Some notes to keep you busy

March 29, 2006

* The Komets are 8-15-0 this season against the top four teams in the UHL, Muskegon, Rockford, Kalamazoo and Danbury, but they are 6-3 in their last nine games against the elite teams. That means they are 30-9-4 against everyone else.

* Since the Komets started the season 5-11-2, they’ve gone 33-13-2. Here’s how that compares with the elite teams in the UHL: Danbury 31-8-9, Muskegon 31-12-6, Kalamazoo 31-11-6 and Rockford 29-12-6.

* Lance Galbraith, Colin Chaulk and P.C. Drouin have contracts running through next season, and Kevin St. Pierre has a player-option year left.

So how about tonight’s game. Was there some hitting or what?


34 Responses to “Some notes to keep you busy”

  1. JC Says:

    I really hope we play Rockford in the 1st round of the playoffs! It would be a great physical series of hockey. We have actually created somewhat of a rivalry finally in the UHL again (the first was with QC). Great win tonight although the Komets quit playing in the 3rd. We needed to finish them off but a win is a win and who cares how you do it this time of the year.

  2. David Says:

    I thought the hitting was in spurts tonight, but a really solid effort for about 50 minutes tonight. Martinson was in stands before game tonight and I over heard him talking to another fan that tonights game would not have the flair that the game Saturday night had becasue Big Snake was out and he was going to dress Watson but he was left at hotel with the flu. He also said that all their call ups would be back in time for the playoffs including Billy Tibbets. They also may get Lutz back. Do not want to take anything away from the win, but Rockford is not the same team they have had most of the year and what is even more impressive they only have 2 vets on their roster with Voltera and Watson the rest are rookies and tweeners.

  3. Burgee Says:

    First two periods were fun to watch, i don’t mind coasting in the third when we’re up 3-0, but we can’t give up goals.

    I haven’t seen the picture yet, but my daughter got one with Robinson who was at the game tonight. Was he just hanging out or did he travel with the team?

    Unless Rockford has time to “re-gel” as a team, you just can’t come in and out like that and be consistent. I hope their call ups don’t come back until the playoffs start.

  4. Teresa Says:

    I thought the game was great, especially the first two periods. Lots of hitting which is exactly what we need. Our guys always play better when they’re hitting. Third period was a little boring; just glad we held on and got the win with our “average bunch of players”. I’d stack our “average” players against Martinson’s guys anyday!

  5. SMITTY Says:

    I have said my times that i am not a G.P. fan,with what he has done this year with this team he should be coach of the year. YES I SAID IT, COACH OF THE YEAR!!!!!!

  6. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Coach of the year? C’mon.

    Tibbets… I still have that lasting impression of the beating Worly gave him in that face off.

    Watson had the flu, huh? Wonder what kind of flu it is.

  7. Tony E Says:

    I agree. While coach will probably not win the award he is as deserving as anyone. Also for consideration should be the front office for organization of the year just for the way they have turned the fortunes of this team around.
    Nothing has come easy this year. No matter what happens from here on out, front office and coach have had to work harder this year than they have in years just to put a winning team on the ice.

  8. Nanci Says:

    What does Player Option mean? Is it like a free agent? I’m glad to hear that Galbraith, Chaulk, and Drouin will be here next season…and I’m hoping that Frenchy will want to stay!! As for Chief- i think he’s deservable for coach of the year.

  9. blake Says:

    It means Frenchy has a contract already in place if he wants it. I’m pretty sure he will.

    My guess is that Martinson will be coach of the year, but what Puhalski has done is amazing. Did anyone else see him blasting the ref last night during the game?

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone ever question Bruce Watson’s heart. Not the smartest thing to do. He couldn’t even leave the hotel to come to the game to try dressing.

  10. blake Says:

    Was anybody else waiting for Dombkiewicz to run into Zabkowicz? I pitty the announcers on that one.

  11. Tony E Says:

    Lol amazing thing is Bob seems to be getting his name right most of the time. Robbie called him by at least 5 different names. You know what though, those two are really great. I know some people get on them for not being the most concise announcers but their emotions and personalities make the broadcasts fun. When I want textbook broadcasting I will turn on CBC. I dread the day when Bob and Robbie retire.

  12. dnlkomets Says:

    Bob Chase is really a classic. He is one of the reasons why Komet hockey really is as great as it is. Even if Komets couldn’t win a single game, we could all be proud to have Chase. No one anywhere today in sports has the fun and emotion in their broadcast like Chase. It’s an old school trait that seems to be dieing off in today’s world. It will certainly be a sad day when Chase stops.

  13. Nanci Says:

    Chaser is AWESOME, I love it when he lets his emotions go on the air! IF the Komets Organization EVER builds a facility, they should name it Chase Arena.

  14. nicko Says:

    That would be easy to get a corporate sponser! Wait, I dont like corporate sponsors. Better change it to Bob Chase Arena.

  15. blake Says:

    Robbie will retire before Bob does. Shoot, I might retire before Bob does. How weird will it be though for the next guy? It was weird enough for me following Bud, but just imagine what it will be like for the guy who follows Bob? No thank you.

  16. Laurie Says:

    No one can take Bob’s place. You’re right, Blake: I’ll pity the person who takes over his spot.

    One of my favorite Chaser moments (that happens quite frequently): ” *whistle blows* Aaaannd…. whadda we got? *long pause* I can’t tell ya. *another long pause* Still can’t tell ya.” I love Chase.

  17. blake Says:

    My favorite is “Goalie makes the save and hangs on for a faceoff… now Neumeier clears the puck up to Chaulk,…” and he just keeps on going.

    What absolutely amazes me about Bob is his energy. That man could drink and work me under the table, and believe me I’ve been there to see the proof sometimes! 🙂

    Great story about Bob: Kent and I went with Bob to the IHL All-Star Game in Phoenix in 1993. Bob ended up bunking with us because of a mixup. So we’re sitting there about 9:30 p.m. shooting the bull trying to muster up the energy to go get beer, and this little guy walks by the door. It’s Phoenix in January so the door was open, and the guy hears Bob and comes in to shake hands and say hi. It was The San Diego Chicken. After a bit, SDC gets up and says he’ll get us some beer and comes back with two cold cases in about five minutes. Still not sure where he got them. So he sits and drinks with us for about an hour (some fantastic stories from him and Bob), and Kent, Bob and I stay up drinking until about 2 a.m. I’m a lightweight, but we were all putting them away that night.

    So here’s the interesting part: Bob gets up at 5 a.m. like it’s a normal day, no hangover and full of energy, while Kent and I are still trying to sleep. We were definitely not worthy.

    That man is amazing in so many different ways.

  18. Tony E Says:

    I remember after I moved back home I used to sit in my car, open up a box of cards and listen to the games at night (yes folks I really had no life) Can you imagine how hard it was for me to follow Bob with the static and fading in and out of WOWO. I pretty much just tried to listen for the horn in between the WHOA’S and LOOK OUTS. A few nights I burned almost 1/2 tank of gas trying to stay warm. While I am sooo greatful for the internet and online broadcasts, I will always appreciate those nights of a new box of hockey cards and the static radio.

  19. Tony E Says:

    Lol great story Blake 🙂 He is another example of when I tell people, there is something about Fort Wayne. I can’t put my finger on it. It isn’t the most exciting city, the biggest city or really anything that if you look at it from the outside, really anything that would make you stop and take a second look.
    But once you live there and work there, something makes it very hard to leave. Guys like Bob probably could have moved on to bigger and better things that might have offered more money, more national acclaim etc. But for some reason, this community grabs onto you and really makes it hard to leave. It was a choice I wish I didn’t have to make and heck I only spent 2 years there.

  20. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I was very impressed overall with last nights game from the Komets. I was scared to death in the last half of the 3rd period, because they got way too passive. But overall, I thought they played great. There were some bad defensive breakdowns at times, but you always have that. The Guinn fight was hillarious, do you call that a fight? The toughness was there. I was extremely impressed with 2 guys in particular. Tataryn and Dombkiewicz both play hard and have tons of skill for being guys that we got by pure luck in the waiver pool. Tataryn skates hard, although he didn’t score, he looked damn good with Chaulk and Goodwin. He will get his goals and him playing hard will make it easier for everyone else. Dombkiewicz may be the most skilled defensemen we have. He made a beautiful play and pass for an assist right in front of Vogel that I don’t think anyone else on our team could make. I know Rockford was without lots of guys, but you still have to go out and line it up and play. Everyone forgets, we are without some key pieces, too! Galbraith, Hunter, and one of our many hurt D-Men. We give the effort we did last night through 50 minutes during the rest of the season and playoffs, we may shock the league. You never know.

    One last comment, one thing that troubles me is that we rely way too much on Frenchy. He is going to be exhausted before the playoffs even start. Coach needs to play Kurk to give Frenchy some rest, and play Kurk to give him some confidence, just in case he becomes the guy if Frenchy gets hurt. I hope not, but we’ve seen it before.

  21. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Here is something else I remember about the Rockford game….that stupid linesman that doesn’t know how to drop the puck, watch his line, and he called the 5 minute major on Carp that was bogus in my opinion. The boarding call on Jorde was a sack of crap also. Do they not want guys to make legal hockey contact on the ice or what? Oh well.

  22. Mark Says:

    Thanks for the stories about Chaser. Tony E said he has no life. I have no life, I listen to almost every away game, I’m a diehard Komet fan, but I’m also a fan of Chase, he is truely a legend in his own right.

  23. Bob Says:

    I listened to my first hockey game in 1981. I was a Sr. in high school. Even before I started going to games on a regular basis, listening to Bob Chase call a game I felt like I was there watching thru his eyes. I always liked his phrase “and the Komets will attack from left to right on your radio dial” going to the era when car radios did not have digital tuners. By the way, his wife is an Angel…always gives my wife a hug when Murph sees her…If and when Chaser retires, they should erect a statue of him at the Coliseum.

  24. Burgee Says:

    Do you realize we have 10 games left or the potential for 20 more points for a total of 100 points.

    Rockford currently has 95 points and 8 games remaining, 4 against Muskegon and 1 each against Port Huron, Missouri, Quad City and Flint.

    We can still win the division. I like the way this is stacking up.

    Muskegon and Rockford both have to win to keep their home ice advantage, half of their last games are against each other. By the time the playoffs roll around they will be sore and tired. Kalamazoo should be refreshed, they have a breeze the rest of the way in the grand scheme of things.

    You’ll here it here first, either Ft Wayne or Kalamazoo will win their division, possibly both. Especially with Smitty’s coach of the year pick guiding one of those teams. Adirondack can control their own destiny in the east, but I count that as a severe long shot.

  25. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Burgee, I am definitely more hopeful about this team’s chances than I have been all year, but do we have a snowball’s chance in hell to win our division? Go back to sleep, I think you were dreaming.

  26. Bob Says:

    Burgee, if that were to occur would that give us a higher seed in the playoffs? (Like a #3 seed? as one of the 3 division winners?) That would be really great, but I want to see them continue to play well and not have any injuries. However, 48 Wins and 100 points would make for an outstanding finish. Going 12-9 after April 14th is the ultimate goal!

  27. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Are the Dinglebury Cheaters still under any investigations? Anyone have any news on this? Or has the UHL buttoned up the old lip on that whole scandal?

  28. Burgee Says:

    Yes, winning the division would give us #3 seed, home ice advantage, more home games to see and would more than likely see adirondack in the first round.

    Just the way the end of the season is shaping up in the top 9 spots is exciting, the only shoe in for a top seed i see is Danbury.

  29. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L!!! Maybe that should be the next t-shirts to wear at the old/new barn. Someone call and wake-up SMITTY.

  30. scoops Says:

    I think 10-0 is a little bit unrealistic but we can always hope for that I suppose. I like the idea of the big dogs beating each other up down the stretch but we have some tough games of our own to take care of too. You know how this blog gets sometimes. Win a few and we are getting the Komets fitted for rings or we lose a few and the whole world comes crashing down around us. Lets keep this even keeled and enjoy it one game at a time.

    Reading the paper tonight and both Chaulk’s and Carps quotes were somewhat irritating. Both saying essentially that the K’s need to come out physical because that is when they become the most productive. For some reason that kind of struck a nerve with me. Maybe it was because Chaulk said something along those lines after a K-wings game and then they didn’t follow through with it. Or maybe its because once again its said AFTER its done. The K’s have 6-7000 people in the stands every home game. That kind of crowd can sound like 20,000 when they have something to get excited about. It doesn’t just have to come from goals. Whatever happened before the game Wednesday, they need to bottle it up and bring it back out again and again. Remember what you said, follow through, and execute.

  31. blake Says:

    I asked Frenchy about playing every game and he said he wasn’t tired at all. Last week was the first time all year he played four games in a row, but he loves to get the work so I wouldn’t worry about wearing him out.

    Hit, didn’t you read that story last week about Guinn and his shoulder? Trying to throw would have been incredibly stupid for him. That’s why the “fight” turned out the way it did.

    You meet Murph, you understand a lot about Bob. You know last week when I said Hurdsy married way over his head? Bob married over the moon. And she has as much energy as he does!

    Anybody else notice how well the defensemen in general have been playing of late? Holding teams to 20-25 shots every night is pretty good. PK is back together, too. I think, and I haven’t looked at the stats today, but Neumie, Jordie, Guinn and Guy are all way up on the plus-minus charts the last month or so, and Lindsay is back to positive as well.

  32. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I read it Blake. I just thought the “fight” was funny. I had my binoculars on the play and could read Guinn’s lips just as they started to get into it. He said, if I read lips good or not, “I don’t want to fight!” I wasn’t questioning him on that instance. Just thought it was funny that of all the guys the Pigs picked to fight with, they chose poorly.

  33. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    On Frenchy, he is getting up there in his career. We are definitely a one goaltender team this year. There will be tons of second guessing going on when or if he goes down with a stupid injury because of fatigue and then we turn to a guy that has mold on him from sitting so long. That is the danger that we are running into. Guys will say they want to play every game because they get a bit greedy. The coach has to look at the situation real close and determine what the risk is. My opinion is, the risk is too high. Play Kurk some each of the final 3 weekends, just in case.

  34. blake Says:

    Don’t you think Frenchy knows his own body better than anyone else? He says he wants the work, I give it to him, especially when the Komets still have the chance to move up. He’s always stronger the more work he gets.

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