Here’s what Colin said

July 6, 2006

Updated 4:02 p.m. with David Franke’s reaction below.

The Komets gave him permission to look around after meeting with him in May and saying the second year of his contract would be invalid. A European agent put his name out and HC Alleghe called and began negotiations. Chaulk said the team greatly reminds him of the Komets in that it’s a small town that is used to winning.

“It was really a slow process, a lot like when I signed here in Fort Wayne. When David called me, I was at a time in my life where I was looking for stability and a place to call home. I knew if I came to Fort Wayne that call-ups would not be something they would be excited about. That didn’t bother me because they paid me very well and treated me very well. I know that I’ve never been treated anywhere better than I was in Fort Wayne.”

He said the money is essentially the same as what the Komets offered, but he was looking for more stability. He’s also concerned about selling his house and leaving had nothing to do with the coaching situation. He did want a no-trade clause, but the UHL has eliminated those at its recent meetings.

“I had a two-year contract, and the Komets broke the contract,” he said. “It’s been a very stressful two months on my marriage, my family and me personally.

"There is 99 percent of me that believes the Komets would never trade me, but Gretzky got traded. I came to Fort Wayne for stability and for four years they gave me that, but now I feel there is some doubt.

“We’ve had very calm negotiations with the Komets, and I don’t have any ill feelings. It’s been a great relationship.”

Chaulk said he hopes to continue running hockey schools in Fort Wayne during the summers, and said he has a list a mile long of people to call and thank.

His favorite memories in Fort Wayne are winning the Colonial Cup in 2003, Game 7 against Rockford in 2005 and the birth of his daughter Ava here. “There must have been 50 fans who gave us something for the birth of our daughter. It was unbelievable.”

“I can’t thank the Komets, the Franke family, the Fort Wayne community, Fort Wayne junior hockey and the fans enough for the courtesy they have give me and my family. I’m extremely appreciative.”


“I think we tried to do our best. Colin can make more money in Europe than he can in AA hockey here in the United States. Colin is going to be 30, and he’s never tried Europe before and this is something he’s thought about doing for a couple of years and now is the time to jump.”

“We wish him nothing but the best. It’s going to be weird not having  him on the team, but this is what goes on in business.

“It opens up a lot of money for us on the cap. If he came back he would have eaten up a lot of our weekly cap amount. This will give us some flexibility to maybe go after some different players. We would have liked to have had Colin here, but now we’ll have his money to spend on a couple of players.”’


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  1. Greg Says:

    Well Hobo, I’ve got to say you had the no trade clause right. Score one for you.

    I guess I can’t fault his reasons too much. He wants to stay with one team and he feels, especially after this past year, that the K’s could trade him.

  2. hobo Says:

    I’m not trying to keep score.

  3. hobo Says:

    Just call me Blake Jr.!!!!!

  4. TONY E Says:

    I still say that a minor league player at any level asking for a no trade clause is absurd. If moving himself (or his family) to Europe is his idea of stability, then good for him. The Komets did the right thing in this situation.

  5. Greg Says:

    I think I’ve gotta disagree with you their Tony. I think Colin has a right to ask for some sort of stability and assurance that he won’t be trade. At this point in his career I think he’s earned that much.

  6. Greg Says:

    Blake, if the second year is invaild, does that make him a free agent where the UHL is concerned?

  7. TONY E Says:

    Greg at the AA level no player should have that right. If he played up to par he would have nothing to worry about. It would have been near impossible to trade him with his salary anyway in a cap league. Even with a pay cut he was going to be paid very well. Really in a hard cap league trades of any kind are going to be reduced.

  8. Blake Says:

    Yes, Greg, but only after this season.

  9. TONY E Says:

    Blake I don’t want to put you on the spot so feel free of course not to answer. What are your thoughts on AA hockey players having no trade clauses? If you don’t want to offer your opinion let me ask, how common is it for players to get them?

  10. Greg Says:

    Blake, I’m confused (as normal) when you say after this season you mean after this coming season. If that’s true then he’s still under contract with the Komets. How can it be invaild?

  11. Greg Says:

    Tony, a player should at least ask what is the possibility of my getting traded at any part of the season, if the is it could happen and the palyer does not wish to be traded then he doesn’t sign with that team. I think that’s all Colin was trying to accomplish.

    But I do feel after a time they should have the ability to ask if not have a no trade clause.

  12. Blake Jr. Says:

    I think any player can ASK for a no-trade clause, but only a select few actually deserve it. If the Mgmt. gives it to them then it’s fine on both sides. I don’t quite understand how moving to Europe is more stable than staying in the States or even Canada. Then I guess the $$ comes into play. Who knows….

  13. Blake Says:

    Because they made him another valid contract offer that was substantial enough to meet the league’s criteria.

    A no-trade clause is no longer an option in the UHL.

    I get the sense that neither side is thrilled with this but both realize it is the reality. Neither side is burning any bridges. I can understand where Colin is coming from and where the Komets are coming from. They simply couldn’t make it work. No conspiracy theories, just business.

  14. Greg Says:

    Interesting comments by the Frankes. They seem to be making a money issue out of this while Coiln is making a No trade cluase out of this.

    Does this differ from offer sheets given to keep rights until Aug 1?

  15. JC Says:

    Well I am sad to see Colin go. I wish him all the best in Italy. He will be a hard player to replace at this level. He had all the intangibles that you would ask for in a hockey player. This makes me wonder what is up with the last two summers. First we lose a guy like Venedam and now Chaulk. We never truely replaced Venny so I am curious to see how we will try to replace Chaulk. I do however think the team will be solid this year and compete for a championship because both of candidates for the coaching position will recruit very well.
    On another note….has anyone heard anything about Goodwin, Dombkiewicz, or Neumeier? I haven’t heard anything about those guys at all. Blake if could give us some insight on those guys and a couple of others from last year it would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Jungle Monkey Says:

    I think its GREAT! Lets move forward with a clean slate. Chaulk was a good player and a nice guy, but…. I don’t like a player dictating to managment who he will and will not play with (Duhart). When you are Michael Jordan or Joe Montana you have that right. Until then shut up. Two mega-egos have now left the building (Puhalski and Chaulk) best of luck to both of them.

  17. Captain Duhart Says:

    I don’t get it either…..Hey honey, I love Fort Wayne but I don’t think this league is very stable, LET’S MOVE TO ITALY!!!!
    I don’t think that is the right thinking. I think Chaulker will be impossible to replace but lets give it a hell of a try.

    PS Dear Frankies, you are loosing season ticket holders by the thousands. DO SOMETHING QUICK!!

    PSS Does anyone know where I can get a gold deal on Fort Wayne Fury tickets?


  18. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Try Fort Wayne Kia.

  19. Blake Says:

    Right now players are all up in the air just like you waiting to see who the coach is going to be. I do know the Komets have talked with all three of those players mentioned. I have enough headaches, including I see a Blake Jr. That’s pretty good since I’ve never been married. You should know, though, that I’m a very strict disciplinarian father.

    Just to throw this out as a possibility, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Guy wearing a C. He’d do a great job.

    It’s been a long few days so I’m going home — for once.

  20. Blake Says:

    Right next to the Indiana Kick, the Huggie Bears and the Fort Wayne Hoosiers at the coliseum box office.

  21. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Sign AJ Bozoian… he’s still a rookie!


  22. TONY E Says:

    Greg if this was the NHL I might agree with you. But at AA hockey players do not (and should not) have that kind of sense of security. That is the lifestyle of an NHL star. Like Colin said, Gretzky got traded (3 times I believe)
    I just don’t think players at this level are entitled to do anything but play until their services are no longer required. Getting traded/released etc is part of the business.
    I don’t buy into this whole thing. He went to Italy for a paycheck. If this was tough on his marriage how is him leaving the country for 6 months going to make it better?

    Notice it looks like no other minor league teams he talked to apparently were willing to give him the “security” he wanted either. He could have followed Guinn to the CHL and made a decent living with the same quality of play.
    4 years with one team at this level is very rare in todays game.
    Calling a spade a spade, this was a last big cash grab for Colin and nothing more.

  23. TONY E Says:

    I think we all should chip in and get Blake a subscription to E Harmony! Of course if he does get married, his wife will take away his computer privleges when he gets home so no more late night blogging! 😉

  24. Blake Jr. Says:

    These days you don’t have to be married Blake…but thats a whole other blog topic….I could see Guy in a C.
    I hear there is a guy in the Detroit area that won’t be too busy this year. He may want to try out for the Captains spot…just a thought

  25. Skate Says:

    Why does everone think it would be such a hard decision to take 6 months of your life to make good money and spend the time doing what you love while travelling through Europe?

    Try it for a season, you don’t like it, comeback. It could be the experience of a lifetime — for him AND his family if they go.

  26. TONY E Says:

    Skate that is true. What does his wife do? How old are his kids?
    Something doesn’t make sense. If the dollar figure is close then it would seem to me it would be more “stable” for his family to stay in Fort Wayne and take your chances not getting traded within 12 hours of home/Fort Wayne or maybe 14 hours from home/Toronto.I base this on how long of a drive it would be from the furthest city in the league to Fort Wayne/Toronto. 12/14 hours might actually be too high of a guess. Instead he is picking up the family (or just himself) and going overseas. It doesn’t add up.

  27. TONY E Says:

    Skate you are right it would be the experience of a lifetime. All I am saying is, if Colin wanted a change of scenery, just say so.

  28. JR Says:

    The bottom line is we keep hearing the word “stability” thrown around when it comes to this league. I dont think it is absurd for anyone to want stability in the workplace. The way people are talking about these players makes them sound like migrate workers or yard tool etc… Use them up then throw them away…or swap them to your neighbor for something else. If what Colin says is true and the Frankes said that the second year of the contract was invalid then I lay this at the feet of the Frankes. I strongly believe that you honor your contract. When colin and the Frankes entered into this contract they were both looking for stability. Lack of forsight is not a reason to tear up a contract. There is no doubt that the K’s should be able to replace 1 great player with 2 good players. So lets hurry up and sign the next batch of migrate workers, stuff them into some sweaters and chear for the logo….

  29. Bob Says:

    Asking for a no-trade clause in your contract is like my requesting that you don’t fire me if you give me a job! While I like and respect Colin a lot….I understand that this is a business decision. Getting to stay in one city for 4 seasons is extremely rare at any level. I cannot think of too many jobs where I stayed at one place for that long. If someone offered me that kind of opportunity, it would be given very serious consideration.

  30. Bob Says:

    At least the players speak English! LOL!

  31. TONY E Says:

    JR , like it or not but sports at all levels is exactly the way you describe it and has been for a long time. There is no loyalty really by either side. Players go where the money is even if the situation is worse and owners cut players at will when they do not perform or when they become too expensive. Look at the NFL every year. Good players, players with plenty of game left get cut every year because of the salary cap.
    I think the Frankes desire to not pay Colin what he made last year was based on the performance of the team, his performance and his injury just as much as it was the money. The team did not reach their goal. So the coach is gone, the captain is gone and most of the team is gone. I applaud management for cleaning house and getting new hungry blood in here from top to bottom.
    Management knows what they are doing. They have proven it before and they will prove it again. I only with the Toronto Maple Leafs were run this well. Maybe they would win a cup in my lifetime.
    I am going to miss Colin, Guinn, Virag etc etc but I know that 5 years from now, there will be a whole new group of Komets “legends”. So yes I will be cheering for the uniform and the players wearing them. And providing they don’t bring in any more Mark Fitzpatricks, I will be cheering for all of them after they are gone as long as they aren’t going up against the Komets.

  32. TONY E Says:


  33. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Colin Who?

    He is not staying in this league because the teams he would want to play for can not afford him with the players they have all ready promised contracts to. K-zoo is loaded and can’t afford him. Muskegon is loaded and can’t afford him. Rockford will be loaded and can’t afford him. And why would he subject himself to another year with that knit-whit in Chicago?

    Bottom-line…it was $$$$$$$$…..plain and simple guys. I don’t blame him, and I don’t blame the Frankes. So please don’t sign Kevin St. Pierre to Colin’s contract and $$$$$$$. He doesn’t deserve that cash either. Please be creative and let your new coach bring us in some studs next year. Hope it is Marks and I am sure he has a team loaded with talent and excitement waiting in the wings.

    By the way…I loved Chaulker….I will miss seeing him play. All-time Komet great, for sure. No one can argue against that.

  34. randy Says:

    Sorry to see him go, to fans here he will always be a Missouri River Otter.

  35. JR Says:

    Well is just business…well its nothing personal…thats just how it is now adays… what a load of crap !!! These are the excuses we now hear when someone wants to cover thier backside wether in sports, real life, or whatever. Lets tip toe around issues till they go away. I guess I’ll just bury my head in the sand with the rest of ya and hope things go well. I’ll even take my glasses off during next season so all I see is Orange blurs racing around so I dont get attached to any one or two players. That way when a great player like Chaulk leaves and wont give a rats you know what…….

    On another note I hope that fans dont start thinking of sports as a business….THAT would truly be sad….

  36. TONY E Says:

    Sports is a business. That is reality. It is an ugly reality but that is the truth no matter how much it hurts. There is nothing wrong with being attached to a player. To this day my Doug Gilmour autographed Leafs jersey is my only possesion I wish to be buried with.
    But what would you have the Komets do? Give Chaulk whatever he wants at the expense of the rest of the team just so fans can have him around for another year or two? You can’t do that especially in a cap league. Apparently no other team in North America gave him what he wanted. If he signed with another team in the ECHL or CHL or anywhere else you might have reason to ask “if they can afford him why can’t the Komets?” but he had to go to Italy to get what he wanted. Good for him. It will be an exposure to culture and lifestyle that he will hopefully enjoy. This isn’t about the Komets management. This is about a player selling his services to the highest bidder.
    There are no issues to tip around. The Komets did the right thing by not letting an aging player dictate the future of the franchinse. Both they and Chaulk did what was best for themselves.

  37. blake Says:

    JR, the thing that struck me about talking to both of them today is that they understood it was simply business. Colin CAN make more money overseas, especially if he stays for more than one year; and the Komets made an equitable offer, but could not match what he could make in Europe. Both knew it and moved on. That’s life and they handled it like adults.

  38. jim Says:

    Tony E,
    MR.I know it all.

  39. TONY E Says:

    Not all…not yet anyway…give me a week or two and I’ll get there 🙂

  40. JR Says:

    In the article Colin said the money was essentially the same; but that he was looking for stability. Something towards the end of the year or during the offseason gave him the impression that the stability was no longer there.

    Tony, how do you know that he looked into any other team or league in N. America???? It sounds to me that his only option was to look over seas. And how can you say that he was just looking for the highest bidder when it sounds like all he wanted was for the K’s to honor the contract. And you can give all that garbage about this is how sports is now adays; but that doesnt mean that I have to like it.

  41. TONY E Says:

    First of all, on sports/business, no you don’t have to like it. I don’t like it. I am not even sure the players/owners like that aspect of it. But at times like this we are unfortunatly reminded that this is still a business. It sucks but if the Komets didn’t run it like a business and run it well, the team could go the way of Danbury or Missouri.
    I don’t “know” if he looked into other teams in the USA but he was free to try the ECHL,SPHL,CHL and any other league but the UHL. He wanted more than his contract honored. He wanted a no trade clause or a promise not to be traded. He wanted stability for his family. I have a hard time thinking if that is the truth that heading for Italy which would mean his wife would either have to quit her job ( I assume she works) and come along or the family gets split up while he goes away for 6 months would be his first choice.
    Really we are never going to know exactly who did what here and why. It isn’t for us to know. The speculating is fun and makes for good blog fodder.

  42. JungleMonkey Says:

    Moving forward… Anyone got a new captain in mind? Dupuis has been mentioned. I would like to see the K’s look elsewhere. Nothing against Guy. I would like to see a younger guy with some fire. Not another Komet retread.

  43. Bob Says:

    From what I saw earlier in Blake’s article, this Italian team played a 42 game season. If the money is similar….then Colin just gave himself a really nice raise….same money, but half the work. Where do the rest of us sign up at?!?

  44. TONY E Says:

    It is hard to have anyone in mind until the coach and team are in place. I wouldn’t mind them waiting until after training camp to name the captain. Let players compete for it or even possibly vote on it themselves.

  45. JR Says:

    I think that the beauty of the whole thing is that the K’s dont even have to run the team well. All they have to do is put a half way decent team on the ice because they have a meatball like me who orders next years season tickets early without first checking what the product is gonna look like. And unless you want to eat, drink or go to church there isnt much to do here in the winter time so your gonna get 2 t0 3000 walk ups… I mean honestly, how3 many people loved the product on the ice last year??? And we still averaged @ 7300 fans per game… And another beautiful thing is I’m ranting and I dont even remember where I was going with this……

  46. TONY E Says:

    Lol that sounds like the plight of a Leafs fan. There is an estimated 8 year waiting list for season tickets, all home games virtually sell out before the season starts and yet they haven’t won a cup (or even been to the finals) since 1967.

  47. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    JR, I feel your frustration. I have been seeing and hearing this coming for sometime now. It is funny that all of the things alot of people say behind the scenes end up being true. And everyone calls it rumors…go figure. I have said until I am orange in the face that the Frankes should do what it takes to bring Chaulker back. The one thing I will never understand is this…how does Muskegon and K-zoo get away with signing back their core group of guys that are all-stars in this league and we can’t afford one of our guys? And I know that neither of those teams have signed them publicly yet…but they will. Makes you scratch your head a little?

    I am still excited about next years possibilities…keep one thing in mind JR…No Greg Puldipshatski next year killing this team. That in itself is exciting….right? MAN!

  48. JR Says:

    Like JM said…moving on, I agree that I wouldnt mind seeing a guy with some fire be the next captain; but obviously that will be the decision of the new coach.

  49. JC Says:

    Here are some choices from last year that I would think would make good captains: Goodwin, Dupuis, Neumeier, or Luciuk. Also, why don’t we have Jamie Milam signed yet? That guy is gonna be a stud rookie in this league.

  50. Mark Says:

    I’m with JC…where is Milam…this guy should be signed by now…

  51. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    No offense to anyone….but I hope Luciuk is not back. He did not impress me very much last season. He has to be the most forgot about player when he is on the ice. He does nothing that goes noticed. He too disappeared in the playoffs. Lots of them did. Kelly Miller didn’t. I say if there is an empty veteran spot…you sign him.

  52. Hmmmmm Says:

    As for the comment thus far on this site… Tony… are the Frankees paying you? Stop worshipping everything they do.

    As for Colin leaving, GREAT PLAYER!!! Probably one of our best in the UHL. However, GET OVER IT. He is leaving, move on. For people that say “I won’t go to another game, etc” come on, get a grip. We all know you will be there this fall.

    On a side note Duhart will be our next captain…. I can pretty much guarantee that (as long as he is on our team)

  53. Mikey Says:

    It’s been a lot of fun reading the submissions to this blog over the last few years. I have participated before, but this will be the last time. The reason for my interest in Fort Wayne was one Colin Chaulk. The Komets are a great franchise, stands are full most games, the fans are the best I’ve seen. Colin is the most dedicated family man I know. Having said this, if what Colin has brought to the organization doesn’t deserve some level of stability than heaven knows what does.
    There has been a few comments about the Toronto Maple Leafs in the blogs from last night. Having lived in or around Toronto all my life, the Fort Wayne situation is looking somewhat similar. Stands are full, teams making some money. A few good players leave, so what, why worry? Good luck and god bless.

  54. TheOtter Says:

    I understand that hockey is a business, but what is the purpose of signing a contract if both sides don’t honor it. The Frankes negated the 2nd year of Chaulk’s contract. Both sides agreed 1 year ago on a contract and the second year of the contract should be honored. After that, then both sides begin negotiations all over again. Colin Chaulk will be greatly missed. To me he rates as one of the best Komet players to ever play the game in Fort Wayne. He always gave us his best when others on the team did not. He played both ends of the ice and could carry the puck across the blue line instead of always dumping it in. I will still proudly were my Colin Chaulk Komets jersey to the hockey games in the future. He will alway be “Captain” Colin Chaulk. Good Luck in Italy.

    The Komets need to sign Kelly Miller and Jamie Milam for the upcoming season.

    Frankes, please pick John Marks as the Komets next coach and do it quickly so that he can begin putting together his team for the 2006-2007 season.

  55. Bud Says:

    Does anyone here know what all was included in the “soft cap” that is not allowed in the ” hard cap”? And do you think this had anything to do with not being able to afford signing Chalk?
    I hate to see him go,but this team under achieved last year,and was not fun to watch.
    This franchise needed a drastic change,we need to put the rumble back in the Jungle.
    Bring back the chant!!!!

  56. Greg Says:

    I think most if not all of us are KOMET fans. We’ve seen players come and we’ve seen players go. Even though we complain that the Frankes let go some of the best players we’ve had in a while because of money or because they can’t play for the coach, in the end we watch because we are all KOMET fans.

    I’m really excited for next year.

    As for as new captian. I agree with Tony, lets get players signed first then decide.

  57. ilovehockey Says:

    Guy would be a perfect captain. I think he would be a great motivator and bring a positive attitude to the club. About chaulker, I have to agree with JR. I think the Frankes should have honored that 2nd year. Colin did nothing wrong this year and was an excellent leader again. I don’t blame him for trying to get some stability. Chaulk’s name was put up the last couple years for possible trade options. How safe would you feel about your job then? If your emplyer gave you a 2 yr contract, then after the 1st year they said, “Sorry. We’re not going to honor the second year.” I applaud Colin for taking the chance to maybe keep his job. Best of Luck and we know you’ll do great things.

  58. Greg Says:

    Let’s put the last four years into perspective

    02-03: Won Tarry Cup as regular season champs and the Colonial Cup as playoff champs.

    03-04: Won Tarry Cup as regular season champs then knock out of playoffs in second round to Muskegon.

    04-05: Division champs, third in league, loss in finals to Muskegon.

    05-06: 2nd place in division, sixth place in the league, loss in first round of the playoffs.

    Should a leader be able to do a better job of leading his team to three straight years of declining performance. And before everyone says it’s the coaches fault or managments fault. The “captain” is their to lead his team with the system and philosophy put forward.

  59. ilovehockey Says:

    The captain can’t hold their hands during the game and be with them on the ice every shift to be sure that they do everything right. Don’t lay all of that on Chaulk, like people tried to do with Frenchy. They can only do so much.

  60. Jungle Monkey Says:

    C’mon Greg thats like blaming the night manager of the quik-e-mart for lagging economic performance on fleet fueling stations.

  61. Greg Says:

    I disagree. I’m just saying that the performance of the team overall has declined over the past three years and common threads have been Puhalski (now gone), Frenchy (not currently with the team), and Chaulk (gone). Isn’t there just a chance the other reason the Frankes broke thier word is beacuse they saw this trend as well. That’s why they let Puhalski talk to Chicago, that’s why they let Chaulk see what else is out there for him, that’s why they told Frenchy that he originally was not in their plans for this coming season.

    If not then explain the reasoning for not doing everything they could to keep those trhee.

  62. Greg Says:

    JM-so are you saying the Chaulk had little influence on the team if you are comparing him to a night manager? If so then why was he captain at all? Should the Captain have some responsibility for his teams performance? Apparently your saying no.

  63. Jungle Monkey Says:

    I’ll give you three reasons….



    and $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  64. ilovehockey Says:

    Puhalski wasn’t worth the effort. Salary Cap. I think that they realized that the fans were getting extremely upset, and since we’re their bread and butter, they felt that they had to make huge changes. They weren’t willing or couldn’t fit into the cap, to pay Colin and Frenchy what they wanted or had been making and they knew this after the end of the season. Puhalski just didn’t want Frenchy back because Chief was a jerk.Why the Frankes felt like they had to kiss Puhalski’s butt all the time is beyond me. They have openly stated that maybe they made a mistake with letting Frenchy go so quickly. I don’t think that the Frankes want to see Chaulk or Frenchy go, but realize that the money they can offer might not be enough. Nobody likes to take pay cuts and if somebody else is willing to pay you more, why stay?

  65. ilovehockey Says:

    You know, everybody on here needs to put themselves in the place of these players and say, “What would I do?” We all know the answers.

  66. Jungle Monkey Says:

    I will be the last person to defend Chaulk as a captain. Lead by example and be soft spoken is a load of crap. I want a guy that yells on occasion, a guy that punches Robin Big Snake in the mouth if he tries to run Frenchy. All I’m saying is that it was pretty evident that you were either with Puhalski or you were against him…. which do you think Colin was?

  67. joseph Says:

    Been gone for awhile.

    Why is no one mentioning the salary cap in all of this. The league instituted a cap – one where everything is reported. With what happened to Galante teams will most likely follow the rules at least for awhile.

    So, Colin had a 2 year deal. Between years 1 and 2 the league goes to a new financial structure for teams. They want to renegotiate because of these new rules. Obviuosly Colin didn’t want to renegotiate.

    What about the NHL? It institutes a cap and EVERY player, whether a first year rookie or a superstar who had a 10 year deal took a 26% (I think that’s right) PAY CUT.

    Why shouldn’t Chaulk have expected to take a cut. I don’t know, but maybe those guys who have resigned in Muskegon took a pay cut.

    There is a correlation here, right?

  68. Greg Says:

    Let’s remember that accroding to Blake the Komet’s came in under the cap this past year and that amount has now been RAISED an Extra $25,000. So I ask again why aren’t the Frankes willing to pay Chaulk and Frenchy what they are asking? Could it have something to do with the overall teams perfomance declining over the past three years and those two being only olny two who have been here throught?

  69. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Maybe they’re just tightwads.

  70. Greg Says:

    I highly doubt that anymore. Back in the IHL I would’ve agreed. But not now.

  71. TONY E Says:

    Wow…I am the new whipping boy for one time posters with fake emails. Lol ok I can take it…HMMMMMM MAN!
    Mikey, Yes I am the long suffering Leafs fan. I compare the passion of Komets fans to that of the Leafs but the organization is run 100000% better. In my 32 years of on this earth the Leafs got close to the finals once (dang that Gretzky guy). The Komets have won 2 titles that I was aware of since becoming a fan and have made other appearances in the finals. The Komets do not bring back over the hill guys just because it is a nice story (Please tell me they are NOT going to sign Gary Roberts!!!)
    One thing I didn’t know was that this blog had been around a few years?
    Contracts….well what is the purpose of an NFL contract? Guys with contracts get cut at the drop of a hat everyday. That is what happens in any league where the contract is not guaranteed. In effect, Chaulk was cut.
    One other thing, can we please put this rumor to bed that Puhalski didn’t want Frenchy back? Or can someone give me some kind of evidence to support it? Just because it keeps getting repeated here doesn’t mean it it true. Is it just theory or does someone have facts?
    The Komets rid themselves of aging, injured overpaid players who got too comfortable with their lifestyle and situation in Fort Wayne and in MY OPINION let their play slag because of it. If they end up bringing St Pierre back at a reduced salary and a reduced role, fine. Otherwise, bring on Kevin Reiter and another quality goalie and use the left over money to sign a couple of young physical defencemen that everyone here wants to see.

  72. TONY E Says:

    normally in a soft cap you can go over but there are penalties for doing so. Kind of like the luxury tax in baseball.
    A hard cap means that under no circumstances can the payroll be above whatever the threshold is. I don’t know what the penalties are for breaking the cap but they are normally much more severe than just a fine.

  73. blake Says:

    Next to Colin Chin, Chaulker is the best captain the Komets have had during my tenure covering the team, and he’s very comparable to Chin. Like every great captain, he does stuff that no one sees outside the locker room as well as on the ice. Please, let’s not question his abilities as captain. To me, that’s ludicrous.

  74. Greg Says:

    Tony- If I’m Kevin Reiter I’m watching what the Komet’s do with Frenchy. If the K’s sign Frenchy then I, as Kevin Reiter, am not going to sign with the K’s. I would like to chance to play more than the token game while Frenchy plays the majority. I don’t think we can get the qaulity backup unless Frenchy is willing to take a reduced role and I’m not sure he’ll do that.

  75. Greg Says:

    Blake, I’m still not seeing any argument other than mine as to why the Frankes wouldn’t belly up, and you can’t deny that fact that overall perfomance of the team has declined on the past three years. Doesn’t the captain of the team have some responsibility there?

  76. blake Says:

    Greg, maybe it was just time for changes, on both sides. Let’s face it, I wrote at the end of the season that this era of the Komets was over and it was time to start the next one, and that is what’s happening.

    As for Colin’s responsibility, his numbers didn’t change and neither did his leadership. I don’t fault him for the last season at all. If anything, he was caught in circumstances.

    Life goes on and changes. This is something he feels he needs to do, but it wouldn’t shock me if he comes back someday, either.

    I told you guys very early in this process that this was all negotiating, but everyone had to find a conspiracy. If there was a conspiracy, do you think the two sides would have been so cordial? We’ve all seen this stuff before where it became very ugly. Neither side is happy right now, but they realize it’s nothing personal. It’s business. Besides that, what a wonderful opportunity for Colin and his family. Play every Tuesday and Saturday, and then travel the region the rest of the time.

  77. TONY E Says:

    Captains have different styles. I kind of like a guy who leads by example and doesn’t rant on a regular basis. That way when he does open his mouth people really stop and take notice. I don’t blame anything that happened to his lack of leadership on the ice or in the room. If anything, remember the turmoil the team was in at the start of the season. He might have done his best job as a captain this year by helping to hold the team together.
    As to Reiter..If French is “handed” the starting job I would agree with you. If Reiter and Frenchy go into camp with an equal chance to compete for a starting job, I would think Reiter would be up for it and honestly, I think he wins.

  78. TONY E Says:

    You know, it makes me laugh and think about what if the internet was around the day Gretzky was traded from Edmonton…or in the years after Ruth was traded to the Yankees…..the night Buckner let the ball go through his legs… only in the last few years have fans had true real time forums to “vent” We should consider ourselves lucky.

  79. komets29fan Says:

    Good Luck to Colin; He made the right decision. I also hope that Frenchy will do the one year contract. It wouldgreat to see him back for another year. He’s a great goalie.

  80. Mikey Says:

    Tony: My email address is ok, Roberts will come back along with Lindros. Peca is coming to TO also, at least he wants to. And I have posted in the past, must have used an assumed name. Finally, I guess it just seems like a few years for the blog. Have a good weekend.

  81. Greg Says:

    That’s what I was going to ask you Tony. How did you feel when Lindros signed with the Leafs?

  82. chaulker =( Says:

    im gonna miss my chaulker!!

  83. TONY E Says:

    Mikey, I was not talking about you. I heard on fan590 Peca was coming. That would be great. Lindros I was leery of because of the injury but they didn’t overpay for him. Stiffs like O’neill and Allison bothered me.

  84. Skate Says:

    It’s simple:

    1) Chaulk wanted primere money as a top guy

    2) Frankes arelimited on the money

    3) Frankes are scared of his injury

    4) Frankes want to try someting different

    5) Chaulk was ready to try something different

    6) If they reached agreement, fine. If not, I think both sides were ready to split with a minimum of hard feelings

    7) Something differemt came along, Chaulk wanted to try it, and did.

    8) Frankes are confident they can take that moeny and replace him.

    9) Again 3 teams in the past four years won the Colonial Cup WITHOUT Colin Chaulk

  85. TONY E Says:

    Skate, that was one of the most lucid, well thought out posts I have seen on here in a long time. It was almost as good as mine (just kidding) Really very well said.

  86. Komet Fan Says:

    For people to even be questioning the value and leadership of Colin Chaulk is absolutely ridiculous!!!! Chaulk has been the PREMIERE player in the UHL for the last 4 years, bar none. Certain people want to lay blame on Chaulk for the failures during the past few years. You people need to look elsewhere for that blame. Start with Chief… The guy is a HORRIBLE communicator, crappy motivator, and has cost the Komets countless players over the past 6 years. Next, blame the Frankes. Some of the guys that have been brought in have been just brutal. Not going to list names, but just think about it. Our defensive players have been old,slow, and didn’t believe in taking the body the last 3 years.

    On to Frenchy, 105-36 the last 3 years. 69 games over .500…. Last time I checked, that is well over a 80% winning percentage. People want to compare him to Lawson? Give me a break!!! Look at the defensive corps Lawson had and look at some of the stiffs that have been here with Frenchy. Frenchy not a championship goalie? Please!!! He won a championship in the WCHL. He is a 2 time league MVP. The guy is flat out a stud at this level.

  87. TONY E Says:

    St Pierre= Peyton Manning? Well not quite because St Pierre has managed to win a big game/series in his past

    QUOTE “Chaulk has been the PREMIERE player in the UHL for the last 4 years, bar none”

    ummm I disagree. Robin Bouchard? Hugo Belanger? I can name at least 4-5 other players who I say were better or at least on par with Chaulk so to say he is “bar none” above anyone else I think is looking at him with orange colored glasses.

  88. JR Says:

    I dont remember Bouchard or Belanger ever playing defense…. I always thought of them as cherry pickers…

    Chaulk is one of those special players in that he can beat you on offense, shut down your top offensive players, try’s to put you thru the glass, plays BOTH special teams, and if you really piss him off…he’ll beat the tar out of ya. And he is always hustling. That in my eyes makes him one of the top players in the league…

  89. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I totally agree JR. Alot of people are so hung up on pure goal scoring, which is not a bad thing, but when we talk about all-around players…Chaulk is #1 in my book.

  90. TONY E Says:

    JR he is indeed one of the top players in the league. I just took issue with the assertion he was the “bar none” best player in the league. I think there are 8-10 players who are within the realm of best player, Chaulk being one of them.

  91. TONY E Says:

    I wasn’t just looking at goal scoring. Trust me as an ex goalie I put a strong value on defence too. I think like all fans we tend to overvalue our own players. For several years fans in Toronto would not have taken Wayne Gretzky and Mario in a trade for Doug Gilmour (ok I admit I was one of them LOL )

  92. komets13 Says:

    Awhile back on intotheboards they had an article from the Kalamazoo Gazette asking their players who they thought was the best player in the league and many of them said Colin Chaulk. Sure Bouchard and Belanger put up points and are great scorers. But Chaulk is the complete package, not a one dimensional player. I hate when people say anyone is replaceable, that is complete crap. Players like Colin Chaulk do not come around very often. Just ask either Bobby or Danny Stewart or Sean Venedamn what kind of player and person Chaulk is and how respected he is among his peers.

  93. JR Says:

    Tony, you said that you dont just look at offensive numbers and yet you named two guys who are at the top of the list of one deminsional players… I would actually like to hear the 4 to 5 other guys you think are better all around players. I am sure that if you could persuade Chaulk to stop playing defense and become more one dimensional that he could score100 to 125 pts in a year…as long as he didnt have to play with Frawley and Rumble…lol

  94. JR Says:

    Also Guys like Bouchard, Belanger, Nelson, etc… have always been surrounded by quality offensive talent and been able to stay on lines for the entire year together. Puhalski’s musical chairs theory for line combos was very scorer freindly…

  95. TONY E Says:

    I like Belanger, I think he is a good two way forward. If all I looked at was scoring I would be a member of the DAB cheering squad lol. Hugo also had a better +/- than Chaulk this year.
    I would put Mike Oliveira, Olivier Proulx ,
    Bootland, Deitsch, for defence a guy like Labenski, etc. I am not saying any of these guys are BETTER than Chaulk but Chaulk is not clear cut ahead of the rest of the better players in the league either.

  96. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Ok guys….this has been one fun “Pissing Match”….do I need to tell you all the story about my college roommate again? He would kill all of you in that game…LOL

    Can we all agree that Enema Man is the #2 mascot in the league? Bar None…….

  97. TONY E Says:

    yeah, we call agree enema man brings up the rear behind Icy 😉

  98. JR Says:

    We must be thinking of different Belanger’s…lol

    I would not put Olivia Proulx, or Bootland in that group; but I did really like Dietsch and Oliviera. Would like to see Deitsch do what he did for a few years before officially moving him into that “group”….

    I still would put Chaulk a good way above any of those guys.

    I havent seen that much of him the last couple of years ; but I always thought Sylvain Coultier was in that all around gruop…

  99. JR Says:

    I dont know Hit….#2 is a crappy position to be in…

  100. TONY E Says:

    Sylvain Coultier…wow I remember when the Blackhawks thought he was going to be a stud….shows why they are where they are. Agreed he is very good player at this level.
    This is a tough discussion because since these games are not on TV you only get to see the opponent a few times a year and almost always against the Komets. So you don’t get a real good perspective on how good they are against different teams/styles. We see Chaulk 40 times a year. So to us he looks great almost every night he players. It also works in opposite which is why Rob Guinn got plastered for his “faults”. They look alot worse to people who see him night after night. So maybe I am on my own planet. I liked Guinns game alot more than most and I don’t hold Chaulks game as high as most. I don’t think he has to take a back seat to anyone in the UHL. I just don’t believe he is head and shoulders above the rest of the leagues better players. I think that says something about the “star power” that has come into the UHL in recent years. There really are some very good players in this league.

  101. Skate Says:

    Just to clarify my position: I DO think that Claulk was (certainly) in the top 3 players in the league — ranking depending on how heavily you rank defense.

    If you rank “D” highest, he’s probably the beat. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have been signed. I said BOTH sides were ready to try something different.

    It’s a moot (not a MUTE point — God, I hate when people say that) now, because he has signed elsewhere. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back here in a season or two.

  102. TONY E Says:

    Possible though what will he have left in another 2 years? I think it will depend on how he heals from his injury.

    My biggest word pet peeve is loose when it should be lose. I have never seen that until I got online years ago. It seems more people do it the wrong way than right.

  103. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I hate it when they call him Blakes…and not Super Fan….LOL

  104. TONY E Says:

    I know what you mean MAN!

  105. Mark Says:

    Someone on ITC said the Komets have hired Pat Bingham as the coach…this guy says he has an inside source..but if I was that inside source i would surely be ticked off…

  106. JR Says:

    What does ITC stand for again ????cannot for the life of me remember…

  107. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    They stand for nothing really……uh….I mean: In the Crease….LOL

    I hope it is Marks.

  108. JR Says:

    So close in style, I dont think we can lose either way…..

  109. blake Says:

    I was just wondering how long it would take for somebody to throw something up. Anybody can throw something up, but what does it really matter? There’s no proof, and really what we’re all waiting for is something official. I could just as easily throw something up saying it’s John Marks and it would be just as credible right now.

    I personally heard the other day the Komets were going to name Hit Somebody the new coach. They like his aggressiveness and orneriness. He could be THE MAN!

  110. Mark Says:

    Blake, this guy has thrown stuff on the boards before and it was indeed true…I just don’t see how he has the right to do this..its very selfish on his part..if you ask me…

  111. JR Says:

    Hit the new coach….awesome…it will be like Slapshot on ice….now starting at forward the new Komet captain please welcome Ogie Ogilthorpe……lol

  112. JR Says:

    Komet Warrior could be the equipment manager as long as the guys like Taco Bell as the pre game meal…..pass the hot sauce MAN!!!!!

  113. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Could you all refer to me as “Chief”….?

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