, or because we weren’t good enough to play for the Komets even though we have 30 goals against the same teams they play, like uh…Mike Wiggins. Funny how we are in a holding pattern waiting for a Junior or College guy to take us to the next level when we got that guy last year and let him go this year for what? Matt Kenny. That worked out nicely. Just blowing off, don’t get excited guys. I am just entertaining again. That’s what Blake pays me for. By the By, where’s my check. I know I took us over the salary cap, but you can at least pay me on time.

  57. Charlie I Says:

    If a Brendan Tedstone can play in this league I am sure the 3 of us could play. I can’t score but let me throw my gloves off and have some fun. I sure as heck can skate better than Tommy Bolduc.

  58. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I know this is going to get Cohn all T’ed off, but have you looked at his site today. He has went from lecturing everyone on not doubting what the mgmt. has done this year and that we have a great team now and should be excited about the playoffs…now when everyone is being optimistic about our chances after his and Blake’s encouraging and ranting on the issue, he says that he doesn’t think the Komets have a shot at all at the cup, that they may win a round or two. I think we get played on both sided of the issues sometimes no matter what the tone is on here, don’t you. First they rant on you not to have a passionate thought, then they tell you not to get too excited after they have beat you down to agree things are all right. I could go back and forth constantly and get crap both ways. Kind of like Enema Man does, you know back and forth and the crap thing. I will no doubt get blasted for that opinion too. You are right about one thing though, don’t ever point anything out bad about certain players that everyone else is touchy about. Guys can make 10 bad plays, and then make one open ice hit and everyone only remembers that one hit and references that over and over. Kind of funny. I am not saying that I don’t like our players at all. It just is funny.

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