Frenchy is still playing

April 30, 2006

He’s dressing for Milwaukee tonight in Game 7 against Iowa and former Komets coach Dave Allison. I don’t know the details on whether he’s an emergency goaltender or what. Milwaukee is coached by former Komets assistant Claude Noel.

I’ll bet this has been an amazing series. Allison felt that Noel stabbed him in the back when he was coaching Milwaukee and Noel was his assistant.


47 Responses to “Frenchy is still playing”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Congrats to Frenchy, he deserves it!

  2. Blake Says:

    He’s backing up tonight. Milwaukee is winning 4-0.

  3. Bob Says:

    Admirals win 4-1….win series 4-3

  4. Bob Says:

    Will Kevin be at the party on Tuesday?

  5. Mark Says:

    Cool, wonder if Frenchy is gonna stick around up in the AHL for the rest of the playoffs…

  6. Tony E Says:

    Curious since he is still under contract with the Komets and with St Pierre having a history of injury if he needed to get permission to play?

  7. Mark Says:

    Probably not..besides, why would the Komets stop him from going up…

  8. Tony E Says:

    Well, I might be concerned about my #1 goalie getting hurt playing for someone else while I am planning on having him back next season. It isn’t like the Komets and
    Admirals are affiliated. This is all of course on the presumption that they want him back. I would not be opposed to seeing him traded for a younger, less injury prone goalie. Don’t get me wrong he is a heck of a player and a heck of a human being but he is not getting any younger and has been hurt each season. I want to see the Komets get younger. Lets get some hungry 22-25 year olds in here that will skate every shift like they are playing for a job. Guys that age still have dreams of moving up and play hungry.

  9. shawkoo Says:

    Dallessandro From the recently disbanded Richmond Rivverdogs. All I have to say

  10. Tony E Says:

    There is a name I haven’t thought of in awhile. He used to play for Owen Sound or maybe Barrie in the OHL. I know he went on to college but he is probably still only in his mid 20’s.
    (gheesh I used to keep my own OHL scouting notebook to see if I could predict how guys careers would progress) I really had no life!

  11. Blake Says:

    Technically, his contract with the Komets is done. He has a player-option on next year. I’d imagine he’ll stay with Milwaukee for the next round and won’t be back in FW for a while. Good for him.

  12. Skate Says:

    Preventing guys from playing at the next level (for whatever reason) would likely end any quality player from coming here.

    Once word got out that the club stood in a players way to progress, that would be the absolute kiss of death.

  13. Skate Says:

    Comment by D. Franke on Rockford:

    “They do things their way, and we do things our way.”

    How much confidence does that give you that next year will be any different than this year?

  14. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    What exactly is “Our Way?”
    5 foot 10 inch 180 pound forwards and a group of defensemen for the most part that refuse to use their bodies. Is “Our Way” bringing in players all season that can not fit into the lower tier teams in this league’s 3rd lines? Is “Our Way” taking stupid penalty after stupid penalty night after night? Is “Our Way” turning the entertainment value of the jungle into the “petting zoo?” Is “Our Way” having a coach that looks to be asleep behind the bench when every other coach in the league is both physically and mentally in the game? Is “Our Way” forbidding your True Captain from being involved with his team during the playoffs? Is “Our Way” holding training camp until the first of the year before we decide on a roster to go with?

    What is “Our Way?” Just wondered…

  15. Tony E Says:

    I just think he means that the Komets will not have a bunch of cheap shot crybabies and will not bring in people of questionable character that will split the fan base. You can win with quality players and quality people. Look at Kalamazoo. They play hard and rough but not dirty and they don’t whine everytime the whistle blows.
    I want to see a more productive team but not one that will be a disgrace to the jersey.

  16. Tony E Says:

    Last post for tonight…
    On the coach… I know everyone wants him to yell and scream. But honestly, besides being entertaining for the fans, what good will it do? The refs are not going to change the way they call the game because he yells except if you get a jerk, he will take it out on the Komets or give Chief a bench minor and put the team shorthanded. I played for coaches like him. They didn’t say much behind the bench because everything that needed to be said was done at practice and in the lockeroom. If someone needed to be torn into it was done behind closed doors.
    I know it is frustrating but screaming at the officials will not help the team.

  17. blake Says:

    Besides, then the refs wouldn’t be able to hear what Hit and Skate and Jungle Monkey are yelling. LOL.

  18. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    He wants the blame, at least he said, for this teams poor play. Let’s give him some. You can’t dish out the blame only to the players and the Frankes. Coach needs to improve too. His style and systems were not successful this year. We went through how many players to find players that could fit his system? Maybe it is time for a change. He has been a good coach, but maybe it is time for a fresh look at things. Just a thought.

  19. Amelia Says:

    Our way may not have worked out this year, but it has in past years. I don’t think that the Frankes sit around trying to figure out ways to screw the team. They do what they feel is right for the team. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, sometimes it does. The Frankes are some of the nicest and most caring people I have ever met (which might be why I am so defensive). :)I’m glad that they own the team. They are the reason we have Komet hockey in Fort Wayne. At least we are not like Richmond and Missouri. Don’t get me wrong, some of the blame of the not-so-good season is placed on them, but not all of it. I believe that this year has taught them a few lessons that they won’t repeat. Things will change next year, and it will be for the better. I have faith. But I’m also a Colts fan, so what does that tell you? haha

  20. David Says:

    We does everyone think that the K’s are “the” organization in the UHL? Really if you look at it the past 2 years and perhaps this year Muskegon has been the top dog and Rockford and Kalamzoo have step up to the plate. One could say that the K’s claim as the top organization in the UHL is all talk. The bottom line is we are not the feared team in the UHL Muskegon has that claim with Rockford and Kalamzoo close behind.

  21. Greg Says:

    As for Frenchy staying up with Milwaukee. He could but Nashville got knocked out of the Stanley Cup playoffs last night and I would be surprised if their back up was sent back down. St. Pierre could end up being the third goalie though.

  22. scoops Says:

    Why does anyone think we are the best in the league?

    The Komets have more wins in the last 4 years than anyone in the league. They have 5 more than the Fury, 16 more than the Wings, and 35 more than the Hogs. (Danbury has only been here 2 years but is short of the pace the Komets have set).

    FW – 192-88-28
    MUS – 187-87-34
    KZ – 176-102-30
    RFD – 157-121-30

    Two of the last 4 years the Komets played for the championship and one semi-finals loss.

    The tradition that is Komet hockey. The fan base, the owners, the crowds in which the players play in front of each home game, and the facilities of which we call home make it more appealing. Yes, the Fury may have won the last 2 cups but outside of this season…..we have been right there every step of the way.

    We had a bad season and it was THIS year. But look over the last 4 years at Rockford, Muskegon, and Kalamazoo and you will see they too have had their bad seasons as well. Even the dreaded Yankees don’t win every single year. We took our beatings this year and its time to re-tool.

  23. David Says:

    Scoops while I agree with you when you look at the overall wins and losses, but you hit it on the head we have not won the championships in 2 years and Muskegon has. That is why I would classify them as the top organization. They sweep us last year….

  24. scoops Says:

    Wouldn’t argue against what you are saying. They are good.

  25. Tony E Says:

    I just hope the Komets don’t become the Colts of football. Great regular season then nothing in the playoffs. Of course, the Komets don’t have a “duh ummm” leader quarterbacking the team. I don’t believe the Komets organization will settle for that level of mediocrity. From a business standpoint, losing in the first round probably kills their end of season bottom line.
    Quick story. In 1999 I bet my best friend $500 that the Colts would never win a Superbowl with Huckleberry ERRRRR Peyton Manning. It was painful because I became a Colts fan while I was living there and Jim Harbaugh was running things.
    But there is a reason this guy can’t get it done and I think it comes out in his interviews. Anytime he gets asked a question, every other word out of his mouth is UHHH. No wonder he can’t read blitzes! He looks left… UHHHHH he looks right….UHHHH here comes Derrick Brooks right at me…..UHHHH
    You put the ball in his hands in a key situation at the end of a game that means something and he will lose it every time.
    Off to Windsor for the day….have a good one all.

  26. David Says:

    My feeling on this is that the organization does need to retool from top to bottom. I like fan favorties, but we need a fresh look a different approach.

  27. scoops Says:

    A village lost their idiot. Someone direct them to Windsor.

  28. Tony E Says:

    Watch it Scoops my better half is here and is scowling at you lol.
    You are a fan of Manning? Great regular season QB, great human being (more than I can say for Eli) but chokes under pressure. I wish I would have to pay off that bet! I would gladly pay $500 for a Colts championship. I had $2500 saved up to buy a Superbowl ticket in case they made it here this year. Now Ashley and I get a longer honeymoon next year lol.

  29. blake Says:

    are you complaining Tony? LOL

  30. scoops Says:


    Out of all the sports…Colts football is my thing. Each and every game is an event for me and real life is planned around the games. Wife and kids KNOW not to come downstairs during the game if they are losing. Nobody agonizes over a loss or their playoff shortcomings more than I do.

    All I am saying is you can hardly blame some of the losses they have had in big games squarely on his shoulders. In their latest debacle, I was 110% against resting players. I knew the result would be FLAT, CRAPPY play. Name anyone that could of pulled out a victory in that game with the blocking or lack thereof he had against Pittsburgh? He was running for his life at almost every snap. That was a team letdown, not a Manning letdown. In the end…the Palamalu intercpetion that was overuled was brutal so I am glad they lost because it would then be something they didn’t earn.
    I got from your post he is slow or stupid. Please. He is not paid to be a spokesman. He is paid to win football games and ultimately win a championship. He may never win a Superbowl in his playing days but he can quarterback my team anytime.

  31. scoops Says:

    Quick story…. We had a Komet game the day they lost to Pittsburgh. When the Colts didn’t get the 4th down converted I was hot…and shut off the TV and went upstairs to get ready thinking Pittsburgh was going to run the clock out. As I got up to our bedroom I turned on the TV to see the end of my season, the volume was cranked and I could hear the crowd going crazy as the picture came up. All I could see was the replay of Harper running with the ball. I thought they somehow won the game!!! I was screaming a the top of my lungs for the next series of plays until Vander-muff missed his kick. Sometimes life is so cruel. Never have I went from the lowest of lows, the the highest of highs, then right back down into the gutter so quick.

  32. Mark Says:


    I may have you beat, I’m am hot when my team loses at all. I hate to lose. My girlfriend oftens leaves when my team isn’t winning. That Colts game you speak of, yeah I was NOT happy at all. She left because I got really ticked off.

  33. Blake Says:

    All this d— talk about the carpetbagging Colts. Aren’t there any real football fans here, and by that I mean Bears fans?

    Frenchy is still in Milwaukee. Nashville is out, but they have some injuries to their goaltenders.

  34. Mark Says:

    You mean they play football in Chicago…so thats that crap I see on Fox on Sundays..

    (sarcasm people)

  35. Skate Says:

    1) When you guys sign on to COLTS blogs do you talk about the KOMETS?

    2) If going out in the first round “kills their end of season bottom line” then this entire league is in deep trouble. Take out the Komets numbers and the league averages about 2,750 fans a game. With an average of 7,500 if the Komets aren;t making money, who is?

    3) No one is advocating having Puhalski crying over every call. A ref isn’t going to change the call he just made, but you might get consideration on the NEXT ONE.

    You’re a ref, Tony E, if you tell me this doesn’t enter your mind the next time a close call comes up, I won’t believe you.

    In Game 4, two calls went against Rockford in a row and linesman wearing #23 ignored a BLATANT too many men call against Rockford.

    I remember an episode in Flint during the 72-73 finals when MARC BOILEAU kept sending captain Bob Fitchner back and forth and back and forth to the ref to make a point and question a call.

    Fitchner skated to the bench and said, “He said ….” That’s as far as he got. Boileau pointed toward the ref and told Fitchner, “I don’t care what he said. Go and find out what he said!”

  36. Blake Says:

    Pilling was famous for that, too.
    I’d much rather talk about the Bears than the wimpy Colts whose greatest threat for an injury is rug burn. The greatest joy for the Bears’ Fort Wayne fans was when Chicago thumped Indianapolis in 1985, 1988, 1991 and 2000 (see the Colts finally got smart and avoided us from 1991 to 2000). For some reason, my memory is very hazy on what happened two years ago.

  37. Tony E Says:

    I don’t believe he is slow or stupid when it comes to intellectual aspects of life. I think he is a smart and genuine good guy. I just think he folds under pressure. He really has never won a big game. Not all his fault but gheesh Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have won Superbowls!
    Skate, I can only speak for me. I call what I see. If I call 4 fouls against a team in a row, it is because that is what I see. Yes I know guys who try to “even up” calls. I might even be guilty of calling a “soft foul” in the above situation just to break up the string. I would NOT call a foul that isn’t there or disregard a foul by the team I called 4 in a row against. With the speed of a game like hockey, if you start worrying about trying to look for even up calls, you really screw yourself up. As for the linesman missing the call, maybe he just missed it. I am conviced linesman at this level are afraid to call anything. In the 15 or so games I went to this year in Fort Wayne and other places I saw plenty of missed offsides calls, icing not called when it should have been etc. Look at it this way, the refs miss alot in this league, why should the linesman be any different?

  38. Amelia Says:

    Sorry, I guess it’s kind of my fault we all got on the Colts thing. I just meant to say that no matter how bad one season is, I’m going to be there the next season to cheer them on. I haven’t lost my faith for either team even though they sometimes give me good reason to do so. My heart is with the Colts, but the Komets have a special place there too. And Blake, I believe the score was Colts 41, Bears 10. Just to jog your memory:)

  39. Sniper Says:

    I find it amazing how everyone wants the Franke’s heads and what a terrible job they have done. When if you go from the start we had to where we finished I think they did a good job rebuilding during the year. Granted you shouldn’t rebuild during the season, but they made the best of it and the team played well. The K’s only finished four loses behind Rockford for the regular saeson. This town is so spoiled that if we aren’t in the finals or winning the finals everyone must go. I to was disappointed at times with the play, but as I look back on things the guys played their butts off and made a push, just came up short. My hats off to the Frankes and the Komets.

  40. scoops Says:

    Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson? You have to come up with 2 better examples than that. I think I could of done enough to win a Superbowl with the defenses those guys had on their side.

  41. Komets PA Says:

    The Red Wings just lost the series in the 3rd period. Think the K’s had a disappointing season now? BTW, hope to see lots of you tomorrow night. Come up and introduce yourselves. I never get to meet anyone being at the top of the rink. Have a good night we’ll see ya tomorrow.

  42. Skate Says:

    My major complaint this year (and with Puhalski-coached teams in general) is that I go to the games to be ENTERTAINED. Sure, I would prefer they win, but I want to see physical, checking, scoring (yes, fighting) hockey.

    You don’t see that with Puhalski’s teams. As I said before, I’d rather see a 7-6 loss with 3 fights and up and down play than the 2-1 snoozer wins Puhalski puts out there with 5 hits per team.

    Does anyone remember the ICE PATROL? The Komets may have lost the game but, by God, the opponent KNEW they had been in a hockey game when it was over.

    Now, really, I’m not saying they don’t have value as players but does anyone really get excited about watching David Hukalo play? Or Rumble? Or Lindsay? Or Hunter?

    I have never questioned the Franke’s dedication to FW or the Komets. And I sure don’t begrudge them the opportunity to make money in their business. Lord knows they paid the price the last years in the IHL.

    But I can’t imagine them making any sustantive changes in anything as long as the are drawing 7,500 a game. And Puhalski and D. Franke are so convinced that their way is the only way I don’t see anything different for next year, either.

    Maybe they’ll surprise me.

  43. Tony E Says:

    Larry sitting up here in “hockeytown” I am laughing my tail off now. Wings fans drive me nuts. When I was a kid there were less people in Joe Louis than there were at Komets games in 1996. During that same time my Leafs were equally as bad and still sold out every game. Manny Legace has brought back the ghosts of Greg Stefan and I love it!!! Even better for me it was a Canadian team that did it 🙂
    Scoops I hear you and I know that argument. All I can tell you is I WANT to be wrong. How many good years though does he have left? Maybe 4-5? I don’t think they are any closer now and without Edge maybe have taken a step back. I have another prediction, I think Jim Sorgi will be starting and playing well for someone in the next few years.

  44. Tony E Says:

    Skate I hope they check out who is coming out of the OHL and get some of the hungry 22 year old 6’0-6’3 forwards that want to skate their butts off for a chance to move up in the future. 4 or 5 of those players would bring alot of energy back to Fort Wayne.

  45. Skate Says:

    I agree. They need something to shake things up. They seem to ignore those type of players, though.

  46. dnlkomets Says:

    If the Komets really want to get rid of the fan favorites and bring in some good young players like we’re predicting (for once) I agree with some things that Skate and a few others have posted in the past. First, we need a new coach. Do I think the current is bad? Not at all, he wins games and won a cup while here. However his system has run stale and I’d like to see a change in play, refresh things a bit. Also the Komets are going to HAVE to do more to assure that players here have just as good of a chance as any other team to move up to the AHL. Does it mean we need to be affiliated with an AHL team? Not neccessarily, just make the players able to be called up. I’m not a GM so I don’t know all the details to make something like that happen. If they end up not going for the ‘younger’ team, keep the same core of players that they had this year, and find some natural goal scorers. I am a huge fan of having a team with returning players, keeping the ‘fan favorites.’ However a change every so often is needed and teams need to start over and start younger. I think it’s time to rebuild the team either this next season or the season after.

  47. Greg Says:

    dnlkomets- I like the way you think the problem is as of right now there is no talk about changing the coach. I’m sure Pulhalski’s style isn’t going to change in the near future unless the Franke’s say change your style or it’s your job. So all I would say is that Pulhalski will still get guys to fit his system and we watch the boring 2-1, 3-2 hockey games.

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