MDA auction bump

June 29, 2006

OK folks. Email address BALLZANDSTRIKES@AOL.COM Start submitting bids.
I will update bid amounts here at least once a day. Bidding ends 9 PM
Item # 1 Kevin St Pierre autographed official game puck Starting bid $10  Shipping $5
Item # 2 2005-06 team signed Orange Collar Tee shirt. Starting bid $10 Shipping $5
Item # 3 4 tickets to any game next season plus a brand new Orange Komets hat. Starting bid $10 Shipping $5
Email me if you need a picture of what you are bidding on.
Check for bid total will be made out to MDA. Since I am not going to be
paying any Ebay fees I will add a donation of 10% of the total bid
amounts for the 3 items. Winning bidders names will be kept private
until the end of the auction when with their permission I will post
them here.
I have done email bid auction with Sportscards before and they work well. Lets get this going!!


10 Responses to “MDA auction bump”

  1. TONY E Says:

    Well folks more than 24 hours have past with no activity. Please tell your friends about this auction so we can get some more bidding action.
    A question was emailed to me today about the tickets. These will not be upper tank seats. The voucher states the value of the 4 tickets is $64.

  2. TONY E Says:

    $30 TICKETS /HAT

  3. courtney Says:

    This is an ebay auction right? I cant even find it…..can you link it for me?

  4. JungleMonkey Says:

    Its an email auction, Courtney. Ebay pulled it. You have to email bids to Tony E.

  5. TONY E Says:

    Well…. about 1/2 hour to go. I can’t believe a puck signed by one player is going to be double the price of a team signed shirt! The tickets and hat are a steal too!

  6. TONY E Says:

    Well folks. Bidding has closed. We have managed to raise $120 for the MDA. Thanks to everyone who participated. I will contact the winning bidders. If they choose to reveal themselves them may do so 🙂
    Great job folks.

  7. JungleMonkey Says:

    Thanks for all the work that you put into this, Tony. I heard that a pretty cool guy came away with that autographed Frenchy puck. Congrats to the other winners. Glad we could do it for the sake of a quality charity.

  8. TONY E Says:

    It was my pleasure. I hope this buys me some good will when folks come back in a few days and roast me for my “blasphemy” regarding Chaulk 😉

  9. Mark Says:

    I heard that the money donated is going to a GREAT cause in my son’s name…Thank you all so very much, and to Tony for running it and of course Blake for allowing the use of his forum..thanks alot everyone…I look forward to doing this again sometime..

  10. TONY E Says:

    Mark I have given the winners your email address. Let me know when they have sent payment.
    Have a great evening everyone.

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