Not liking this

April 27, 2006

Komets don’t look very good so far. Sloppy with the puck, turning it over several times in their own end to lead to Rockford chances. The IceHogs goal was a total fluke, but it really wasn’t surprising because of the way the Komets were scrambling around. Rockford’s power play has looked better and is starting to get stronger chances.


8 Responses to “Not liking this”

  1. Tony E Says:

    Sigh. I guess I am not missing much. I am about to give up. Looking at a silent Windows Media Player is not doing much for my groggy disposition.

  2. blake Says:

    Tony, I know it’s sacrilege, but try the Rockford station maybe, WNTA, 1330-AM

  3. blake Says:

    Nevermind, they don’t have a webcast.

  4. blake Says:

    Nevermind, they don’t have a webcast.

  5. Tony E Says:

    Yeah 😦 The link on the Icehogs website is not working. Sigh. Is it worth waiting to hope it will be fixed? If not I will just watch the Senators game and come back for the final score later.
    One good thing comes of this. I can tell Ashley “see if we just moved to Fort Wayne I would not have to go through this!” 😉

  6. blake Says:

    Because there’s no B2 in Fort Wayne, there won’t be a webcast either.

  7. Tony E Says:

    This is me stomping off muttering some bad bad words like GRRR and ARRRRGGGHHH and a very mean PPPFFFFFFTTTT!!!!
    Thanks for looking into it Blake. Check your email when you get a chance. If it is a repeat of something I asked you before, I apologize. I could not remember if I asked or if you had answered. Blame it on the fever.

  8. chuckitt Says:

    now that this game is over i must say that i have in over 40 years of komet games, nver seen a referee as incompetent as the one tonight. he single handedly gave the game to the ice hogs. he was completely biased against the komets. at least this season will be over soon and this bunch of sissies will only be a distant memory. i say this cause when tibbets went down to jaw with st pierre, not a single komet came down to check things out. iam so ashamed of you guys. no guts no glory. i hope rockford goes all the way and shows that old time hockey is still viable. next year had better be different or the fan base will leave. and if the uhl keeps showing their incompetence and their lack of imposing penalties or backing their own refs and rules, then maybe its time to go to the ahl or maybe the frankes should do what coffey did and start their own league. bring back the old ihl and get the old teams back in it and leave the uhl in their dust.

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