Here’s a challenge

June 13, 2006

Go ahead, Mark:


21 Responses to “Here’s a challenge”

  1. Mark Says:


    To all my fellow bloggers,

    I gonna challenge you guys.

    I challenge for all the bloggers to raise $200 by next Thursday, June 22, for the MDA walk that I am participating in. So, please lets raise this money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Think about my son when making a donation.

    Email me and I’ll send you my address and other instructions..

    Lets make this happen…

  2. becky Says:

    Mark, I couldn’t get my e-mail to go through so if you contact me @ we will make a donation! Good Luck!

  3. Blake Says:

    C’mon, let’s get going on this. I tell Justin all the time that I have the more intelligent, compassionate bloggers and here’s your chance to prove it! I put in $20, anybody care to match it?

  4. Tony E Says:

    Hi Mark. Ashley and I are in for $20. You sent me your address before but the email vanished. Send it to me again please. Good luck with your efforts.

  5. sparky Says:

    I’m in for $20 too–let’s give this boy a reason to smile!

  6. Kevin Says:

    You can put me in for $20. Mark, I will email you when I get home tonight. I’m actually on my way up to camp Potawotami where they have the MDA camp going on right now. Coach Burnsworth and I are putting on a wheelchair basketball demonstration and letting the kids give the game a try for themselves. It should be a good time.

    Kevin Hughes
    Turnstone Flyers Prep Coach

  7. Blake Says:

    Kevin, let me know beforehand when you guys do that again please.

  8. Tony E Says:

    Kevin let me know if you ever want a volunteer referee for any of that stuff. I did some wheelchair basketball with the special olympics a few years ago and had a blast.

  9. Mark Says:

    $140 bucks to go…

    Lets get this going..

    thanks to those that have donated so far…

  10. Mark Says:


    My son will be at camp next summer, he turns 6 next month..


  11. Bob Says:

    Mark, Kathleen and I will be mailing you a check….just send me an e-mail with the address and specifics so I know where to send it. I may be reached at

  12. Mark Says:

    I have about 100 bucks in now…we are half way there…lets go people…think of my 5 yr old son, when you write the check…please…anything you could do to help would be awesome… goal is 200, but if we can do more than that, awesome…

  13. Hoss Says:

    If people don’t want to donate for Mark’s son, my nephew, they should donate just to see me walk that far!!! Nothing like a BIG MAN looking like he ran a marathon wearing a sweatsuit on a 100 degree day after only walking a few blocks.

    Please help out!!!

  14. Blake Says:

    Hoss where the heck have you been? Did you give up on us after the season?

  15. Mark Says:

    Thanks Hoss….

  16. Mark Says:


    your the greatest!


  17. Bob Says:

    Mark, Add another $15.00 to the pot….your son is in our prayers.

  18. Mark Says:

    Thanks Bob…

  19. Mark Says:

    ok people..I added up the totals from just today…$150 dollars..thank you so much…but we got more work to do…50 bucks to go..but heck, lets not stop at 200, lets keep going..

    Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

    Email me at if you wanna donate, I will then reply with my address and other instructions..

    please, think of my 5 yr old son when you are writing the check.

    Mark, Jodi, Jonathan and Blake

  20. JR Says:

    I’ll pitch in the last 50 bucks. I’ll e-mail you when I’m back in town Mark, ill be out of town till next week and dont have my check book with me. You can e-mail me with the info I need to send it. By the way what time is the walk???

  21. Mark Says:

    Registration is 3-4pm on Sunday June 25th, the walk is after that…

    thanks JR…

    boy the bloggers really came thru for me, but lets not stop there…lets keep going..if you wanna donate, drop a note here or email keep going now that I’ve hit my goal..lets see hom much we can get…

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