I’m wondering

March 31, 2006

There are about two weeks and 10 games remaining in the regular season, and I’m wondering who you think should get the annual awards:
Best defenseman
Unsung hero
Defensive forward

Mr. Hustle

Rookie of the year

Most improved player


11 Responses to “I’m wondering”

  1. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    MVP: Chaulk
    Best Defensemen: Dupuis
    Unsung Hero: Miller
    Defensive Forward: Chaulk
    Mr. Hustle: Galbraith
    Rookie of the Year: Carpentier
    Most Improved Player: Galbraith

  2. blake Says:

    Thanks for getting us started Hit.

  3. nicko Says:

    I dont know if you mean league or Komets, but I’ll follow Hit’s lead:

    MVP – Easily Chaulk
    Defense – Jorde
    Unsung Hero – Goodwin
    Defensive Forward – Chaulk/Drouin
    Mr Hustle – Miller
    Rookie – Carpentier
    Improved – Backup Goalie position

  4. Mark Says:

    Best Defenseman-Guy Dupuis, or Ryan Jorde
    Unsung Hero-Miller
    Mr. Hustle-Galbraith
    Best Defensive Forward-Chaulk or Luciuk
    Most Improved-Galbraith
    rookie of the year-Carpentier

  5. jeff Says:

    Hi Blake – here’s my ideas for team awards
    MVP – CHAULK hands down
    Best Defenseman – Troy Neumeier
    Unsung Hero – Kelly Miller or Rob Guinn (for playing through the injuries)
    Mr. Hustle – Lance Galbraith
    Best Defensive Forward – Chaulk or Andrew Luciuk
    Rookie of the Year – Galbraith

  6. Tim C. Says:

    MVP: Frenchy (without Frenchy we aren’t crap right now) We could “live” without Chaulk…but he’s a VERY close second.
    Best Defensemen: Jorde
    Unsung Hero: Galbraith or Guinn
    Defensive Forward: Chaulk
    Mr. Hustle: Hukalo
    Rookie of the Year: Carpentier
    Most Improved Player: Galbraith or Dupuis

  7. Jason Says:

    MVP: Colin Chaulk
    Best D-man: Ryan Jorde
    Unsung Hero: Rob Guinn
    Defensive Forward: Colin Chaulk
    Mr. Hustle: Kelly Miller
    Rookie of Year: David Carpentier
    Most Improved: Mark Lindsay

  8. dnlkomets Says:

    mvp: Chaulk
    best d-man: Jorde
    unsung hero: Miller
    defensive forward: Chaulk or Luciuk
    Hustle: Miller
    Rookie: Bozoian
    Most Improved: Galbraith

  9. chuckitt Says:

    mvp st pierre
    d man dupuis
    herp miller
    def forw chaulk
    hustle chaulk
    rookie carpentier
    improved galbraith and lindsay

  10. Teresa Says:

    I know I’m jumping in late in the game, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I agree with Hit’s picks 100%!!!! Right on, Hit!

  11. Burgee Says:

    MVP: Frenchy
    Best defenseman: Dupuis
    Unsung hero: Luciuk
    Defensive forward: Chaulk

    Mr. Hustle: Miller

    Rookie of the year: carpentier

    Most improved player: Galbraith

    boy, i have some i could teeter on, real close in my mind.

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