Pictures of the game

September 18, 2006

For those who could not attend Sunday’s game, and even for those that could, Shutterbug has come up with a slide show for all to enjoy. This is pretty cool.


9 Responses to “Pictures of the game”

  1. IndyKomet Says:

    I’m in some of the pictures!

  2. Hoss Says:

    Yeah Indy, were you that stud in the cut off shirt? If you were, you were lookin’ good!!!!

    Oh, wait….that was me!

    Great photos shutter, the best ones are the three of Frenchy diving/falling to make the stop (would have been better if he threw out the runner) and the pic towards the end that shows Kent being swolled by his shorts!!!!

  3. Derick Says:

    Here’s my photos from the game:

  4. Hoss Says:

    Derick, you are giving shutterbug a run for her money with those shots! Plus more of me and the family!!!

  5. Blake Says:

    I’m not sure who had more fun at the game, the players or the photogs.

  6. smitty Says:

    Derick, great job, you to Shutterbug

  7. mark Says:

    I just killed those pictures…I’m wearing the Harrison Colts Jersey….

  8. imsmithkaiser Says:

    Hey just a comment. I wanted to view the pictures from the softball game, but can’t get them to come up on the website. Is there a secret to doing this. Please explain. Thanks

  9. Derick Says:

    Try copy/paste the website…it works for me.

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