Favorite hockey/sports movie

March 23, 2006

It’s not like we’ve got a ton to pick from. I absolutely loved Miracle, especially after talking to Mark Wells and Steve Janaszak about it and how accurate it was. That was a fun story to write.

Also liked Mystery, Alaska, though it’s totally science fiction.

C’mon, let’s come up with a Top 10 list while the boys are on the road.


21 Responses to “Favorite hockey/sports movie”

  1. Harbz Says:

    Here’s my 10 of my favorite movies:

    1. Rudy
    2. Caddyshack
    3. Slap Shot
    4. Major League
    5. Eight Men Out
    6. Tin Cup
    7. Bull Durham
    8. Mystery, Alaska
    9. Miracle
    10. The Replacements

  2. Burgee Says:

    Miracle for the hockey movie
    hoosiers and rudy for other sports movies.

  3. DL Says:

    Miracle and Slap Shot for hockey
    Major League for baseball/other sports

  4. Unit Says:

    I can’t believe nobody has mentioned Slapshot yet. Other sports movies: For the Love of the Game, Blue Chips, Caddyshack, and Major League. Outside sports, what movie is better than Christmas Vacation?

  5. Unit Says:

    My bad DL. Didn’t notice your slapshot reference.

  6. SMITTY Says:

    1. Miracle
    2. Remeber the Titans
    3. Caddyshack
    4. Slap Shot 1
    5. Rudy
    6. Blue Chips
    7. Tin Cup
    8. Bull Durham
    9. Mystery, Alaska
    10.The Replacements

  7. chuckitt Says:

    slapshot north dallas forty and the pride of the yankees

  8. Shawn Says:

    In No Particular Order:

    Field of Dreams
    Friday Night Lights
    Remember the Titans
    Varsity Blues
    Mystery, Alaska
    Tin Cup
    Major League

  9. Teresa Says:

    Miracle, Rudy and Remember the Titans. They were all great movies! Every time I watch Miracle I get goosebumps. Just thinking that I knew a few of those guys makes it really hit home. I always think of Mike Eruzione who played for Toledo, and of course, Steve Janaszak and Mark Wells who played for the K’s. What a bunch of guys!

  10. Eric Says:

    I love Slapshot for it’s hilarity and the fact that several former Komet and IHL players are in it. Hoosiers, with it’s amazing blend of history, lore and Indiana always makes my eyes water. Finally, with three daughters, I love A League of Their Own and how it shows that women are capable of doing whatever they want…the sole exception being writing their name in the snow without footprints on both sides of the letters!

  11. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Varsity Blues
    Slap Shot 1
    Tin Cup
    Friday Night Lights

    What about Road Hogs featuring cry-baby turn actor Jason Ralph?

  12. Blake Says:

    Tin Cup was very good. I never got into Bull Durham because you can either play the game or you can’t, and they definitely could not play the game. Ever notice how sports movies that are based on the athletic action and not the characters almost always bomb? It’s because the actors have no skill for sports.

    I also tend to stay away from “Based on a true story” stuff because they always exaggerate when there’s no need. Hurricane was a great example of that. So was Remember the Titans, Rudy, even Hoosiers was beefed up quite a bit. Why not just say it’s total fiction and get over it?

  13. dnlkomets Says:

    I know we’re all a little old for this now but hey guys lets not forget the Mighty Ducks! Believe me as a kid growing up with these (first two) movies always made me want to pick up a stick. Sadly, the flying V never worked….;)

  14. Chad Says:

    I get entranced every time Hoosiers, Rudy, Field of Dreams or The Sandlot are played on TNT or USA. Let’s not forget about Vision Quest, a wrestling movie with Mattthew Modine. These films have something about them that transcends the fact that I already know what is going to happen, and I still continue to watch them over and over. I still get a feeling or the chills when watching Rudy or Hoosiers or listening to Al Michaels’ call of the 1980 USA Olympic hockey game. I wish someone had made a movie or video montage about the 1990-1991 Komets team. That team lost the Turner Cup, but that was a hell of a season from start to finish.

  15. Casey Says:

    What about “Youngblood” with Rob Lowe. Great hockey movie, “Carve you up Radke”

  16. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Rocky, Happy Gilmore, Water Boy. Some that weren’t mentioned. I know the Adam Sandler movies aren’t really about sports, but funny. Best movies for me ever: Blazing Saddles, History of the World Part 1, Old School, just to name a few. Caddy Shack is right up there.

  17. Blake Says:

    Youngblood was great only for Cynthia Gibb. I was determined she was going to be the first Mrs. Sebring. I know, TMI.

  18. Laurie Says:

    “Mystery, Alaska” is definitely my favorite sports movie, but “Miracle” and the Mighty Ducks trilogy are close to the top of my list, too! And of course “Slapshot,” but that should go without saying. 😉

  19. scoops Says:

    Coach Carter
    Mystery Alaska
    Happy Gilmore
    Tin Cup

  20. Blake Says:

    No, Scoops, Hit Somebody, Brokeback is not a sports movie.

  21. April Says:


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