What do you think?

October 6, 2006

It’s 6-1 after two periods as the Komets have dominated. Granted, Kalamazoo did not play five key veterans, but I’m not sure how much it would have mattered, except perhaps for goaltender Tom Askey.

So, who would you like to see make the team after what you’ve seen in two games? Defensemen Jonas Gabrielsen and Arthur Kiyaga have been very impressive, along with new rookie forward Matt Syroczynski.  K.J. Voorhees has helped his chances.

There are going to be some very good players cut from this camp. That’s not an observation that someone is playing particularly poorly. There are just a lot of good players to fill too few spots.

Whomever goes tomorrow night, be sure to give us a report.


40 Responses to “What do you think?”

  1. IndyKomet Says:

    Komets win Komets win

    In the preseason!


  2. JungleMonkey Says:

    Labbare and Huckalo looked pretty unimpresive. Bozoian was so-so along with Capt. Caveman. I really like Hansen and Da Rock on defense. Bruce Richardson is going to make alot of people say “Colin who?” before this season is over. That dude is all hustle!

  3. Tony E Says:

    Captain caveman?? Lol who are you comparing to my favourite cartoon growing up?

  4. JungleMonkey Says:

    Domber hasn’t cut his hair since last year, its getting to be a bit much.

  5. Nanci Says:

    Who cares about his hair.. seriously. All I care about is if the boy can play hockey! And, in my opinion he can.. that’s all that matters. Captain Caveman is “a bit much”.. we call him Grizzly… It’s fits him perfectly!

  6. JungleMonkey Says:

    Sorry, I meant no offense to the long-hair loving crowd. Please send hate mail to: fund@haircut.com

  7. SHANE Says:

    I say Bozoian is gone. Next I say GAS Gascon. I haven’t been impressed. WOW though I like Laroque, Richardson, Ruid, and the SIZE of the team. We certainly could win a lot of ganes this year!!


  8. IndyKomet Says:

    How did Syroczynski look?

  9. JungleMonkey Says:

    Syroczynski looked solid to me.

  10. brandon Says:

    Syroczynski was prety impressive he had the first goal tonight. overall with him, Ruid, Larocque we had a very intimidating size at times. If I were coach I think this would be my team based on what we have seen in two preseason games.
    goalies: Kevin St. Pierre, Dan McWhinney
    defense: Jonas Gabrielsen,Arthur Kiyaga, Adam Blanchette, Mario Larocque,Guy Dupuis, Kevin Hansen maybe Domber in there somewhere
    forwards:Matt Syroczynski, Jonathan Goodwin, Bruce Richardson,Bogdan Rudenko, K.J. Voorhees, J.C. Ruid, Kelly Miller, Daniel Goneau, Pascal Morency, David Besner, Martin Gascon. i believe that leaces 5 rookies and 8 vets. Just my opinion of course but as far as i can tell they looked the best.

  11. Blake Says:

    Brandon, you’ve got one too many. 19-man roster.

  12. Greg Says:

    I was unimpressed wih Domber and Bozoian. I personally don’t see Bingham’s Morancey forechuecking thing but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Richardson looked great, he’s a great choice for asst. coach, too bad he can’t be the captain. Was NOT impressed with the amount of penalties all the vets were taking, I hope thats not a signof things to come.

    My goodness guys in front of the net on a power play, what a uniqe concept.

  13. Greg Says:

    There’s something I think we’ve forgotten about the roster. The K’s are still expecting a defensman from Hersey and if they can’t provide one they are supposed to find us one. How does that affect the roster?

  14. brandon Says:

    i thought we could have more since we will have to sit a vet each game i would think that there will be a tough decision on which ones are left at the end. I think that Morency is all over the place, drawing penalties from the other team. its nice to see an aggitator that does that and not get himself in the box at the same time.

  15. Skate Says:

    Can we sign a guy named Daniel Boone?

    We already have Labarre.

  16. Tony E Says:

    The Padres used to have a pitcher with that name in the 80’s.

  17. Drop The Gloves!!!!!! Says:

    ECHL Transactions – Oct. 7
    October 7, 2006

    Following are the ECHL transactions for Oct. 7:

    Add Kevin Reiter, G signed tryout agreement

  18. Tony E Says:

    I saw that. I was surprised it took this long for someone to at least have him in camp

  19. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Dare I say that Mario….was Super last night. That guy was impressive. He plays big, very talented, and is always in the right position. I haven’t seen a D-man make a move to the net on a powerplay in over 6 years on this team. That was a thing of beauty.

    Was it me…or was I seeing Ian Boyce on the ice last night. MAN…that is down-right scary….I keep thinking that he is going to break the puck out on a mad rush and take it to the net!!!

    A Komet team that plays with people in front of the net on the power-play and most of the night when not on the advantage, a Komet team that plays aggressive, A Komet team that hardly ever dumps the puck and prefers to skate or pass it in, A Komet team that can score on all 3 lines with virtual ease, a Komet team that has a coach that coaches, talks to his players, smiles, gets excited, stays awake, is into the game, encourages his players, teaches his players, has a personality with the fans after the game……Wow…..I think I am in Hockey Heaven!!!!!

    I don’t want to sound too optimistic here…but I think this is going to be one fun year of Hockey in the Summit City!!!! Bring on GQ, The Piggies, and the rest of the Elite Professional Hockey League!!!!

  20. Bob Says:

    Hit, that was a really fun game to watch….even for a preseason game. I was so impressed with Guy Dupuis dishing out 3 assists….the powerplay actually driving to the net (how refreshing!) and they kept playing hard in the 3rd even with the big lead instead of going thru the motions. I wish I could have gone to the game in K-Zoo.

  21. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    When will we hear of the final roster? Any word yet Blake? Hate to be the guy that has to break it to the guys that get cut. This seems to be a tough decision this season. Alot of guys looked good…and some guys we thought would look good or should have looked good…didn’t. Either way…Drop the Puck. This should be an awesome season.

  22. Melissa Says:


    It is going to be a great year!

  23. chuckitt Says:

    my 19 man roster…goalers vet st pieree rook mcwhinney….d men vet dupuis vet laroque rook kiyaga tweeners hansen domkiewicz and gabrielsen. wingers vets richardson goneau rudenko ruid tweeners goodwin voorhees morency rookies gascon besner and syroczynski thats 19 players with 7 vets 6 rookies and 6 tweeners. condolences to miller and hukalo but the tweeneres and the rookies out hustled and out played you both. how do your teams differ from mine? have a pick the team contest blake!

  24. Bob Says:

    I think you can only dress 18 for a game.

  25. chuckitt Says:

    yes you are right but you can have a twenty man roster. thats my 19 choices along with the unknown from hershey.

  26. Melissa Says:

    Did anyone like Lapparre?

  27. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I think that Syrocynski is a very nice find. He has obvious size, can handle the puck, and has shown he can score. Hope we keep him the whole season…although I would bet that the scouts are all over this kid.

  28. JC Says:

    You can have more then 19 the way I understood it. You can at least one on team suspension so just keep 20 and have one on suspension. Also, you can have up to 4 on the injured reserve list so who knows what will happen. My picks would be:
    Goalies: KSP, McWhinney
    D-Men: Dupuis, Dombkiewicz, Kiyaga, Hansen, Larocque, Gabrielson, and Bozoian.
    Forwards: Richardson, Goodwin, Goneau, Vorhees, Ruid, Rudenko, Syroczynski, Morency, Besner, Miller, and Gascon.

    That is 20 total. Dress 18, 1 extra, and the 8th vet goes on team suspension.

  29. chuckitt Says:

    got to leave a spot for the hershey guy..

  30. koets29fan Says:

    I think that Labarre needs to be in there somewhere. He seemed to be pretty good. Take out Bozoian and Huck for sure. Definetely keep Kiyaga, Domber, Labarre, Voorhees, Miller,
    Morency, Besner, Dupuis, Goneau, Goody,Richard,Hansen, Laroque, Richardson, Rudenko, and Ruid. ALong with St. Pierre and McWhinney

  31. blake Says:

    Normally, I would agree with you wholeheartedly Chuckitt, but I’d rather keep someone a little longer until and if the Hershey guy shows up. You just never know for sure until the guy walks in the locker room door.

  32. komets29fan Says:

    sorry it’s komets29fan

  33. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Who is this Hershey Guy….is he related to Enema Man? Relax everybody…I just couldn’t resist that one. I know, it was a crappy attempt at a joke.

  34. nanci Says:

    that was funny ..hit.

  35. chuckitt Says:

    i think we should get a working agreement with someone in the sphl so we can send guys like hukalo and oconnell, aubin and anybody who we know can play at uhl level to them. then we can have someone close buy to fill in when needed and they would aactually be in game shape.

  36. Blake Says:

    Hit, GROW UP. Stop it with this garbage!

  37. blake Says:

    There’s a fine line with humor, just make sure you don’t cross it.

  38. dnl Says:

    My roster from what I’ve seen—

    Goalies: Frenchy, McWhinney

    Defense: Dupuis, Larocque, Hansen, Kiyaga, Gabrielsen, Dombkiewicz

    Forwards: Goneau, Richardson, Goodwin, Voorhees, Ruid, Rudenko, Morency, Gascon, Syroczynski, Besner

    Two extras would be a toss up between: Bozoian, Miller, O’Connell, Richard (I think Miller has the best chance but I wouldn’t care which two of these four made it)

    Of course I haven’t seen any practices nor do I know how good Aubin is. This is the roster I’d go with since I don’t know when or how good the Hershey defenseman is.

  39. Bob Says:

    Chuckitt, I like that idea….I wonder if anyone has given that any consideration.

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