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Very sad news if true

September 30, 2006

Body may be ACPL staffer

Genealogist vanished in Toronto on Sunday.

By Jeff Wiehe

Colleagues of Ronald “Ryan” Taylor now fear the worst after a body matching his description was found in the Niagara River near Devil’s Hole in Lewiston, N.Y., on Monday.

Taylor, 56, an Allen County Public Library genealogist filming a documentary for the History Channel in Toronto, disappeared Sunday. He was supposed to fly back to Fort Wayne on Monday but missed his flight. His bags were found inside a Bloor Street and Avenue Road area hotel where he was staying at the time he disappeared. According to the Buffalo News, the body of a 6-foot-2-inch, 350-pound man with a full white-and-gray beard and receding hairline was found in the Niagara River the day Taylor was supposed to land in Fort Wayne. The man, who has yet to be identified, was believed to be 45 to 55 years old.

“It describes him to a T,” said Louise St. Denis, the director of the National Institute of Genealogical Studies based in Toronto, where Taylor was an instructor. “In our minds, it’s him.”

Taylor was in Toronto to film a documentary called “Ancestors in our Attic” for the History Channel. A Toronto Police Service report describes him as white, 5 feet, 10 inches tall and 300 pounds with a gray beard and mustache. The report also said he has diabetes and depression, for which he requires daily medication.

Toronto Police said the Niagara (NY) County coroner had not yet identified the body as of Saturday morning.

Blake: Ryan Taylor is also an outstanding Fort Wayne sports historian and has co-authored the Zollner Pistons Story with Rodger Nelson in 1995 and Fifty Years of Komets Hockey with Don Graham in 2002 which are  the two greatest historical books about Fort Wayne sports ever written. Their book is THE authoritative book on Komets’ history, and I would encourage everyone to read it.

If this is true, this is a huge loss for Fort Wayne in so many ways that most people would never realize. Ryan was a tremendous person and resource of the community itself. It was my honor to work with he and Don a little on the Komets’ book, and I learned a great deal from both of them. I will definitely miss not being able to pick up the phone when I get stumped on a historical question and ask him for the answer. It was always interesting to see if I could find the answer first or get frustrated and call Ryan, knowing he would have the answer within an hour if he didn’t already know it off the top of his head.

The Allen County Public Library is a building, but people like Ryan are its heart, and Ryan is definitely part of its soul.

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New Job

September 29, 2006

No, not for me, but for Doug Teskey. Thanks to a tip from FWKRTJ, who found Doug working for the Elmira Jackals as a corporate sales rep. Good for Doug.

Also, the Memorial Coliseum has pictures of the new locker rooms up on its web site. Some of you were asking, so I put a bug in Randy Brown’s ear and he jumped right on it.

Everybody have a safe and relaxing last weekend of the offseason. I plan on it.

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Steve’s little project

September 28, 2006

He’s the MAN! Here you go:

And there is audio to it as well. Enjoy.

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Hopefully in about 10 minutes…

September 28, 2006

I’ll have something really cool for you. News-Sentinel photographer Steve Linsenmayer went out to the informal practice Monday at McMillen and came back with some interesting stuff which he has packaged into a slide show. There might be some unfamiliar names and faces to some of it, but the Komets were skating with some amateur players as well.

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Still more on Ruid, etc….

September 28, 2006

From David Franke:

“We raised our offer some, but the main thing I think is that he started thinking if he really wanted to go to Europe. For one thing, he has a sister who is going to have a baby, and he wants to go home over Christmas and see her and the baby. Another thing is I don’t know how many more years he’s going to play, but he wanted to play for Pat again. Those are the main reasons.”

Regarding keeping eight veterans and the thought that Kelly Miller might be on the bubble:

“I don’t think that at all. We’ll find room for eight veterans. Kelly Miller does a lot for this club and we’ll just take it to training camp and see what happens. I don’t have a problem starting the season with eight veterans, and I don’t think this spells the end of Kelly Miller at all. There are certain things he does, playing aggressively, good speed, good in the shootout, that we’ll need. We’ll just go with eight veterans  for a while and let it sort itself out.”

Are they done looking for players?

“I think we’re done right now, but that doesn’t mean  that we couldn’t start campa nd get somebody in here. We have 29 players now, but as it always does, once training camp starts, people start getting cut in other leagues. We’ll keep our eyes open.”

When do they expect to see the defenseman from Hershey? Toward the end of training camp or in the first week of the season.

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More on Ruid

September 28, 2006

According to coach Pat Bingham, Ruid is expected to be here the entire season.

“We dug in,” Bingham said. “We felt strongly that he needed to make a commitment to us, that outside of the AHL, this is the best place in North America to play. This is a proud organization and a successful one with the support of the community and the fans. He understood that.

“Call me old-fashioned, but I’ve coached J.C. for four years, and we broke off negotiations last week because we stood firm. There’s no gray area here, and he knows that. He knows this deal is for the full year, and he has given his word. He brought up the possibility he had for going to Europe in the first place, and I give him a lot of credit for that. He didn’t have to do that but he was up front with us all the way.”

From J.C. Ruid

Regarding Europe: “That’s done. The deal was I just needed a little more time to think things through. I had talked with them (the Komets) a couple of years ago and things didn’t work out, and I probably didn’t make it clear enough this time that I just needed a little more time to think about it. This definitely wasn’t the easiest decision, but I’m thrilled with it now that it is finished.”

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Ruid signs

September 28, 2006


UHL All-Star veteran agrees to terms


Fort Wayne, IN — The Komets announced today that veteran J.C. Ruid has
agreed to terms and has been added to the 2006-07 roster.

Ruid, 31, will be entering his 9th pro season and
5th in the UHL. He started his career in 1997 playing stints with Baton Rouge
and Roanoke of the ECHL. Ruid made his UHL debut in 2000-01 skating for Komet
coach Pat Bingham in Asheville guiding the Smoke to the UHL Eastern Conference
championship finishing fourth on the team with 34 goals and 75 points in 74
regular season games. Ruid then led the Smoke to the Colonial Cup finals scoring
11 goals and 16 points in 11 post-season games.

Ruid posted a career high 40
goals, 56 assists and 96 points during 2002-03 with Adirondack. The skater also
appeared in 63 UHL games during 2004-05 leading Rockford with 36 goals in
regular season play while topping the IceHogs with 9 goals in 12 playoff games.

Ruid has appeared in 238 UHL
games to date posting 135 goals and 294 points while accumulating 323 penalty
minutes. He was named to the All-UHL Second team after the 2002-03 season and
was selected to the 2005 UHL All-Star Classic.

Ruid has had many AHL call-ups
during his career including stints with Grand Rapids, Binghamton, Albany and
Wilkes Barre-Scranton. Last season Ruid made his European debut skating 4 games
in Austria and 22 games with Aalborg I.K. in the Danish league.

The addition of Ruid brings the
Komet preseason roster to 29 players.


Komets open camp Oct.
…..head coach Pat Bingham opens a 2-week training camp Monday, Oct. 2
at the Coliseum. Three exhibition games, 2 at home at the Coliseum and 1 on the
road, are planned. The Komets will host Port Huron in a preseason tilt on
Coliseum ice Wednesday, Oct. 4. Then the Komets will face Kalamazoo in a
home-and-home exhibition series starting at Fort Wayne Friday, Oct. 6. Saturday,
Oct. 7 the Komets face the Wings at Wings stadium in Kalamazoo for the final
preseason tune-up. The Komets start the season on the road Friday, Oct. 13 at
Rockford and will skate their 55th home opener Saturday, Oct. 21 against Quad
City at 7:30pm.  -2006-07 Komet schedule-


Tickets on sale
…..single game tickets for all 2006-07 Komet home games will go on sale
Friday, Sep. 29 at 10am at the Memorial Coliseum Ticket Office and online at . Tickets for two Komet home exhibition
games also will go on sale Friday morning. 2006-07 season tickets continue to be
on sale at the Komet office at 1010 Memorial Way in Fort Wayne. Fans may call
the Komet office for ticket information at (260) 483-0011 or make inquiries via
email at Ticket information is also available at

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A few notes

September 26, 2006

* Pascal Morency is built exactly like Andy Bezeau. He looks like a freaking bulldog you wouldn’t want to mess with. Also like Andy, he’s usually smiling.

* Eric Boguniecki got sent down from Columbus today to Syracuse. He won’t be there long.

* Took a tour of the new Komets locker room’s today and they are sweet! Incredibly nice and bright.

* Went to lunch with Pat Bingham today and asked him what type of team he wants to put on the ice.

“What we’re not going to have is perimeter team,” Bingham said. "We’re not going to just sit on the perimeter and try to score that way. I know the highest percentage scoring chances are odd-man rushes and rebounds. We want to have players who are going to play in traffic to create odd-man rushes, to try to create two-on-ones all over the ice so that takes a certain amount of commitment and bravery, playing in traffic. You have to take a hit to make a play and chip it to your buddy. We’re not going to stay way out wide and make cross-ice passes. That’s not how it’s done. We’re going to shoot the puck a lot, go to the net and we’re going to get in front of that goaltender so he can’t see. We’re going to work on those things from the very beginning. You do it for me, and I’ll do it for you.”

You could say Pat’s a little fired up right now and ready to go. He knows he’s really going to have to scramble early because they have that exhibition game on Wednesday, and he’s got a whole new team of players who don’t know him and he barely knows some of them. There’s only three players on the team who have played for him before, and he’s only seen one of the defensemen play at all.

He knows he needs to cram about four weeks of stuff into one, and it won’t be any easier with the extra exhibition game. I’m not really sure what that game will accomplish except possibly weeding out some of the weaker skaters.

This could be a little scrambly early. The Komets are still looking for players and are still getting and making calls. It is going to be critical that the players show up in pretty good shape or the Komets could be facing problems early. They just don’t have that much time to prepare.

This morning Kevin St. Pierre, Pascal Morency, K.J. Voorhees, Kevin Hansen, David Hukalo, Jonathan Goodwin and Mike Domkiewicz skated at McMillen with the help of some local amateur players.

Bruce Richardson is continuing to recruit heavily in Montreal. It’s possible the Komets could have more than 11 players from Quebec in training camp. Almost all of them are working out together.

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More movies

September 26, 2006

I’ll also have a report later this evening when I get it done. Plus we’ve got some really cool stuff coming up later in the week, too.

These are all from which is a really cool site.

More Ovechkin
I’m jealous
This is funny. Wait for it…

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Ruid signing elsewhere

September 24, 2006

Komets General Manager David Franke said this afternoon that the team has broken off negotiations with forward J.C. Ruid. Ruid is expected to sign with Chicago, but how long he plays there is anyone’s guess.

“He has a strong desire to play in Europe, and he could not commit to play the entire season in Fort Wayne,” Franke said. “He’s going to keep looking to play in Europe, probably all the way until the first of the year. We’ve been down that road and that was not a good thing that happened to our club. We’ve been burnt by that before, and that’s not something we want to take a chance on.”

The Komets lost forward and leading scorer Mark Smith last season after 25 games to go to Europe. Two years ago they also lost defenseman Jeff White who signed in June but broke the contract in August to play in Europe.

Franke said the Komets have a couple of potential players in mind to fill Ruid’s slot, including a couple of veterans. The team will also announce some more training camp roster additions this week.

“We’ll just keep looking and see what happens,” Franke said. "There’s a lot of teams in the ECHL who have over-recruited, and there will be a lot of players coming available, maybe even this week. If the right guy comes along or another is ready to make a commitment, then we’ll have eight veterans to start out.”

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