August 16, 2006

10-year pro Daniel Goneau agrees to terms
Kelly Miller re-signs


Fort Wayne, IN — The Komets announced Tuesday that veteran skaters Daniel
Goneau and Kelly Miller have agreed to terms for 2006-07.

Goneau (guh-NOW), 30, is a 10-year pro with NHL
experience. The left winger was chosen by New York in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft
and appeared in 53 games with the Rangers over 3 seasons from 1996 to 2000
registering 13 goals and 15 points while adding 14 penalty minutes. Goneau also
offers AHL experience of 244 games (73g, 152pts) in stints with Binghamton,
Hartford, Hershey and Lowell. He was a member of the 2000 AHL Calder Cup
Champion Hartford Wolf Pack. Recently Goneau led Fife (BNL, France) with 37
assists and 59 points during the 2003-04 season and was selected a BNL All-Star.
During the 2004-05 season Goneau led Epinal (French league) with 15 assists and
25 points in 25 games.

"We’re very fortunate to have
Danny. He’s a veteran with a tremendous amount of experience which includes
playing for the New York Rangers," Komet head coach Pat Bingham said. "He brings
skill and speed and with the new rule changes and the game opening up he’s going
to be an impact player for us." Last season the Montreal, Quebec native appeared
in 52 games with Laval of the LNAH scoring 23 goals and 62 points. Goneau skated
with recently signed Komet Bruce Richardson in Louisiana in the ECHL during
2002-03 posting a career high 43 assists, 64 points and 102 penalty minutes in
48 games.

Miller, 27, will be starting his 3rd season with
the Komets. Last season the veteran center posted 12 goals, 30 points and 92
penalty minutes in 56 games. Miller registered 2 3-point games, scored 4 game
winning goals and was one of the top Komets in the shootout with 6 goals out of
10 attempts. "Kelly adds the diversity of speed, good hands and an aggressive
style which fits perfectly with coach Bingham’s game plan," commented general
manager David Franke.

The Toledo native joined Fort
Wayne in December after starting 2005-06 as an assistant coach with the Alpena
IceDiggers (juniors) of the North American Hockey League. Miller, a 2004 UHL
All-Star while a member of the Rockford IceHogs, was awarded the Komet’s "Mr.
Hustle Award" for 2005-06 and will be entering his 7th pro year.

"We’re building our team around
speed and skill," added Bingham. "We’re fortunate to have both Danny and Kelly
on our team."

The addition of Goneau and Miller
brings the Komet offense up to 5 skaters including Bruce Richardson, Jonathan
Goodwin and David Hukalo. The Komet defense includes Guy Dupuis, Mike
Dombkiewicz and Kevin Hansen. Veteran goaltender Kevin St. Pierre rounds out the
Komet roster at 9 players to date.


132 Responses to “Signings”

  1. Mark Says:

    Welcome back Miller..welcome to Fort Wayne excited about both of these players playing in fort wayne. Komets are gonna be very fast..losts of speed..and in this day and gotta be able to skate to compete..2 excellent signings for the Komets..

  2. chuckitt Says:

    blake, did you get komet warriors permission to post those signings? great signs, now we need to add the guys to protect the skill fellows or it dont mean nothing!!! one vet spot open for larocque,duhart or elich. we need some badness please!!

  3. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Whats with building the team around speed and skill? A month ago it was size and toughness. Frankes have already brainwashed Bingham?

  4. Jeff Says:

    You’ll wake KW from his afternoon nap.

    Seriously, these signings to date sound good. At this point, unless something changes, I’m guessing Duhart is probably not on the Komets radar with 1 vet spot left. I would hope to see either Larocque (for grit) or Elich (more scoring) signed.

    Blake, any word on the remaining dispersal draft picks? I know a few of them took offers elsewhere.

  5. Teresa Says:

    Yippee! Really glad to see Kelly back and I’m sure Goneau will be an asset. Keep ’em coming K’s!

  6. Blake Says:

    I don’t know and don’t have time to check right now. I’m swamped with HS football tab.

  7. komets10 Says:

    Unless the veteran rule changed and I didn’t see it, the Komets have 2 veteran spots left.

    St. Pierre

  8. Mark Says:

    who cares about HS Football….

    ok so I’m just kidding. I’ll be watching the Churubusco-Fremont game friday night.

    actually, we have 2 vet spots open. Who are you guys counting as the 6th vet. As far as I can tell:
    Richardson, Dupuis, St Pierre, Goneau, and Miller are the vets.

  9. JR Says:

    Isnt Hansen a Vet???

  10. Jeff Says:

    I guess I was assuming the Ks already had 6 vets signed.
    Even so, I think I would still concentrate more on trying to bring in Larocque and Elich first then Duhart if you can’t get one of those two.

    Has anyone checked Elmira’s signings? They actually signed Brendan Tedstone! If that isn’t a waste of a vet/roster spot, I don’t know what is! Wasn’t he the 400-pounder Flint had for a while two years ago? Granted the guy is reputed to be a big-time fighter, but he also has to be able to catch somebody to do it.

  11. JR Says:

    OOOooops, just checked UHL website and they have Hansen listed as a tweener. For Whatever reason I thought he was a vet…

  12. Mark Says:

    No, Hansen isn’t a vet. and Tedstone even though he is 35 or whatever, he is considered a rookie…

  13. Steve Says:

    Tedstone is not a vet, he will be playing part time for Elmira.

  14. JR Says:

    They say Tubstone is down to 275 or something and trying to lose more…

  15. Hoss Says:


    I know he’s not the fastest or biggest or best goal scorer, but he plays with heart and any guy who is out there giving his all has a place on my team any day!!!

  16. komets29fan Says:

    Glad to see Kelly back! Smart move

  17. chuckitt Says:

    i was thinking we only were allowed 6 vetern spots. so if its 7 we have two spots open and we have yet to sign an enforcer or a second sniper. youre right jungle monkey! size and toughness has once again been replaced by the company line, spped and skill. last year speed and skill got buried in the corner by the tougher teams and nobody stopped to offer condolences.

  18. chuckitt Says:

    all of you(except komet warrior) are invited to try your hand on my trivia quiz page go to”.play good luck!

  19. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Great Job bringing back a true Komet Warrior in Kelly Miller. He is the type of guy that makes a team better by the little things he does in a big way. Sounds like we signed 2 big parts to our team today. Can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves next…

  20. Mark Says:

    Boy, people need to get off the toughness part..that part im sure will come..just because they haven’t signed them yet, doesn’t mean they aren’t talking to someone either…it just hasn’t happened yet…

  21. JungleMonkey Says:

    A year ago we said “It just hasn’t happened yet…….. and it never did.

  22. Komet Warrior Says:

    Yes Blakes had my permission to name signings. He is in OHIC and so do you to do that get it? Thats how it works around here MAN!Mark Churubusco-Fremont is not in the UHL MAN so that is not any NEWS for this blog ok. The next signing will be for a TOUGH GUY i was told!

  23. JR Says:

    Warrior, you must be really short cause everything just flies right over you head….LOL

  24. Sniper Says:

    Has anyone heard anything about if Milam is close to coming back? I think he would fit in well with the team the K’s are building.

  25. JungleMonkey Says:

    You my boy, Warrior!

  26. David Says:

    Good Signing, but building your team around speed and skill with no element of toughness mention is scary…Looks like the company line of bringing back the “Jungle” atmosphere is and was just that!!! If we do not have 3 to 4 guys who will fight night in and night out we will get run right out of our own building…Hit are you getting soft on me???

  27. chuckitt Says:

    if milam is in the uhl ill be surprised. hes echl or ahl material. glad that blake has to answer to komet warrior to blog on here. still tired of hearing that speed and skill will get us thru, casuse it wont. we now need some real bangers to complement the skilled guys. lets hope is comming at the end of the week.

  28. Skate Says:

    I was gonna ace your stupid quiz but I couldn’t get the link to work.


  29. Skate Says:

    Lose the dash after the “4” and you get there.

    My result: Well, see for yourselves.

    The two biggest stories of the year: Chaulk leaving and Goneau signingm both broken by SKATE. (Long before either appeared in the newspaper) Or copied from the transaction wire and posted by Komet Warrior (AKA chuckitt).

  30. blake Says:

    I agree with you guys about the toughness, but that’s also usually the easiest and cheapest thing to find. I’m not saying anything about how valuable it is, but more on what the marketplace value is.

  31. chuckitt Says:

    if toughness is the easiest and cheapest thing to find, wheres it been the last two years? i guess the problem is the continual promise of the tough part but then its always thrown in the corner and skill and speed are then resurected once again and again…..skate(aka komet warrior) must be sleeping with someone in the know….

  32. JungleMonkey Says:

    OHIC T-shirts will be available for purchase soon.. Anyone interested. Its a simple black T with OHIC in bold white letters… $15/ea.

  33. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    David…Hard as a rock MAN!!!!

    I too am waiting to see some big tough studs to pound the front of the net. I am sure that is why we signed Hukalo though right? Mine as well bring back Guinn too, you know, he has forgotten about more fights than any of us has ever seen, so don’t question his toughness.

    You would think that all of this talk about bringing back the JUNGLE and getting back to Old Time Hockey in Fort Wayne…that the Frankes would have marched someone out to the media to slobber over?!?! I am beginning to believe what we all said at the end of this past season…that they would give us the same old company line about hard nosed, physical type players that will not be afraid to fight and hit…who do we have so far that fits that mold?
    Go get ’em Franklin(Domber) and Hukalo!!!!

    Hey it’s Franklin….come on out and play!!!

  34. Mark Says:

    JM-Is that breaking news…

  35. IndyKomet Says:

    Great signings….Welcome Goneau! and Welcome back Miller!

  36. Mark Says:

    whats todays date again…

    Oh its August 16th..we got plenty of time to sign some toughness..and im sure it will come..

  37. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Marketing 101 says…give the fans a sniff of what they want…give them a big tough stud that takes no crap…march him out early so that everyone sees that the company line is not just BS.

    Or wait until Christmas and decide to find someone after your top-liners have been beaten to death night after night and your Goaltender is out for the season.

    You gotta believe that they will address that part of the team…but I just think it would have made alot of sense to have done that within the first 5 signings since that is what they, as the teams management, have been chirping about since the end of the playoffs. Not just one guy either…give us 5 or 6 guys that aren’t afraid to take the body and clear the front of the net. This team better look different than last years pink shirt wearing bunch did.

  38. Tony E Says:

    Good evening everyone. A good day for the Komets. The pieces are falling into place

  39. komets10 Says:

    Even though his stats may not say this, Goneau is a physical player…not the thoughness most are looking for, but he does play with an edge. I would look for him and Richardson on the same line that they have been in past years.

  40. David Says:

    Elmira has sign all the “tough” guys and Flint is rumored to be signing Jon Mirstay (sp) played 2 years ago for Danbury. Was in LNAH last year. Yes, signing tough guys who fight will be tough because most of them are getting better money from the CHL and ECHL. We need 1 or 2 D-men who will fight when another team’s forward to a run at our goalie, and 3 forwards who will stir it up on a nightly bases. Until I see it I will choose to stay at home and watch B2 networks and Elmira who will be an “old” time hockey team.

  41. blake Says:

    It’s easy to find any goon, it’s hard to find players who can play, too.

  42. DNL Says:

    All signing thus far have been great signings. My opinion it’s much better to get the guys we have been getting before other teams snatch them up. I agree we need some rough players. The WORST thing would be to assume any of these players signed thus far can or will patrol the ice. However, there are alot of spots still open both on offense and defense. From what I can assume, we only have a first line in Richardson, Goneau, and Goodwin and some third liners in Miller and Hukalo. Plus our defense is only halfway there. We also don’t have any rookies yet.
    Oh and don’t be too hard on the ‘fast and skilled’ yet. That is NOT what we had last year. Rockford hustled right around the Komets in the playoffs last year. Plus we had been called ‘average’ in ability by many, including Goodwin last year. IF you want to see a ‘fast and skilled’ team from last year it was K-zoo. Their ability to break the puck out of their defensive end was tremendous. And while they were tougher physically and didn’t put up with crap from other teams, they weren’t made up of heavyweights either (unless you consider Ruff to be one.) And K-zoo, not Rockford or Danbury ended up with the best season record and the cup.

  43. scoops Says:

    If you look at the rosters to date….does any team really scare you? I mean, is anyone just loading up on goons? I think not. Your team is built in the fall and finalized in camp, not in July or August. I wish you guys would stop using your season ticket holder’s right to bitch about every player not signed yet. This is done piece by piece and these are two decent pieces to the puzzle.

    I am going to stick my neck out and say I think management is going about this in the right way. Maybe its a little slower than normal but that is fine. It’s not a player’s market this season. The company line….please. More whiner talk. This team will be tougher and anything will be an improvement from last season. Right now the focus is more on speed and skill. What is wrong with that? Isn’t that an essential part of winning games? I am not deminishing the importance of on ice intimidation, but that will come down the road a piece. I wouldn’t be surprised if a young, hungry rookie took on this role by winning a spot in camp.
    This team may not have the worthless goon some of you covet yet but it sure does seem to have more players with talent and an edge to their game than last season.

  44. scoops Says:

    We need 1 or 2 D-men who will fight when another team’s forward to a run at our goalie.


    Until I see it I will choose to stay at home and watch B2 networks and Elmira who will be an “old” time hockey team.


  45. Skate Says:

    Scoops, we know you guys are Franke’s lap dogs, so please don’t criticize the people like us who actually PAY for our season tickets to simply let it be known what we WANT.

    Every yeat we hear the same thing, then ONE guy is brought in (a Worlton, a Holliday, a Tromblay) who’s supposed to “handle the rough stuff.” (Or a 5′ 9″ enforcer is added)

    Almost immediately we find he’s up against 3 guys from then other team and we find out that either the coach wouldn’t play him or he couldn’t skate.

    This is no “scoop.” The fans want aggressive, fighting hockey. Not another group of p ………….. ansies. (Slapshot, edited version)

  46. David Says:

    Where did I use the word “goons” and for your info Scoops, Elmira is Loaded with guys who can fight night in and night out if needed. Rockford last year had the same players who can do both, but when you look at what has been signed by the K’s nobody that we have in the mix fills that role. Hey for my money I want to see entertaining hockey. Guys that can skate, score, and fight and protect or send a message to the other team. I am tired of reading quotes from the Franke’s on how it is important to have a team that can play a phyiscal game and a team that resemble the days of the “Jungle”. Will see what happens over the next month or so, but right now I think we will get the same product on the ice like we had last year and for the most part that was “Boring” hockey.

  47. JR Says:

    It will be nice to have a training camp again… Didnt Pulhalski basically just bring in the team he wanted that year with maybe an extra goalie??? Its gonna be nice to have guys fighting for a roster spot. May even be worth playing hooky from work to go watch a session…

  48. Sniper Says:

    I may be in the minority but fighting is not the one priority I would like to see. I would much rather have an aggressive team that won’t back down to anyone, over the fighting. Yes, there are times when fighting is necessary, but it seems to me that most of the fighters are liabilities, either no offense or no defense, i.e. Wolrton.

    From the signings so far, I completely disagree that this team will be “boring” like last year. There is already more speed and the players are more aggressive. Heck, there were times last season I though Goodwin was our most aggressive player on the ice last season. While I am not Goodies #1 fan, he can show some grit when he needs to. And, I definitely don’t believe Bingham is going to let this team be pushed around.

    If all you go for is the fights then start watching boxing, there is a lot more to the game than that.

  49. Jungle Monkey Says:

    If you like fights, watch the UFC… Go to a boxing match… yada yada..

    Where is the manual that you all read with these canned responses?

  50. Greg Says:

    Great signings, Goneau is a pro vet with good NHL experience and Miller has become a fan favorite.

    I also think that an agressive team is a good team and that means a team that won’t back down for anything. Goneau is a tough kid and Miller showed at the end of last season and in the playoffs he was willing to throw down. We’ll have to wait and see on the other picks. I’m still interested in the back up goalie, I still don’t think Reiter will sign.

  51. scoops Says:

    There is really no point in debating with the “old school” guys on this board. Its doesn’t matter that its only August. It doesn’t matter that hockey has evolved to the point where Worlton’s have no value to the team anymore. It’s “where’s my fighters?”
    IMO the fan base (or the most vocal) on this board want tough, aggressive hockey. I am in that group as well. That is entertaining in itself. But you have to combine that with skill (and speed) or you will not be a winning team at season’s end. That is the kind of squad that is being built right now if you know the players and not just read the stats.
    I want to run deep in the playoffs, not talk on the golf course in April about how cool it was to see how many fights we had during the year. I want to watch playoff games, not read about them or catch them on B2.
    You can be tough and aggressive and that will bring some penalty minutes. Signing penalty minutes does not bring you a tough and aggressive hockey team.

  52. ilovehockey Says:

    Welocme Goneau and welcome back Kelly. I’m glad we re-signed Kelly. That guy plays with a lot of heart and seems like he truly loves the game. He seemed to me to be a real hustler when needed too. I also don’t care if we have a big fighter. I’d rather see speed, talent, and the team defending the ice without always having to have a goon. Granted, we need somebody willing to stand up in front of the net and take the pounding, but not necessarily a goon.

  53. Greg Says: is reporting that Drew Omicoil (one of the Komets dispersal draft picks) will play for HC Bolzano this coming season. That pretty much goes with what most were saying. I would have liked to have seen Drew play here, but oh well.

  54. Skate Says:

    My fear (one of them, anyway) is that Goneau will turn out to be another PC Drouin. Loads of unused talent because, for whatever reason, he just never seemed to find a place to fit in to the system. (Maybe it was the system)

    I probably (undoubtedly) qualify as one of the “old school guys” on the board, but I do actually have enough hockey sense to understand that you don’t have 19 fighters on a team. Depsite what Scoops thinks.

    However, YOU HAVE TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE! Especially when the other guys have 3 or 4 who will mix it up. When your opponent can trot out a Big Snake, Johnson, Watson, Tibbetts and you counter with a 5′ 10″ guy (Galbraith) or Jorde, I’m telling you, you are in trouble.

    From what I’ve heard Richardson is going to be our “BIG SIGNING.” I think he will be a valuable addition but with all the hype going around about “a new direction” I was expecting more.

  55. Skate Says:

    Also — BLAKE (or someone) please clarify this for me. I’ve posted this in the past with no response from anyone:

    If most of the clubs honored the “soft cap” of $275K last year since no one admitted to going over (except Danbury and K-Zoo) with an extra $25,000 to spend this year, WHY ARE THE PLAYERS SAYING THEY HAVE TO TAKE A PAY CUT?

    And the clubs are complaining that it is hard to sign players for what the league can afford to pay?

    The CHL’s salary cap is less. And, I believe the ECHL has a cap, as well.

  56. scoops Says:

    Little overkill on the 19 fighters. Just a little. LOL. With just about each signing of late…what is almost the first thing out of some of you? It’s either “where is our toughness” or “look at what (fill in the blank) signed”. I agree…we were 100% on the short end on most nights when it came to ice patrol last season. Galbraith did fine but he didn’t have anyone else behind him really except a reluctant Jorde, who also did fine when he rarely stepped up. That was last year though.
    This year the entire landscape of the league could be “euro-hockey” for all we know. You don’t rush out and sign 6 fighters when everyone else is stocking up on skill.
    I think you have got to go your own direction in your team philosophy but still kind of watch what other teams are doing too. You don’t want to sell yourself short in any facet of the game. All I am saying is be patient and see how it all plays out before you become critical on the moves we are making. The signed players make up about 50% of the actual roster as of now. There is still room and plenty of time.

  57. Blake Says:

    Skate, the Komets dumped most of their money into a select few and then filled in around. This time they are trying to have a more balanced approach.

    Remember when everyone complained about Danbury and then Danbury fans said everybody did it? Do you really think some of these players stayed in the same place for so long getting $600 a week? Please.

    Can’t prove it and likely never will be able to, but I think there were a lot of questions about most teams. I said that all along and all I heard was, “But it’s a soft cap!” Whatever.

    Now maybe everyone can see how important it is to have a hard cap. Teams cheating set the financial bar for everyone else to try to match. Why aren’t any of those Danbury players signing anywhere else this year?

  58. Greg Says:

    That still begs the question of Muskegon though, they seem to be able to sign alot of there longtime vets, Bouchard, Dolyny, Robinson, Etc. They could have been playing within the limits of the old cap and now have extra money to spend, but I don’t know.

  59. Tony E Says:

    Greg some of those guys with roots in the community may have taken quite a bit below market value to keep their families and their off ice jobs secure. Didn’t someone say
    Bouchard sells cars in Muskegon? He has name recognition there and probably makes as much money doing that a year as he does playing hockey. You can get a nice home in that area for below typical market value (same in Fort Wayne), so if you were him, why leave?

  60. Skate Says:

    So, most UHL team Managements were lying last year when they said they were under the $275,000 level?

  61. Komet Warrior Says:

    OHIC Warrior Hockey Update

  62. chuckitt Says:

    once again scoops you are putting words in our mouths. we old schoolers dont want a goon, we just want to see what the frankes said we needed, bigger and more physical players. we drafted a couple, but couldnt or wouldnt sign them. then we sign hukalo and once again we see it comming, speed and skill speed and skill and the tough part is all of a sudden, lets wait and see, its only august, plenty of time…. we are waiting but so far we have a couple of third liners and a galbraith type player and a former nhler. there is time but id like to see the toughness start to show up. im getting excited but i know that if this years team puts me to sleep like last years did, then my going to games since 1959 will sadly come to an end. i can spend that same entertainment dollar somewhere else, but i want to spend it on the komets, so im still waiting!!

  63. Shutterbug Says:

    Personally, I’d like to see a few players about the size of Kalamazoo’s Nick Bootland (6’2”, 215lbs) and Adam Elzinga (6’2”, 220lbs) Someone who will clear out the players camping in font of the net, who’s big enough to protect the goalie and can hit.
    Therefore utilizing Newton’s laws of motion of physics.

  64. Shutterbug Says:

    The book titled, “The Physics of Hockey” by Alain Hache, available at the Allen County Public Library is interesting.

  65. Greg Says:

    Kalamazoo loses Damian Surma to an Italian team for this season.

  66. Tony E Says:

    This is an exciting time. This league is going to be filled with an entire new cast of characters. Really nobody going into this season is going to have a clue as to who the favorite is because even if you say “well Muskegon signed all of this talent”, you have no idea how these other teams with all the new faces will mesh.
    As far as getting the tough guys, Richardson is a banger and normally the rest of the rough gang fill in the 3rd and 4th lines. There are PLENTY of those players out there. Most of the other teams are doing the same as the Komets right now, filling skilled positions. And as far as goons go, I don’t think ANY have been signed yet (Tedstone does NOT qualify as a goon. He is in lue of sandbags for the back of the team bus to keep the wheels from spinning)

  67. Shutterbug Says:

    Many UHL players are traveling to Italy for this season. Not that I blame them, the culture, the food and money.
    It just makes me wonder who was scouting for the Italian league last season?

  68. Greg Says:

    While I agree that as the season progress we won;t know how teams will mesh, which would lead to an interesting playoff season, You’ve got to admit that Muskgeon has to be a favorite with K-zoo because they have been able to sing guys who have played with each other for the past three to four years. They won’t have that getting to know each other phase that the rest of the other teams will have to go through.

  69. chuckitt Says:

    tony this isnt the nhl we dont have a 4th line in the uhl…elite professional hockey!yes richardson is a banger, but not what i call a protector. i just hope this doesnt turn out like last year with only one guy to do the fighting and nobody to stand up for the goalies. i just dont want this league turning into the euro league west.

  70. scoops Says:

    Protects the goalie from what exactly?

  71. hobo Says:

    the other team running them….cheap happened plenty of times last year.. not only to the goalies it happened all over the ice…and no one would do anything about it..some would flap their gums but thats about it

  72. Greg Says:

    Bingham said that he wants to have a team that will stick up for themselves, in other words thrown down if need be. What we have to decide for ourselves is are these players that are currently signed the type of players that will defend themselves.

  73. Tony E Says:

    You also do not want to get the team reputation that anytime someone comes near the goalie 5 guys are going to jump him. I mean it sounds good from a “stick up for your goalie” standpoint but if I am the other coach I see it as a great way to get a cheap powerplay. You only need one “policeman” on the team and these days that guy better be able to do more than just police.
    As far as a 4th line, you don’t have one that takes a regular shift. It is an extra combination of guys who are sent out to either play physical or some other purpose, normally tailored to the team you are playing against. Sometimes it is just a “power line” of scorers.

  74. chuckitt Says:

    we wont know any of that until we see them in action!

  75. joseph Says:

    The UHL does not have a fourth line. With the roster size a fourth line can’t exist. You have 10 forwards, 6 or 7 dmen and 2 goalies.

    There’s talk of Muskegon and signing all this talent. They resigned Bouchard and Robinson. Jeff Nelson, David Wrigley, Ryan Keller are all gone. They have Bouchard, Robinson and Dolyny. I don’t think they’re ahead of anyone in terms of talent.

    We have Richardson, Goodwin, Goneau. Three top line players. Nothing wrong there.

    I’m not getting worried about the big, bad Fury. They have 3 forwards and 5 dmen.

  76. Tony E Says:

    Perhaps I should have explained better.
    There is no 4th line from the standpoint of bodies. The 4th line (or even 5th) is a combination of players suited to a specific situation when the coaches “shorten the bench”. These specialty combinations can make the difference in at least 5 games each year which can make a big difference when it comes to playoff seeding. I am kind of out of it today. I hope my thoughts are making sense.

  77. scoops Says:

    Makes sense to me. To the casual fan it looks like the coach is juggling lines.

    What does not make sense is the ludicris statement that our players are being ran (which is a reach), and the notion that our goalies are being ran (which is someone’s figment of their imagination). Get a clue. There is not a game that goes by where the goalie doesn’t get in some kind of contact with an opposing player(s). These instances are not even close to proclaiming the MCC as Baghdad and starting a war over it. People doing a tuck and roll into them…fine. Beat their heads in. People getting shoved into your goalie or other touchy-feely stuff….thats hockey and comes with the territory of being a goalie.

  78. Greg Says:

    Some of the old schoolers though remember a time where no one and I me no one hit a goaltender with out some sort of retrbution. That sort of thing doesn’t happen now a days and with goals that break away so skaters don’t get hurt there is no dis-incentave for some to run a goal tender.

  79. JR Says:

    It must be getting close to hockey season because scoops is telling us all to get a clue… Remember his brother in law is a former hockey player so he knows better.

    For my next ludicrous statement I will ask which specialty line was Chaulk-Frawley-Rumble????

  80. hobo Says:

    yes cheap shots are part of the game so is standing up for a teamate unfortunately we saw more cheapshots than we did see teamates standing up for eachother

  81. hobo Says:

    yah goalies getting touched and poked is part of the game also

  82. Tony E Says:

    Well…Billy Smith…Ron Hextall…Chico Resch…those guys stood up for themselves. Anyone getting near them skated away short an ankle, a groin….
    Chaulk Frawley Rumble….you know what? I don’t have any idea LOL. Seriously, that combination was the result of lack of depth. Really, without someone of Chaulks talent centering those two, what chance in Grabil did Frawley or Rumble have in generating any offence?

  83. JR Says:

    I was just trying to point out that there was in fact ALOT of line juggling last year and that most of us understand the concept of “shortening the bench.”

  84. Tony E Says:

    I didn’t think folks didn’t understand the concept. Posting with a migrane I mistyped the first time so I was trying to explain what I meant. Lol blogging with a migrane…NOT a good idea.

  85. Komet Warrior Says:

    Hey JUNGLE MONKEY all OHIC members shoould get one of your OHIC T-Shirts for free wince WE are in. There are SIX of US now. The members are ME, Jungle Monkey, Ice King, Blakes, Marks, and AMELIA. Let get these shirts going MAN!

  86. Sniper Says:

    Hey KW, you should change it from OHIC to, that seems to be where you get all of your “insider” information from.

  87. Hoss Says:

    JM, your dream has come true!!!! You are a part of the highly regarded “inside” club.

  88. Skate Says:

    Tony E: In response to your comment about needing just “one policeman,” I refer you to my post of some moments ago.

    Our one policeman tangles with Watson. They’re both off. Here comes Big Snake, Johnson, Tibbetts and they run rough shod over our team. Banger Richardson, our 1st line center, to the rescue?

    Scoops, if you don’t think goalies get run on purpose, I refer you to our recent playoff series of a few years ago against Muskegon when Jason Lawmaster knocked BOTH of our goalies out in consecutive games.

    Don’t you remember that?

    If you think the Komets have been tough, tell me when it was when Fort Wayne had a guy that was a FEARED fighter or had a wing that actually made opposing D-Man hurry a pass for FEAR of being hit. MAN!

  89. Drop The Gloves!!!!!! Says:

    Andy Towsend, Guinn, and Jorde

  90. DNL Says:

    From what I can see on the type of players that are being signed thus far, Komets are going to look more like the K-zoo of last year as opposed to the Rockford of last year. While I agree that Rockford is fun to watch, the team that I thought was most exciting was Kalamazoo. K-zoo had a quick, talented team that (although short of any goons) stood up physically against any other team in the league. With the evolution of hockey, and the big rule changes that came into affect as of last season, this IMO is the kind of team you need for the best chance to win a cup. If you want a team full of goons and fighters, that’s great, I’m not going to try to change your mind, but I don’t think that is the direction that Bingham will go.

  91. chuckitt Says:

    once again, no one wants a goon. what we want are tough players who stick up for themselves and for their teammates. and scoops, if you didnt think that oposing teams were not trying to run st pierre last year, then yu either werent watching or you dont know hockey. it use to be an unwritten rule, you dont touch my goalie or there will be a price to pay. its like baseball, hit one of ours and well hit one of yours. ask terry pembroke or cal purinton what would happen when randle or irons got brushed. oh thats right, none of you would even know who those people are!! hahaha! all you really have to do is ask any of the oldtime komets from the ihl days and youll see what we are talking about. i know that times are changing and were into that euro stuff, but if your goalie is your most important piece of your puzzle, why would you allow another player even to look at him crosseyed. i was in lots of altercations in college just because some guys would stop short and spray the goalie. what we saw last year was it seemed nobody cared. we just wants some guys this year to staand up for one another!! thats all!

  92. DNL Says:

    I disagree chuckitt, there are those who want goons.

  93. chuckitt Says:

    ive not read of anybody on here asking for a one dimensional good. none of us want a tedstone, we want someone like a chaz johnson or snake or a willis. got to be able to score or at least play a normal shift the whole game!

  94. Sniper Says:

    Everone seems to be referring to one team–Rockford–as far as having multiple “policeman”, and not mentioning any others. I’d far rather have a team where each player would stick up for himself and not get pushed around and be willing to mix it up when necessary, than one guy that everyone in the league “FEARS”. In that, I definitely agree with DNL, and as I recall K-zoo won the cup not Rockford.

    Hey Worlton was a great “policeman”…I mean joke! No skills and couldn’t fight, yet everyone wanted Worlton to go out an clean house. It was more of a sideshow when he was on the ice than a protector of the team. Give me a solid squad offensively and one that won’t back down to anyone, over your “Policeman”, who probably doesn’t have the skills necessary to contribute in any other way and will end up hurting your team more than helping it.

    And all this talk of the old days…this is 2006, live in the now…it’s not the same game it used to be. Fighting will still be there as long as the guys hit each other with sticks…but it’s never going to be like is was.

  95. JungleMonkey Says:

    It amazes me that people can put words into each others mouths so easily.

  96. JR Says:

    I want 19 goons and Mike Wiggins on our team…. The heck with goalies, I mean with all that protection wiggins should score 380 goals and the other team will never make it past center ice…… I feal so much better now that I dont have to hide my true feelings. This house is clear….

    I really like the K’s signings so far; but I think they could have avoided all this by signing at least one rough customer by now. Notice I did NOT say goon. The K’s management preached tougher “jungle” style hockey this year and besides an agitator they havent come thru YET… I dont think coach Bingham will start recruiting powder puff girls now that he is coaching in Ft Wayne so I will be patient. I do totally understand some peoples fears that we are all being fed what we wanted to hear cause its happened the last 5 years… Now this could be just another ludicrous or ridiculous statement from another delusional fan but its still just my opinion…..

    Goons, goons, goons……LOL

  97. Tony E Says:

    What about The Goonies? 😉
    My thought for the day, you don’t need to be a “tough guy” to stick up for your teamates if the situation calls for it. But you also have to be smart enough to know when to turn the other cheek for the greater good (winning games) Call it a hunch but I think no matter who is here this year you will see a more physical and smarter effort on the ice. Like a said, just a hunch.

  98. Komet Warrior Says:

    OHIC Warrior Hockey Update

    The KOMETS will sign a TOUGH GUY coming up soon i was told by MY sorces. I did email the Chicago Hounds hockey team and with MY list of questions and will be giving the response here soon!

  99. chuckitt Says:

    great comment jr! no goons needed. kazoo had willis when a goon was needed but others on the team were willing to step in when they had to. rockford had a lot of fighters and didnt win the championship but it wsnt because of the fighters. their third liners were really weak and their goalies were avg at best. kazoo had a good mix and they actually were old time komet hockey! thats what we want back in town, not just a slogan on a billboard, but the actual thing on the ice. the frankes have promised us once again to have it and we oldtimers are still waiting…. and it might only be the eend of august but time is ticking…..and if hockey has to keep changing so soccer moms dont get upset, then you can have it. ill stick to baseball.

  100. brandon Says:

    Can we please get spell check for Komet (Uhl website) Warrior. His sources are telling him that the Chicago Hounds are his favorite team but he wants to make us Komet fans happy by letting us in on the Uhl info. Please get some originality Warrior. Jungle Monkey when did you join the OHIC? Is the back of the t- shirt the uhl web address? As far as signings go we have 9 players signed, that means we have 9 more spots to fill for each game. Seems to me we have alot of room for the Rough Player were looking for or the two or three of them. Maybe we should let Bingham get a training camp roster together before berating him for the company line and not living up to it yet. I think we will be surprised, or at least i hope so

  101. Bob Says:

    Brandon, your last comment is right on the money! I’m sure that this year’s camp will be MUCH more competitive than in previous years……especially since there are less jobs…(just like the real world!) Perhaps that toughness might be discovered during camp. I am looking forward to see who we invite to camp and see how the preseason games turn out….by then we should have a good preview of things to come.

  102. Mark Says:

    Thank You Brandan, great comments about the toughness part. People need to realize its only August, the K’s might find the toughness in you said..lets see what happens during and after camp, then start ripping the Komets, right now, not one person has a leg to stand on as to ripping the Komets for lack of toughness so far….

  103. chuckitt Says:

    might.. maybe.. could be…..heard it before. half the team is signed, no tough guy yet. maybe we will find him in camp ….maybe…., but when you promise something i would think it would be something youd want to take care of right away to help build excitement and sell a few tickets. not bashing anybody, i just want to see them live up to their promises. for you rookies, these are the same people who promised us that steve fletcher would never wear another teams uniform. so if i sound a little negative, its not becasue im trying to be pessimistic, its just like i said, weve heard it before then something happens and then we hear the excuses and then they hope weve all forgotten until the next spring when we hear that what we need next season is some size and some toughness……….the frankes are great guys and we need to wait and see how our new coach puts things together but that shouldnt stop me from trying to keep them accountable for what they say…..ok?

  104. JR Says:

    Who’s berating Bingham ???

  105. Tony E Says:

    Actually I hope half the team ISN’T signed yet. The great thing about this league is without guaranteed contracts, nobody who has been signed is promised anything! So I hope that training camp will actually have some battles for jobs instead of players thinking they are entitled to a spot on the team based on past performance here or elsewhere. That is the only way you will truly know who WANTS to be a Komet

  106. JungleMonkey Says:

    I hope Huckalo gets tossed at training camp.

  107. Tony E Says:

    Well..if he is playing a large number of minutes that doesn’t bode well. However he is certainly a servicable role player who isn’t going to hurt you. He hustles and makes the most of the talent he has. I can live with that.

  108. Komet Warrior Says:

    Hey Jungle Monkey you got are tshirts ready yet MAN? We should all tell you are sizes. I use a XL.

  109. Bob Says:

    I think that everyone here would not mind seeing some of that toughness on display during training camp practices and the preseason games. If some of the players have to duke it out during practice or have a heavyweight bout during a game to make a statement, that is fine with me! Lets try to remember, it’s late August….but lets get guys that REALLY WANT to wear Orange and Black this season.

  110. Skate Says:

    I KNEW we should have signed Marks.

  111. Tony E Says:

    LOL Skate you are supposed to wait until their first 2 game losing streak before you say that.

  112. chuckitt Says:

    remember skate is a white sox fan so his thinking is a little off to begin with

  113. JR Says:

    Unfortunatly Skate, we are too late…. Marks is helping run the OHIC with Warrior…..

  114. Tony E Says:

    I have it on good authority that Marks is the Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida.

  115. Jeff Says:

    I just want to know….
    is Blake really the Pigskin Prophet?

  116. Skate Says:

    Do you think that Warrior would give him his release to coach here?

  117. Tony E Says:

    Last I heard KW was hanging by a chad in Mayor Marks office.

  118. brandon Says:

    I thought that kw was in a cage in the chicago office of Puhalski. Waiting for his OHIC tshirt to arrive from Jungle Monkey.

  119. Tony E Says:

    Was it posted anywhere what was going on with Matt Elich? I found his rookie in a set I was sorting tonight and it made me think about it.

  120. blake Says:

    Don’t you think I have enough to do without being The Pig? Or as I call him the pig.

    I’m efficient, but I’m not Superman. Besides, I’m not that funny.

  121. JR Says:

    Anything on the horizon Blake, I think we need something new to talk about again…

  122. chuckitt Says:

    yeh something new!! anytime the discussion turns to the komet warrior with no response from him, means its time to move on! oh yeh, with his permission of course!

  123. blake Says:

    I don’t know anything but I’ve been a little preoccupied as you’ll see in today’s paper.

  124. Mark Says:

    Preoccupied with what….Isn’t this blog your 1st priority…

    im hoping you sense the sarcasm…

  125. Mark Says:

    Boy, blake, I should of read in the paper online before i made that comment. I’m sorry.

  126. Jeff Says:

    Sorry to hear about the loss of Mr. Hartman. Even though it no longer covers the high school near me, the PrepSports section is still a must read.

  127. Greg Says:

    I guess you could same we are into the dog days of summer because nothing is going on.

  128. Blake Says:

    That’s OK, Mark; don’t sweat it.

  129. Komet Warrior Says:

    Marks does run OHIC MAN he is just in it got it! If anyone has any NEWS they need to email it to ME.

  130. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    We all know KW’s password…so why e-mail him the info…we could just post any new info ourselves…right MAN?

    Hey Marks…congratulations on your new promotion as the OHIC Commissioner. Sounds like you are about as important as Dickie Brosal is. That was the ultimate crackdown right there…I apologize. UHL…Elite Professional Hockey…or did Dickie mean E-Cheat?

  131. JR Says:

    Odoriferously Horrible Imbecilic Commentary

  132. Komet Warrior Says:

    Hit you broke into my old email and now you admitted it. Blakes should delete you and your false posts for doing these to me. Marks isnt not the comissioner he is just IN OHIC as a member because I run it but others are in it. got it MAN!

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