Frawley ineligible

April 21, 2006

The United Hockey League today ruled Komets forward David Frawley ineligible for the playoffs. The league ruled it was against its bylaws to rescind the pick the Komets made in Monday’s waiver-wire draft. The Komets selected Ed Campbell from Danbury. Because Campbell didn’t report, the Komets asked to keep Frawley on the roster. Now, the Komets are going to keep Campbell on their roster and try to convince him to report. His wife had surgery on Monday and is scheduled to be released from the hospital today. Danbury also has Campbell listed on its roster as an assistant coach. I don’t know how that’s going to be resolved by the league.


83 Responses to “Frawley ineligible”

  1. Ron Says:

    This makes the K’s look bad. They should have done their homework, both on whether Campbell would actually report and on what the playoff roster rules were.

  2. Greg Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding. Now we’re actually short handed. here’s hoping Campbell wife has a change of heart, but as it stands he wouldn’t be able to play until at least game 3 because of his injury right Blake?

  3. Greg Says:

    Ron- You could be right, but we don’t know how much time the K;s had from when they got the unprotected list till they had to make a decision on who to pick up.

  4. scoops Says:

    Need directions to Rockford? Look for the circus tents. Man this is funny stuff. Tibbetts and now Campbell. What a debacle. Wouldn’t this have to be resolved like…..NOW? The playoffs start in 5 hours.

    I was going to say this when the news first broke but I wondered if the Komets should put him on the roster anyways. Reason I didn’t was because then we would of been short a player and I’d hear a wrath. Now it looks like no matter what we are short, at least for 2 games. I also wondered siliently if his wife would tell him to go ahead and play. This happens all the time in sports where players miss child births and such for big games. I guess it would depend on the surgery and how serious it it/was and/or if family could come in to lend a hand.

  5. Greg Says:

    I agree Scoops. if the surgey wasn’t that bad or if she heals well enough that she doesn’t need him around them Campbell might be here. I just hope it won;’t be a distraction for him.

  6. TLS Says:

    The question is: If Campbell for some reason decided to play, would his heart really be in it knowing he didn’t want to in the 1st place? Do we want someone who might not give 100%?

    And…How can they add him as a coach to Danbury after all the roster stuff was set? Technically he isn’t their player to be a player/coach anymore.

  7. Komet Fan Says:

    Only in the UHL does stuff like this happen… What a JOKE this league has become!!! Brosal can’t make a rational decision to save his life, bylaws are written up half-crocked, and NOBDY within the UHL can seem to make any decision. IMO, the Frankes really screwed the pooch on this one.

  8. Teresa Says:

    No one can say this season of Komet hockey has been boring. It’s one thing after another, isn’t it? Oh well, bottom line, K’s need to kick some bacon butt tonight, with or without Campbell. Go K’s!!!

  9. chuckitt Says:

    the uhl the unorganized humorous league!

  10. Greg Says:

    Poor Frawley. He’s cut, now he’s back on the team, oops, now he’s cut again. If he wasn’t ticked off then,I bet he is now.

  11. chuckitt Says:

    sorry to break up the fun blake, but for a question thats got nothing to do with hockey, do you know whats happened to ftwaynes other mlb connection, brian reith? i know he signed a minor deal with the cubs but i cant find him on any roster?

  12. Bob Says:

    A few quick remarks….I would not want be David Frawley right now. The young man must be awfully confused and upset right now. And I’m certain that David Franke is extremely upset over this. Even if Frawley is reinstated; he will have to sit out until the matter is resolved or the Komets could end up forfeiting any games that he would otherwise play in. This sounds like a total nightmare! I just hope that this gets resolved QUICKLY!

  13. Greg Says:

    If Frawley is reinstated by the league then he and the K’s are okay, but your right he’s probably very upset as are the Frankes.

  14. scoops Says:

    It’s only a crock if we end up getting neither player for the playoffs. I guess we’ll see. Should be an interesting blog tonight for sure. Anyone ordering it tonight?

  15. Greg Says:

    I’ll try to keep track on the U Ticker. I’m going to be busy watching the Wings-Oilers game.

  16. David Says:

    This really makes the Franke look bad in all aspects and is also a distraction to them and the team. I understand Campbell’s wife had surgery, but there is something else going on here imo..He chooses Danbury over us first and I understand why, but the second time around I get the feeling he may not really want to be a Komet any more even though we are the best organization according to him…it does not add up

  17. scoops Says:

    I’ll play Devil’s advocate here. Ever think that maybe, just maybe, Campbell was the good guy in this and explained to the Komets after they claimed him that he was injured (which is why Danbury exposed him)in order to make sure the Komets could play with a full playoff roster? The wife having surgery (however serious) and not being able to travel is in addition to his injury.
    The only thing I could see the Franke’s possibly being blamed for is not doing research but who knows who much time they had when the list came out of what kind of answers they received. I wouldn’t think going in to the draft they would still take Campbell knowing he would miss 2 or 3 games. Perhaps they asked about health and dirty Danbury said he was fine and sited other reasons in which the Frankes felt was not significant. Nobody really knows for sure. Just a theory but the Frankes didn’t exactly get to where they are today by being complete idiots.

  18. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Another instance where Danbury has screwed us this year….think about it. They took our fan favorite, they stole Luke Sellars, they stole Ed Campbell, They allegedly lied about him to waive him to us not disclosing the injury, and overall they are the team that is being investigated by the FBI for paying their players/employees illegally. To sum this up…Brosal has just sit by this year and let things go…and here we are. What are the odds that Berkebile does tonights game and the rest of the series? Maybe we’ll knock out Rockford and somehow play Danbury and murder them….that would make for one heck of a playoff.

  19. David Says:

    Scoops you are right for the most part…WE will see how all things play out before any judgement is passed. I really do not think Frawley was the key for us to win the CUP anyway….Milam was playing more anyway and David was an extra forward…I look for AJ to move up to wing

  20. David Says: is time to put to rest all the if’s and’s, and but’s..time to play hockey I will be watching on the B2 network…Let’s save all the second guessing until the end of the Playoff’s because we all have our own opinions and everything…GO KOMETS

  21. Tony E Says:

    I dodge sniper fire in Gary (just kidding folks) and get to my hotel in time to read this mess. Wow. The league has got me shaking my head on this one. This entire late season draft is a joke and so is the aftermath. Can you imagine if NHL teams were allowed to take players from other teams right before the playoffs? What is the point of a trade deadline if they are going to have this? What a mess.
    Hoping to be done in time to enjoy the third period tonight 🙂

  22. Bob Says:

    I will be listening to the game 2nite and see what Bob Chase has to say about this. I’m sure that he will have either David Franke or Richard Brosal on the air 2nite. I’m sure that it will be “entertaining” at least.

  23. scoops Says:

    FRICK!!! Every other game is good to go but Rockford/FT. Wayne is having technical difficulties!!

  24. David Says:

    :Yes B2 is pissing me off…Those Show hard is it? Unless Rockford pulled a Franke

  25. David Says:

    It figures Guinn drops them with Johnson and according to Chase Guinn pounds him…Kudos to Guinn….Old Time Hockey

  26. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    John Searle…..I thought Berkebile…we could be in just as much trouble…and Galbraith gets an early 10 minute misconduct….and Rob Guinn fights Johnson,,,what the hell. Can’t be the same guy right?LOL

  27. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    John “Freaking” Searle…Guinn got 2 for instigation and a 10 minute instigation on top of the 5 for fighting….BS

  28. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I mean misconduct

  29. David Says:

    Brosal should tell Searle that calling something like that in a playoff game is stupid and takes away from guys wanting to fight and afraid of getting the extra 2 on top of 10….That takes away the fighting

  30. David Says:

    B2 sent me an email..they are working on it

  31. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Brosal is a dip….!!!! Hawthorne called 10 penalties in the first period at Muskegon also. Is this the playoffs or preseason? They should let guys play hockey. Plain and simple.

  32. JR Says:

    Whats goin on so far, just started listening….they playin well so far ???

  33. lisa Says:

    i think rockford did something so that b2 can’t display it to piss us komet fans off. what do you think?

  34. David Says:

    Rockford more than likely pulled a Franke…and will not allow them to broadcast. B2 said they are working on it but that usually means game will not be broadcast.

  35. scoops Says:

    ‘Bout ready to blow a gasket here. K’s sound like they are putting it to them, not backing down one bit. Wish I could watch the $%$^%$#$#%##@@$#@$!@ thing.

  36. David Says:

    Scoops you and me both…this is total bull….!!! All I hope is the same emotion being shown tonight will be shown Tuesday in the Fort..Johnson just scored…1-0 Rockford

  37. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Bob keeps talking about “Black Snake”….gotta love Chaser.

  38. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    we are getting smoked

  39. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    shorthanded goal…2-0

  40. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    2-1…Domber scores…Did I hear the Rockford fans yelling “You Suck?” How dare them….go get them Greg!!!LOL

  41. JR Says:

    Big goal!!!!!!!

  42. Hit Somebody!!! Says:


  43. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    How quick the “MO” changes

  44. scoops Says:

    GAME ON B2 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. David Says:

    Game on B2 now guys

  46. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Shat….3-2 Pigs

  47. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    what happen B2 guys…was it a Komet Goal or not?

  48. Mark Says:

    yeah, I’d like to know or have an explanation on why the Komets goal got disallowed…

  49. sims Says:

    for sure goal, ref signaled goal, and light was on, play must have been blown dead for no reason!!

  50. sims Says:

    the puck was loose and i think it was goody who smacked it in, he night have been in the crease

  51. sims Says:

    it looked as if Neumeier took a puck to the face on rockford’s third goal, he left the ice, hopefully he will be okay!

  52. sims Says:

    is anyone listening to martinson? what an idiot

  53. Bob Says:

    Domber SCORES!!!!!! 3-3 Early in 2nd!!!!!

  54. JR Says:


  55. JR Says:

    They took troy to the Hospital just to be sure….

  56. Bob Says:

    Chaser is having a load of fun calling this game….listen to how much extra energy he has in his voice…is chuckling, laughing. Listen to the game….forget B2

  57. sims Says:

    score huk!!!!!

  58. JR Says:

    Miller shoots miller SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. sims Says:


  60. Chad Says:

    GOAL !!! Miller makes it 4-3 in the second. with a blast from the top of the face off circle shorrt-handed.

  61. Bob Says:

    Geez….Lindsay just popped Big Snake. Chaser is enjoying every minute of this one.

  62. Bob Says:

    I didn’t know that snakes could yap so much!

  63. Chad Says:

    The boys are charged up right now. They are hitting and getting back on defense most of the time. The Rockford two-on-one goal to tie the game was bad, but the K’s are still working hard and delivering big hits.

  64. JR Says:

    Well so far Kzoo beat MC…And QC beat Danbury

  65. Chad Says:

    If Big Snake spends anymore time on his back tonight, they might as well soak his sweater with water and use him as a drag rag behind the zamboni.

  66. Heather Says:

    Did I hear Guinn got into a fight and pounded the other guy? Oh my how sweet it is. LOL. So much for booing him.

  67. Bob Says:

    Yetman scored….5-4 Bacon Bits

  68. scoops Says:

    If only would could quit beating ourselves. Two shorties a two on one, and a deflection off Neumie. Geez….

  69. David Says:

    Heather do not get to sweet on Guinn he actually got Johnson from behind…

  70. Heather Says:

    From behind from the front it doesn’t matter I’m just glad he’s finally getting physical. Seeing as how I’m one of the few Guinn fans let me have my moment. I don’t spoil yours.

  71. Heather Says:

    And another thing you don’t think that Rockford pulls that kind of crap give me a break how about applauding instead of getting down on him. So much for supporting the team.

  72. David Says:

    Easy Heather…I just wanted to pull your chain a little…I am all for Guinn and I am glad he took care of Johnson…

  73. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I for one am glad he is playing physical…he usually does step it up in the playoffs…I whined all year how weak he plays…I am not going to question him playing physical now. He needs to…they all do. This is do or die against a rough house team. We can pull this out with 20 minutes of Komets Hockey.

  74. scoops Says:

    Natives get restless which the score isn’t in our favor. Aside from a few mistakes, we have outplayed Rockford. Keep up the intensity, we’ll prevail.

  75. Heather Says:

    Regardless of whether or not the score is in our favor people still get restless its been a back and forth game it gets frustrating. I mean 2 periods 9 goals that’s intense. Give these people a break.

  76. Chad Says:

    Frenchy is not having a good game. It seems that when players sit for the last few regular season games it ALWAYS takes them out of their rhythm (Indianapolis Colts). I understand the reasoning, but it rarely works.The last short-handed goal against Frenchy was weak, and he knew it. The recent Rockford goal (6-4) was not much better.

  77. scoops Says:

    What did I do?

  78. Mark Says:

    since im having trouble with ITB..



    6-5 now…

  79. Bob Says:

    Goodwin Scores….still 6-5 piggies

  80. Heather Says:

    was that a serious question? lol

  81. David Says:

    We can not win hockey games giving up 2 short handed goals..PP was productive tonight but 2 shorthanded goals was the difference in the game…Who beat us tonight…let’s see..Johnson and Big Snake…their line was the difference…Kelly Miller’s play was awesome even Rockford Radio acknowledge his effort

  82. Mark Says:

    I would say that the 2 shorthanded goals really hurt..if as I have said since the game ended, they don’t give those up..we win the game..

    but 1 thing is for sure..

    Frenchy has to be better..

    and I think he will come up big on Sunday

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