Talking with Jorde

April 2, 2006

Just for you, Hit Somebody! I tried to ask Ryan Jorde all the questions of yours that I could remember.

Blake Sebring: What’s the fighting etiquette out there?

Ryan Jorde: I think that’s just the fights I’ve had where I’ve beat on some guys pretty good and my reputation from the “A’’ and stuff. I don’t think too many guys want to mess with me. Actually it works in my favor anyways because then they don’t run around and I can actually worry about playing then.

BS: How often do you ask a guy to go?

RJ: It depends on the situations. Most nights I have to stay on the ice, me and Neumie and Guy and Rob are on the ice quite a bit so Coach needs us on the ice as much as possible some nights. It all depends on the score. Tonight was a night where possibly if something could have happened it would have, but the only chance was at the end and that Stewart guy got kicked out of the game anyways.

BS: Wilcox was buzzing around.

RJ: He never even said a word to me. I was waiting for him to. I kind of gave him a little hook and he looked back at me and skated out of it. I thought as soon as he got on the ice with me he was going to start something, which would have been fine with me. I’m always up for a little tussle, even at 6-1. He didn’t even say two words to me or look at me.

BS: How frustrating is it when you want to go and you can’t get somebody to go with you?

RJ: I’ll give you two cases, the two nights against Rockford. Big Snake won’t go near me most nights. I’ve been trying for him all season. I beat him up pretty bad in junior, and he remembers it I think. And he got kicked out of the game in Rockford, and then sat out the game here. There are nights when I definitely want to have some fun, but I have no dance partner. That’s been the case a lot this year. Then you just worry about playing good defense and helping the team win.

BS: You’ve been doing that. I think you are plus-12 for the month (March).

RJ: I think I’m plus-24 right now. Things have been going better for us. The last two years I’ve been injured and I haven’t played a lot. It was taking me a while to get back in the swing of things. I think I’m definitely ready to help this team make a run in the playoffs.

BS: Some of the fans have been ripping on you because they want you to fight more. Do you want to fight more?

RJ: Oh, yeah. I’ll fight every night, but there’s either circumstances where no one will fight me, or the situation is not right. I can’t fight in a 2-1 game. The five minutes I lose might be three shifts out there for Neumie and I. Otherwise there’s no one who will fight me. The last game at home against Rockford there was nobody there. Stewart is a middleweight. Wilcox… Even those guys, what’s the point on some nights? In a game like this, OK, but the guy gets two shifts a game and he’s obviously the worst player on the team. Let him skate around and look stupid.

BS: So it’s why legitimize him with a fight?

RJ: Right. I wouldn’t have had a problem tonight, but he didn’t want anything to do with fighting, which I was surprised. I was expecting him to want to go on that last shift, but he didn’t want to. That’s OK. Four in five nights, I’m tired anyway. If he doesn’t want to, not much I can do.


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  1. Mark Says:

    Awesome Inteview Blake.

    I’m guessing that people don’t understand that yes fighting is part of the game, but only when the situation warrents it. I think thats the biggest think that people don’t understand. If a fight happens, I hope it happens for the right reasons and not the wrong. Tonight it wouldn’t of mattered. Other nights probably, just depends on the situation.

  2. Burgee Says:

    Five Five, we appreciate ya.

  3. Ross Says:

    Great stuff Blake.

  4. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Nice interview Blake. You are way too good at your job!!!

    I respect Jorde. He is a damn fine D-man and has fought when he needs to, and fights well. The only thing I will question is this. Chaulker took a pretty bad hook/highstick around the neck that happened right in front of where I sit. Everyone, I mean everyone in the section wanted to know why someone didn’t grab ahold of that jerk and give him some knocks. That was our MVP and captain that took that cheapy, and nobody even skated near that guy.

    I guess it is just philosophies of the game that we all disagree on. Most teams would have killed our guy if say Robin Bouchard took the same type of cheapshot, and I bet it wouldn’t have been just one of their fighter types. It would have been the other 4 guys standing out there.

    As for Domber. Man, it’s either he’s afraid, or he is a freaking genious. Makes people question just a little as to why he has jumped from team to team. He has tons of talent. He is an excellent player. I just hate watching a Komet player run from the other team. We all mocked Tibbetts earlier this year when Worlton challenged him and he turtled up, just like Domber did. And that wasn’t Worlton, that was Stewart. Jorde called him a middleweight!

    Good article though. Kudos. I know why you don’t understand us on here now, you aren’t a fan!!! Correct…not so sure.

  5. Blake Says:

    I’m not sure that retaliation plays that big a role in the game anymore. Otherwise Chaulk would be dead by now with the way he carves guys up. He’ll even admit it. LOL. My point is, nobody goes after him from other teams when he does it, either. It just doesn’t seem to happen in today’s game. I’m not sure why.

  6. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Rockford did. Remember the kneeing penalty this year at home? The whole team was looking to go with him. No big deal.

    I’m surprised you didn’t wet yourself standing so close to Jorde. Weren’t you scared like the rest of the league. He didn’t slap you with his stick and ask you to go did he? I’m sure Cohn would have jumped in there for you. Right?

  7. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Also Blake, very happy to see Kurk play tonight. Did Frenchy let him, or did Greg make that decision? Only joking. I still contend that all of the guys on the team need to be both ready to play, and a bit fresh, too. I hope he gets 2-3 more starts this season. I happened to think he isn’t as bad a goaltender as people may think. With the right opportunity, he could be adequate or even good. He just needs some PT, baby….so he could be a PTP’er. That would be some of that Vitale language. I’m sure you love it.

  8. Tony E Says:

    Hit you are right. It is just a difference in philosophies. Everyone wants to see the Komets win. Fans just like coaches, have different ideas of how that should be accomplished. I don’t think the folks who want to see more fighting are wrong just because I think the game should be played a different way. There really is no right or wrong. It does make for some fun debate though 🙂

  9. David Says:

    Nice article Blake enjoyed reading it. See Jorde’s point if no one will dance with him then there isn’t much he can do. Although I will say is if he wanted it to happen he could make it happen, my take from the article is he feels he has earned the respect not to have to call guys out and that they should challenge him. And when he has been challenged he has taken them on. The only guy to challenge him was Fels and the only guy I seen him challenge was Goody after he got ran from behind into the boards.

  10. Blake Says:

    I think he also has a point about needing to be on the ice. He’s been great this last month or so, as have all the Komets defensemen. More often than not, when there’s a breakdown, it’s because the forwards aren’t getting back to pick up their man.

    Here’s the plus-minus for March. Guinn 3, Dupuis -1, Neumeier 8, Jorde 12, Lindsay, Dombkiewicz and Bozoian all 2. That’s pretty darn good considering the schedule they played. And they went 10-4 as a team.

  11. lets here it Says:

    why does every physical game have to happen on the road? why do the ks have to play a boring style of no hit hockey at home all the time, as for jorde,, quit asking and do!!drop the gloves!! big snakeis tough as nails and would surely take on a rematch at antime,,,oh wait,, but im sure if that happend it would be in rockford and not in the fort, dont get me wrong as a grouchy fan but i just absolutely dont enjoy the hockey anymore around here! 6 to 1 boring victory against a pathetic team with nothing! that sucks! i know that there are good long time hockey fans on here that feel the same as me and surely there are fans that think im a crank and enjoyed that pitifull of an excuse of a hockey game tonight! LETS HERE YOUR THOUGHTS?

  12. lets here it Says:

    why does every physical game have to happen on the road? why do the ks have to play a boring style of no hit hockey at home all the time, as for jorde,, quit asking and do!!
    drop the gloves!! big snake
    is tough as nails and would surely take on a rematch at antime,,,oh wait,, but im sure if that happend it would be in rockford and not in the fort, dont get me wrong as a grouchy fan but i just absolutely dont enjoy the hockey anymore around here! 6 to 1 boring victory against a pathetic team with nothing! that sucks! i know that there are good long time hockey fans on here that feel the same as me and surely there are fans that think im a crank and enjoyed that pitifull of an excuse of a hockey game tonight! LETS HERE YOUR THOUGHTS?

  13. Tony E Says:

    If he drops his gloves and jumps someone he risks getting tossed out of the game and depending on the league rules for instigator could face suspension. You want a guy to do that? Pound on the Komets door and tell them to get Andy Bezeau out of retirement. I say the same thing I said the other night. You are beating a team 6-1. There is nothing to be gained by initiating a confrontation or in many cases, even giving into one. The Komets do not need to win fights. They need to win games. And say what you will but more nights than not, their method is working. You don’t want Jorde or Domb joining Big Snake on the suspended list. They are not goons. They bring more to the table than their fists and do us no good in the penalty box.

  14. David Says:

    Tony Big Snake brings it all to the table take a look at his stats. The right time to “start” something is when you have a game in hand. Look at box scores from all of the U and it happens a lot in the league. It happen in the Rockford and Muskegon game with the score only being 3-1. It has happen on with Muskegon and Kzoo this year. There is truly no “right” time or situation and it takes 3 game misc. before you get suspended.

  15. Tony E Says:

    I would never want Big Snake on my team. How many times has he been suspended this year? At least 3 that I know of. What good is what he can bring to the table if you can’t count on him from one game to the next. You also have a constant fear of him taking a dumb penalty at the wrong time. People got on Lance for that early this year. Like I said in another post, we have a difference in philosophy. The coaches I played for taught the game a certain way which was you are selective of your battles. Unless someone is taking liberty with one of your teamates, you don’t allow yourself to be goated into confrontation. They can’t beat you on the ice, you don’t give you a chance to beat them with your fists. I played for coaches that preached class and discipline and now when I coach I teach the same thing. So I have that ingrained in me. If I had ever played for a guy like Robbie Nichols, I might feel differently. There is really no right or wrong answer.

  16. chuckitt Says:

    you take a guy like big snake and yu “coach” him. teach him when and how to use his skills. id take a sure 30 goal scorer who is physical and may miss a few games any day. as far as time and a place to fight, id say after turtling on a friday at home and then being challenged at home two days later with a five goal lead that might be the right time. it sends a message out to the rest of the league that you dont mess. i guess all it sent out was the ks will back down and anybody can come into the former jungle and do whatever they want. i was really dissapointed and i guess if dombo wanted to endear himself to the fans, he didnt get er done. hes a good defenseman but…

  17. chuckitt Says:

    you take a guy like big snake and yu “coach” him. teach him when and how to use his skills. id take a sure 30 goal scorer who is physical and may miss a few games any day. as far as time and a place to fight, id say after turtling on a friday at home and then being challenged at home two days later with a five goal lead that might be the right time. it sends a message out to the rest of the league that you dont mess. i guess all it sent out was the ks will back down and anybody can come into the former jungle and do whatever they want. i was really dissapointed and i guess if dombo wanted to endear himself to the fans, he didnt get er done. hes a good defenseman but…

  18. Skate Says:

    This may sound a little convoluted, but it’s a hockey fact: If you don’t want to fight alot, then go a few times right off and word will get around that you’re not afraid to go and people will leave you alone.

    Does anyone think that Dave Stewart will think twice about going after Dombkewicz the next time they meet? Do you think he respects Dombkewicz? He knows Dombkewicz will just absorb shot after shot.

    Jorde is used as an example in the blog all of the time. He fought a couple of times earlier and now get certainly gets his space out there.

    And, Blake (I know this “sounds” insulting but it’s not intended to be), everyone who posts on this blog (except you) pays to see the games. Reporting on them in your job. You will be there, regardless. The rest of us are telling the Komets what will keep us coming back.

    I’ve been attending games since the 1950’s and used to live and die with the Komets. I hate to say it, but in each year of the Puhalski reign, my interest has waned.

    BTW, for posted on BOTH blogs: The word you want is “GOAD” not “GOAT.”

  19. Skate Says:

    Note to Tony E: If Big Snake were on the Komets he would be the most popular player on the team.

  20. Blake Says:

    I understand that Skate, I’m just not sure that style is around hockey that much anymore. I’m sure fans in other cities are saying the same things. Shoot, I pointed out the reduction in hitting over 10 years ago. The owners know it, and I really think the coaches know it, but they can’t force the players to hit. Isn’t that one reason why we all love the playoffs so much?

  21. Blake Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind going back to say 1992 or so, but I don’t think the sport is ever going to go back to what it was no matter how much we beg, plead, demand for it. Nothing is ever the same, in this case to hockey’s detriment.

    Part of that is the schedule, especially in the minors. Playing four in five nights, there’s no way it’s going to happen again, but there’s no other way for the owners to make money. Monday night hockey would draw flies compared to a Sunday.

    The other thing is there are so many teams that there’s not that much competition for jobs anymore, either.

    Anyway, we’ve all ranted this into the ground and nothing is going to change other than we’ll get more blisters on our fingertips.

  22. dnlkomets Says:

    I’ve said it before…Ft Wayne is the only place where you can win 6-1 and they ‘still didn’t play the game right’. Not bashing anybody so please don’t take it that way! It does show very passionate fans, I just find some humor in it. On a side note about the Big Snake discussion, I think every team has one spot for a player like him, but I’d much rather have a player like Galbraith or Jorde. It really is just a different philosophy. That’s what makes hockey above the other sports in my opinion. On the final side note…let’s give Domber a bit more of a chance. He came here with a reputation of being willing to throw down. Plus we don’t know the whole background between Stewert and Domber. For now I say let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s a player we need for the playoffs, no ifs ands or buts about it, so let’s re-evaluate him after then and see if we want him for next year.

  23. Tony E Says:

    dnlkomets, I agree with 99.9% of what you said. My only question, where was it said that Domber had a reputation as a fighter? I posted his stats and he was by no means high on the penalty minute list anywhere he played.
    I disagree Skate on your assumption
    Big Snake would be popular here. People here wanted to run Lance out of town for his penalties earlier this year. I also would say to you that Fort Wayne has never liked players who had a reputation as being dirty and this guy is as dirty as they come. He has a track record of knee on knee checks, checking from behind, spearing or sucker punching guys. Your popular fighters in Fort Wayne never did things like that. Fletcher would stand face to face with a guy and fight. He wouldn’t sucker a guy when he wasn’t looking or use his stick as a weapon.
    Again, different philosophy on how the game should be played. I see from your perspective why you would want him. I grant you that he would be entertaining and you never know what you are going to see with him on the ice. I can tell you I would be scared to death to have him on the ice in a close playoff game where he might do something stupid and put the team down a man.
    P.S. In Canada people say Goat. Lol I spend too much time there. I catch myself typing offence and defence at times too.

  24. Charlie I Says:

    Just a thought on players not fighting for jobs. The UHL should goto keeping 20 on the roster to keep compaetion up. Look at Lindsay out there. He relizes he is playing for time with Domb coming in. You add some roster spots guys start wondering if they will be around.

  25. Tony E Says:

    I think they keep the roster number down to save the teams money

  26. Charlie I Says:

    I was just saying that as an idea. I never said they had to keep that many guys if they wanted to save money. If they did raise the limit to 20 no team that wants to spend the money doesn’t have to follow it. Thats why it makes no sense to limit to 19. It really has cost some younger guys jobs. I think the IHL allowed 22 on the roster but not all teams kept that many to save money. There is no reason not to raise it especially with the salary cap and other rules in place. If teams want to save money they can. Raising the number of roster spots isn’t going to cost a team money if they don’t want to spend it.

  27. Tony E Says:

    I agree Charlie. I don’t think your idea is bad at all. I am not even sure if my reason for the current number is correct. I think being able to have 18 skaters and 2 goalies on the active roster might not be a bad thing. I wouldn’t even mind teams being able to carry a 3rd goalie.
    But they really would have to rework the salary structure to make that happen.

  28. Blake Says:

    Not necessisarily. They had a 20-man roster last year with the same salary cap.

  29. Ed Says:

    I was at Sundays game and thought Flint was a terrible team. Do we have teams like Flint in the league as sacraficial lambs for the better teams in the league?

    Our ticket price should include admission to watch two good teams play hockey not just one. I don’t want to watch one good team play (the Komets). This league is half full of good teams and half full of really bad teams. This makes for poor hockey.

    If everyone likes Jorde so much and enjoy watching him play and fight then why wouldn’t you want the Komets to play in the AHL. Thats where he came from and thats probably were he’s going next year. He is signed with Buffalo? This will put him in Rochester NY, in the AHL.

    If Komet fans want to see more hockey players like Jorde then you would see a whole team of them if we went to the AHL, not the UHL. Then you could see two good teams play in one night NOT just one.

  30. David Says:

    Jorde’s contract with the Sabers is up I believe and that is why he was allowed to play a game or two with Grand Rapids.

  31. Tony E Says:

    Ed, are you willing to pay $20 and up for a ticket to an AHL game? I think if you asked most folks in Fort Wayne the answer would be no.

  32. David Says:

    We will see how good Perioa does with their AHL team. That town is similiar to the Fort and has been a lower level minor league town for years. Tony right now my upper arena ticket is $19.00 so a $1.00 differnece is no big deal

  33. David Says:

    Blake it would be interesting if you could get Galbraith to do an interview on this topic from a forward’s perspective. Thanks for doing this with Jorde and although we all have a difference in opinion on this subject we all have valid points I believe. Tony I read the link on the article on Big Snake and that is something that happen a couple of years ago and by the way he is performing on the ice maybe he has grown up some. He is only 21 yrs old.

  34. Tony E Says:

    David I know and just as I believe age and experience have made Jim Duhart a better player/person I am think the same may happen with Robin.
    I have friends up in Canada who are First
    Nations and I know the struggles in life they endure. Some of them live in reserves where not every house has a toilet. The drug, drinking and suicide rates are sky high. I am sure some of this is the cause of his anger and aggression. If he can channel it as he matures, it will serve him well. The guy can certainly play but how hard is it as an opposing player to get him in the penalty box. Picture it, game 7 of the playoffs, tie game…. Big Snake has been a force all series. We don’t want him on the ice late where he can hurt us…lets send out Jeff Worlton to GOAD (lol I got it) him into a fight so we can get him off the ice. Teams did that to Lance earlier this season.
    I saw Big Snake play in the OHL with Owen Sound. He scored plenty but also put his team in penalty situations far too often. Lets see where he is when he is 25. He will either be playing at the AHL level or be out of hockey. I don’t wish bad for him. I would rather see a guy with his talent have a long career whether it be for a team I like or not. Right now though I would not want him on my team. At this time he is Ron Artest in skates.

  35. Tony E Says:

    Blake I would like to see that article as well. Lance has had to learn when to and when not to drop the gloves. Recently he has let his crushing hits do most of the talking.
    You know what else, how about getting coach to share his thoughts. I know he doesn’t open up easily but I would like to know what he tells his guys. Does he encourage or discourage fighting. When does he send a guy out with the express purpose of “sending a message”.
    David I know that some of the tickets are close to $20 but there are alot that are $8-$14. Do you think that 7000 folks would all be willing to pay $20? I don’t think so but maybe I am wrong.
    Not living there doesn’t allow me to absorb the current economic sentiment around town.

  36. Anne Says:

    David and Tony, as regards AHL pricing, many years ago I followed closely the Binghamton, NY AHL club (when they were the Dusters and then the Whalers). I checked the web and currently Binghamton Senators tickets are $15.50 along the side and $14.50 on the ends. This is in a building that holds under 5000 for hockey, in an area only a fraction of the size of Fort Wayne, and not one that is particularly affluent. I’m not saying that going to the AHL is a good idea. (I like the more limited region the UHL covers and enjoy the play.) But I think there are cost/price models that could work in our area if there was ownership interest in moving to AHL play.

  37. dnlkomets Says:

    What I meant to say Tony is not that Domber has a reputation as a fighter but that he has a reputation of holding his own during fights. LOL I think I have a reputation of not always typing what I actually mean to say..

  38. Skate Says:

    As I posted before, FW will NEVER move to the AHL because Dave Franke, a Komets owner, would be out of a job. As long as things are going well in the UHL and they are drawing 7,500 per game, you won’t see any major changes. On the ice or behind the bench.

    Having an entertaining, aggressive, fighting team and winning hockey games are not mutually exclusive propositions.

    ie, Rockford amd Danbury.

  39. Tony E Says:

    I looked over ticket prices and it looks like more teams are offering cheaper seats. It didn’t used to be that way but possibly after the lockout that has changed.
    I know Justin Cohn talked to the Frankes and it is my understanding they feel that it is not an economic viability in Fort Wayne. Partially because of ticket prices and partially because of the extra operating expenses (travel, salaries etc). I love the AHL and the Komets certainly have the facilities and the front office to operate a succesful franchise. Whether the finances will work seems to be the question.

  40. David Says:

    Yes because the bottom line is a lot better in the UHL than the AHL. They also do not want a NHL organization telling them how to run things. For an AHL team to come to Fort Wayne it would have to be without the Frankes in charge and I would not be willing to see that happen. If they raise ticket prices again next year then I think the K’s will see attendance start to decline. They do not pay rent on the coliseum and that is a huge perk

  41. chuckitt Says:

    ahl would be fun but i know the costs are pretty high. the biggest cost which a lot of people dont understand is the money the komets would have to pay their parent team for the priviledge of receiving their players. thats one cost we dont have now. so besides that and throw in the franchise fee the ks would have to pay and i think our $19 tickets would probably be around $25.

  42. blake Says:

    Those other teams also own their buildings so they get all the concessions and parking as well. Komets don’t have that option. They don’t even get the revenue from the tickets to their games used in the suites. Different circumstances. Don’t forget there’s also a surcharge on every FW ticket, too, from the coliseum.

    I’m still not convinced any but the top two or three AHL teams are making money. The attendance numbers just don’t make sense. Their travel budgets must be unreal, along with their player salaries/affiliation fees.

    I tell you what, if I had money to invest (ha, ha), the last place I’d put it is in any hockey team and any level.

  43. David Says:

    Blake how about doing this type of Q & A with Lance? Be interesting to get his perspective.

  44. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    This is neither here nor there so to speak….but backing up to an earlier comment about people wanting to run Lance out of town for him taking bad penalties earlier in the year, I think that is not the whole story. It was because he came in sold to the fans as a tough, energy type forward that could put the puck in between the pipes, and even he would admit earlier this year, he didn’t live up to his hype. He started to play awesome after his LOA from the team. Before the injury, he was our only energy guy, willing to hit, fight, score, and do the dirty work in front of the net, and by the way, he was doing very well. So well, that I think he was carrying this team. We are a much better team with him. Much more fun to watch also. I think this is the point that guys like David, Chuckitt, and Skate is trying to make. We play so much better when Lance is out there doing his thing. It takes pressure off the other guys and allows everyone to play much more relaxed. He is a huge key to our playoff success. He is the type of player that puts “cheeks in the seats” in Fort Wayne.

  45. Tony E Says:

    I agree Hit. It just sounds sometimes like all folks want to see is fighting. I know Fort Wayne fans better than that. Remember the Russian Line? Those guys didn’t fight (though Butsy didn’t mind getting his elbows dirty) but people really enjoyed their high flying style. At that time, they were the ones putting people in the building more than the antics of Andy
    Bezeau or whoever the goon at the time was. There are many ways to be entertained at a hockey game. Fighting/rough stuff is a part of it but should never be the focal point or the sole reason someone comes to watch a hockey game. It would be like someone who doesn’t follow Nascar only turning it on to watch the crashes. Sure the wrecks are cool to see as long as nobody gets hurt but there is alot more to appreciate besides the smashed in cars. (of course just my opinion)

  46. Blake Says:

    Can we please put the Lance early in the season stuff to bed? I’ll say this: If any of you knew the details, you’d cut him a ton of slack because we’ve all been there. That wasn’t the true player he is. Everything we’ve seen since is, and I don’t think anyone has any questions about that, do they?

    And yes, he was taking a ton of dumb penalties early in the year! LOL.

  47. David Says:

    Tony we are not advocates of goon hockey, if I want to see that I will rent Slap Shot or try to pick up internet feeds of LNAH. We have lost a style of hockey that is has been apart of komet hockey for years. It was what made the jungle the jungle. I remember when Franke first took charge of the K’s and one of his first promises was to keep hockey in the Fort and to bring a rough and entertaining team to the ice. He has stated that same slogan year after year and this year he feel short of that and then tried to blame “rule” changes, reduced roster size, and how the game has changed. Has hockey changed this year in the U, yes, and some would say too much, but just look at the box scores over the last several weeks between Muskegon, Kzoo and Rockford they have had some great games with the physical stuff. Rockford and Danbury have had some tilts. All we are saying when a game is in hand and it 6-1 and you have a guy like Stewart on the ice taking liberties we want someone to go pound him and not wait to be “challenged”. I have come to really like Lindsay a guy who at first I thought was not very good. He has improved in his overall game and one big part of that change has been the chip he is carrying on his shoulder. He has mixed up lately more so than any Komet. I like that in a player he can play any style and is not afraid to give a good ole face wash. I would like Rumble more if he played a more physical game he has a great shot, is big and strong, but he goes unoticed because he lacks a phyiscal style. IMO we have too many of the same type of player and need more balance. I would take another Galbraith type of player and that is why I would have like to see Littlehjohn on our roster. But overall Hit, Skate, Chuckitt, and myself get it, may not accept it, but we get it. We will be at games with anticipation that just maybe something of entertaining value will happen. We want wins first and foremost period. And if on that rare occasion someone may drop the gloves we will be there with all the faithful shouting Kick his A…

  48. David Says:

    Blake we want the Q & A that you did with Jorde, but with Lance.. Can that happen. He has seen a lot of games from the stands it would be interesting to see what he observes and if he is taking numbers down.

  49. Blake Says:

    I tried calling him today but he’s on the trip. I won’t be able to get to it now until at least next week.

  50. Tony E Says:

    I hear you David and I certainly respect your opinions (as well as everyone on here) and your passion for the Komets and hockey.

    Blake I apologize if I was sounding critical of Lance. I think it was obvious he had something in his life going on that affected his play because as soon as he got back from his leave he was a different player. I am happy that it appears he got his personal and hockey situations turned in a positive direction.

  51. Blake Says:

    He’s a very happy camper here now.

  52. Tony E Says:

    I hope so. He is the type of guy that folks wouldn’t mind having stay around a few years and maybe settling down in Fort Wayne.

  53. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Blake, I mean Dad (jokingly), just to clarify the Lance in the early season stuff, I don’t think anyone was criticizing him or what he went through personally, I was just stating the obvious I thought. He started out poorly, after his break, he came out a totally different player. I think I even said that he is our most important player, maybe best overall player. That is coming from me, the guy that questioned his skill early on this year. Now I love him, not like that though. He is our entertainment factor, and does lots of great things out there. You could argue that he should be the MVP.

    Good observations on Lindsay, David. He has stepped it up. He is putting it on the line out there every night. He takes the body, he has fought, he takes chances out there on offense also. He has played pretty darn good. I like his “no fear” style. Hope that doesn’t get him waived like many others who have played like him.

  54. Ed Says:

    Blake, You mean to tell me alllllllll those teams in the AHL are losing money. I don’t think so. You make it sound like Ft. Wayne could barely make it in the AHL. Someone has fed you a line or two about the AHL.

    Look at teams in the UHL. Half of them can barely make it on this little shoestring budget. The UHL for the most part is a mickey mouse league. If the truth be know we would do just fine in the AHL.

  55. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    The age-old question here still remains….would this fan base pay the ticket prices to support the AHL where players come and go like that of the Wizards situation, constantly. It would be very hard to follow a team that everytime you start enjoying a player or two, they move on. I don’t think most current season ticket holders would be willing to pay double or so more each year. What would we really gain in Hockey for the money? I like where we are at for the most part. Would like to see the league mature some and develop more into a closer region of teams to increase rivalries and better travel. The AHL would be worse for both of those issues. I don’t want to go back to the last couple of years in the IHL either. That wasn’t a fun situation at all.

  56. RobL Says:

    Jorde comes off pretty cocky in his statements about other tough guys in the league. My question is, why didn’t he stick up for his teamate when Dave Stewart has gone after Dom two games in a row.

  57. Blake Says:

    It’s pretty easy to figure out in the AHL.

    Manchester 0 310,389 36 8,622
    W-B/Scranton 0 285,082 35 8,145
    Manitoba 0 301,654 38 7,938
    Chicago 0 278,018 36 7,723
    Hershey 0 299,995 39 7,692
    Rochester 0 254,107 36 7,059
    Philadelphia 0 258,347 37 6,982
    Providence 0 251,744 37 6,804
    Grand Rapids 0 240,239 38 6,322
    Houston 0 212,435 37 5,741
    Syracuse 3,904 194,652 36 5,407
    Iowa 0 191,908 37 5,187
    Hartford 0 184,944 37 4,998
    Milwaukee 0 194,325 39 4,983
    Hamilton 0 182,452 37 4,931
    Portland 0 177,120 37 4,787
    Peoria 0 170,939 36 4,748
    Toronto 0 158,927 36 4,415
    San Antonio 0 155,535 36 4,320
    Norfolk 0 151,843 36 4,218
    Binghamton 0 149,656 37 4,045
    Albany 0 151,703 38 3,992
    Bridgeport 0 140,144 39 3,593
    Lowell 0 132,606 37 3,584
    Cleveland 0 128,514 37 3,473
    Springfield 0 124,334 36 3,454
    Omaha 0 119,797 38 3,153

    League 3,904 5,401,409 998 5,412

    Educated guess is that anything under 5,000 is losing money or scraping by. Say they average $10-$12 REVENUE per ticket. That’s only at the most $1.5 million in revenue for the year on a $2.5-$3 million budget. I believe, not positive, but NHL affiliations cost between $800,000 and $1.2 million, plus they don’t give you all the players anymore so you have to go out and sign 5-6 free agents. Office staffs are also larger, as is workers compensation (up to $300,000 in some places), insurance costs, travel costs (up to $250-$500,000), league fees (around $150,000), housing, etc. It’s not that hard to figure it out. That doesn’t even take into account any revenue for advertising or concessions or parking (The Komets don’t get concessions or parking or suites). When Kalamazoo draws $4,500, it’s equivalent to the Komets drawing 8,000 because the Wings get the concessions and parking.

    Advertising revenue and souvenirs combined are big, but not that big.

    Why do you think the AHL has either A) lost so many teams or B) moved so many teams over the past few years? Why isn’t Cincinnati playing anymore? That was a good hockey town, or Salt Lake, or Las Vegas? Why are all the teams in the ECHL South dying?

    It’s not rocket science. I simply don’t believe FW fans will pay $5 more per ticket to go to the AHL. I know a lot of you would, but not enough to make it financially feasible. I miss those days, too, but we’ve got to be realistic.

  58. Blake Says:

    I also don’t believe the sole focus of the AHL is winning as much as it is developing NHL players, and I don’t think that would ever go over here. FW fans demand to win. The first time the coach puts a rookie on the power play instead of a veteran because the NHL wants it that way, FW fans would scream bloody murder, not to mention losing your best players at playoff time because the NHL wants to expand its playoff roster.

    I might be wrong, but I wouldn’t be willing to risk any of my money on it.

  59. courtney Says:

    good article…..and smart play……you fight when it helps the game, not hurts it! jorde is a smart fighter.

  60. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Jorde comes across as a real jerk. The reason he didn’t want to stick up for Domer is because Dave “the punching bag” Stewart handed him his lunch in Flint earlier this year. “Guess he remembers that”. Jorde needs to remember that anybody can get beat by anyone else on a given night. He’s going to look like a fool when he takes his in front of the home fans.

    As for everyone loving on Lance. It makes me laugh that all of the people who were on here at the beginning of the season dumping on the guy are now his biggest fans… please. Pick a side and defend it.

    Blake, why didn’t you ask Jorde why he isn’t playing in the AHL?

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