You’re going to scream

April 27, 2006

But I don’t assign any blame from this game to Neil Christopher. The Komets did this to themselves. Did he miss the first calls and then call the retaliation calls? Yes, welcome to hockey. The Komets have had this problem the ENTIRE season, and they talk and talk and talk about needing to stay away from penalties and they can’t do it, no matter who they are.

It’s a lack of self-discipline which has creamed them all year. Troy Neumeier talked about it in today’s story, and Colin Chaulk has talked about it forever. It’s obvious to everyone, but they can’t see to do anything about it.

Rockford, the most penalized team in the league, has four more power-play chances than the Komets so far in this series. That’s totally on the Komets.


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  1. Tony E Says:

    Not having seen/heard the game, I will put this out there on Christopher. When the Komets won the cup he was the official for the clinching game. This would mean that in that season he was thought of as the best that this league had to offer. Considering the low level of this league, if he really was any good he would have moved up.
    That being said, Komet fans need to give up on this conspiracy theory that all officials are out to get them. Remember, it was a Rockford player who shoved/made a gesture at an official and that kind of behaviour gets around the officials communication chain. If they had reason to be “against” someone if would have been Rockford.

  2. chuckitt Says:

    the ref did decide the outcome of this game. his calls were late and they were biased. in over 40 years of watching komet hockey i have never seen anyone as bad as this in calling a playoff game. usualy they put away the whistle in the playoffs but this clown called a penalty shot on a guy without the puck and called a double minor high stick on a dive while allowing the hogs to get bye with everything. they even had a guy shove the linesman and a penalty wasnt given because the ref was too busy holding back a hog preventing him from being a third man in during the miller fight. let the guy go and call the penalty. this guy was against the ks and was a joke. yes we got some domb penalties but the ref didnt call any dumb penalties on the hogs and there were two times they had too many men on the ice and nothing happened. sad sad sad. the ks played hard but the reg took the game away from them.

  3. nicko Says:

    Sorry, blake, you are wrong on this one. This was a horribly called game, and that WAS the reason they lost. By the end of the game, I literally could not think of another way he could have screwed us. I dont want to see him back here again.

  4. Skate Says:

    The one too many men was blatant and right in front of linesman number 23. He looked right at it and didn’t have the guts to make the call because the prior two calls had been against Rockford.

    If you question a call once in a while, you get some of those things overlooked. Remember the too many men call on FW in the LAST MINUTES of the last game?

  5. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Nice penalty shot call, nice 4 minute highstick call, the guy was so hurt he didn’t even leave the ice and was on the powerplay. I know you like to back the refs Tony, and you have a right to do it since you are one, but you can’t honestly comment if you weren’t there to see this travisty called the UHL. I will admit, if the Komets would have played with the intensity that they showed in the third period, all game, then this wouldn’t have happened. The calls were not consistant at all. I know that Blake like always will continue his opinion that it was the Komet’s that lost the game, but in my opinion and probably a ton of others who will post a comment tonight or tomorrow, we took a screwing. Being down 4-0 in the second after a slew of bad and questionable calls, is very tough to overcome.

    Mr. Jorde should be ashamed of himself. He calls himself a tough hockey player that everyone fears…what a joke. Did anyone see him lay a body in front of the net, behind the net, in the corners, coming up the ice, anything? His play has been shameful. Jorde lovers around me tonight even commented on how it looked as if he was scared because he was trying to avoid contact.

    Galbraith and Miller…these guys play the game the way it was intended to be played. Heart, Hustle, and never give up. Pulcrapski goes to sleep on the bench way too often. There was a five minute stretch in the last part of the 3rd where Kelly didn’t get a shift. How does this happen when he is a guy that skates hard and makes plays. I will never understand where The Chiefs head is sometimes.

  6. Ross Says:

    If you’re going to call a tight game, then you have to call it tight both ways. If you don’t , then you’re either biased or incompetent.

    Oh, and a couple of those dives were so obvious, even *I* could spot them. Come on, if that really was cross checking in the third, then Ed Campbell is Superman. The Icehog he *tapped* was launched like he was hit by a bus.

  7. Mark Says:

    i thought I would never say this, but im sick of watching the same mistakes over and over again…why doesn’t anyone help frenchy out..the 5th should of never happened…where the hell were all the freakin dmen…i’m ready for this season to end…I’m literally sick of it…please bring in some players who care about playing Fort Wayne Komet hockey..

  8. Jason Says:

    I just wrote a long post about this on ITB so I will give you the short of it.

    Check out this rule:

    The penalty shot call was correct. You dont have to have the puck or even have to have a breakaway. It is rarely called that way, but its a rule.

    All 3 calls leading to the 3 quick Hogs goals were correct. Campbell high sticked him in the face clearly and drew blood. I dont know how anyone can argue that call. Also the St. Pierre penalty and penalty shot calls were both correct. He also should have gave St. pierre a misconduct for shooting the puck at him.

    Christopher did miss some other calls in the game, both ways. But the ones leading to the Rockford goals in the 2nd period were correct calls.

    Sorry guys

  9. Heather Says:

    I was going to comment but I think everybody said what I was thinking. Well put though.

  10. David Says:

    I feel this was the worst playoff officiated game I have ever seen and there were some called on Rockford that you scratched your head. With that being said, Bottom line here is Rockford is too talented hockey club for the K’s top to bottom. The K’s played hard at times, but the end result was we do not match up with them. Last night we hung on to win tonight we dug ourselves a big hole. The first goal by Watson, IMO, is on Frenchy he should have stayed in the net. I am going to say this PC can pack his bags and go. He is not a all around hockey player and he has missed putting the puck in the net the last 2 nights and they were open net shots. I bet his plus/minus rating is near the worst on the team in this playoff. Say what you want about Big Snake, Johnson, Watson, etc…these guys have it all and put the puck in the net and set up goals. We do not have an answear for Tibbetts either. We should not be surprise at all. The K’s play with effort and at times grit, but talent wise we do not compare with or without Chaulk. The series is not over and we do have a slim, slim chance, but the chances of us winning 3 in a row is very unlikely.

  11. Tony E Says:

    Hit if you read between the lines, I wasn’t backing him. I will make the point again that there is a reason that a guy working the championship game in a low level league has not moved on/up. It says alot about the quality of the officials in the entire league that the “best” in the league aren’t moving anywhere.
    I turned on the NHL playoffs tonight and who was one of the refs? Remember Dean Warren from the IHL?

  12. blake Says:

    C’mon, Frenchy slashed Tibbetts directly in front of Christopher. The penalty shot is debatable, but at the very least it should have been an additional tripping call. Campbell took a baseball swing at Notermann. Any time you swing around like that, contact or not, it should be a call. You can’t dispute that there should have been three calls right there and that was the three Rockford goals that made it 4-0.

    End of story. The Komets themselves were even talking about how they keep doing this. They disputed the penalty shot, but not that it shouldn’t have been a tripping. That would have left the Komets facing a 5-on-3 for about four minutes and it’s likely the same thing would have happened.

    Rockford was the highest penalty minute average in the league during the regular season, yet the IceHogs have four more power play chances in this series? Who’s fault is that? The Komets AVERAGED one fewer pp chance than their opponents per game in the regular season. That is totally their fault.

    As the coach said, “You can take good aggressive penalties but we’re not doing that, we’re either overzealous or we’re carrying our sticks carelessly and not playing with smarts. We just have to have better energy combined with brains, and we’re not getting that right now.’’

    If this was a one or a two-game thing, I could totally buy all of your arguments, but it’s been going on all year. It’s nothing new and they still can’t fix it.

  13. Mark Says:

    and speaking of PC…has anyone seen him…I haven’t…

  14. Tony E Says:

    As far as the series goes, Rockford was the better team all season, had quite a few more points than the Komets. The Komets winning this series would have been an upset. I don’t count them out but it can’t be an honest shock to any of us if they don’t win this series.

  15. Heather Says:

    Hey David, are you secretly a Rockford fan? Sounds like it to me. P.C. will be back next year so I’d probably hold off on packing his bags. As for it being unlikely that we win can we all take a trip on memory lane to last season. That’s all I need to say.

  16. blake Says:

    The thing is, I still think the Komets have a chance because they have Frenchy, and he’s capable of winning three games almost by himself. Does anyone think this is a significantly better Rockford team than last year? How about the goaltending?

  17. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    One veteran player to keep next year: Kelly Miller

    One veteran player to boot: PC Drouin….

    I’d take a team full of Kelly Miller’s, he leaves it all on the ice and you never question his heart and grit out there. That is Komet hockey. That is what we want out there. Not guys that give BS interviews about how everyone fears him. That guy plays afraid out there. Big tall strong guy who turns to avoid making contact…that’s pitiful.

  18. Jason Says:

    I think Rockford is a better team than last year, all around, except goaltending. The problem is not so much that as it is, the Komets are not as good a team this year as they were last.

  19. Tony E Says:

    Big difference this year from last is the home/away situation is reversed.

  20. Heather Says:

    So a guy has an off night……..wait the whole team has an off night and all of a sudden its get rid of P.C. wow what a bunch of people we have supporting our team when everybody said it was the officials not the team who lost it. I hope P.C does go somewhere else maybe he won’t have fans that bag on him so much. I’d just be glad that we have a hockey team in Fort Wayne at all. For that matter I hope Guinn and Jorde go better places also they can’t seem to do anything right in the eyes of these so called fans of the komets.

  21. jim Says:

    So heather sounds like you are dateing all three of them guys. YOU GO GIRL!!!


  22. Heather Says:

    Did everybody else score this game?

  23. blake Says:

    Don’t forget the rule of the blog: If you are going to rip an official, then you have to name one who you think does a good job. It’s too easy just to rip all the time.

  24. Tony E Says:

    Heather I think folks are a little emotional right now. It is typical in sports that especially during the playoffs when a team is in danger of elimination to play the “what have you done for me lately” card. P.C., Jorde and Guinn have been 3 of the most dependable Komets all season. Everyone knows that. Right now there is alot of frustration because nobody wants the season to be over.

  25. Tony E Says:

    Ok Blake. Where is Adam Fish? A good young official who should move out of this league within the next couple of years…. UH-OH guys like him leave and you are left with….well… know…

  26. Heather Says:

    Well for these people to rip one guy when the whole team lost the game just goes to show people are sore losers. He may not have scored lately but there’s a lot of those guys right?

  27. blake Says:

    Anybody seen Luciuk? How about Goodwin? Rumble? The entire team isn’t playing up to par, not just a guy here or there. They win as a team and lose as a team, and that’s never been more true that this season.

  28. smitty Says:

    ALL the officials in the nextel cup.

  29. Heather Says:

    I agree with Blake on that one. Thanks for the reassurance that these people are in the wrong to blame just one guy.

  30. Tony E Says:

    Funny thing is, I think folks are getting what they wanted. Instead of doing what Domber did, turtle/back away and sucker the other team into taking penalties, the Komets are doing the exact opposite.
    Speaking of Domber, 2 more points tonight…

  31. smitty Says:

    OK i will take the blame on this one, I didn’t yell very loud or long.

  32. Tony E Says:

    Speaking of Nextel…after the season we need to fire up the debate on the question “are nascar drivers athletes?” I have always said that the most athletic folks in that sport are the pit crews…

  33. Mark Says:

    Tony E is right, I’m very fustrated..this Komets team makes the same mistakes night in and night out. All they talk about is not taking the stupid penalties, keeping the front of the net clear, yet, they take the penalties, and they don’t keep the front of the net clear..I blame the whole team for playing crappy in the playoffs. Where is PC Drouin, where is Goodwin, these are the Komets star players, and they are no where to be found. Where is Jorde, where is Dupuis, Domber has been our best defenseman. Kelly Miller has been our best forward. Where is thier help. Our defense has a whole has been poor. the Komets miss Colin Chaulk, and Troy Neumeier.

    When will the Komets get a playoff run with a healthy group of guys.

  34. Tony E Says:

    Heather that is really just sports.
    Normally one guy takes all the blame for the failure of an entire team. Just ask Bill Buckner.

  35. Mark Says:

    Tony E

    Domber had 3 assists tonight…

  36. smitty Says:

    Hey Tony you have to be in pretty shape to turn left.

  37. Tony E Says:

    Ooops lol! Well…..Michigan public school education and referee eyesight….2’s kinda look like` 3’s

  38. smitty Says:

    MY bad pretty good shape to turn left.

    Tony,this night as all ready bad, why did you have to say BILL F—– BUCKNER. THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!

  39. Shawkoo Says:

    nobody has mentioned that Domber is the Playoff scoring leader. Miller rocks, Goodie needs to step it up, Frenchy needs to rest and PC and Luciuck can Pack their bags. How the heck did luciuk get the C on his jersey anyway?

  40. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    the line combos are screwed up. PC cannot play center with Goodwin and Galbraith on the wings. Miller should be the center on that line. Put Luciuk with Drouin and Milam. And then I would have Carp with Hukalo and Tataryn. Where the heck was Josh tonight? The combonations are killing the talent of certain guys.

  41. Heather Says:

    I’ve got a question are any of these people on here fans of the Komets?

  42. smitty Says:


  43. Heather Says:


  44. Mark Says:

    As am I…just a very fustrated one.

  45. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Me too. Just sucks to sit in the crowd and watch bad officiating, over hyped coaching and players. The right line combos would make a difference though.

  46. Heather Says:

    well there’s being a fan and being frustrated and then there’s just being a moron.

  47. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Thanks Honey….

  48. smitty Says:

    Heather i am BOTH.

  49. Tony E Says:

    Heather I am as big a fan as there is but I am also a student of the game of hockey both the way it is played and its history which I think lets me look at things with a little less emotion. That coupled with the fact that as a Leafs fan (they have never even been to the finals in my lifetime) I am used to the high hopes and the lows of an early playoff exit. I try to learn from what I observe each season and spend my time looking at unsigned OHL prospects and try to figure out who might be a good fit. All of which means I have no life lol

  50. Tony E Says:

    Hit man, watch it. I told you, she is married lol. Her hubby might want to drop the gloves!!! 😉

  51. blake Says:

    Domber had three assists tonight and was also minus-1 and is minus 2 in the playoffs.

    Here’s another pet peeve of mine: I’ll bet a lot of people on this blog are smart enough and are regular enough fans to know how Neil Christopher calls a game. Or John Searle or Mike Mondalek or Jim Hawthorne. We know what to expect, so why don’t the players know? Shouldn’t they know? Shouldn’t that be part of any scouting report? That has bugged me for years. Everyone used to scream at Mark Wilkins, but he called the same game time after time.

  52. Tony E Says:

    Ooops Sorry Smitty!

  53. blake Says:

    Which kind of goes back to my question of the other day, why would anyone want to be an official?

  54. Tony E Says:

    Blake I have to say, there is a problem with your theory. One of the reasons these guys don’t move up is because they DON’T call a consistant game from one to the next. I have seen Searle call 20 penalties a game where maybe only half of them were needed and I have seen him call 10 penalties in a rough game and let it get out of hand. All of these guys know the rules or they wouldn’t have made it this far. It is the consistant application of these rules that has kept them in low level minor league hockey. All coaches will tell you that the number one problem they have with officials is lack of consistancy.

  55. Tony E Says:

    Edit above comment to say LACK OF consistant application of the rules….

  56. Tony E Says:

    Ok. I am not in Toronto right now consistant=consistent

  57. Idiot Says:


    Please get back in the kitchen. The guys will be back late Saturday morning and will need a snack from their favorite puck bunny.

    These are professional athlete’s not ballet dancers (although sometimes I wonder)

  58. Tony E Says:

    I see Keith Hernandez has arrived on the blog!

  59. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Or maybe Bruce “The wife beater and raper” Watson.

  60. Tony E Says:

    I am careful about saying anything about him on that subject. Is his trial over? If by some chance he walks on that thing, I am not sure he couldn’t sue for slander/libel for being called that on a public board.

  61. Heather Says:

    nice comment you made there why don’t you try to insult me later when you have something intelligent to actually say

  62. Tony E Says:

    Heather, many years ago when I was younger and dumber (ok maybe I haven’t gotten any smarter) I used to let cheap insults on message boards by anonymous people get to me to the point I did and said some things I am not proud of. Trust me when I tell you it is best to laugh and ignore. If you feed the cookie monster all you will get is crumbs burped back at you.

  63. blake Says:

    I agree Tony, to a point. Christopher was calling the same penalties in the second period as he called in the first. The reasoning side of the brain has to kick in with players sometimes, doesn’t it?

  64. Tony E Says:

    True Blake. The problem is, coach can’t remind the boys of how he called the previous game with any reasonable expectation that he will call the next game the same way.
    I haven’t called 3 seconds in basketball in eight years. Coaches know that and tell their kids accordingly. They don’t bother to scream at me about it anymore. If out of the blue I started calling 3 seconds, they would have every right to jump on me. Coaches understand not all officials call things the same but they have to count on the same guy calling the same things from one game to the next.

  65. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Blake, I dogged on Christopher, so by rule I have to give you a good ref.

    Tony E

    that last comment proves it.

  66. Tony E Says:

    Lol I am not good. I just try to be consistent. Some would say I am consistantly bad! I haven’t called holding in football in about 8 years either LOL.

  67. blake Says:

    I love it Hit!
    My point Tony is he called it the same way in the first period, too. They should have known better.

  68. Tony E Says:

    I know. In the heat of battle sometimes it is hard to be “logical”. Perhaps this is an example of the missing leadership with Chaulk and Newmie out.

  69. Iceboi Says:

    Some thoughts on the game tonight…..

    -While some could argue (and show the NHL rulebook) that a penatly shot was earned; I have never in my life seen one awarded to a player that did not have posession of the puck…. ever.

    -I do not think the officiating was that great. I am not going to blame the outcome of the game on it. I was actually bored for a lot of the first and part of the second periods.

    -The biggest thing that annoyed me was our coaches lack of any emotion. I know we have talked about it before, but seriously DO SOMETHING. TALK TO THE REF. DO SOMETHING. Do not sit there and just take it! I would almost rather have a jerk like Martinson that argues every call than a pansy that just stands there doing NOTHING.

    -Speaking of their coach, the most hilarious thing I have heard in a long time was the “Name these 3 famous pigs contest” HILARIOUS.

    -These are professional athletes, and this is a blog. It shouldn’t be warm cookies and milk when they suck it up like we did tonight. Just because someone is critical of a team doesn’t mean they are not fans. In point of fact, what it truly means in most cases is that the people that are critical are true die hards. They know the game, they know what to expect, and want people to deliver. Guys like PC, Goodwin and Guinn are NOT delivering.

    -St Pierre did shoot that puck directly at Christopher, and was very lucky that none of the officiating crew noticed it.

    -One final thought on why so many of the UHL refs don’t move up. Maybe they don’t want to? Perhaps many are fine working games parttime and have fulltime jobs they enjoy. It took me over a year to convince myself to take a promotion at work, because I loved the store I worked at and the people. Granted it was for more money; but I would give up other things I enjoy.

  70. Tony E Says:

    Iceboi I of course can’t say this with 100% certainty but I have never met an official who would turn down the opportunity to work at the highest level they had a chance to work. Short of the NHL all minor league officials for the most part have second jobs, especially if they have a family. Even in the AHL unless you are single living in an apartment, you are going to have to get a second job.

  71. sparky Says:

    Interesting comments–I usually don’t get involved because I have tremendous respect for both players AND officials, but as a 25 year fan of the Komets I have to say this was the most ONE-SIDED officiating I have ever seen. Sure, there are bad calls but by the end of the game they usually even out to some extent. Hard to fault the Komets for playing sloppy when they were 4 on 5 all night. Frenchy came out fired up and played great, it’s too bad that 6 goals against doesn’t really reflect that. This team does seem to come out of the gate slow doesn’t it? We are having barbeque ribs for dinner and keeping our fingers crossed.


  72. sparky Says:

    I’m curious–Tony, or anyone, do you think that when the crowd starts taunting the officials that it does more harm than good? I wonder if the players appreciate it or if it’s just makes it more frustrating? I thought a riot was going to break out there for a while last night.

  73. ilovehockey Says:

    Yeah, I’m definately screaming. That game was a total joke. Neil Christopher was the worst of this series. Everyone around us agrees. This series is fixed. I left halway thru the 2nd period, we were down 4-0. Not because of the K’s, but because of the ref. I’ve never left a game early for that. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t take it anymore. What a freakin joke!!! Pelletier shoves a linesman not once but 3 times and still stays in the game???? Tell me that’sot fixed. He kicks and beats on the glass in the penalty box yelling and cussing at Christopher. Does he get anything extra??? NO!!!! Let Lance do that and he’d be thrown out. I’m sorry, but this official garbage has got to stop. Games should not be decided by refs. It’s happened all year. Lots of season ticket holders are thinking twice about next year because of the refs. We’re just sick of it!!! I don’t think the K’s could have done anything to win in the first 40 minutes. Everything was against them.

  74. Greg Says:

    I don’t have a problem with how Christopher called the game because the Komets played the most undisciplined game I’ve seen in 30 yrs. (since some of us are putting down how long we’ve been watching hockey). Campbell flat out smacked Notermann in the face and I know this because it happened right in front of me. As far as the penalty shot I didn’t see the foul so I can’t comment. Frenchy is lucky he didn’t get a penalty or tossed for chucking the puck at Christopher. And what was Campbell thinking last night, put us twice 2 man down and we scored on once. Glad to see Milam playing better, Koning played with some fire. And Miller beat the Hell out of Pelltier.
    While I’m a Komets fan and do wish them well in tonights game, I do not honestly think they will win. Frenchy has not played well this series and he’s not getting any help from the defense. This so called veteran leadership is spending all thier time in the box because of stupid penalties.
    And my fianl comment, Many JEERS to all the idiots, yes I said Idiots, who threw the garbage on the ice after the game. IT was a disgrace.

  75. ilovehockey Says:

    People. please don’t go after any one player. There are only about 3 or 4 that are playing well in this series. It’s a team effort, and right now there’s not much there. P C has some big shoes to fill trying to pick up for Colin. We all know that we need Colin and Neumie, but that’s not gonna happen in this series. Answer to are Nascar drivers athletes?? Absolutely. We have a very good friend that’s a Nascar driver and the things that they have to go thru in that car are unvelievable.

  76. ilovehockey Says:

    Sorry, having a typing issue today. LOL Heather, I too am a huge Komet fan. Have been for over 25 years. I truly believe we can’t blame everything on one guy. Too many guys have let us down this season. I guess we have to look at it this way, once again we made it to the playoffs. After the start that we had, who would have thunk it. I’ll always be a huge K’s backer no matter what happens. We still have tonight. A win tonight would bolster confidence again. Is there truly a good ref in the UHL this year??? Would somebody please tell me his name?? Fish was half way decent. Think we could get him back full time??

  77. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Thanks once again for being the morality police, Greg.

  78. Greg Says:

    Hey no problem. Anytime I can comment on Idoits who think throwing objects at people trying to do a job is okay, I’ll do it. I pressume you were one of them by making that morality police comment.

  79. ilovehockey Says:

    No matter how bad a game is, there is never a time for throwing things on the ice. That’s not true Komet fans. I was so mad too, but I would never consider doing that.

  80. Tony E Says:

    Good morning all.
    Sparky, while everyone is different most good officials are not affected by crowds.
    ilovehockey, Adam Fish is a close neighbor of the Komets (Elkhart) I do not know why he doesn’t do more Komets games. To say the series is fixed is kind of pushing it. Think about it from a distance. Why would the officials care who wins this series? Does anyone believe that Rockford has “paid off” someone? Are their players so nice to the officials that the referee is going to go out of his way to see that they win? From what you described, the Icehogs players were just as angry at the officials as the Komets but they found a way to overcome and win.
    In closing, if some Komets fans were throwing things on the ice, THOSE INDIVIDUALS lowered themselves to a class far below the intelligent and passionate reputation that Fort Wayne Komets fans have. Sadly, those individuals make everyone look bad because most folks do not seperate those individuals from the rest and judge the entire fan base by their actions.
    Lastly I do believe Nascar drivers are atheletes but I really believe that the pit guys are exceptional atheletes. To have to move that heavy equipment around so quickly and with the coordination they have takes alot of atheletic ability.
    There, my thoughts for the day. Back to bed for me. I hope this was a coherent post.

  81. chuckitt Says:

    im a hockey fan first then a komet fan. just because a guy puts on the orange and black, doesnt make him the next best thing since sliced bread. these are professional athletes who are used to being under a microscope ever since they were young. and this is the playoffs and is the time to ask, what have you done for me lately. it doesnt matter that you scored 40 goals during the season, it only matters what you contributed the last game. so dont get upset heather, this is pro sports, not youth baseball. i demand perfection from all who are paid to do a job, just like i expect it from my employees. dont do your job then you can be replayced. so if we get on a few players that you love, its just too bad. i get on anybody who dogs it or doesnt perform to capabilities. thats life. and as a coach, if i screw up then i expect to hear about it. i dont like it but i deserve it! as far as the ks i wouldnt pick on one or two guys for the playoff letdown cause the whole team seems to be off. so blame naturally should go to management and coach but htat again is beating a dead horse. so relax and look forward to next year. one kinda bad year in the last ten isnt really too bad. i can think of a lot worse situations to be in!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. ilovehockey Says:

    Good deal Tone. We know some of the pit crew guys too and yes they do have to be in terrific shape also. I guess the frustration just gets so bad when you see calls being made that are so questionable, that you wonder how in the world these guys can’t have favorites. It’s been like they haven’t seen 90 % of the penalties that should have been called on Rockford, but see everything big or small, or retaliation on the K’s part. That’s probably why the players get frustrated and get the stupid penalties. A woman said something to Lance outside the locker room last night and he just looked at her and said, ” We’re not done” and walked away. Hopefully, he’s not the only one with that attitude and the penalties will be at a minimum tonight. It’s not over yet. Never count them out. Maybe that team that played K-Zoo and Muskegan last weekend will show up again tonight.

  83. JCV Says:

    Here’s my take on last nights game

    1.Christopher was horrible! However, the K’s did get what they asked for. He may have called every stupid little penalty on us and none on the Hogs, but if we hadn’t commited the crime, we wouldn’t have to do the time (so to speak)

    2.St Pierre played an awesome game, he did give up that first goal, but after that he played great. He had no help from the defense at all. That 5th goal was a joke. The hog player stood in front of Frenchy for what seemed like forever, took 4 or 5 swings at the puck and no one ever came over to help.

    3.We played great in the 3rd, but it was too little to late, just like our season has been. PC is having trouble, he hasn’t been the same since his injury. I will assure you this, he will be back to normal, scoring goals before too long. He’s a pro, and thats just what pros do!

    4.Lance and Miller played with more heart than anybody. I love to watch those guys!

    5.Coach never moved last night. How can he stand there and never make a move or even a gesture? I was up and down screaming all night, how he does it is beyond me. Those are his boys out there getting creamed, STAND UP FOR YOUR BOYS COACH!!

  84. ilovehockey Says:

    I said the same thing last night. I screamed at Puhalski to get mad and not take everything. He just stands there and doesn’t budge or open his mouth. I don’t want him to be a total jerk wad coach, like Martinson, but to get mad every once in a while. He needs to stand behind his team. Not arguing anything and always berating your team isn’t so good on self esteem. Why play good hockey? Coach isn’t gonna give you any kudos or fight for you.

  85. scoops Says:

    Bottom line is the Komets, aside from some spurts, have not played well enough or smart enough to deserve to win this series given what they have. I’ll argue that if it was not for Dickie being such a siv…this would of been over and done with already. If the K’s can play disaplined, play defense, and fire away with help out front….we should roll on these guys. One more game to learn something from the previous 86 tries.
    With that being said, with Dickie in goal for the Hogs, it ain’t over till the final buzzer sounds.
    I’d love to chime in on rediculous comments but there is really no point anymore. Things are either hot or cold with you and the hardline stances against most of the players we have makes it so they can do nothing to please everyone.

    The people tossing things on the ice made me sick. Classless trash.

  86. Greg Says:

    Amen, Scoops

  87. scoops Says:

    Demanding perfection? You may as well wish in one hand and #@%$ in the other. This is minor league hockey and for a reason. Things are not going to be perfect even at the highest level of competition. Why do we not see more no hitters in baseball? Or basketball games without any turnovers? Football games without any penalties or incompletions? Perfection is attainable sometimes, but not something you can maintain over a prolonged period of time.
    The best you can ask for or “demand” is that the team plays up the best of their abilities. They have not done it yet so you/we have something to gripe about.

  88. Laurie Says:

    I’m not even going to bother commenting on the game. Too much to say and not enough energy to really put my thoughts into coherent words.

    Anyway, I will say this: I was EXTREMELY disappointed with the so-called Komets fans that were sitting in the section next to me. We had the Rockford Booster Club in that section, and they were cheering something fierce for the IceHogs (good for them! At least their team can play consistantly!). Anyway, after the game, at least 10 Komets fans that had been sitting in front of the RBC started screaming in their face, “ROCKFORD SUCKS! YOU GUYS ARE CHEATERS!” and a few other comments that are NOT family-friendly.

    Very nice. Really makes the Komets fans look good. I can see why people hate coming to the Coliseum now– because we’re sore losers. To all the fans that were jeering the RBC: go join the beer-throwing clowns in 202.

    Thanks to the Rockford Booster Club for visiting! Congrats on your team winning!

  89. ilovehockey Says:

    Hey, I agree. We had the booster club at our tailgate party. They were nice ladies. There is no need to jeer at them. They aren’t their players. Their team won. If it would have been us there, it would have been the same thing. I’ve been tole that the Rockford fans are really nice. We had no probs with them. We had Muskegan fans at our tail gate last year. Actually, had a few nice fans.

  90. sparky Says:

    You said it Laurie, I agree–years ago when in high school I went to an Indy Ice game with two friends and the fans their were so rude and frightening that I’ve never been to a road game since. We need to treat visitors with respect, no matter how good or bad the game is. That display by Komet fans last night was embarassing.

  91. Burgee Says:

    AFter the first fluke goal i said “oh Profanity that starts with S thats going to come back and haunt us”.

    OK let me get this out of the way, i can’t stand Searle but i’ll take him in the playoffs (there’s my good ref plug). Christopher was horrid last night and the one thing that really bugs me is when he blew the puck dead and it was still in play, he did throw his arms up and said he didn’t see it, but


    He could have very easily moved his lazy butt around the net to see the puck was still active. That really gets my goat. On some of the other penalties, if you can’t see it, don’t call it. If you’re not in position don’t presume. Call it like an allstar game, if it isn’t blatent don’t call it.

    The boys can curl up and die tonight or play with some pride and heart and give us another night of komet hockey in the fort. Here’s hoping that i’ll be sitting in my seat saturday.

    Its about time we start playing good hockey, 4 IMO bad games in a row, we can still pull it out if we get this monkey off our back.

    I love playoff hockey though, my throat is so sore from yelling. Go K’s roast hog and that whiny baby Martinson tonight.

  92. Burgee Says:

    i also agree on the beer throwing, on its way to plug the other team your going to nail some of the locals, so please don’t do it. i did see a pretty full beer land in the handicap section.

    We also need to treat the opposing fans with respect. If there is one place in the league that people should feel comfortable(safe) in attending it should be the fort. My kids would really like to go to an away game but i won’t take them, too many drunk stupid people to worry about and i wouldn’t want my kids seeing me clock a drunk.

  93. Carl Says:

    Gotta love all of the hate on this blog!

  94. Greg Says:

    What hate ae you fefering to Carl?

  95. JCV Says:

    The one thing that got to me last night was Mizzi. He would whine after every call even if the call was in his favor?????What a cry baby!!

  96. komets23fan Says:

    I agree; Mizzi is a big cry baby; If Lance would have acted the way that Mizzi did they would have given him at least a 10 minute misonduct; Christopher let Rockford get away with too much last night. That is one of the main reasons that we didn’t win is because of his bogus calls against us; He only watch us retaliate; he never saw Rockford start the whole thing; he only caught the end of the situations which only hurt us b/c everything was pretty much one sided. Some of those penalties against us were rediculious. We had a few key players last night that were really on their game and they were Miller, Milam, and Carpentier. The defense did slack a little, but the blame for last nights game goes to the ref 100 percent.

  97. Tony E Says:

    Burgee I agree it is frustrating to have the whistle blow in that situation, referees are taught, the SECOND you lose sight of the puck, blow the whistle.
    The abuse of visiting fans is something I would expect in Flint, not in Fort Wayne.
    Come on folks, win with class, lose with class.

  98. Laurie Says:

    That’s exactly what I think, Tony: “win with class, lose with class.” I sent an apology to the Rockford Booster Club for the unnecessary display by some of our fans. It’s not like I could’ve done anything of real significance about it at the time, but the remarks by those fans were downright embarrassing and I felt the need to say something to the RIBC about it. Visiting fans are ALWAYS welcome in the Fort.

  99. Greg Says:

    Jungle Monkey-your now very quite on the trash throwing. Have you decided that the moral police has a point on this one?

  100. Nanci Says:

    WOW, this one’s in full force.. a bit of advice to Heather..don’t argue on this blog..just state your opinion and be done with it..and don’t call people on this blog ..MORONS..I learned my lesson on that one!

    As for “Idiot” who said this: “Heather,

    Please get back in the kitchen. The guys will be back late Saturday morning and will need a snack from their favorite puck bunny.”

  101. Tony E Says:

    I am glad Laurie. My Fiancee and I went there for the playoffs last year and were treated very well by everyone. Even after the Komets won game six the folks around us wished us a safe drive and good luck in game seven. Total class treatment. I am not a fan of the team but I quickly became a fan of the city and the fans.
    I wasn’t there last night but if everything said here is true, the minority that did these things has left a black eye on the good reputation of Komets fans.

  102. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Sorry Greg, I have a job.. I was a little busy. No I wasn’t throwing trash. Nor do I condone it. But I don’t need to tell other people how to conduct themselves.

  103. Tony E Says:

    I posted this on the Rockford Booster Club board. It might have more of an impact if someone who was at the game and saw what happened follows up?

  104. Bob Says:

    I don’t really know where to begin….yeah, I was very disappointed with the way the team played….however; Rockford didn’t look that impressive for most of the 1st period (neither team looked good then!) While I will not blame the officiating…I did see several times where I was dumbfounded by some of the penalties that he called (or didn’t call!) I have to agree with Tony E….if you are going to officate a hockey game…being consistent is crucial! But then the players need to learn the “style” that each offical uses. My biggest disappointment is the people who come to a game and decide to make a fool of themselves by throwing beer, soda, etc. on to the ice during the game. I have noticed that the majority of these spectators only attend 1 or 2 games a year on average and they usually spend more time in the lounge then they do actually watching the game! I do not refer to these people as “fans” because a true fan would never act like that.

  105. Greg Says:

    Jungle Monkey-from our last conversation concerning the Twister and the you suck song your piont is a good one and vaild. If people want to say you suck and think it’s fun to do so who am i to say other wise. But I strongly disagree with you on throwing objects. Throwing objects can hurt someone else other than the intended target and if your not willing to come out and state that those poeple are idiots, which you have not done yet, then I can only deduce that word comment about not condonning is nothing more than lip service. One of those objects might hit you in the future. I would believe you would have a lot to say on the subject then wouldn’t you?

  106. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Greg, everyone here agrees with you, take it easy. It is pretty much a given that the people doing the throwing of objects on the ice are a-hole drunks that come to the games only to drink, maybe one or two times a year. You want to fix the problem, stop serving beer at the games, but that ain’t going to happen either. So relax, and hope for the best tonight. Be glad they didn’t hand out pucks before the game. I bet Mr. Stuckey still has nightmares about that game. Go Komets!!!

  107. Tony E Says:

    It could be worse! It could have been disco demolition night.

  108. Greg Says:

    Gotcha on that one HS. Or ice scrappers for that matter.
    It’s just that Nazi thing JM threw me with a while back and everyone was on JM’s. It’s just nice to be right once in a while. Ya know.

  109. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    You can’t ever be right when your name is “Hit Somebody!!!” Just ask Scoops! LOL

  110. Tony E Says:

    I think everyone here agrees throwing things on the ice or insulting fans/guests from other cities does nothing but make the Komets fan base look bad. I also don’t think there is anything wrong with what you said Greg. You are entitled to tell people your opinion of proper behaviour just as if someone could come up with justification for throwing things, they would be welcome to offer that opinion here.

  111. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Now, if the crowd would have been issued pacifiers before the game to throw out on the ice, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Rockford players have to be the biggest cry babys I have ever seen. Mizzi cries even when they get a call. He should have gotten a delay of game penalty at least a dozen times last night, and the game before, too. He would skate out of the faceoff circle to argue with linesmen and the ref and I am not talking 20 seconds, this would go on for minutes. Call the delay of game penalty one time and that crap would stop. You agree Tony?

  112. Greg Says:

    Thanks Tony E. Appreciate it.

  113. Tony E Says:

    Hit I believe you would call unsportsmanlike in that situation. The official in that case can call a 2 minute minor or a 10 minute misconduct depending on the type of infraction.
    Normally rather than penalize the entire team they will send him for 10 minutes with the idea that there will be 10 minutes of not having to deal with him.

  114. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    It should have happened then…no one on here would’ve disagreed with that.

  115. Tony E Says:

    I agree. The important thing about that is, if you are going to call it, call it early. In basketball for example if a coach is all over you, a good official will give out the technical early both to set the tone and also so as to not penalize the team late. Call it early and that lets everyone know you will not tolerate abuse. Wait until later in the game and it looks like you are calling it out of desperation because you have lost control of the game.

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