Nothing yet on Ruid

September 19, 2006

Komets General Manager David Franke said today he’s continuing to talk with forward J.C. Ruid, but there’s no news as yet.

“I don’t expect to get a decision from him until probably the end of the week,” Franke said. “I think we are getting closer.”

The Komets open training camp Oct. 2 at the Memorial Coliseum. Their schedule for first few days goes Monday 2-5 p.m.; Tuesday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Wednesday 10 a.m. to Noon; Thurday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Friday 10 a.m. to Noon.

Franke said he expects to announce more rookies added to the roster next week and expects around 30 players to be in camp. The Komets currently have 22 under contract.


23 Responses to “Nothing yet on Ruid”

  1. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    So, Ruid or nothing at this point? If they don’t pull off the Ruid deal, then what? How would they bolster that #2 line with another scoring threat?

  2. Hoss Says:

    Dumb question, but is the traing camp open to the public? Can you just show up and go in?

  3. Hoss Says:

    Sorry, “training camp”

  4. Blake Says:

    Actually, they are very, very high on some of the rookies who are coming in, and they are starting to get more calls from players who got to ECHL camps and realized they were way over-stocked. More than ever, this year some studs are going to fall into teams’ laps.

    Training camp has always been open to the public. The problem is that there are no rosters or anything so it’s kind of hard to determine who is who out there.

    But it’s always interesting.

  5. komets13 Says:

    Blake did either Dave Franke or Pat Bingham say who are some of the rookies to watch out for in camp?

  6. chuckitt Says:

    its amazing but theres actually a guy who lives in busco whose name is justin blake. are you one person ?

  7. Blake Says:

    Not yet. I’ll have more on that next week. I know the players from UP NORTH are big on Martin Gascon and Jean-Simon Richard.

  8. Blake Says:

    Please, no love child jokes. Or did I just make one.

    I’ll bet he’s a heckova good looking man. Probalby rich and very talented too.

  9. IndyKomet Says:

    Anyone have any guesses on which dman from Hershey will be with the Komets. All the Dmen they have listed look really good.

  10. dnl Says:

    Is it true that if it is Donny Grover we will need to get his rights from Flint? I know Flint picked him up in the draft, but I don’t know if they still qualify as owning his rights or not.

  11. Blake Says:

    They do.

  12. dnl Says:

    According to Quad City, Grover was traded to the Trashers last year because he wanted to be closer to home. I wonder if Ft Wayne is too far for comfort? So I’m not just spreading rumors, here is a link

  13. Pat Says:

    I beleive as far as training camp open to the public, it is open as long as the seesions are at McMillen. The last few years (about the time of the expansion) if it is at the Coliseum, it has NOT been open to the public. Something about a liability thing, either that or they can’t find a way to charge for parking. 😦

  14. Greg Says:

    If the K’s get Ruid great if not no big deal. Blake said it, there should be players falling from the AHL and ECHL so the K’s may be able to pick up some tweeners or another vet.

  15. komets10 Says:

    If not Grover, it would probably be Tyler Sloan.

  16. Nanci Says:

    Yeah, I e-mailed Brown of the coliseum and he said that training camp is closed due to liability reasons. Which I understand, but it still sucks.

  17. eric_smiff Says:

    Are they still going to renovate the locker rooms at the Coliseum this year?

  18. JC Says:

    Here is an interesting article on the way Rockford’s team is shaping up.

  19. Mike Says:

    Hi, I’m a guy from what you call “up north”(not a player but I’m from Quebec) and I fell on this forum by mistake but when I saw Martin Gascon’s name I kept reading and I thought I could tell you more about him.

    I can assure you that if there is one rookie to watch it will be Martin Gascon. In his last junior year he scored 146 points(57 goals) in 53 games before adding 37 more in 17 playoffs games in the Quebec Junior A league. His University stats arent amazing but if you know the eastern college league in Canada you know his stats arent bad at all. You only play 28 games in one year and if you get 1 point/game it is considered good.

    He has a vision on the ice like not many have and he’ll create plays out of nothing. Not a big guy but he is fast and smart. He’s also a Power Play specialist as he can make very creative plays.

    I’m not saying he will turn this team around and take your team to the championship but he will be a very good addition to the team.

  20. blake Says:

    thanks for the input Mike.
    Just found out for sure that training camp sessions are closed to the public.

  21. Greg Says:

    Good info Mike, Thanks A lot:-)

  22. Drop The Gloves!!!!!! Says:

    here is a story that will open a can of worms again. sorry blake

  23. Drop The Gloves!!!!!! Says:

    “We’re going to be tougher than last year,” Martinson said. “Lizon broke a couple of guys’ jaws last year. He was rated the second-toughest guy in the Quebec League. He’s a tough kid. He only had 120 penalty minutes, !!!!but the main reason was that nobody would fight him!!!!!!!!
    is it me or does that sound like a another Jorde!!!!!!!!

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