Rockford rematch?

March 25, 2006

Is there anybody besides me who is kind of secretly hoping the Komets don’t climb out of seventh place in the standings so they can match up again with Rockford in the playoffs? After all, the boys have no fear of the IceHogs and last year’s series was one of the best in Komets’ history. I wouldn’t even mind that they wouldn’t have the home-ice advantage.

Think a few guys might be realizing they are fighting for their jobs right now, too?

What Saturday night’s game really means is that the game Wednesday night will be a whole heckova lot of fun.


22 Responses to “Rockford rematch?”

  1. Mark Says:

    You would think Blake, the game tonight was a good old fashion butt kicking. I will tell you what, this team showed me something tonight. They played with passion, they played like they cared about each other. This team played tough. they stuck up for themselves. Tonights game was a great win..WAY TO GO KOMETS

  2. chuckitt Says:

    the new ice patrol…chaulk luciuk dupuis carpentier oh well we can dream. way to go ks hope you continue sunday!!!

  3. Komet Fan Says:

    This is the type of hockey that fans have been clamoring to see all year!!!! Most important, the guys stuck up for each other and that is what most of the passionate fans want to see. Do I need to see 3 fights every game? No!!! Do I need to see guys sticking up for their teammates? YES!!! As far as who the Komets matchup with come playoff time, the 2 teams I don’t want to see in the 1st round are Muskegon and Danbury. Give me Rockford or Kalamazoo as I think both are favorable matchups for the Komets. We have basically split the season series with both up to now, and actually have gotten the better of it with both since all the roster changes were made earleir in the season. I can guarantee you that neither Rockford or Kalamazoo want to see the Komets come playoff time…..

  4. David Says:

    Martinson in the Rockford Registrar said an I quote, “Fort Wayne has a bunch of average forwards.” Would that classify as bulletin board material. I would say that Wednesday match up will be a very spirtied game sense Rockford got embarrased by a bunch of “average forwards”.

  5. JC Says:

    Martinson is a joke. I hope we drill them again on Wednesday.

  6. David Says:

    Well we will have to wait until Wed. to see what happens. As for today’s game let’s hope that we see some of the piss and vingar that has been displayed the last two nights. To come home the home fans and not continue to show the toughness that was shown the previous 2 nights would be a big let down and disappointment. Let’s see if the K’s can shed the Sunday blues and come out pounding the otters.

  7. Bob Says:

    I’m sure that the team wants to put on a good show tonight. I hope that they have some gas left in the tank and focus on tonight, not Wednesday’s rematch with the bacon bits.

  8. call ups to AHL Says:

    I heard rockfords roster was depleted do to players being called up to milwaukee and chicago of the american league. did anyone else hear that, last night game sounded like a game that the ft wayne fans are dyeing to see. lots of scraps, goals and a W.
    i hope they come out tonight not to worn out and entertain the crowd tonight.

  9. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Anyone want to comment on tonight’s tilt with the Otters? I listened to the second half of it on the way back from a B-Day party in Indy. Bob Chase sounded like he was disapointed in the overall effort tonight. He mentioned several times that guys were standing around watching and that he wished we would have taken it too them more and should have blown them out. Anyone agree?

    Rockford on Wednesday should be a statement game. If our coach doesn’t send out the team to pound Rockford from the start, I will be very upset. I think you have to go out on Wednesday like it is game 7 of the championship and lay it on the line. Rockford will come in with a chip on their shoulder, we better be ready. Depleated or not, Rockford still has alot of talent on that team, and they will only improve in the weeks to come when call-ups return to the roster.

  10. Mark Says:

    The Komets won tonight, thats all that really matters…6 of 8 pts for the weekend, I’m not gonna complain..


  11. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Not complaining Mark. Just wanted to know the feelings on tonight’s game because I missed it. Have any feelings? Help me out here.

  12. David Says:

    Well after the showing in Rockford and then coming home against Missouri it was one of those games that seem both teams really did not want to be there. K’s go up 2-0 early and stop playing. This is why this hockey club if they get into the playoff’s will struggle because they can not play consistant enough in back to back games. They got the 6 pts and stay ahead of QC who has been hot lately and MC is on a roll, we will see what happens on Wed., but what usually happens a game like this is hyped and when the game actually is played nothing happens. Will see how are “average forwards” play on Wednesday.

  13. Mark Says:

    I don’t really have any feelings, just glad they won tonight. I will say I hate the 3rd game in 3 nights, both teams played like they were going thru the motions.

  14. scoops Says:

    You cannot possibly believe the Komets would put on the same show at home as they did last night. Saturday night was a statement game and they layed it all out there in Rockford. Sunday was just a game to where they did only as much as was needed to win. You could see it early. The Komets got ahead and looked fairly sharp and then they went into sleep mode. I don’t blame anything other than the fact it was the Missouri RiverOtters. Thankfully and luckily they did pull out 2 points.
    Couple of things:
    I do like it that when the Otters tied the score Kelly Miller came right out immediately and tried to swing some momentum back to the Komets. Nice effort in the tilt.
    Successful week taking 3 of 4 games and 3 in 3 nights. However it looked its still 6 points. Be thankful.
    Relax a bit about finding some flaw in the games this week or the Komets play in general. Yes, scares the heck of me that we have trouble getting up for the smaller games but you have to think again that the playoffs are a different type of season. It’s win or go home and you are playing the same opponent for a series. You see a different game in the second season. But lets get there first.

  15. Hit Somebody!!! Says:


  16. David Says:

    Yes I to was surprise to see Killer Miller come out and drop them. He at least tried to get something going and I do give him a lot of credit. If the U is going to have these 3 game weekends then I think the league should address start times on Sunday. They need to push them back until 7:00. I understand the K’s got in at 5:00 am and were tired but to have a 5:00 PM start is stupid and somewhat dangerous to expect them to be at full capacity.

  17. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I heard Chaser say that the Miller fight was with the same guy he fought on Friday, he kicked his butt good on Friday.

  18. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Miller Kicked the other guy’s butt, that is. (Source: Mr. Chase.)

  19. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Hey David, remember the discussion we had on Noah Whyte the night we aqcuired him? We couldn’t figure why he was brought in. I still don’t know why. Mr. “Versatility” has left the building.
    Also David Franke said we have picked up a college player from Northern Michigan that will be in on Thursday. He will only be here on the weekends.

  20. David Says:

    Can anyone explain to me why Rumble gets the amount of ice time he gets? I would rather see Frawley get more ice time than Rumble. He does nothing on the ice. Well with us picking up Tatyrn (sp) I guess one could assume Whyte was the odd man out.

  21. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    The number 22 curse strikes again…..Hey, that was my number in college.

  22. AJ Says:

    Four assists in 2 games?? Rumble’s doing something right.

    But what do I know? *shrugs*

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