Adirondack & Danbury are gone

June 12, 2006

The United Hockey League just announced that Danbury and Adirondack have dropped out of the league.

“Both organizations made a business decision to not participate in the league
for the upcoming season,” stated Richard Brosal, UHL President/CEO. “The
Frostbite were not able to secure a lease with the Glens Falls Civic Center.
Without their closest geographical rival in the league, the Trashers made a
financial decision to suspend their operations.”

This means Elmira is the only team left in the East, and I have been told that the Jackals WILL play this season, joining the Michigan teams in an Eastern Division. The Komets will likely be in the Western Division.

There will be another dispersal draft for Adirondack and Danbury’s players.


82 Responses to “Adirondack & Danbury are gone”

  1. KBC Says:

    Bring back Danny Stewart!! Bring back Danny Stewart!!

  2. Mark Says:

    My sister just said the same thing…bring Danny Stewert back…

  3. Mark Says:

    Why is Fort Wayne and Micheal Franke being blamed for Danbury suspending least people are on ITB…

    I would imagine that the legal troubles of the owner led to the decsion(sp)…

  4. JungleMonkey Says:

    Bring back DANNY STEWART!!!!!!!!

  5. JungleMonkey Says:

    Paul Gillis is available. I remember a certain reporter striking down my Gillis idea in 12 seconds by informing me “Danbury will play next season.” No that I’m keeping score, but thats one point for the JungleMonkey.

  6. Blake Says:

    Shoot, JM, if we’re keeping score, I win on the mercy rule. LOL.

  7. Mark Says:

    lol…Paul Gillis is now availible…but is he interested..

    Blake you on the phone yet….

  8. JungleMonkey Says:

    Sorry Blake, I went to the scorecards and have been declared the winner by decision. Seems that my friend Mr. Galante has some connections with the judges. ($$$$)…

    Seriously though, Would Gillis be interested?

  9. Blake Says:

    I’m guessing he’s very interested.

  10. Mark Says:

    What would make you think he is very interested, Blake

  11. David Says:

    Well Danbury will have a lot of good players available one being their goalie. They also have talented scorers available. I would pick up all there tough guys!!! I would also try to get Benefield…Would pick do we get???

  12. JungleMonkey Says:

    DAB is back on the block. Please someone pick him before Fort Wayne goes. How about Shawn Collymore in Fort Wayne. He’s a center, I think we might be needing one of those soon.

  13. Mark Says:

    Bloomington would get the 1st pick…
    Port Huron
    Quad City
    Fort Wayne

    Am i pretty much right on Blake…

  14. Blake Says:

    Mark, he’s going to need a job and there aren’t that many of those open right now. I also believe you are correct with the order.

    What a summer!

  15. Mark Says:

    Thats true, I don’t know how many openings there are…so thanks for the heads up..

    this summer has been something I haven’t seen in awhile…and its only June 12th..

  16. Bob Says:

    Is it even a wise decision for Elmira to even want to play this year…..they have no one in that region to play….do they really want to play PH, Flint, FW 15-20 times a year just to have a schedule, which I am almost afraid to ask about! That team is going lose money faster than it can be printed!

  17. Blake Says:

    I’m thinking the gas prices may do them in more than anything.

  18. Ed Says:

    OK Blake, here is my feeling on what went down. Adirondack got cold feet over what went down in the past few days and believed like I did (plus they may have known more) that Danbury was toast. It was just when the toaster was going to pop!
    They knew if that happened they would lose a ton more money in travel. Hence, they used the lease as the way out. Sounds good to all the people in hockeyland! So they pull the plug on the toaster.
    As for Paul Gillis I think I would hold off on hiring him as a coach. He may have to deal with the feds as they go after the owners of Danbury. They may be picking his brain or even require him to testify. That would add a great deal of emotional weight. That is the last thing a coach needs.

    Keep the sticks down and your head up.

  19. Jeff Says:

    I’m glad someone took out the trash in Danbury.

    I realize this is wishful thinking and probably out of the realm of possibilities this year…

    Could someone acquire the rights to the Adirondack and Danbury franchises and move them to another city (like what the Frankes did when they bought the Flint Spirits and moved that team to Fort Wayne)? Would that save someone money as opposed to an expansion team?

    This could be a great chance to bring a team back to Indy. Are there any Midwest cities that could be in the running for teams? Were there any considerations by Barry Melrose and Steve Levy of moving their team to another city, even though ESPN is based in Connecticut?

  20. Ed Says:

    Jeff the Danbury deal is going to be tied up by the courts for a year or more. But you do bring up a point. But then again time is running short to pull off such a deal yet this season.

    Keep the sticks down and your head up…

  21. Shutterbug Says:

    I hope Elmira does not fold half-way through the season; Columbus Stars.

    The draft picks should be interesting since both Danbury and Adirondack had some good players.

  22. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Indy needs a team…badly. There are lots of good hockey fans there that are dying to get back into a fun league with the likes of the Komets and K-wings. This seems like the perfect opportunity for someone to get a team going again there. That junior team they have there is not drawing the interest of the fans there. I understand it may be a whole season away before they could get a team up and going, but it is long overdue.

    Tons of awesome players to pick from now. Hugo Belanger, DAB, Danny Stewart…go get ’em Frankes.

  23. blake Says:

    Indy lease is tied up or they would have probably moved the Kansas City franchise there by now. Adirondack was simply because they couldn’t get a lease, and they couldn’t maky any money with that attendance. I just think it’s interesting that all of the old AHL franchises, except Binghamton, have all died from lack of interest, and don’t kid yourself, that was the real problem in Glens Falls.

  24. Jeff Says:

    Don’t be surprised if Elmira goes under – like Blake said, it could be gas prices that ultimately does them in.

    Anybody interested may want to check out the Danbury News Times – “Trash Haulers Have Long History with the Mob” – definitely an eye-opening piece.

  25. blake Says:

    I can almost guarantee they won’t be brining Stewie back. They just don’t think he’s the same player he was when he first came to FW. With so many fewer teams, there are going to be a ton of good players looking for work.

  26. Jeff Says:

    While it doesn’t look good for the league, this is what most of us were calling for on this site for most of last season.

    It’s good to shake out the weak sisters now and solidfy the league for the future.

    Blake, you bring up a good point. What amazes me is that some of these teams hung on for as long as they did in the AHL – I’m guessing the only reason some of them did was because of being a number one farm team to an NHL team.

  27. blake Says:

    They must have lost unbelieveable amounts of money. Either that, or they were like Albany and just never paid the NHL team.

  28. Jeff Says:

    Blake –
    Backing up for just a second, you said the Indy lease is tied up.
    Is it a lease with the building or a renewal situation where the owner has a date by which he has to inform the league he wishes to continue?

    Does Horn Chen still have an ownership stake in the junior-level team? Can you shed any light on this?

  29. blake Says:

    Charlie Skojdt (sp?) now owns the Indiana Ice holds the rights to any hockey at Fairgrounds Coliseum and he’s not interested in minor league hockey. He’s sticking with juniors.

  30. Jeff Says:

    Assuming the Fairgrounds is out, what would the chances be of having a team play at Conseco Fieldhouse?

    I realize this would be getting back into the same situation of the Checkers and Ice who tried to play in Market Square Arena in years past. Would there be any possibility in a reduced seating arrangement?

    Just spitting…

  31. Mark Says:


    Funny you ask about Conseco, that won’t happen either..Skojdt is the son-in-law to the owner of the Pacers and conseco, he would in no way allow a minor league team to compete with the Ice…until the Ice’s lease is up..Indy is stuck with Junior much as they dislike it…

  32. Jeff Says:

    Mark –
    If that’s the case, everybody can forget about Indy then.

    Like I said before, it would take some incredible action to get another Midwest team to play this year.

    It sounds like we’re all better off with the 10 teams we have (for now), then try to get a better foothold in the Midwest down the road.

  33. Jeff Says:

    One more thing …
    I won’t be the least bit surprised if Elmira moves or folds during the upcoming season or is taken over by the league … it has happened in leagues bigger than this one … anybody remember Pittsburgh or Cleveland in the NHL in the 70s? It happened with Cleveland and Minnesota merging in the NHL in the late 70s, the Michigan Stags in the WHA (moved to Baltimore), the Denver Spurs in the WHA (moved to Ottawa, then folded), or Saginaw in the UHL just a few years ago.

  34. Bob Says:

    Jeff, I agree that having Indy back would be nice, but my last visit to the Pepsi Coliseum left me disappointed. The ice surface was so thick (over 5 inches!) that even after resurfacing it was difficult to see the face off circles and the lines. The renovation that was done awhile back consisted of new, very poor quality plastic seats that will hold an infant, not an adult. They need a new ice plant and climate control so the ice is not 5-6 inches thick. There were some other things I noticed that tell me the rink is needing some serious attention b4 it could handle the rigors of a 76 game regular season and the 4 high school teams that use the rink also. I wish that MSA was still standing…that would have been ideal.

  35. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I talked to some people in Indy that said that the Ice even played most of their games at the Pan Am Plaza Ice Rink which if anyone has seen it, is small, and doesn’t hold very many fans. Why is that jerk that has the Junior team putting such a strangle-hold on that market for not allowing them to have a quality hockey team? I would be pretty pissed if I were an Ice fan that wanted real hockey, and was stuck with the crap they are being offered. What can the fans do down there to change that dipstick’s mind?

  36. blake Says:

    It’s his money, and he can spend it how he wishes. As for Canseco, there’s no way a team could afford that. The rent would kill them.

  37. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I understand that Blake…it just sucks that he is screwing over that town with a product that no one cares about. Reminds me of the same idiot that bought the Southtown Mall to let it become a dump, until the city decided to step in and improve that property…so far so good too.

  38. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Anyway…next season can’t come any sooner. I am really excited about the new-look Komets. Although we don’t know yet what that look will be just yet, it still gets the old juices flowing, Kinda like Enema Man does…

  39. Tony E Says:

    wow… many teams are left now????

  40. Tony E Says:

    You know, the sad thing here is that these are two good hockey markets that are now without teams. Say what you will about whether this is good or not for the UHL but it is NOT good for the sport of hockey to not have teams in these two areas. Especially in Adirondack.
    All I can say is the UHL better hope the teams they have left remain stable. There are very very few if any midwest markets left to pursue.

  41. Shutterbug Says:

    8 teams + 2 “new” teams:
    Fort Wayne, Elmira, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Port Huron, Flint, Quad City and Rockford.
    Hoffman Estates, Ill. and Bloomington, Ill.are the new teams.

  42. Bob Says:

    What I’d like to know is how many of the teams that have “gone dark” for 2006-2007 will actually (either UHL or other leagues) return for the 2007-2008 season? My guess is perhaps 1….if any.

  43. Bob Says:

    Err…what I meant is if any of these teams that closed shop for this upcoming season will be back and if so, will they rejoin the UHL or go to another league.

  44. Ed Says:

    Indy would probably do well in the UHL but they don’t want it right now. Remember, Indy is NOT a hockey town, they will probably not support it at any level other than juniors. Minor league sports in big market towns just don’t work well. I knew the UHL team in Kansas City would never work.

    Anyway, all of this stuff going on in the UHL right now just continues to show what a mickey mouse league it really is. We need to be in the AHL where thinks are run much more profesionally.

  45. Tony E Says:

    Ed there have been plenty of messes in the AHL too. There are reasons that 15 years ago there were roughly 10 teams in Canada in the league and now there are zero. It isn’t because people in those cities were not showing up to games. I am not saying there was money laundering going on but that league isn’t the palace folks make it out to be. And can you imagine the crying that goes on by the Komets fan base when their favorites would be moved on the whim of big brother? Remember what the purpose of the AHL is, to feed the NHL. As soon as a guy becomes “good” he is gone. Folks in Fort Wayne like the chance to get attached to a guy for a couple of years. That rarely happens in the AHL. It would be the Wizards on ice.

  46. Bob Says:

    The travel expenses would be astronomical in the AHL. There are 30 teams ranging from Nebraska, Manitoba, Houston and all over the New England area. Not to mention, if you do not have some type of NHL affliation, you do not have a team. Also, see how many of those cities where you can get a direct flight to out of Ft. Wayne….very few.

  47. Bob Says:

    And I didn’t even mention the much higher ticket prices, etc. that being in the AHL would bring…..remember, one cannot have caviar and champagne dreams, but only be willing to pay for a 6 pack of whatever is on sale!

  48. Tony E Says:

    If anything, the Komets would be a better “fit” in the ECHL based on the size of most of the cities that are involved. The travel is the killer again.
    Look, the UHL forced out the “trash” If they can keep a stable 10 team league then it is a good situation for the Komets. There are natural rivalies close by and with fewer teams, the talent on each roster should improve. Let’s see how this upcoming season goes before we really call out for a league change.
    As far as everyone calling for Stewart, please please look at what you are asking for carefully. If the Komets get him back to be an EXTRA forward, fine. If he is taking a regular shift on this team then the Komets are no better than they were last year. I know how tempting it is to look backwards for someone/something “safe and comfortable”. Danny Stewart was not a horrible player and even with a couple of mistakes off the ice was not a bad guy.
    But if you want to see management build a championship team for the present and future, you do not want them spending too much time looking into the past.

  49. Tony E Says:

    As a P.S. it is my humble opinion, that our 2002-03 team would not have won the cup either of the last 2 years based on the talent of the roster. I am not even sure they were the most talented team “on paper” in the league the year they won it.
    What they lacked in talent they made up for in chemistry, grit and determination which not something that comes back every year even with the same group of players. That team and everything that happened to it was one of those special moments in time in the universe that is sports.
    The Komets future is IN the future, not the past.

  50. Tony E Says:

    UGH 3 A.M. P.S. 3
    It would be nice if a coach was in place before the next draft so he could have some sort of input in picking players that will fit his system
    Also, isn’t anyone afraid of taking guys from Danbury who might also be a part of this scandal. Perhaps not all of the names have come out yet and may not until the trial/investigation?
    Goodnight all.

  51. blake Says:

    Tony, how can you say these are good hockey markets? It’s not like they haven’t had chance after chance to draw fans and they never really did. Both usually had good teams but poor attendance and they couldn’t survive financially because of it.

  52. Greg Says:

    This would be an interesting question and I know it’s been debated off an on here in this blog.

    Is the UHL better in a smaller 10 team in league?

    If not, where should the UHL look to expand?

  53. Blake Says:

    I don’t think there’s any doubt it is better off, especially with these gas prices. Look, we’ve all known this has been coming for years, it just happens to be now. I’ll bet even the folks out East, if they’ll admit it, knew it was coming eventually.

    How about Cincinnati? Or Maybe Louisville?

  54. Greg Says:

    Cincy would be okay but they already got the Cyclones back in the ECHL and were really trying to get bank into the AHL. I’m not sure we’d see them. Kentucky is just not a hot bed for hockey. Louisville had a team long ago and couldn’t make it work.

  55. Tony E Says:

    Blake I am thinking more along the lines of “traditional hockey markets”.
    Upstate New York and Connecticut both have pretty long traditions with hockey. Some good, some not so good. I don’t know why folks arent showing up to games. Maybe especially in the case of Adirondack they were spoiled by the years in the AHL when Red Wings were going back and forth? In the case of Danbury, if I am correct they never had a team at any level before. If so, 2 years is not enough time to build a brand name and with the rumors of this scandal floating around for awhile, maybe folks stopped supporting the team.
    In the big picture the way I look at it is if people in those two states are not supporting hockey, then the sport in this country is in even more trouble. It doesn’t work in much of the South, Southeast and out West. It has most always worked in the
    North and the Northeast.
    I am curious. I don’t have time to run the numbers but both teams did average 2400 last year. How would that have faired in other lower leagues like the SPHL,CHL etc.?

  56. Tony E Says:

    Well. I pulled up the CHL numbers (have always followed the Mudbugs LOL) and if you go by their numbers they don’t support my post above very well. First of all their attendance average is 4663 compared to the UHL 3074. Now granted there are some bigger cities involved but they are all south and southwest where hockey normally doesn’t work well. Many of the teams are trickle down NHL affiliated. That isn’t a bad league. I have listened to some Mudbugs games on the net and you hear quite a few names you would recognize from the UHL and even the old IHL days.
    Ok, I concede that these two UHL attempts at hockey did not work. My next question would be, why? Is it nobody there cares? Did they not like the product? Is the arena bad?

  57. Greg Says:

    So Tony. Would you support the UHL looking into the east for expansion?

  58. Blake Says:

    Tony, I’m not convinced it has almost always worked in the NE. There’s a reason those cities dropped out of the AHL and then failed in the UHL. The attendance numbers were never there to start with.

    Both “officially” averaged about 2,400 so you can guess it was actually around 2,000. That won’t cut it in any league. The fans may be very vocal and diehard, but what have been talking about here for months? There aren’t enough STH and diehards for any franchise to last with only that. And those were winning teams to boot.

    Another factor is that the owners didn’t have the deep pockets the way we were used to in the IHL. These were folks who more often than not were not using the hockey team as a hobby. They had to break even, and when they couldn’t, they got out. There were more often than not also local owners so they had a tough time selling the teams as well. If they couldn’t make it go, no one else probably thought they could, either.

    I give Melrose and Levy credit for giving it one more shot. If ever it was going to succeed it was with them, and it could not.

  59. Tony E Says:

    Blake you may very well be right. I just wonder if 1-2 years is enough time for a new team or new owners to put their name on a market. I know you can’t ask/expect people to lose money forever. Danbury has never had a team before. There has to be time for tradition and name recognition to set roots.
    What is the CHL doing right to draw the numbers they are? Are those teams actually making money?
    Greg to answer your question honestly, I don’t support expansion! This league does not need more than 10-12 teams. There are no planes, and only so many quality players to go around. I am going to go out on a limb and say that I think that this season top to bottom will be the most competitive in the history of this league. With 4 fewer teams and the quality of players being dispersed, top to bottom the quality of players on every roster should be better.
    The UHL needs to stop expanding simply for the sake of expansion. There is nothing wrong with having a nice 10-12 team league. Better that then new entries coming and going every other year.

  60. Tony E Says:

    (oops I never finished a thought above….there are no planes to make travel quick and easy so the fewer places these teams have to go the better)

  61. Greg Says:

    Tony, to answer some of your question about what they are doing, look at the region. Texas has the most teams in the US, why?
    It’s the largest state in the union and travel in the state itself would be a pain. If I live in Amarillo am I going to drive to Dallas for a hockey Game, or Houston for a baseball, basketball, of football game. Answer, yes maybe once or twice a year. Other than that, there’s nothing to do in those towns. Minor league hockey is a hometown product with affordable prices. You don’t have to waste $80-90 in gas to see the NHL. Look at the teams in the CHL. There’s hardly any pro teams to compete with them.

  62. Eric Says:

    What about Toledo or Peoria for new teams?
    Any word on a new coach or what players might be concidered in the up comming draft?

  63. me Says:

    Can’t the UHL trade Elmira to the ECHL for maybe Dayton or Toledo?

  64. Greg Says:

    If wishes and dreams always came true.

    Eric-Toledo has an ECHL team and Peoria is in the AHL. I don’t think either will be switch anytime soon.

  65. Blake Says:

    I agree with almost everything you said Tony. No more expansion unless the city makes perfect sense. This will easily be the most competitive year and I felt like last year the level of play increased a great deal. Danbury will never make it as long as they have an arena that seats only 3,000. That’s simple economics. How many chances should Adirondack get? Their last two years in the AHL were 3,709 and 3,441 and they hadn’t drawn more than 5,000 since 1980-81.

  66. Blake Says:

    It’s almost impossible to trade teams between leagues in part because the UHL is non-union and the ECHL is unionized.

    I would say just be patient and those cities will probably be in the UHL sooner or later. The economics are going to force it. Either that or they will go out of business completely.

    A few of us predicted exactly what happened with the IHL and now the UHL. That’s not bragging, but a belief that this is all going to continue to evolve.

  67. Greg Says:

    Blake, is there that much difference in budgets for the ECHL as opposed to the UHL that if a team made what I would call a lateral move they could survive? THe one major difference I would see of the bat is travel. The other could be salary, but I don’t think (though I could be wrong) that ECHLer’s make any more that UHLer’s.

  68. Jeff Says:

    Would some of you please get off moving to the AHL / ECHL?
    The ONLY reason the AHL can survive is because it is the AAA minor league, supported by NHL teams. Read the Hockey News to see how many NHL teams share supplying players to 1 AHL team. There’s more than one AHL team getting players from 2 NHL teams. When an AHL team loses its affiliation and doesn’t get another, it disappears.

    How many of the eastern teams that have played in the UHL had and previously lost teams in the AHL? Adirondack and Binghamton immediately come to mind – I’m sure there’s plenty after those.

    MIlwaukee, Grand Rapids, Peoria, Hershey and Iowa are fairly close – the rest of that league is all over the map. You’ve also got teams in Nova Scotia, Alberta, Prince Edward Island. Travel costs have to be outrageous. Most AHL teams are primary affiliates of an NHL team and as such, most every move is dictated by that team, not by the local owners. That would be like my buying a new car and you driving it all the time.

    As far as I’m concerned, the ECHL will go eventually the way of the IHL or some of its teams will join the UHL or other leagues. How can you possibly have a league with teams all over the map? Go to the ECHL site and look at where MOST its teams are located – Alaska, California, Utah, Idaho, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, New Jersey, etc (GREAT RIVALRIES THERE). Only a handful are within reasonable driving distance – Dayton, Toledo, Cincinnati are the best examples.

    Indy couldn’t make it in the Central League – the geography is just as bad with some teams in Texas, Oklahoma, etc.

    While everything in the UHL isn’t the greatest, at least economically, Fort Wayne can compete in this league. A hockey team is a BUSINESS. Operating it as such should be the most important factor and that’s where some of these teams failed.

    Like them or not, the Frankes have demonstrated time and again they have the best interests of the team in mind. Fort Wayne has had hockey for 55 CONSECUTIVE YEARS – the last 15 under their ownership.

  69. Blake Says:

    Greg, the difference is travel and union dues. The travel would be pretty bad. Don’t forget New Haven and Utica.

    I truly believe this is a great base for the UHL to take off from. They are talking about South Bend now as an expansion team — with a new building. And don’t you really think it’s only a matter of time before some of those ECHL cities have to make some very hard decisions?

  70. Greg Says:

    I don’t know about South Bend. Too big a College town. Notre Dame will just kill them I think. UHL didn’t work out in Madison and I’m tempted to say I don’t think it will work in Bloomington, IL. My wife has relatives who live in and they rarely mention the new team. I think the Illini will give them too much trouble to give them much of a fan base.

  71. Blake Says:

    We’ll see. I think both are definitely worth a shot.

  72. dnlkomets Says:

    I’m just throwing an idea out there…is there anywhere to play around the Decatur and Springfield (IL) area? those two cities are relatively close, maybe something there? I’d like to see a team in South Bend. Maybe a ‘former Notre Dame player’ gimic could help get a pro team going. I would also like to see something in the Sandusky area. NOTHING goes on there in the winter. The area is made up of a bunch of towns, but unfortunately I don’t think there is enough people to make anyone risk putting up the money to field a hockey team there.

  73. joseph Says:

    I understand its summer and everyone is just talking, but lets see how the current 10 teams do before talking about adding further teams.

    This is a great “starting over” point for the league. I think this is great.

    Things are moving in the right direction, but let’s see where they go from here before talking about new cities.

  74. dnlkomets Says:

    I agree Joseph. But it’s fun throwing out ideas of ways to expand the league. Personally I love the way the league looks right now. I hope right now the league is looking at how to make this core of teams stronger. We need to make it work in Bloomington and Chicago. Plus we need to hang onto Flint and Port Huron. The other teams (as of right now) are I think sound.

  75. Kometsrock Says:

    At least the summer will be fun and full of news!

  76. Tony E Says:

    If I were the league I would be more worried about losing the teams in Flint and to a lesser extent Port Huron before I try to expand. People in Flint are fed up with the horrible condition of the arena (though the city they live in isn’t much better) and broken promises from ownership to make things better. Port Huron you never know what is going on from one year to the next. Make stable what you already have before you go outside looking for more.

  77. Bob Says:

    Tony, while I agree that stability right now needs to be Priority #1….however, if/when the UHL does expand the league needs to do a better job of selecting who gets in. My suggestions…..Prospective team MUST have a building that will seat at least 4,500-5,000….a regulation 200 x 85 sheet of ice…building must be clean and free of “major issues” Before admission, team needs to have a solid season ticket base of ideally 1/3 of building capacity and have already secured advertising/sponsorship monies from the community. And last, but not least undergo a very thorough background check, both financial and criminal….If I have to do these things for even an entry-level job, then if you want a hockey team and are going to ask people and local businesses to support you (and get their money!) one wants to make sure that you’re going to be around for more than 1-2 seasons.

  78. Bob Says:

    BTW, I have never been to Flint. I have driven past it on the way to PH the year we won the Cup….just heard the “war stories” from Bob Chase, other fans, etc. So I have something to compare it to…when I told a friend that we went to Motor City in April, she said she felt sorry for us! Is it worse than going to Motor City? Maybe someone could put together a guide for the traveling hockey fan and rate the different buildings…kind of like a fine dining guide (or in some cases, not so fine!) If it is really good, it gets a “5 puck” rating. Just a thought….time to recharge the grey matter.

  79. Blake Says:

    Did you guys just hear Bob volunteer to put together a road trip rating? LOL. Was I the only one who heard that? Wow, Bob, thanks for stepping up and volunteering. (I know, I sound like a HS English teacher).

    Actually, it should be too hard. Remind me to start a post on that in a couple of days and we’ll all put it together.

  80. Tony E Says:

    Bob the arena in Fraser is awful but the area is not as bad. Flint is one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Ashley (ERR my much smarter, much better looking and highly superior half) goes to the U of M campus there. Go 2 blocks in any direction from campus and you have areas that make Gary look like the area around Homestead. When the auto industry went south so did the city.
    check this out: With the exception of murder, Flint has much higher crime in almost every other category.

  81. Bob Says:

    And I remember my trips to Gary when I worked for a company that did retail audits in convenience stores. I always made sure that I was back on the Toll Road heading home by 4PM! (While I had daylight and get home in time for the hockey game!)

  82. JR Says:

    Hated driving thru Chicago Heights…..Got stopped at the RR x-ing and they all started walking up and checking out what I had in the back of the work truck. Made a u-turn and kept the truck moving until I noticed the train was passed…got a few ugly looks for that…lol.

    I dont think Notre Dame would take too much away from a South Bend franchise because thats another area thats got alot of little cities around it, Elkhart, Goshen, etc…

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