Great news for Galbraith

March 16, 2006

He just got out of surgery at Fort Wayne Ortho and the news couldn’t be better for him or the Komets. He had a torn meniscus but it didn’t require extensive surgery so the doctor just trimmed it. He also had a torn Posterior Cruciate Ligament but that did not require surgery and will heal on its own. He’s going to be out 2-3 weeks, and will begin his rehabilitation on Monday. He’ll more than likely be at the games this weekend.


7 Responses to “Great news for Galbraith”

  1. sarah Says:

    And Komet fans every where let out a huge sigh of relief.

  2. SMITTY Says:

    GREAT NEWS for this year and next year to. I would like to sign him right now.

  3. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Great to hear!!!! Hurry back Lance!

  4. Burgee Says:

    The post headline says it all.

  5. JR Says:

    great news, lets just hope he comes back even close to pre-injury form….

  6. Nanci Says:

    That’s so AWESOME!!!! I’m glad he will be back soon! Woohoo! Go Komets!

  7. Iceboi Says:

    I posted this on the other blog, but am interested in Blake’s position on this idea… Interesting comment up about a 2-ref system… Perhaps this is something that the UHL should at least try? The only reason I am suggesting this is that there is often a lot of crap that goes on behind the play. I have noticed several times that bad things happen and people boo the ref, but he didn’t see it. He can’t call what he doesn’t see. I think another ref would be an idea to at least try.

    I think the 2-ref system works very well in the NHL.

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