What are you looking forward to the most tonight?

October 21, 2006

For me it’s something really simple, I want to see what Icy comes up with to start. It amazes me — and I’m a little envious of it — how creative he is.


16 Responses to “What are you looking forward to the most tonight?”

  1. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Are off your rocker? ICY? Can we all go to Chucky Cheese before the game too, Dad? LOL

    I am looking forward to what we have all been talking about this past summer…HOCKEY! Drop the puck baby! I think this is a big game because you will have a large crowd looking to see what this version of Komet Hockey is all about. I think that it is crucial that the game be exciting, physical, and played with lots of passion. I know it is home game #1, but you will have alot of fans tonight that are skeptical that are using this game as a measuring stick to see if what we all have been looking for, will truly be back. So for me…lets drop the puck, score some goals, take the body, knock a few heads, and rock the jungle.

  2. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Are you off your rocker….I left out the YOU, Super Fan got me so excited I started shaking and slobbering all over myself…MAN!

  3. FWKRTJ Says:

    He shoots…he scores!!!

    “…..hey hey hey you suck…”

  4. FiveMinuteMajor Says:

    What am I looking forward to? Everything! I’m sitting here counting the hours until game time, no I’m not excited or anything… And I don’t care what the new goal song is so long as we hear it a lot tonight!!

  5. iluvhockey Says:

    I agree. Have been anxiously waiting the game all day. Done working outside, now it’s time to shower and head to Ft Wayne. GO KOMETS!!!!

  6. Hoss Says:

    I looking foward to the Dip-n-Dots!

  7. Tera Says:

    I’m looking forward to the excitement I know will be in the air…and for a Komet WIN!! Go Komets!!

  8. Nanci Says:

    I’m excited to tailgate .. starting at 4 (some people have been there since 11 am). I can’t wait to hear the new GOAL SONG.. and then keep hearing it over and over!! I’m also excited to see the old guys coming back to the JUNGLE!! LETS GO KOMETS!!!!

  9. Burgee Says:

    Hockey Night in FORT WAYNE!

  10. Bob Says:

    I’m looking forward to a big crowd, seeing what ICY has planned for us tonight, but I want to see a well played, board rattling hockey game. I want everyone to have a great time tonight and to go home celebrating a Komet win! I will be in section 206, row 18, seats 13-14 if anyone wants to stop over and say “hello” GO KOMETS!

  11. Skate Says:

    I will stay home and watch it on b2

  12. Hoss Says:

    You will be stayiong up late with the 90min delay…

  13. Hoss Says:

    edit: S-T-A-Y-I-N-G

  14. DTH64 Says:

    Military man far away (well, VA BEACH) and a long time Komet fan. Couple of questions hope somebody can help me out. 1) What is up with this B2 Networks Deal? I finally found out I can watch the Komets play when I am not home and they are not brodcasting. (MY LUCK) 2) What is the new song they play when we score? It’s the simple things like this I miss. The answers will be greatly appreciated. See you all at the game this Thanksgiving.

  15. Burgee Says:

    B2 – our home games are delayed 90 minutes i think, but since this was their first time in ft wayne i bet they had technical difficulty, so when that is not working you can hear chaser over the web through the komets website.

    not sure what the song was titled but it had a nice beat.

    It was a great crowd, the ref stunk and the majority of the 10,000 stayed the whole game.

    Tapp the QC goalie came out right before frenchy and hit his stick in the center face off dot before frenchy, tapp has been fiesty so far this year, last night he had a 10 minute penalty, tonight he was holding one of our players during a fight but frenchy had his eye on him, he came up to the blue line in case he need to thump tapp. did i mention the ref stunk.

  16. Meliss Says:

    Would like to have seen Frenchy take on Tapp. Tapp would be doing summer saults like he did on the way to the bench. Would like to see Frency scrap this year with the other goaltender!

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