So far

October 4, 2006

It’s 0-0 after one period, and there have been a few flashes of brightness. Pascal Morency is continuing what he’s been doing all week in practice, Mike Dombkiewicz has had a few big hits, and I’ve liked what I’ve seen from defenseman Jonas Gabrielsen who is 6-2, 191 pounds and plays like it. He’s very good at using his body to keep people away from the puck, and he can skate. Kelly Miller has looked sharp early as well. Dan McWhinney looked calm in goal, but he really hasn’t been tested much.

I’d be interested in seeing what everyone else thought when they get home from the game.


65 Responses to “So far”

  1. Rick Says:

    How many fans at the game?

  2. blake Says:

    I would guess about 1,500.

    1-1 on a pp goal by Voorhees off a nice point shot from Gabrielsen.

    It looks like what you’d expect, a scrimmage type exhibition game.

  3. Derick Says:

    Exactly…people on a Wednesday night are not going to pay full price for hockey that’s not meaningful.

  4. Pat Says:

    1500??? There are more season ticket holders than that! I wonder how many walk up tickets were sold?
    They will probably announce 3500+

  5. Derick Says:

    Wahoo Komets win in a shootout!

  6. komets10 Says:

    Jonas Gabrielsen was by far the best defenseman on the ice tonight. He is certainly a keeper. Does he qualify as a rookie?

  7. Hoss Says:

    Boy, Miller sure looks like a guy that doesn’t deserve a vet spot!

    Let’s see, throws a killer check in the first, skates circles in the zone holding the puck, and makes a killer move in the shoot-out to score. What a waste of a spot, eh?

    Way to go Miller!!!!! Great game all around for the whole team! I didn’t see many holes that needs plugged. I can’t wait till Friday!

  8. smitty Says:

    the new coach is great behind the bench,he was coaching and he was the last man on the ice after the game, giving the players pats on the back. great new look.

  9. JungleMonkey Says:

    Of course Hoss isn’t partial to Kelly Miller…. lol.

  10. Hoss Says:

    Did you go to the game JM? I wasn’t the only one that was partialto Miller. He had the loudest cheer in the shoot-out when he came off the bench.

    You gotta love a guy that plays with heart!

  11. hsiri Says:

    Miller did look good tonight. I would like to see Miller and Morency on the same line. They both bring energy and seem to be the same type of player.

  12. blake Says:

    The best thing about Gabrielsen? He can also play forward.

    And they didn’t announce an attendance.

  13. Hoss Says:

    I would have bet it was closer to 2,000 than 1,500.

  14. Rick Says:

    I was very impressed with the play of Arthur Kiyaga, #3. He moves the puck well and didn’t seem to get out of position. The question mark on him is probably his lack of size, but I liked what I saw of him a lot. McWhinney looked very sharp in goal. Ljung didn’t get as much work, but he only allowed the first shooter to score in the shootout in order to get the win. Speaking of that, when is this league going to get with the program and have a 4 on 4 5-minute sudden death OT before the shootout????

  15. Drop The Gloves!!!!!! Says:

    i thought that #3 was not good at all liked #91

  16. Drop The Gloves!!!!!! Says:


  17. JungleMonkey Says:

    Take it easy Hoss.. Miller had a good game, I was just pointing out the fact that your are a huge Miller fan. I can’t say a bad thing about his game tonight, I was just busting your chops.

  18. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    McWhinney the Pooh looked really good in net. He kept the team in the game early on with some really nice saves. He has really good instincts. Kelly Miller was basically Kelly Miller again…he played his tail off and it showed once again. Morency is a very hard worker. He worked the heck out of the corners fighting for pucks. He will be a favorite of everyone for sure. And Voorhees looked like he has a good eye for the puck. He skated well and goes to the net. Blake, who was the guy at mid-ice that threw the huge hip-check for the Komets? I missed who it was. That was a good one. And the coach looked like it was in the game. He was constantly teaching and coaching his players. I think that was Richardson behind the bench also, right? He was coaching the guys alot too…That is a big improvement from last year and beyond. I liked how Bingham went onto the ice and shook hands with each of his players. I believe that was a statement that was sent loud and clear to what type of coach and character he is.

    Will we see some of the guys that didn’t dress tonight on Friday? Hope so.

  19. komets10 Says:

    Hit…the hip check at center ice was from Jonas Gabrielsen.

  20. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Thanks…I thought that was who it was but wasn’t positive. That guy made lots of nice plays. Tonight looked like pick-up game type hockey, but it was guys that have never played together that have basically no systems in place that are trying to show the coach something. I am excited to see what the regulars look like together. That should be exciting.

  21. nicko Says:

    I was impressed by David Besner(82), even before he scored the game winner in the shootout. He seemed to be willing to use his body, and he skated all-out when he was out there. His shifts were short, and that could be the coaches call, or stamina, but either way, I feel he’s a keeper. All in all, a very sloppy scrimmage, but nice to see all the new blood.

  22. Bob Says:

    Overall, a good showing considering all that were not in the lineup. It looked like they made more effort to actually get to the net instead of taking shots from the blue line….just needed some more flow….a lot of shots hit the posts. I think Friday will give a better preview. We got to meet Coach Bingham after the game. Even though I only spoke to him briefly….I found him to be very personable and outgoing. You all are going to like this guy.

  23. Burgee Says:

    for 3 days of practice and the guys who are expected to make the team not playing, i liked what i saw. Really liked the hits, hope they keep coming during the season.

  24. blake Says:

    Coach LOVED Kiyaga, that was also Ljung’s first shootout ever. Pretty amazing.

    There were some vets who played tonight who better get their heads in it or they may not be playing here very long. You can figure out who they were.

  25. Tony E Says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again, this team would be in a better position down the road if it could be under the vet cap. It would allow for much easier roster movement down the road both from a cap and a vet rule perspective. So if the young guys can show enough to displace the vets, so be it.

  26. blake Says:

    By veterans, I might not have necessarily meant “Veterans.”

  27. JC Says:

    By veterans you must mean guys that have played a couple years, i.e. David Hukalo. I wasn’t impressed much with him tonight at all. Positives tonight: 1) Morency works hard and I think he leads by example: 2) David Besner holds onto the puck well and drives the net; 3) Miller worked hard and played well but I think there were numerous times when he could have finished his checks and he didn’t; 4) I think Vorhees can put in 20-25 goals this year and 5) The rookie goalies looked solid…i give the edge to McWhinney right now.

  28. dnl Says:

    Come on Blake, don’t leave us in the dark! Who is underperforming? You are allowed to post the bad along with the good!!

  29. JR Says:

    There are a few guys who I thought played really well for the 1st preseason game…Gabreilson, Blanchete, Besner, Morency…. I thought Kyiaga looked out of position tonight, thought he got moved off the puck too many times; but showed he liked the offensive end of the ice. I thought Bozoian had a terrible nite and except for a couple hits I thought Domber had a bad game… Loved the hustle.. Voorhees is gonna need a bigtime playmaker to get him the puck, should be good on the pp. I know Hukalo was in the lineup; but didnt make much of a statement out there…. Just a few thoughts…

  30. Susan Says:

    Most impressed with Besner. Seemed to be in the right place at the right time. Some very good chances and didn’t seem to give up on a play as was the norm last year. Was also very excited to see some actual coaching going on over at the bench. Didn’t see Richardson (assume it was him as asst.) quiet all night and very animated! Good to see a coach who seems to care about the guys… even if he knows who is and who isn’t going to make the team.

  31. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Huckalo is just playing down to his potential. I don’t know why he’s back.

  32. ilovehockey Says:

    I thought that was one of the best exhibition games that we’ve seen in a long time. Lots of fast action, not a lot of dumping and chasing. Definitaly(sp) a lot better than Chief’s exhibition teams. I loved the way Bingham worked with the guys all night and so much class on shaking the guys hands at the end of the game. McWinney would get my vote as far as goalie. Kelly Miller showed a lot of hustle and put on a good showing. Huckalo, why was he out there?? Not impressed with David last night. Loved Pascal. Reminded me so much of Lance. Getting on people’s nerves, everybody wanting to slam him, and just hard charging all night. All in all, I liked what I saw.

  33. Shawn Says:

    I liked the speed I saw last night from many of the players. I also liked the fact that we were carrying the puck into the zone for the most part, very little dump and chase! Here is who I liked: Voorhees, Miller, Morency, Besner, O’Connell, Kiuaga, Gabrielsen, McWhinney. I did not like the performances of Cote, Michaelson, Hukalo, Bozoian. I am indifferent on Dombkiewicz, Labarre, Richard, Ljung, Gascon

  34. Tera Says:

    I thought Hukalo and Bozoian both looked bad out there. It could have been nerves I suppose, but I saw alot more out of alot of others. Just my opinion.

    I’m excited to see what they all can do once they come together a little more!
    GO KOMETS!!!

  35. Tony E Says:

    It could be nerves but really the two of them were probably “insurance” in case nothing better came along and I believe at this point both are on the outside looking in. Coach was nervous about having enough players and here you had two guys willing to come back pretty much no questions asked. So you sign them as “bodies” but you keep looking for better.

  36. hobo Says:

    i didnt see pascal whinning like lance so theres a definite improvement over lance…thank god…

  37. ilovehockey Says:

    Lance did the whining to get under players skin. It worked very well. I loved watching him. I think Pascal will be just as annoying to other players. If so, good for him. I like him just like I liked Lance. Gotta have somebody that’s just a little different. Somebody the other teams love to hate.

  38. hobo Says:

    lets just hope pascal can back up his talking and whinning if he whines…

  39. komets29fan Says:

    I thought that Domber played well. A.J. didn’t play as well as he normally does. I enjoyed watching Pascal Morency; he was a lot of fun. He reminded me of Lance Galbraith. Besner played pretty well and so did Voorhees; Kelly hustled well like he always does. Hukalo was probably by far our worst player last night. McWhinney was pretty good.

  40. hobo Says:

    dont compare pascal to lance….lance in my opinion and some thers was a flop…i hope pascal is not the same… him to danny stewart if anyone

  41. Greg Says:

    One thing to remember with Lance is that he, to me, had a knack for getting himself in the penatly box more than the guys he was irritating. Will see if Pascal can do the opposite.

  42. komets29fan Says:

    He got under the other teams skin and that’s what Pascal did. Lance was a very good player; yes he had some stupid penalties but who hasn’t. Pascal was all over the ice. I like him just as much as I did Lance. They are both entertaining on the ice and the keeps the fans guessing on what’s going to happen next.

  43. hobo Says:

    i’m with greg…

  44. Greg Says:

    It’s these others that are comparing Pascal to Lance.

  45. Blake Says:

    Clean it up.

  46. hobo Says:

    sorry blake

  47. hobo Says:

    it was funny least i thought

  48. JungleMonkey Says:

    Sorry, busting his “chops”.

  49. Greg Says:

    Now Blake’s going to make me look like an idiot (and I can do that just fine on my own) with that wierd comment about people comparing Pascal to Lance.

  50. hobo Says:

    he has to have chops to be busting ’em….that just dont have the touch the other comment had…oh well its blakes world we just play in it…

  51. Skate Says:

    Is Goodwin changing his number?

    If so, PLEASE give him #9 — like the ORIGINAL Johnny Goodwin.

  52. JungleMonkey Says:

    We tried hobo.. fun while it lasted.. Oops. I mean Sorry Blakes.

  53. hobo Says:

    yah guess the warden was watching instead of gettin the inside scoop from the K’s. Like whens that hershey defenseman showing up?

  54. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I think one thing that bothered me more than anything last night…I am not sure if anyone else noticed this…but Domber stopped during play to argue with the Ref on a call that he thought should have been made instead of playing on and didn’t hustle back up the ice. It is things like that, that will drive a coach nuts. Why would you even give a crap about the refs this early on in preseason?

    Also when the two defensemen got out-hustled up the ice on the powerplay to give up an easy shorthander. That was poor. I know which two defenders it was and I think the rest of you do too. I won’t name them. Fits Blakes them though.

  55. blake Says:

    It happen when he walks in the door. And he’ll be a very good player.

  56. hobo Says:

    do you know who will walk in the door? or is it still an unknown?

  57. blake Says:

    Let’s play it by ear.

  58. hobo Says:

    sorry to upset you blake

  59. blake Says:

    Nah, you haven’t upset me in the least, and I apologize if it came off that way.

    I’m just leary of announcing it because A) what if he makes Hershey’s team?; B) What if Hershey hasn’t told the player yet, wouldn’t you be a little ticked to read about it in the FW paper? C) I wouldn’t do that to Bruce Boudreau; D) what if I’m wrong and end up misleading you? Won’t do that either; E) what if he doesn’t report?

    I think it will happen, but I’ve seen too many weird things over the years to jump the gun on it.

    I’m just being careful, that’s all.

  60. hobo Says:

    Here is Hershey’s opening night defenseman:

    Trevor Byrne, Jamie Hunt, Tyler Sloan, Jeff Schultz, Lawrence Nycholat, Sasha Pokulok, Dean Arsene, Timo Helbling, Deryk Engelland

  61. hobo Says:

    it was posted on the Hershey website. Didn’t know if that would help anyone narrow it down?

  62. Blake Says:

    First off, there’s no way they are keeping nine defensemen unless at least two of them are going on IR They have roster limits, too.

    Other than that, no comment.

  63. komets10 Says:

    You can probably cross of Arsene and Nycholat because they are veterans. I believe Helbling is also. He played in the NHL last season as well for 9 games.

    Pokulok was drafted in the 1st round of 2005. Likewise, Shultz was taken in the 1st round of 2004. I can’t see us getting them.

    Byrne has spent considerable amount of time with Hershey over the past 3 or 4 years. I don’t think we get him either.

    Hunt just signed with Captials as a free agent rookie. He could be a wild card, but I just don’t see it happening. He has tons of talent though.

    Sloan and Engelland are the only two defenseman who went undrafted and aren’t in the Capitals “system” I believe.

    Just a guess, but Sloan comes to Ft. Wayne and Engelland goes to South Carolina. We will see how good I am at the guessing game.

  64. hobo Says:

    i copied that straight from their website

    i dont know how to do the straight link thing but here is where i found that

  65. blake Says:

    Things that make you go Hmmmmmm. 😉

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