The deal with Ruid

September 14, 2006

Just talked to Komets General Manager David Franke, and he said the team is talking with forward J.C. Ruid, but a decision won’t be coming before next week.

"I really don’t know what he’s going to do,” Franke said. "We’ve talked to him two or three times and, in fact, I just got off the phone with him. He’s considering going to Germany and talking to two or three other teams in our league as well, and told me he’d make a decision by next week.”

Ruid, 31, is a 6-foot-4, 215-pound forward who played for Komets coach Pat Bingham with Asheville in 2000-01, scoring 34 and 75 points in 74 games. He also played for Bigham in Adirondack in 2002-03, scoring 40 goals and 96 points in 71 games. With Wheeling in 2003-04, he scored 20 goals and 59 points in 48 games, also while playing under Bingham.

If the Komets sign him, that would give the team eight veterans with seven allowed to play each night.

"We’re not talking to any other veterans right now,” Franke said. "If he doesn’t sign, we’ll probably try to go find a non-vet for that spot.”

Even if Ruid signs, that does not necessarily mean the Komets would have to cut a veteran. It’s possible, and probably likely, they would carry eight and use one as a supersub. Where else would they find a player on short notice during the season who might have all-around skills?

Franke said it’s looking like the Komets will have 25 or 26 players coming to training camp which starts Oct. 2.

I know there have been questions about goaltender Daniel Ljung, but Franke said there’s a reason he’s coming to camp. Ljung already has a job at Culver Military Academy and could be used as the Komets’ emergency goaltender during the season.

“We talked this summer and he just asked if he could come to camp,” Franke said. "He is from Swedne and has played a lot in Europe.”


105 Responses to “The deal with Ruid”

  1. IndyKomet Says:

    Ruid would be a huge signing for the Komets! If the Komets do sign him though, i’d have to say Miller is the odd man out and i can’t see Miller being a supersub. Or any of the other vets for that Matter. As much as Miller is liked by fans i would rather see him traded for a tweener. Then waste a roster spot on someone that would be considered a supersub. But it doesn’t really matter if Ruid isn’t signed.

  2. Blake Says:

    That would be a huge mistake because Kelly brings so much to the table. Where else are you going to find a player that talented who can play so many different positions, provide leadership, win faceoffs, kill penalties and is a great locker room guy? Where else are you going to find anyone else even half as good for the 19th spot on your roster? It’s never going to happen. Plus, you know some vet will get hurt and then you’re always scrambling to find somebody, anybody to fill in and they aren’t available. Why not keep him so he is available.

    And, maybe more importantly, who’s to say that Kelly doesn’t earn a spot as one of the regular seven vets? I would never doubt him on that one. Look at the impact he had on last year’s team when he came in.

    If he doesn’t earn the spot, who better to push everyone else to make sure they keep playing hard? Don’t forget Ian Boyce started that way as a Komet in 1990-91 and ended up earning most of the playing time.

    Remember, it takes all types of talents and skill levels to fill out a team, and Kelly is one of the most versatile players at this level. He brings so many intangibles that no team can ever afford to sacrifice. Kelly is also the type who won’t complain, but work even harder to earn more time and make everyone else work harder.

  3. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Sounds like a healthy thing to me. This is something that GQ never had was competition between veteran players. It was always…”These are the Veteran Players we have, and we can’t trade, change or sit any of them.” Remember last season when we needed a Veteran Scoring Presence and we all heard that crap “Well we can’t sign a Veteran because we all ready have 7.” I think competition in camp is what this team needs. It pushes guys to play hard and that would most likely carry over to the season and we may actually start the season off hot instead of the last few years when we start out 10 games behind everyone else. I say…things are looking quite good so far. Would love to find a couple diamonds for rookies that can put the puck in the net. I can’t wait for the season to start.

  4. Komet Warrior Says:

    This will be the BEST KOMET HOCKEY TEAM for the UHL!

  5. dnl Says:

    Ok, assuming Ruid signs which sounds iffy right now, what would the lines be?

    Goneau-Richardson-Goodwin = 1st Ruid-rookie-Rudenko/or/Vorhees = 2nd rookie-Miller-Hukalo/or/Morency

    Thats my take on it assuming they keep this roster as is right now and play all their vet forwards. I’d like to see either Hukalo or Morency grab the 10th foward spot but give them plenty of playing time. What does everyone else think?

  6. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    DNL….that sounds like what I would guess…but you never know who else they might find in camp. Some of these younger guys might pan out differently than we expect too. I would bet your #1 and #2 lines are correct. #3 line is probably too early to tell. It should be an interesting pre-season watching what these guys have….

  7. Bob Says:

    I think with the number of players signed and coming to camp is going to make for a very competitive camp. Right now, getting Ruid to sign will be a bonus….especially if we do carry an extra vet on the roster. You can have the extra vet, just can’t play more than 7. Think of it this way, if you have a tire go flat on your car….would you want to use a wimpy compact spare that is only good for a short distance, or a regular full size on that is good for the LONG HAUL? Might cover our collective rears if someone gets injured!

  8. hobo Says:

    what if they traded frenchy? that would free up a vet spot wouldnt it?

  9. Blake Says:

    That won’t happen.

  10. Burgee Says:





  11. komets10 Says:

    If Ruid does sign he will play center like he did in Rockford.

  12. Tony E Says:

    I think Miller is a great 3rd line energy guy. I think talent for talent even up Ruid would be better but I don’t at all think that Miller doesn’t deserve a chance to earn a spot.

  13. JungleMonkey Says:

    The facination with Kelly Miller still baffles me. I’m not trying to take anything away from the guy, but I just don’t see signing a vet who will be your 3rd line center and maybe score 30 points a season. Ruid has never been one of my favorites. I say let Ruid go somewhere else and leave the “chosen one” on the roster before a coup of mass proportion happens. I like Miller, but I just don’t get it. Feel free to blast me as long as you can make a case for it. And please, none of this “great locker room guy” nonsense…..

  14. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    He does all the little things extremely well that other players struggle to do. He kills penalties extremely well. He wins faceoffs. He puts pressure on other teams best players by pestering the heck out of them. He puts pressure on other teams defense by skating with a purpose. He always gives 100% every shift with high energy play. He isn’t afraid to play the body or do the dirty work in the corner. With the right line-mates and the right coach (which I think Bingham is) he can put up some points and can make those around him shine. He is more of a role player than a Bigtime Scorer….your right. But I think that he can be a very important part of this team and heck, he might surprise us in a non-GQ system this year.

    I talked to some Rockford fans during the playoffs that expressed to me that they feared Kelly Miller during the play-offs more than anyone else we had because of his heart and effort on the ice. They couldn’t believe that our idiot coach wasn’t using him more often in big situations. That makes alot of us by the way…..

  15. Burgee Says:

    Blake said it all
    “He brings so many intangibles that no team can ever afford to sacrifice. Kelly is also the type who won’t complain, but work even harder to earn more time and make everyone else work harder”
    last year was the first time i remember seeing miller(old age–mind goes quick) the guy exudes professionalism on the ice, every athlete should have his on ice work ethic. You think Herb Brooks would take him, i do.

  16. JR Says:

    I think at this point I’m just gonna sit back and wait to see how training camp goes. Alot of things could happen between now and then. Now I just wanna wait and see how this team preforms on the ice. With the subtraction of so many teams in minor league hockey, teams should be able to fill a need if they have one a month into the season. And not like last year where it seems like we were looking for half our team still a month into the season…

  17. blake Says:

    I just have a lot of respect for the way Kelly handles himself. If he screwed up, he’s never hiding in the training room. If the team plays bad, he’ll say it and then say he was the worst example of all. He tells it like it is. While others give excuses, he gives the truth. And I feel he does that on the ice as well.

  18. Tony E Says:

    Kelly Miller is the Kirk Maltby of the Komets. He scores a little, hits a little, does the special teams basically can be plugged in anywhere and not look bad and has a good attitude. Can you “build around” him? No. Can you find a space for him on a 3rd line? Sure.

  19. scoops Says:

    Well said Tony.

    Even if you had 8-10 vets….make them earn playing time. Besides….look at our injury history the last few years.

  20. JC Says:

    Does anyone know what the roster limit is this year? Did they expand it?

  21. dnl Says:

    I would like to see Miller and Hukalo really work on thier defense. Personally I would love to see a very defensive third line.
    Lets face it, neither Miller nor Hukalo will score a gob of points. If they do, its common to be on a breakout. Neither are the type to hold the puck down in the offensive zone like some other players on the team. Both, however, are extremely quick and IMO should be used as defensive forwards against other team’s top lines. Maybe throw an aggitator in there too. They’re quick, great already at PK, and when they do knock the puck loose, can make a good drive at the net. If they can do that, it’ll force our 1st and 2nd line (the scorers) to play against the the 2nd and 3rd line players of other teams.

  22. ilovehockey Says:

    I have to agree with Blake. Kelly is just an all around player. I was extremely impressed with him last year. I say, give him a chance under this new coach and different team and let’s see what he can do. You know that the K’s have always been an injury riddled team, and the past couple years it’s bitten us in the butt. If we have 8 vets, so be it. Keep a healthy one so when they’re needed, and they will be, we won’t be playing so short handed like we did so many times last year. That was awful. 13 guys suited was not pretty.

  23. Greg Says:

    Bottom line right now is that Ruid is CONSIDERING playing for the Komets. Granted, since Blake decided to put it in print that the Frankes and he are talking leads me to believe that he may sign.

    I think if he signs it will be good, it will give the vets some incentive to work harder in practice for playing time. (Now if we could have only gotten Reiter to push St. Pierre, Oops, there I go again, bashing St. Pierre, Shame on me) I think the more the vets have to compete for playing the better the on ice product will be and the better team the fans will get out of it.

    BTW-for all those looking for Chaz Johnson to play with the Komets this season can forget it, he signed to play in the AHL with the Chicago Wolves.

  24. blake Says:

    Like I said, who’s to say that Kelly isn’t one of the regular seven vets every night anyway? If he had played a full season here last year, he might have ended up with 50 or so points. Plus, I think Kelly is still getting better. Perfect characterization, Tony.

  25. paulsy Says:

    I think everyone forgot about the injury Hukalo sustained two years ago. If you ever had a shoulder repair like he did, it takes TIME to get back to normal. I expect more out of him this year because he will have more confidence to make plays and take hits.

    One of the reasons GQ traded for him was his playmaking ability. I think eveyone will be surprised…..

  26. Bud Says:

    Miller reminds me of previous Komets. Hankinson, Lewis,Davidson,to name a few. They didnt hurt the Komets at all.Any other comparisons?

  27. Tony E Says:

    Tis a BEAUTIFUL day! Doug Gilmour (the GREATEST hockey player of all time….at least when I put my blue and white glasses on) has taken a front office position with the Leafs.

  28. Greg Says:

    And Paul Marice said he plan to play Sundin at least 20 mins a game if he can.

  29. Tony E Says:

    Who cares!!! Dougie is back!!! (Aren’t I allowed to be an irrational over emotional fan once in awhile?) LOL

  30. Tony E Says:

    Bud I think the Davidson comparison is a good one.

  31. dnl Says:

    Just because the Frankes admit that they are talking to Ruid doesn’t mean he’s close to signing with us. I remember last season when they wanted Campbell but he signed with Danbury. Then was the talks about Koehler and he signed with Adirondack. Then it was trying to get Sellars on board and he went to Danbury. Many times the Frankes downplay signings, but also they are much more open about what they are doing than other GM around the league.

  32. Jungle Monkey Says:

    So all offseason we’ve heard about the cap effecting the ability of the K’s to sign top level players…. But now all of the sudden there’s enough money to keep a vet in the stands drawing a check? When will the Frankes learn that they can’t have it both ways?

  33. Greg Says:

    JM- I think that these vets are finding that the money is now scarce everywhere. Those that wait are starting to find out they can’t get what they asked for. Ask Larocque if he would mind getting close to what he played for last year (okay, bad example, but I think you get my drift.)

    Tony-of course you can. I just the news of Sundin being on the ice more would be like icing on the cake.

  34. Skate Says:

    Like Monkey, I fail to see the enamoration with Kelly Miller. Miller is no where as good as Davidson was. He can be useful, I suppose. But, I’m telling you right now — if they ever sit a healthy Larocque and dress Miller I won’t be happy.

    Re Gilmour: Just keep your underage daughters away from Toronto now, I guess.

  35. JR Says:

    I guess there is nothing to like about a player who gives 100%, never takes a shift off, is one of the best penalty killers in the league, has a team first attitude, hits, fights when need be, is a good face off guy, and could have better point production if put in the right situations… Lets just throw this type of guy to the curb ( a guy with all the intangibles that us fans have been clamoring for) and bring in a bunch of premadonnas who cherry pick… All the good teams have one or two players like him. And to tell you the truth I would rather have a guy like Miller on this team than a guy like Rudenko who only seems to play well when he’s in the right situation…

  36. Blake Says:

    Ah, I get it. You guys are really afraid they’ll sit a fighter to play Miller.

  37. JR Says:

    Nope, I like the way Miller plays…

  38. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I second JR…I love Kelly Miller on the ice….in a totally non-gay way. He plays balls to the walls every shift. The best teams in all of sports have guys that fit his characteristics. Guys that will do what are asked of them to make the team better. And I will point out one more time…I bet this particular coach will take better advantage of his line combinations and not screw around with guys so much. GQ had Kelly on a line with Galbraith and Luciuk for 3 or 4 games last year and they scored like mad…then you never saw that line again. I am sure all of yoy guys can give thousands of examples of GQ juggling the lines after guys were on fire and totally killed there momentum.

    Kelly Miller is a must on this team. Team player….bottom line.

  39. JungleMonkey Says:

    There are alot of tweeners that can play the same way. Stay or go I like Miller, I just question if the Frankes will see the value in having a vet sit the bench all the time.

  40. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    This is about Port Hurons latest signing which is interesting….(Andrew Katzberg)

    β€œHe is a big, strong guy who will provide plenty of toughness to an already hard-nosed team. I am very excited about adding Andrew into the mix. His game will keep other players honest. No one is going to come into our arena and leave here without some bumps and bruises,” said Drulia.

    Even Port Urine is interested in putting together a team with physical toughness. Thought that was something from the past. Not in this league…right guys?

  41. JR Says:

    Yep, go look at the Flags roster and you will see a fairly tough team to put it lightly… Colt King, Needham, Olynyk, and now Katzburg to name a few off the top of my head. I wonder what the box scores of the Flags/Jackals games are gonna look like…

  42. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    According to some….there is no rough play in this league anymore…or in hockey, period. I would bet that 8 out of 10 teams this year play a very phyisical style. I bet you can all guess 1 of the 2 that won’t.

  43. Tony E Says:

    That is all press release garble. Has a team ever signed a guy and said “this player will bring wimpness and timidness to our team”?

  44. Tony E Says:

    I also hope PH has a heck of a penalty kill because they will need it!

  45. Blake Says:

    What I wonder is how many games they might actually come close to winning.

  46. JR Says:

    Blake, different subject; but do you know the outcome of the BD-South game 2nite…

  47. Tony E Says:

    Blake, with all of that “skill” they are signing, maybe 25?
    Noah Ruden grew up about 15 minutes from me and was a respected youth Goaltender who played at Michigan. But he was not the starter there so he hasn’t played alot the last few years. Scott Hay kept the flags in many games last year and still lost twice as many games as he won. What will a rookie goalie be able to do with what might be a less talented and slower lineup in front of him.

  48. blake Says:

    BD 20-0.

  49. JR Says:

    Thanks Blake…..

  50. JR Says:

    If the K’s do sign Ruid and they had to cut one vet due to money concerns, who would you cut and why ???

  51. dnl Says:

    It’s tough to say at this point which vet could get cut. After all, most of these vets have not played for the Komets before and we can’t truely say who has the most talent for the money.
    Voorhees coming from SP and Rudenko’s lackluster last season and injuries may be a gamble, or they may be a big contribution. Dupuis (whom I’m a fan of) may not be as good this season due to age. I don’t think Miller is on the way out. Then again, I wouldn’t be suprised if he did. It’s all too hard to say until preseason starts.
    Personally I don’t know if it’s a good idea if we carry 8 vets. with the talent we have in the vets and tweeners, I don’t know if that would leave enough room for a safe number of rookies to be on the team. But that’s Bingham’s call I suppose.

  52. Skate Says:

    JR —

    I just can’t think of any game last year when Kelly Miller was the game breaker.

    A vet who “could have better point production if put in the right situations”?
    Fine, but a vet player should be the one who CREATES those situations for others, not be someone who must be paired with a great supporitng cast to produce.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hope he does well, I just don’t see him as a be-all. end-all.

  53. blake Says:

    I understand this might be an interesting topic, but I don’t want to go there on this blog at this time. I don’t want to get into discussing the merits or this or that player now because we don’t know what we’re talking about at this time (and some would say any time. LOL).

    I just don’t think this is something we should be doing on this blog at this time.


  54. JungleMonkey Says:

    At the risk of sounding like a jerk….. where was this when Galbraith was getting ripped last year? Or when Worlton, Guinn, or anyone else was getting torn up on this blog. I enjoy Miller’s abilities. But they can’t be discussed here? I’m a confused Blake… help me out.

  55. JR Says:

    Skate, I was just backing up what Hit said that when Miller was on a line with good linemates he was putting up some points. When he was stuck on a line with Hukalo, and Frawley he wasnt… I mean how many points did Chaulk have when that idiot would put Frawley and Rumble on his line… I can remember countless times when it seemed like he was the only guy trying out there. I’m not trying to change your mind, I’m just saying that every good team has one or two guys like him that give it all up for the team. Hopefully we have found enough good rookies and tweeners that can take up scoring slack if he’s stuck on the third line.

    Blake, Exactly why is this not a good subject to be discussing ??? I didnt ask anyone to trash any of the eight vets (potentially) I just asked who you would cut if you had to. This entire offseason all we have done is speculate signings, talk about what we think this team needs, etc… This is no different, a few of these players we know a few we dont. I was just trying to spark some conversation…

  56. blake Says:

    JM, because then we had something to base it on, actual games played. The games have not been played yet. Twenty games into the season, this would be OK. I don’t think it is now. There’s not enough information to back it up so it would get personal on who likes this player as a person versus that person. That’s not the kind of debate I want to have on this blog at this time. It’s totally irrelevant at this time. It would not be 20 games into the season or even after seeing how players perform in training camp.

    Two things: The Komets only have seven vets signed, and have said publicly they are only looking at one other vet, and they are not sure that vet will sign so it’s a moot point. Second, there’s no indication yet, that they won’t keep eight vets if they do sign eight.

    If you want to have a discussion on whether they should keep eight vets, I don’t have a problem with that, just leave the personal names out of it. Sorry, that’s the way I feel, and I get to make the rules here.

    If you want to discuss that aspect of it, I don’t have any problem with that. Just leave the players’ names out of it please — at this time.

  57. JR Says:

    So instead of Tailing the Komets why not re-name it the Talk about only what Blake wants to talk about or else…..

    This would ahve been NO different than what we’ve talked about all offseason. So I guess we can no longer give our opinions on any more signings of rookies or first time UHL players unless you have actually seen them play live…is that it??? So how many players does that leave us on the current roster that we can comment on…..

  58. blake Says:

    OK, look at it this way, what could possibly be accomplished by having that discussion? What benefit is there on this specific discussion?

    All I’m saying is there must be something more relevant and more interesting to talk about.

  59. blake Says:

    I guess I’d be more open to it if I didn’t think it would turn into a personal think with some folks making attacks on players. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Go ahead, but I reserve the right to kill it if it does.

    And BTW, did you know that was the true name of any blog anyway? LOL.

  60. JR Says:

    What could it possibly hurt in having the discussion ???

    The benefit could be seeing exactly what type of player the fans would get rid of IF we end up signing Ruid and HAD to get down to 7 vets… Would this guy cut a scorer to keep defensive minded guy or tough guy or vice versa… Cut a one deminsional player or an all around guy… There is all kind of interesting discussions we could have with this one topic without it getting “personal” by just going off of the players past numbers and the other info you give us when they sign. I dont see the problem with that…

  61. Bob Says:

    Blake, fellow bloggers, I think having the extra vet or two having to compete for either a job or more playing time will be good for the team, but good for the players trying to EARN the additional ice time. Blake, I agree that we should wait until these guys have actually played some games before we get too critical or analytical. However, this has been a very enlightening “pregame show” lol Let’s give these guys a chance to show us what they can do before we rip them apart. I’m really looking forward to a new season, seeing my friends (old and new) at the MC and having something to look forward to on Hockey Night.

  62. JR Says:

    My gosh, I had to go back and make sure that my question did not read “who would you cut and make sure you rip them apart in the process”… I guess the next time I ask a question I’ll have to make sure its 27 lines long so that nobody can misunderstand the context….LOL

  63. Tony E Says:

    Folks remember this, it has been proven that players and their families read the two Komet blogs. Being negative towards a player is going to get back to them one way or another. Do you really want that to happen before the first preseason game? Lots of new players and a new coach. Give them a POSITIVE welcome.

  64. JR Says:

    I give up……

  65. Tony E Says:

    As for the request Blake made, how often has he asked us to curb a discussion? Not too often even when things get heated. So lets make his job easier and respect his wishes….we don’t want the players jumping him because of stuff said here! πŸ˜‰

  66. Tony E Says:

    JR my post was not directed at you (or anyone in particular) It was a general statement. Now is the time when it is ok to put on the orange colored glasses and be positive. Look at me! The Leafs may only win 25 games this year but dangit, DOUG GILMOUR IS BACK!!! There will be plenty of time and opportunity to be negative. I refuse to do it before the first frost.

  67. blake Says:

    Fair, enough, JR. Go for it.

  68. JR Says:

    Tony, are you counting all the times that you cant all of the sudden comment on a thread anymore ???? There have been a few times that sensitive subjects have been cut off for unknown reasons…

    Why do you think this was meant to be personal attack on any player ??? I asked a simple question, the same one that got asked last year when the K’s were persuing Koehler. with the internet we have plenty of info to go by, without getting personal, to have this dicussion…

    And I’m sorry, but sports reporters have been getting heck from athletes for a long time for opinions they write in the paper…

  69. Tony E Says:

    JR, as I said above, my post was not meant as an admonishment of you. It was simply my statement that I believe this is the time of year to be positive. That is why you don’t see me being critical of any of the moves made. I trust in this coach and the track record of management. I believe the mistakes of early last year will not be repeated.
    Maybe I am tired right now but I can count on one hand the number of topics where Blake has suggested/demanded closure but I apologize if you took my post as a slam of you or your postings.

  70. Tony E Says:

    On the subject let me throw this out there. My first choice if I were king for a day would be to try my best to have an opening day roster with only 5 vets. Why? Because as things move and fluctuate during the season it will be easier to pick up a veteran to help out for the stretch run. To me, if you can find enough rookies where you don’t have to use all of your vet spots right away, that might not be such a bad thing.

  71. blake Says:

    Nobody is forcing anybody to post here. It is my responsibility to run the blog, in part because it’s my name on it and my reputation at stake.

    Because of that, not everything goes here. That’s been established from the first and is nothing new.

    You can go back through and I’ve never killed anything off that was critical of me, but I have ended some threads that were unfair to others, players or posters, when I knew the full details. If someone started slamming on you and I felt it was unfair, I’d do the same thing.

    Though I don’t enjoy it, I have to make that call sometimes. I think I’ve made it twice in the last year, and each time I have e-mailed the offending party with an explanation. Both times, those involved have remained active on the blog, too.

    Maybe I jumped too soon this time, but the sentiment was the same. I’d much rather be too soon than too late. If people would care to post their full names, that might be different.

    Usually, all I have to do is ask and the discussion turns away from the questionable areas and continues. I was trying to be pre-emptive this time.

  72. blake Says:

    As for getting heck from athletes, you get heck no matter what you write from everyone. It just goes with the territory. If I could change one thing in life, no parents of high school athletes would ever be able to say a word. You end up just saying what you believe in and letting everyone else deal with it on their own terms. You really have no other option.

    Sadly, you kind of get used to it, but I also tell young reporters that when it doesn’t but you or you don’t at least consider it, then it’s time to get out of the business because you’ve lost something critical.

  73. JR Says:

    I just dont know why you guys thought that I was asking people to be negative when I asked the question. In my opinion it would be silly for the K’s to go into next year with 8 vets (if Ruid signs…). I just think its ridiculous to let the positive and negative comments go by for several threads and then decide because you assume that I wanted to get negative that its now not appropriate… So i guess I’ll let it drop since I cant seem to convince anybody that my intent was not malicious…

  74. blake Says:

    Six or seven posts ago, I said, fair enough, JR, go for it. so… go ahead. Say what you wanted to say before I unfairly interrupted you

  75. JR Says:

    I already made my opinion known, I was just asking what others may think or what they may do; but I believe everyone will refrain from commenting now seeing how much crap I got for a simple question…

  76. DNL Says:

    I gave my opinion. I think it’s too hard to say before preseason starts and Bingham can see who can do what and what holes need to be filled to round the team.
    Blake-I know there is a roster max for the number of players a team can dress for a game, but is there a max number for how many players are actually signed going into the season? Reason I ask is because I don’t want to see 8 vets on the team if it in anyway cuts down on the number of rookies we can have on the team.

  77. blake Says:

    Doesn’t work that way DNL. You can sign 40 but because they aren’t guaranteed contracts, it really doesn’t matter. Also, remember at the end of last season when Michael Franke said the team may sign as many vets as possible and just let them fight it out at camp? Then the vets would be the same as the rookies or tweeners.

    I still believe they might keep eight vets, and here’s why: If your 19th player, the best player outside the 18, is a veteran I think they will keep him, especially if it is someone who can play different positions and do different things. Maybe that also means you keep five rookies and one less tweener. It might be different if that eighth vet is one-dimensional though, or can only play one spot.

  78. chuckitt Says:

    i dont think anyone was bashing miller when they were only stating the obvious. great guy with lots of hustle and bal.. but all was asked was, would he be the odd man out if we signed another vet who could score. scorer or defense? i thought it was a great question to debate. kelly knows what type of player he is and i dont think anybody was bashing him for something i think he would even admit to. but its your blog and you can bash the president but we cant bash a poor hockey player cause he might get his feelings hurt? splain that to me lucy…politics is ok but talking hockey, what this blog is suppose to be about is wrong?

  79. Tony E Says:

    Don’t forget all that in most seasons, there are several changes made to the opening day roster by the time you get to game 20. By then you see who can and can’t cut it and also weed out any personality conflicts that are not resolvable. I agree with Blake on keeping the extra vet if he can be useful in different situations. I still would love to see the opening roster contain less than the minimum vets but that rarely happens. Plus you need to wait and see what shakes out from any AHL affiliation. Something might fall into the Komets lap shortly before the season starts.

  80. chuckitt Says:

    the roster by christmas could be definitly different. it should have been last year but the cutout couldnt get bodies in here to make an impact. the only guys that came in later were all guys cut from teams not as good as us. they neded the paycheck and were just glad to be playing. the team was so laden with third liners that most people thought guinn was a hero! but hes forgotten more about ft wayne than we will ever know!

  81. blake Says:

    I would agree with your point most years, Chuckitt, but check out the history of Bingham’s teams. They do not usually have a great deal of turnover, and wouldn’t that be a nice change? I’m all for keeping the very best 19th player whether he be a rookie, tweener or vet. Most of the time, teams don’t want to keep a vet because of costs, but that may not be an obstacle this year.

  82. blake Says:

    JR, please send me an e-mail. I’ve been trying to send you one for the past two hours with no luck. Thanks

  83. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Wow….I leave you guys alone all day and you start a Blog War. JR must have went 0 for 6 up in the show today…!!!

    Positive comment….Kelly Miller is a solid player and a solid individual. I enjoy watching him play. I will now drop it.

    Please do not bring back Jorde or Guinn and I will be absolutely peachy!!!

    Let’s drop the puck 3 weeks early all ready. Notre Dame got their arses handed to them today…so the college football season is over for me. Who cares?!?! No Chicago teams will be playing baseball in the postseason. And I can guarantee that we will have another poopy IU Basketball Season. So to make a long uninteresting story short….DROP THE PUCK….before we all kill each other talking about nothing.

    3 Cheers for Enema Man on “opening” night!!!!

  84. JR Says:

    Oh no Hit, nothin but homers today…lol

  85. dnl Says:

    If Ruid does sign with the Komets, I believe someone, whether a vet or a tweener, will get cut.
    The reason I believe this is because with Ruid on the team, it would only allow enough room for 4 rookies. And if a rookie doesn’t work out or gets hurt, they’ll have to pull someone from the crowd to sit on the bench just to have the minimum 4 rookies dressed.
    Also, something I meant to mention before, who’s to say Ruid couldn’t be the one cut? I know he has great talent, but he did have a bad back last year. Maybe he’ll come in and realize that it’s worse than he expected. I’m not saying I think he will, just something to think about. To name a name as to who could get cut is too hard right now. I suppose all this talk is a bit premature anyhow because Ruid hasn’t commited to the Komets. If Ruid signs, I don’t think any vet (or tweener) is safe. And that’s a great thing to say, because we have a team full of very talented players to begin with. No one is really below the talent level of this league that I can see thus far. As for the question if Bingham will cut from offense or defense, that’s a tough one too. I’ll need to watch the team play a bit first. Remember the Komets roster last summer looked on paper to be an improvement, but boy was I ever wrong.

  86. chuckitt Says:

    yooure right blake id love to see lots of vets and we play those who want to put out the effort. dont forget, im one who wants the vet rules dropped all together! raise the salary cap, require 5 rookies and allow 21 people on the roster with 19 allowed to dress. ssign as many vets as you can fit in the cap and lets have real hockey for a change not the euro crap or soccer mom influenced nicey nice.

  87. Tony E Says:

    Alot of guys can and will be cut if they have 30 guys in camp. That is the greatest thing about the contracts in this league.
    Nobody can coast into camp and get a spot without working for it.

  88. Tony E Says:

    Sooo I am listening to the Colts game online and what do I hear after the TD? OLE OLE OLE OLE……LOL

  89. C Air Says:

    Blake, quit abusing what little power you think you have. Miller is not that good!
    Get over it. If people want to talk about him, let them.

  90. Bob Says:

    Yeah, I heard that also. But remember, here in the States it’s called the No Fun League! LOL

  91. Tony E Says:

    Lol and people around here wonder why I support the Colts instead of the Lions. LOL

  92. blake Says:


  93. Tony E Says:

    Amen to that LOL

  94. Greg Says:

    When it comes right down to it, we do have a “list” of players we wnat to see and not want to see, but the Frankes and Bingham are the only ones who actually gat to choose. I will try and wait and see what happens. I have my reservations about some.

    The real football is tonight anyway.


  95. Greg Says:

    Don’t know if anybody saw this, but Rockford’s other goaltender Ronnie Vogel is going to play for Corpu Christy in the CHL this year. Who’s going to play goal for them I wonder???

  96. ilovehockey Says:

    I have to say that I agree with you Blake. You did start this blog and you have the right to approve or disapprove of what we get into. I think that we need to wait and see how these guys perform before we start bashing them so much. Just because someone is bigger or has a big name doesn’t mean that they’ll play worth squat for us. Let’s just bring on the hockey and a couple months down the road, we’ll see.

  97. Tony E Says:

    Tie Domi, the #4 penalty minutes guy in NHL history will retire at 4 oclock today.

  98. Jeff Says:

    According to Rockford’s site, they have Brendan Cuthbert, who played for Missouri last year, as the only goalie signed.

  99. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Sure isn’t Vogel or Robinson. They may be hurting just a tad bit.

  100. kjol lahti Says:

    Daniel Ljung as the backup goalie in case someone gets hurt is a good idea. Having coached/massaged him for his 4 years at lawrence university. he will be a good insurance policy goalie for the team if needed.

  101. Greg Says:

    You know now that Ljung was mentioned, anybody know what Brian Gratz has going this year?

    And I thought of something not to long ago. You have two guys, JC Ruid, who the Komets want to sign, and Jim Duhart, another who the Komets want to unload. Ruid has offers from at least three teams and a decision to make while the Komets can’t peddle Duhart and if Duhart had an offer from another league I would think he would have taken it by now. Just things to make you wonder about.

  102. blake Says:

    I think Brian signed with Youngstown of the CHl. Go Brian!

  103. Greg Says:

    Good for him.

  104. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I wish I could find somebody to coach/massage me….SWEET!!!!!

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