Draft stuff

June 6, 2006

Komets’ picks
1. Kevin Reiter, G, Missouri
2. Jim Duhart, F, Missouri
3. Brad MacMillan, F, Missouri
4. Matt Elich, F, Roanoke STEAL OF THE WHOLE DRAFT
5. Paul Falco, F, Missouri

I personally LOVE This draft. I thought Elich was the most talented forward the Komets played against last year. He has incredible skills. Reiter IS the next Frenchy, and you all know how I feel about Duhart. I think they did as well as they possibly could have hoped.

They also lost Josh Tataryn in the expansion draft.


22 Responses to “Draft stuff”

  1. Tony E Says:

    Maybe now folks can give management some credit. Matt Elich, another former Windsor Spitfire with NHL experience. Why did he fall to the 4th round? If it is the rumors of bad attitude causing it I would be surprised. I mean nobody considers JD to be an angel and he went 2 rounds earlier. Macmillan is the tough guy everyone wanted. Falco is the only “unknown” of the group.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Blake –
    I really liked the Reiter and Elich picks too. Hopefully, they will work out in the Fort.

    What are your thoughts about Duhart? I was wondering if they picked him as trade bait with someone – to Flint for Szabo, to Bloomington for a goalie (Gustafson, Platt?).

    I know he’s bounced around the last few years, but a couple of years ago, the Komets had obtained Duhart’s rights and he refused to report. I know those were out of concern of moving his family, but I’m leery of that happening again, along with Duhart’s lack of defense. There’s no doubt the guy can score – I see the POTENTIAL (emphasis on potential) for some great things.

    I’m a little disappointed they didn’t take a defenseman – Sellars and VanBuskirk were available earlier, but that might have sabotaged getting Elich.

  3. Greg Says:

    But don’t forget Tony, the big thing now is to get these guys signed for next year. I like the draft too and I’m not necessarilly(sp) trying to be a glass half empty guy, but we just have they’re rights unless one or ore of the guys had an extra year on the contract which I doubt.

  4. Blake Says:

    They definitely do NOT want to trade Duhart. They wanted him for his personality and goal-scoring ability.

  5. Greg Says:

    Blake, do you think Duhart’s actually going to work in the Puhalski system without a major blowup or out that has plagued Duhart in the recent past?

  6. Tony E Says:

    Greg, I think at this point in his career, Jim Duhart would love the chance to compete for a cup. In theory, Fort Wayne year in and year out gives him the opportunity to do that.
    Elich who is from my neck of the woods would be 3 hours from home playing in Fort Wayne. I am not saying that is a huge thing but it is something.
    If I am correct Duhart and Elich are vets and the others are not.
    I wonder if Lance would be one of the guys coming back next year. If so, with him, Duhart and MacMillan, you have 3 entertaining, aggitating guys who don’t mind mixing it up.

  7. Jeff Says:

    Thanks Blake –
    I hope that works out – maybe those same fans who wore DUHART SUCKS shirts can create DUHART ROCKS or something else.

    Like I said, the guy can score – hopefully he can do that here. What about a line of Duhart-Chaulk-Goodwin?

    I told some of the people I sit with in 204 he was the last guy I would want (mostly lack of speed and defense), but if the guy has a good attitude and can put the puck in the net, I could probably accept him.

    Another question – this is putting the cart WAY before the horse, but assuming the Komets bring back Chaulk and Goodwin, what number would Duhart wear? He wore 19 in Flint and 91 in Missouri – 9? 29? 39? Maybe he can pull a Mel Hewitt and wear three numbers (666? – just kidding) (I’m told Hewitt wore a three-digit number with Salt Lake in the IHL days)

  8. Tony E Says:


  9. Skate Says:

    SMELL Hewitt wore 111 for SLC. I think it’s a rule now that says you cannot wear a 3 digit number.

    If they could, the obvious choice for 666 would be Miroslav Satan.

  10. Jeff Says:

    FYI, here are last year’s stats for the guys FW picked in the draft:

    – Elich – 34 goals 30 assists 64 points 80 PIM
    – Duhart – 29 g, 31 a, 60 pts 70 PIM (in 56 games)
    – MacMillan – 7 g, 5 a, 12 pts 230 PIM (52 games)
    – Falco – 9 g, 13 a, 22 pts, 38 PIM (50 games)
    – Reiter – 16w 23 l, 3.78 gaa in 45 games last year
    in 04-05 with Missouri, he was 19-11 with 5 shutouts

  11. TJ Says:


  12. JR Says:

    Liked the picks; but would of liked to have seen a defenseman picked up. I thought there was 3 to 4 good ones available to choose from. I wonder if Macmillan was chosen in case Galbraith decides not to come back…

  13. Greg Says:

    So TJ-are you still going to boo Duhart and wear a DUHART SUCKS tee shirt if he becomes a Komet?

  14. Teresa Says:

    Hey, they got my man, Reiter! I’m happy! Who got D’Allesandro?

  15. Greg Says:

    D’Allesandro is part of the former Richmond now Chichago Hound team and the rights belong to them.

  16. SMITTY Says:

    JIMMY will always SUCK, but he will suck for us.

  17. JCV Says:

    Do you really think Duhart will come here to play? We tried this before and he didn’t show. I hope he dosen’t do it to us again. Or maybe I hope he does……

  18. Bob Says:

    Overall, I would say that the Komets did well for themselves in this draft. Of course, getting them signed is another matter. Getting Reiter to me is a huge bonus. I’m still wanting to see how the coaches/GM’s meetings went today….but this is a good start to the retooling process. Oh, one more thing…..welcome to Fort Wayne, Jimmy!

  19. Blake Says:

    There probably won’t be any news from the GM/coaches meetings. They use that to prepare for the league meetings in June and almost always decline to talk about it.

  20. JungleMonkey Says:

    Duhart is in his prime. Oh wait, its not 2001. Hope Elich signs and MacMillan. Don’t think that Reiter is the answer between the pipes. QC taking Sellars is a great move. Wish we could have gotten Van Buskirk.

  21. JungleMonkey Says:

    Elich and Galbraith played together a couple seasons ago in Idaho. Wonder if they got along?

  22. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Reiter is not the answer…he does not excite me one bit. I would love to have Duhart for the entertainment factor, would our coach really let him do his own thing though? Doubt it… This is probably only just the tip of the iceberg, right? We will be more excited in a month or so when we read about the bigtime players that we have signed, right? We need a cup-contending team that is entertaining. Please!!!

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