Starting lineup

May 28, 2006

Give me your "all-time” Komets UHL team with 10 forwards, six defense and two goalies. Give me lines of three and defensive pairings. Argue amongst yourselves until you can get it down to 18 generally accepted players.


31 Responses to “Starting lineup”

  1. Tony E Says:

    Argue???? Do we argue here??? 😉

    This should be interesting as the younger generation who did not see the older guys play will be at a disadvantage


    Rob Laird

    I have to think on the Defence. I did indeed leave out the Russians. As good as they were for the couple of years they were here, the teams never won anything. The guys on my list proved themselves over a longer period of time.

  2. Tony E Says:

    Have to qualify my list because since I am only 32 I did not see many of these guys play either. My list is based on word of mouth as well as the player numbers and the success of the teams they played on.

  3. Blake Says:

    UHL Komets only Tony.

  4. Tony E Says:

    OOOOPS!! Delete the first post if you want. Gheesh my blind ump eyes are not good for reading!

    St Pierre
    B Stewart

    Guinn (yeah that should piss off a few lol)
    Derek Gauthier (he played D didn’t he?)

  5. JungleMonkey Says:

    Goater was a forward.


    Bobby Stewart
    Danny Stewart
    Sean Venedam
    Kelly Miller (version 2.0)

    Kevin Schmidt
    Kevin Holiday
    Guy Dupuis
    Neumeir (playoff version)
    Kelly Perrault
    Igor whats his name

  6. Blake Says:

    Gauthier was a forward. Igor Malykhin

  7. Tony E Says:

    That’s right. I remember him blasting some slap shot goals. I couldn’t remember if he was doing it from the point or not.
    Junglemonkey refresh my memory on Holiday. I have a vague memory of seeing him but don’t remember much about him.

  8. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Goalies: Lawson and St. Pierre

    Bobby Stewart
    Peter Sachl
    Jason Goulet
    Kelli Corpse
    Fred Slukinsky
    Parsons-10th forward


  9. Tony E Says:

    Well I am glad to see I am not the only one who didn’t put Virag on the list.
    Hit where in the heck did you come up with Fred Slukynsky ( I thought that was how you spelled it but I could be wrong) ? I had forgotten he even played for Fort Wayne until your list reminded me.

  10. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Freddy was a stud when he was here…I think he went un-noticed by lots of people but he was a solid player who could make big plays. He should have been brought back after his rookie year. He could skate circles around everyone on the ice. Peter Sachl was another guy people forget…he was a bigtime player. He went up after his year here. Not real sure how he did in the AHL, but I thought he was excellent here.

    Dave Lemay was my favorite D-man here in the UHL. He was the toughest, hardest working, gritty player we have had. He was fun to watch. Took the body, outworked everyone on the ice. Wish he would have stayed around.

  11. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I forgot to pair the guys up…so here it goes:

    Venedam-Chaulk-Bobby Stewart


  12. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    And Parsons to be the 10th forward to enforce the ice…duh! Did you think I would not put a fighter in the mix?

  13. JungleMonkey Says:


  14. Tony E Says:

    Lol! I have never heard of a guy who played 28 games with a team amassing a total of 3 points get the run that Steve Parsons gets. This is why I love minor league hockey. Guys get almost a cult reputation and it sticks with fans forever no matter how long the guy is around. You don’t find that at higher levels.

  15. Unit Says:

    No offense to anyone, however, I can’t believe anyone has Perrault on this list. That dude couldn’t keep the puck in the zone to save his life. But, since everyone has put him on there I will concede it.

  16. Tony E Says:

    Unit, remember that most everyone who plays in the UHL has one or more visible flaws to their game. I do remember that puck control was his weakness. But he passed well, backchecked well and his results on the powerplay speak for itself.

  17. Mark Says:

    1. Keli Corpse
    2. Brent Gretzky
    3. Jason Goulet
    4. Bobby Stewert
    5. Colin Chaulk
    6. Sean Venadam
    7. David Beaurgard
    8. Jonathan Goodwin
    9. Konstantin Shafranov
    10. Steve Parsons

    1. Kelly Perrault
    2. Troy Neumeier
    3. Freddy Bouchard
    4. Kevin Schmidt
    5. Dave Lemay
    6. Kevin Bertram

    1. Kevin St. Pierre
    2. Tom Lawson

    Goodwin-Gretzky-B. Stewert
    10th forward Parsons


  18. Blake Says:

    St. Pierre
    (though I’d love to have a spot for Teskey)
    (Bertram, Guinn and Ronan would be next)
    Chaulk-B. Stewart-Venedam
    10th forward
    Ramsay (incredibly inspirational player)
    (Drouin, Hurd, Logan and Virag are next)
    Of course this lineup would cost about $35,000 per week.

  19. Tony E Says:

    Blake do you have any idea what Ramsay is doing these days? I thought he got a raw deal in Port Huron.

  20. chuckitt Says:

    goal st pierre lawson defense schmidt dupuis neumeire perrault bouchard and bertram forwards chaulk corpse gretzky dab b stewart massie venedam kotuluk logan and yes, steven fletcher

  21. Bob Says:

    Blake, if we had that for a lineup and add a Jamie Milam or two as the young, hungry rookies wanting to get noticed…..I think that $35,000 a week payroll would be offset by the 10,000 a night avg. attendance. But, this is only in an ideal hockey universe, in real life someone would still be unhappy about something or someone. But, that would be a heck of a lineup!

  22. JT Says:

    The only way K’s fans would get negative about any of these line-ups is when Puhalski started shipping these guys out of town for not molding themselves into his “system”……

  23. JR Says:

    Sorry…typo on the posted by section. I wouldnt want anyone to think I was being deceitful…lol

  24. Blake Says:

    Rammer is running a rink in Muskegon last I heard. Nice to think we’d get the attendance, Bob, but I think those days are gone for a number of reasons: gas, economy, opposing player recognition, etc., along with different league.

  25. joseph Says:

    opposing player recognition…..BINGO!

    Centralizing the league is on the right track, now they just have to get rid of the stupid vet and rookie rules so teams can just keep guys around for however long they want them.

    Then it will be as good as we can get it (Never will be like 15 years ago) But, it will still be real good

    Why even have a vet and rookie rule?

  26. Unit Says:

    Ok, since were supposed to argue I will rebut you Tony!!ha I agree that every player is going to have a flaw at this level. In my opinion, most of the good players at this level lack only speed. To me, puck control is a huge thing that keeps you from being a good player. I used to get so aggravated watching the puck float over the blue line right through Perraults legs. If you could add some speed and maybe a few pounds to pretty much every player on the rest of the list, I think they would have all moved up a level and stayed there. With Perrault I can’t see it. But, it is only one man’s opinion. And from the looks of every list it is only my opinion!!

  27. Unit Says:

    P.S. Thank goodness noone put Selleke on their list. Close to the top of the list on my all time least favorite player. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but I don’t need to see him play hockey!

  28. Blake Says:

    You know another thing at this level is conditioning. NHL players are in tip-top shape all year round. UHL players usually come into camp out of shape and work their way into it, partly because of a lack of ice time over the summer when they have real jobs.

  29. Tony E Says:

    Unit you raise a great point. Your opinion is not wrong. These lists are all about what people value when they rate a player. To you puck control is very important ( I agree with you. So you keep a guy off of your list who lacks in that area. There is nothing wrong with that 🙂
    Oh wait, we are supposed to argue!!
    LOL 😉
    You are soooo right about speed. I remember getting all over Brad Purdie years ago. The guy would skate fast with his head down and get going too fast and trip over the blue line. GRRRRRRRR

  30. Skate Says:

    Maybe compromise and just get rid of the Vet rule altogether but keep a Rookie rule of some sort.

    If you have a hard, well-controlled salary cap (if that’s possible) the talent should even itself out.

    If a team and its management can convince a number of veteran players to play there for what they can afford to pay, what’s wrong with that?

    As far as the salary cap issue: If the NFL and NHL can do it, why can’t the UHL? What controls are in place in the NHL and NFL to prevent cheating?

  31. joseph Says:

    Exactly Skate. Can anyone come up with a good reason to have a vet rule if there is a hard cap? Rookie rule? Maybe – just to keep it a “young” league.

    I say who cares on both ends. Its not a development league. Sign the players you want and fit them in under the cap. Simple.

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