The news on Galbraith

March 14, 2006

It’s pretty good actually. He’s going to be out 3-4 weeks and will need surgery. He has a torn meniscus in his knee which is the same injury Kevin St. Pierre suffered in December last season. Lance will be able to go in the playoffs, and there’s a pretty good chance he will play few enough regular-season games that he won’t qualify for veteran status next season.

“He’ll feel a lot better,” Komets trainer Shawn Dundon said. “That will be a little bit of a relief. He’d have a lot of problems if he tried to play through it right now. He’s not going to be as beat up going into the playoffs.”


15 Responses to “The news on Galbraith”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Glad to hear the prognosis isn’t quite as bad as everyone expected. At least he’ll be able to play in the playoffs!

    Get well soon, Galbraith! If you need anything, the Booster Club will help you!

  2. IndyKomet Says:

    Well it doesn’t look like we’ll be adding anyoen to the team.

    Hurry back Lance

  3. Nanci Says:

    I did the same thing to my knee! I’m glad to hear it’s not too bad! Good call Laurie! Let us know if you need anything 😉

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Get Well Soon “Wild Thing!”

  5. Teresa Says:

    Whew! Glad to hear the news isn’t as bad as everyone thought it might be. Hope all goes well for Lance and that we’ll see him back in orange and black soon. We really need him!

  6. scoops Says:

    Geez….I think I’ll wait for a couple of dudes to post something before I take my turn. I feel like I am interupting something……

  7. Blake Says:

    Just don’t make them mad, Scoops!!!!! I have a hard enough time getting female demographics.

  8. Tony E Says:

    There is always Showgirls??? 😉

  9. Tony E Says:

    Actually Blake I think most of us on the male side of the room would say that we have spent our entire lives trying to figure out female demographics!

  10. JR Says:

    So far it seems like everybody was dealing today but us. No suprise really we never do; but I thought this year they might make one or two moves to fill some holes. I know they were’nt gonna be blockbusters but still…. and did anyone else notice that roanoke traded one of the guys they got for DAB right back to danbury…..???????

  11. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    The State of the UHL is definitely fishy. The guys traded to Roanoke from Danbury were also guys on the IR list.

    Why can’t this team justify making an impact trade or acquisition to improve our chances. Should we read into this that making no move means that they have quit and figure whats the point this year? Surely they could of done something more to help this team over the past couple of weeks. I know what everyone is going to say. That we don’t want to mess with Chemistry, and that things really aren’t that bad. We really haven’t had to compete too much with the studs in this league of late. Those teams are better than us, and what did they do, add more talent. Someone try and explain to me why as Komet fans we shouldn’t expect more from this organization? Or we hurting for money? Do we want to give the team the best chance to win?

    Who out there is satisfied with the current team compared to Rockford, Muskegon, Danbury, and K-Zoo? Be honest.

  12. David Says:

    I am not Hit, I am with you, not trying to get Littlejohn when everyone thought would be a longshot prove not to be and a team who is 1 point behind us comes up with a deal and gets him. They just got a little tougher, more grit, and a guy who can put the puck in the net. But I am sure we will be active in the Junior or College market….

  13. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Yes, College/Junior player, here’s an idea:
    Let’s bring in a guy named Mike Wiggins from a small college who has awesome numbers, then rave about how he is such a fine prospect. Then bring him in next year, start the season out losing and falling behind the rest of the league by 20 points, blame Mike (rookie) for not being tough enough or tall enough, trade him to Roanoke for what was billed as the answer for our defensive problems, Matt Kenny. And then release Matt Kenny after 2 games without hardly even giving him a chance. Then when Mike Wiggins scores 30 goals, we will all say, “well it is because he plays on a bad team and he couldn’t play on our team because we are so good and yada yada yada…”

    Oh, we all ready did that one didn’t we. Is that the kind of wait and see we will do for a Junior or College guy that is going to take us to the next level this year or next year. We find them, groom them, and trade them for nothing. Great plan.

  14. Jungle Monkey Says:


  15. Tony E Says:


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