Public service announcement

September 6, 2006

There are two new blogs on The News-Sentinel site for you to enjoy. The first is Pete DiPrimio’s on Notre Dame football at: and the second is from Reggie Hayes on the Colts at Pete’s is up and running and Reggie’s will be up soon if it isn’t already.

Boy, you want to talk about too much political talk, both of those will be FULL of hot air.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.

UPDATE: The links work now.


66 Responses to “Public service announcement”

  1. Greg Says:

    With all due respect ot Pete and Reggie, I’m an IU fan and a Steeler fan so I think I’ll leave those two alone.

  2. mark Says:

    go colts, go irish

  3. Greg Says:

    I will say the Irish better go better than they did against GT.

  4. Greg Says:

    Okay here’s something. I notice on the USATODAY page that Ed Campbell has signed to play for the Utah Grizzlies of the ECHL. I thought he wanted to play closer to home? Utah ain’t it?

  5. Greg Says:

    And correct me if I’m wrong but did Joel Martin, from Kalamazoo, sign to play with Trenton of the ECHL?

  6. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    UHL….Elite Professional Hockey????????

    Looks to me like everyone that was ELITE in this league has jumped ship. What another fine mess you have gotten us into Dickie Boy.

    Did Mr. Brosal’s problems with the mob just blow away in the wind or are we just supposed to forget about his cheating ways?

  7. FWKRTJ Says:

    Notre Dame? Who ever heard of Notre Dame football?

    Boiler Up! *horn*

  8. Jason H Says:

    Boiler This!

    11 National Championships
    7 Heisman Trophy Winners
    176 1st Team All-Americans

    And counting….

    0 National Championships
    0 Heisman Trophy Winners


  9. Tony E Says:

    Now THIS is going to be a good thread LOL.

  10. Burgee Says:

    those teams get in the way of my komet action, sorry Reg and petie!!!!

    G O K O M E T S ! ! ! !

  11. Tony E Says:


  12. MJ Says:

    WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Tony E Says:

    Lol the team I follow in the CFL 😉

  14. Greg Says:

    Gotta be the Argo’s!!!

  15. JR Says:

    Cant remember if anyone already said this; but Tom Lawson was invited to the Blackhawks training camp…

  16. Greg Says:

    He was looking at either Chicago or Pittsburgh to play in their farm system, but as of today I haven’t seen him in either.

  17. Greg Says:

    Good catch JR. Just saw Chicago’s training camp roster and I saw Lawson’s name on there.

  18. Greg Says:

    Whoever was interested in David Koci should know that he also is on the Blackhawks training camp roster.

  19. Tony E Says:

    I like the Argos too. They are team #2 for me. It got no play in the states but 43 year old grandfather Damon Allen (yes the brother of Marcus) broke Warren Moons pro football passing record of 70553 yards over the weekend.

  20. Greg Says:

    I saw that on ESPN, I bet the game was on on of the sports channels I get and I just didn’t watch it.

  21. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Koci at NHL camp? Tony, how can this be?…lol

  22. Tony E Says:

    Because they need someone to beat up the rookies!
    Of course who knows. Andre Roy and Todd Rierden both lasted in the NHL alot longer than I thought.

  23. chuckitt Says:

    roy is the kind of guy the komets need big bruising and can play a regular shift.

  24. Greg Says:

    We had Roy once when the Komets were in the IHL and I didn’t think much of him then.

  25. Greg Says:

    Ken Fels signs with Muskegon

  26. Tony E Says:

    Both of those guys played for the Komets back in the IHL. Rierden reminded me of one of those contruction workers who holds the SLOW sign and only moved when he thought he was going to get run over and Roy was just an idiot.

  27. JungleMonkey Says:

    Roy was an idiot, I still take him on next years team.

    Fels is a pretty tough customer.

  28. JungleMonkey Says:

    Thinking about Roy and all of this “team toughness” talk reminds me of the 98-99 team. That was team toughness…


    The odd thing is they were all 6’2″ or bigger….

  29. Bob Says:

    Tony, I thought that Rierden was one of the guys that is just standing with about 3-4 others WATCHING the one guy that is actually digging the hole! LOL! And to think that I have a stick that Rierden signed! (one that actually was used!) LOL!

  30. Komet Warrior Says:

    OHIC Warrior Hockey Update

  31. Komet Warrior Says:

    OHIC Warrior Hockey Update

  32. chuckitt Says:

    ohic update ….harry freeze announced today he has traded young pitcher george ruth to the yankees in exchange for cash which will be used to finance a new play on broadway called no no nannette..more to follow.

  33. Komet Warrior Says:

    Hey Chuckit you want to be in OHIC?

  34. Tony E Says:

    Lol Bob. Maybe is was the stick that had the STOP sign on the end of it?
    JM with all that toughness AND two of the Russians for parts of the year, they finished .500 and were bounced in round 1.
    Of course it was all the fault of
    Brad Purdie!! I still wonder if it was the hands of Jimmy Hoffa that tripped him everytime he crossed the blue line.

  35. Blake Says:

    They were slower than even me that season.

  36. chuckitt Says:

    noooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy jose

  37. Jungle Monkey Says:

    They were slower than you Blake? Isn’t that taking some liberties with the truth?

  38. Greg Says:

    Roy probably could play a regular shift here in the UHL with the skill level, so maybe. He might even be considered a heavyweight.

  39. Mark Says:

    Are you kidding Greg? Roy would be the best player in this league.

  40. Greg Says:

    Please, oh Please Mark, I hope that’s sarcasims.

  41. Jungle Monkey Says:

    I think the UHL’s Elite Professional Hockey marketing scam is working.

  42. Hit Somebody!!! Says:


    Lead Clown—–Dickie Brosal

  43. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Oh where oh where has our Dickie Boy gone….oh where oh where could he be?

  44. brandon Says:

    I think old Dickie Boy has gone to the mattresses with Galante. How is it that none of the members of the board of governers have asked for or requested an investigation into old Dickie and his dealings. Sounds to mee like the trash man has gotten into all of the owners pockets. or maybe only Mr. Brosal our great commissioner that has done such a great job for the league this year has paid them all off. I for one know that if i owned a team in this league and heard some of the Backdoor underhanded things That Dick and Cyro(however you spell it) talked about on a wiretap, Id want some answers. Sounds to fishy to me.

  45. Komet Warrior Says:

    OHIC Warrior Hockey Update

    Rockford got a goalie and tough guy that I wanted!

  46. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Funny how that whole thing has gone hush-hush and no one is talking about it. How do you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar and still keep your job as Commissioner? Just sweep it under the rug and hope that no one talks about it and we can market this crap called Elite Professional Hockey in which all of the Elite players keep jumping ship.

  47. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    UHL…..Unethical Hockey League????

  48. chuckitt Says:

    uhl utterly hysterical league or unethical hockey leader or ultimate hoodlum league

  49. Tony E Says:

    I think you guys are going to be very suprised at what you see this year. Just because some “names” are leaving the league looking for more $$, what makes you think the new players coming in will not step up and become the stars of tommorow? Personally I would rather see the youth movement instead of the 30 somethings floating around trying to keep from working corporate full time. I might be wrong, who knows but I think fans will find this year to be refreshing.

  50. Luke Says:

    The thing is the owners plan of trying to “low ball” the players who will have no place to play come September is looking like it is going to blow up in their faces. These guys have agents and they talk, thus the players know what is going on. This is why some many players are heading to the CHL that was a step down from the UHL just a few years ago. If you could get equal money or close to it a year ago you would not give the CHL a second thought, but now the CHL seems like a better place to be. Things are changing and not for the best in this league.

  51. Tony E Says:

    It isn’t a matter of low balling players as much as it is having to fit under a new cap. Why is everyone so sure that the players coming in will not be or become just as “good” as the players leaving? All of these vets were once 25 year old hockey players. Look at how well some of the college guys that have come to the Komets late in season have performed. This league will become filled with those type of players. Sure it isn’t as “comfortable” not seeing Chaulk et all in the league. But the new talent will in the next few years become that next generation of stars.
    Maybe almost as important, I believe across the board the UHL has as good a crop of coaches as it has ever had. I believe that the youth will thrive across the board because they are going to be coached properly.

  52. chuckitt Says:

    no young guys are gonna come here until the league works to get some better working agreements with the ahl. they wont come here cause nobody will see them play. milam is an example, where is he? where are all of the college kids weve drafted over the years? wiggins is the only one i can think of whos still around and we booted him. im just afraid its gonna turn into a league full of third tier talent. it was great in the ihl when we were actualy seeing guys go up to the show or guys sent here by winnepeg or others. now we have to beg guys to come here at a small salary and i see not a lot of development.

  53. blake Says:

    Legitimate question to consider: Is it low-balling players at that point if you are offering what can fit under your budget; or is it low-balling now because they may have to accept a lower number when they might have been able to get a higher number if they had signed earlier? I bring this up because low-balling means you are purposely trying to undercut someone. Is that definition possible if you are honestly trying to stay within your budget? I’m just asking the question.

    This might be one of those issues where it depends on which side you are on, the ownership or the player. Both may have legitimate points.

  54. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Is offering $5,000 for a new Corvette fair? That’s what fits into my budget.

  55. Greg Says:

    Here’s somethng else to think of. If these Rookies come in and do a great job, aren’t they going to expect to get “paid”, then when the owners says they can’t pay because they can’t fit the salary demands into their salary cap, won’t these now “tweeners” go some place else such as the “CHL” or the “ECHL”.

    Jsut something to think about.

  56. Greg Says:

    Here’s somethng else to think of. If these Rookies come in and do a great job, aren’t they going to expect to get “paid”, then when the owners says they can’t pay because they can’t fit the salary demands into their salary cap, won’t these now “tweeners” go some place else such as the “CHL” or the “ECHL”.

    Jsut something to think about.

  57. Tony E Says:

    Greg sadly that is the way it goes when you are a AA minor league team. Think about it this way, if a player is satisfied being a AA player, especially a young player, I am not sure if I want him on my team. It is one thing to be a 30 year old and realize that is as far as you are going to get. But when you are 22-26 you still have dreams and hopes of advancing.
    So yes, when a young player has a great season chances are both money wise and career wise he is going to move on. Really if he is good enough to move up, money shouldn’t keep him here anyway.

  58. Blake Says:

    The other thing is that a UHL team could always drop a current player and re-write a rookie contract if it chose.

  59. Blake Says:

    Hope to actually have real honest hockey news within the next two days.

  60. Jungle Monkey Says:

    That would be a nice and welcome change.

  61. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Unofficiated Hockey League?

  62. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Outside Hockey Information Center?…..ummmm…I mean….nevermind!

  63. Tony E Says:

    Hit, it should be spelled Centre 😉

  64. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Overtly Humongous Idiots Club?????? Kidding Warrior….dont’ have a “Big Snake”….MAN!!!

    By the way…is Dickie Brosal in the OHIC?

  65. chuckitt Says:

    the cardboard cutout is a charter member.MAN

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