MDA auction

June 27, 2006

OK folks. Email address BALLZANDSTRIKES@AOL.COM Start submitting bids.
I will update bid amounts here at least once a day. Bidding ends 9 PM
Item # 1 Kevin St Pierre autographed official game puck Starting bid $10  Shipping $5
Item # 2 2005-06 team signed Orange Collar Tee shirt. Starting bid $10 Shipping $5
Item # 3 4 tickets to any game next season plus a brand new Orange Komets hat. Starting bid $10 Shipping $5
Email me if you need a picture of what you are bidding on.
Check for bid total will be made out to MDA. Since I am not going to be
paying any Ebay fees I will add a donation of 10% of the total bid
amounts for the 3 items. Winning bidders names will be kept private
until the end of the auction when with their permission I will post
them here.
I have done email bid auction with Sportscards before and they work well. Lets get this going!!


8 Responses to “MDA auction”

  1. Mark Says:

    awesome..lets get the bids going…

    I’m not gonna be Tony E. Can you keep me up to date on the bids..I’d appreciate it.


  2. TONY E Says:

    Sure. I will be posting them on here several times a day.
    $50 for the St Pierre puck!!

    Nothing else has a bid yet 😦

  3. Mark Says:

    wow..50 bucks..
    thats awesome

  4. TONY E Says:

    Good Morning
    What about the hat and tickets folks?
    Nobody wants to go to opening night and see this new team???

  5. TONY E Says:

    Ok we have bids up to $30 on the tickets! Great job folks.

  6. Blake Says:

    So how’s it stand so far, Tony?

  7. TONY E Says:

    nothing else has changed today 😦

  8. TONY E Says:

    Ok folks.
    Auctions end tonight. We have not had any new bids in awhile. Get those last minute bids in!

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