This is from Mark

March 19, 2006

Thank You Komets

I’d just like to give a big thank you to Rick
Bireley, Coach Puhlaski, and the Komet players namely, Jonathan Goodwin,
Colin Chaulk, Troy Neumeier and Kevin St. Pierre, for taking time out of
thier pregame rituals and taking pictures with my son Jonathan. They don’t
realize but they have touch the Shepler family in more ways than they think.
Thank You Komets you are guys are class acts.

Mark and Jonathan


2 Responses to “This is from Mark”

  1. Nanci Says:

    Mark, that’s awesome! The Booster club is interested in offering time to your family if it is needed. Please contact us if there is anything we can do, wheather it is now or in the future!

  2. Mark Says:

    Thanks Blake for posting that..I appreciate it..

    Nanci- Thanks once again for the offer, I’ll definatly keep that in mind.


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