Players of the week

October 30, 2006

 The United Hockey League
(UHL) announced Monday that Fort Wayne Komets right wing Jonathan Goodwin has
been named Sher-Wood UHL Player of the Week and Fort Wayne Komets goaltender
Kevin St. Pierre has been named Southern Sports Supply UHL Goaltender of the
Week for the period ending Sunday, October 29th,


Goodwin completed the week
with six points (3g, 3a) and plus-2 rating in two games played.  He had five
points (2g, 3a) in Friday’s 7-3 victory vs. Rockford.  Both goals came in the
first period as one was shorthanded and the second was on the power play.  He
was on the ice for six of Fort Wayne’s seven goals.  On Saturday, Goodwin netted
a goal in the 4-1 win vs. Bloomington.  The 24-year-old native of Weymouth,
Massachusetts currently leads the Komets with nine points (5g, 4a) which also
ranks tied for eighth in the UHL.  He is riding a four-game point streak and a
three-game goal streak.


Other players nominated for
the Sher-Wood UHL Player of the Week include: Elmira left wing Scott Wray, Flint
forward David Frawley, Kalamazoo defenseman Casey Handrahan, Muskegon center
Todd Robinson, Port Huron center Ryan Markham, Quad City right wing Chad
Woollard, and Rockford left wing Kaleb Betts.

finished the week with a
2-0-0 record, a 2.00 goals against average (GAA), and a .923 save percentage
(SPCT).  On Friday, he made 33 saves in the 7-3 win vs. Rockford.  He then made
15 saves in the 4-1 win vs. Bloomington on Saturday.  St. Pierre has played
every minute in net this season for the Komets and leads UHL goaltenders in that
category (298:55).  The 31-year-old Sherbrooke, Quebec native is currently
riding a three-game win streak and has 2.61 GAA and .915 SPCT this season.


Other goaltenders nominated
for the Southern Sports Supply UHL Goaltender of the Week include: Bloomington’s
Steffan Braunlich, Chicago’s Marty Magers, Elmira’s Kris Tebbs, Flint’s Bryan
Worosz, Kalamazoo’s Ryan Nie, Muskegon’s Clayton Pool, Port Huron’s Dustin
Traylen, Quad City’s Jason Tapp, and Rockford’s Frederic Cloutier.


46 Responses to “Players of the week”

  1. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Thats right, baby… Tell the rest of the league to get used to it!

  2. Greg Says:

    Congrat to John Goodwin.

  3. iluvhockey Says:

    Congrats to Goody and Frenchy both. Great job guys!!!

  4. Heather Says:

    Congrats to Goody and Frenchy

    I know this has been talked about before but I can’t help but wonder if McWhinney is going to get ANY playing time at all. I’m not saying Frenchy isn’t good because this just proves how good he is but give the rookie a chance to get out there. We know Frenchy is good he doesn’t have to prove anything but what if he goes down and all we have for a back up is a kid who hasn’t seen any ice time. How much pressure do you think is going to be on him? We saw what he could do in preseason and from what I saw he looked amazing so lets give the little guy a chance. That is if Frenchy is willing to share. Doesn’t it sound like he’s in preschool when he doesn’t want anyone else to play net but him? Is it just me that sees this or am I imagining it? Sorry to the Frenchy lovers out there…no offense to Frenchy but give McWhinney a chance what’s it going to hurt?

  5. paulsy Says:


    Any word as to when they may give MCWhinney a chance?

    I agree with Heather, they have to see what he can do in a game situation.

    On another note, I missed the games this weekend but was told that Morency looked to Bingham when Gummy Worm was yapping away at him and Bingham shook him off. Did you or anyone else see this? Granted we hurt them more by torching them with 7, but wouldn’t that be a good time to show Martinson we won’t take their crap like last year?

    Just a thought.

  6. Heather Says:

    on another note David Frawley didn’t he play with us? What did he do for us? and now he was a contender for player of the week. Must have been the coach that made the players bad LOL

  7. Heather Says:

    for flint through 7 games he has 4 points playing for us in 36 games he had 8 points? Explain that one?

  8. Komet Fan Says:

    Geez people, The Komets played 5 games in 3 weeks and Frenchy gives them the best chance to win, not that freaking hard to understand. McWhinney will get his shot this coming weekend. My guess is that it will be Sunday in Flint. If McWhinney doesn’t play in any of the games this coming weekend, then the Komets obviously have sero confidence in McWhinney and need to go looking for a capable abckup that can play.

  9. Heather Says:

    I guess stating your opinion is wrong nowadays…next time I’ll make sure to keep my mouth shut.

  10. Heather Says:

    One more thing before I stop though…Does anybody remember last season? Who is to say that goalies can’t share ice time it happens a lot just a thought but go ahead and make a comment to tear down my opinion Komet Fan

  11. Tony E Says:

    with no weekday games and the games being spread out there has not been a real chance to get him into a game yet. It is a tough spot because yes, they do need to see what he can do but at the same time, Frenchy needs to get into a groove.
    I would disagree with the assumption that if he does not play this weekend (and I believe he will) that they have no confidence in McWhinney. Unless something has changed since the season started they pretty much liked and were set on keeping him from the beginning of camp. Remember last season how they even with a backup kept bringing in other guys for tryouts? We aren’t hearing any of that this year. The kid is young and this is his first experience in pro hockey. He will get his chance but I am willing to wait until the defence tightens up a bit so the kid doesn’t see more than his fair share of tough chances.

  12. Tony E Says:

    Of course what do I know? I am willing to chew 30 year old bubble gum LOL.

  13. Heather Says:

    LOL that’s true and I respect your opinion and respect that you don’t think I’m an idiot who doesn’t know what the heck is going on.

  14. Heather Says:

    an for the record I was just asking a simple question is he gonna see more ice time than just a couple games…I didn’t say it had to be right now or this weekend I’m just asking if there is a chance that he’ll see some action but whatever I’m an idiot who doesn’t know hockey

  15. blake Says:

    As for Frawley, he gets all the ice time he wants in Flint, but he couldn’t crack the lineup with the Komets. Too many good players in front of him. It had nothing to do with the coaching.

    Dan will definitely play this weekend, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him play Saturday.

  16. Burgee Says:

    Congrats to the boys on players of the week.

    I can see McWhinney getting 2 games nov and 3 games each of the other months. Here is my take and remember its just my opinion and i am an idiot.

    You need to have your #1 dictate what games he plays and not rest him or alternate. you can only be Game ready by being in the game. I’m not into resting your first team in any sport, take last years colts for example, you just lose the edge when you are not constantly performing.

    Now on the other hand if the UHL wanted to develop goalies and put a rule in that you must alternate goalies every game i might be able to live with that — but we could sacrafice the quality of hockey we are used to.

  17. Heather Says:

    for the sake of not having my opinions run into the ground again I’m throwing in the towel I’m wrong you all are right congrats

  18. Burgee Says:

    Aw Heather, don’t give up that easily.

  19. Bob Says:

    Heather, I really think that you’re being too hard on yourself. I have been attending Komets games for 20 years and I’m still learning the game! I too, would like to see McWhinney get into a game and let him get some experience. Whether he plays his first game home or away….he’ll get an opportunity and I hope that he does well to build his confidence. BTW, I think that Dan will get into at least one game this weekend….my guess is the Flint game on Sunday.

  20. Bob Says:

    Tony E, If you get a chance….go to and click on the Fox News story about most dangerous cities in the USA. It’s something we’ve chatted about before….interesting reading.

  21. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I agree with the crowd that believes McWhinney should get playing time. After all, I am the guy that brought this topic up on both blogs last week. It is stupid to have a rookie goaltender that you think highly of and let him rot on the bench game after game and have him not only lose his confindence, but also lose his ability from no real game experience. If this is the NHL and you are paying your #1 goaltender $5 million to get you to the playoffs, then I say that guy gets the majority of the playing time like Frenchy does. But this isn’t the case. This is the Elite AA Profesional Hockey League known as the UHL and we should be giving rookies a chance to prove themselves down here on the farm. Frenchy is a good serviceable goaltender, but how do you know what you have until you give the young guy an opportunity? Maybe he plays this weekend…I say awesome. But he should at least get one game a weekend, this is my opinion. Perfect example of upside here…would be Joel Martin of K-Zoo last season. If K-zoo would have only played Jeff Reynaert, then they never would have found the league MVP and probably would have never won the Cup. It may be far-fetched, but who knows for sure.

    David Frawley did see lots of opportunity last season on the #1 line with Chaulk as a linemate. He was even on the PP unit a times or two. I agree, players do seem to improve when they play for other coaches and better systems, rather than turning into mediocrity with old what’s his name “Nothing At All…” Look at Jonathon Goodwin…player of the week….looks like a totally different player now…an all-star stud. My guess is he is benefiting from a great coach and a great system in Bingham. Just a guess though. I mean the guy is on the PK now and is one of the better ones. Did GQ give Goody that chance?

    Go ahead Blakes….get blue in the face. Colts Fan!!!!

  22. blake Says:

    Heather, I never meant to run you into the ground, and I apologize if you felt that was what I was doing with that answer. I was just giving an explanation.

    It’s a lot easier to play offensively in some systems versus some others. Do the rest of you really think David Frawley is a better player now, or are you just looking for another excuse to run down Chief?

    Players are what they are by the time they get to this level. They are here for a reason. Most of the time they are, as Ken Ullyot or somone once said, 2s. 2 small, 2 slow, 2 timid, etc. They don’t change their spots, especially after only a month into the season.

  23. JungleMonkey Says:

    Frawley had the same amount of talent last year, he just sat in favor of guys like Huckalo. Take that however you want.

  24. Tony E Says:

    Heather please don’t ever feel out of place here. You have opinions and they are well thought out. Stick to your guns and speak your mind. That is what this place is for. People will not always agree with you but that doesn’t mean that you are wrong or that your opinion doesn’t matter. Really, not much that is said here does “matter”. This is a place to share opinions and if you compare it to some of the other message boards out there, the two newspaper blogs are the most civil and constructive out there.

  25. Tony E Says:

    Bob I read on AOL about the wonderful city to the north of me.
    Now you guys know why I am so screwed up. Detroit to my south and Flint to my north.

  26. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    So how do you explain Jonathon Goodwin? He plays on our #1 PK unit and looks darn good doing it. He hits people non-stop. He stands in front of the net on the power-play and scores goals at will. He looks inspired and plays with heart and hustle. Did he do these things last year? Who was coaching last years team? Who is coaching now? You can go to bat for your boy Puhulski all you have the right to do so. But don’t try to fool yourself that Goodwin isn’t a better player because he is playing for a better coach. Bingham inspires his players, fires them up, encourages them, coaches them, teaches them, non-stop. Have you seen this like everyone else has? This is not bashing Greg at all this time…it is just the truth and it shows the value of a coach that has Bingham’s style. It is a compliment of Bingham. So come off of your protect the great Pulhulski high-horse. He was a good coach here…Bingham just happens to be better.

  27. Heather Says:

    thank you Tony I’ll stay just for you

  28. Tony E Says:

    Nooo… do it for HIT!

  29. Heather Says:

    No I’m deciding to stick around for me…I guess I shouldn’t get so upset about what you guys say considering I know nothing about you and you know nothing about me…although Tony I’m sure you aren’t as geeky as you seem LOL I could be wrong

  30. Tony E Says:

    Me.. geeky…? wow I have been called alot of things in my day (most of them 4 letter) but never geeky.
    Ok, I will bite…what is your definition of geeky?

  31. Heather Says:

    I mean anybody who chews 30 year old gum to save 10 bucks well that’s a good guy there your woman must be proud lol

  32. Heather Says:

    i’m just kidding i don’t think your geeky but my definition of geeky is someone who wears classes and has a pocket protector and was in the chess club or something like that lol

  33. Heather Says:

    that’s supposed to say glasses man its late lol

  34. blake Says:

    Tony is absolutely as geeky as he sounds.

    That’s way too simplistic, Hit. There’s a lot more to it. It has nothing to do with inspiring. By saying that, do you mean that Jonathan wasn’t playing as hard last year? No way you can say that. That would be totally unfair to him.

    Chief has a system that is much more defensive and keeps a third forward high. Pat likes to attack with all forwards. It’s just a different style. It also depends on whom you play with. Chaulker likes to dominate the puck in certain areas of the ice and he directs his forwards where he wants them. Everything worked off him. That’s not the case with Richardson so maybe Goody is getting more shots and more chances to handle the puck.

    Just because a coach uses a different system doesn’t mean he makes a player better. It’s simply a difference in style. Chief’s style is more defensive in nature, that’s all. You can argue all you want about which style is better, but it’s tough to argue with 48 wins per esason average over the last four years for Chief.

    Different styles also work well with different players sometimes. Jonathan did what he was asked to do and now he’s doing what Pat asks him to do. Points are not the only indication by a mile of how good a player is, or Jim Duhart would be in the AHL. Same with David-Alexandre Beauregard. There’s a reason some of the best scorers in hockey are always minus-20. I’ll take someone who can score 80 points and is plus-20 any day.

    A lot of it has to do with playing time, as well. This year Pat likes to keep his first unit on the power play as much as possible, where Greg liked to mix things up more and give equal time. Goody is getting more PP time this year with the best offensive players on the team so he should have better numbers.

    Back to Frawley a bit. It’s also easier to put up numbers on losing teams. Your boy Frank Littlejohn is the perfect example. Look at Wiggins last year, he had ample opportunity to put up those numbers in FW, but never could. He went to Roanoke and got a ton of ice time and PP time and finally got to score. Basically, they had no one else so he got those chances and made the most of htem. He was never going to get that kind of opportunity in FW because there were too many good, better players in front of him.

    Does that mean he was a better player in Roanoke? No freaking way you can say that with any intelligence.

    Does this mean Goody is a better player this year? It’s way too early to tell. He’s definitely doing different things. You can be a great player, but if you aren’t willing to play within the team system, what good are you? Goody has shown now that he’s an excellent player playing within two different systems.

  35. Tony E Says:

    Lol the $10 was a bonus. I am up for almost any kind of crazy dare that doesn’t involve mind altering substances. You are talking to a guy who hung a very life like looking mannequin in a wedding dress over a freeway overpass when I was 20. When the state police showed up I stood with a straight face and asked “is there a problem officer?”

    Ashley has some names to describe me. Geeky ain’t one of them 😉

  36. Heather Says:

    I didn’t say that Frawley was a better player in Flint I just said he was putting up bigger numbers so far just wanted an explanation of why?

  37. Tony E Says:

    HEY BLAKE!!! SSSHHHHH!!! I have an image to protect LOL.

  38. Heather Says:

    I’m sure she has some that I don’t need to hear lol

  39. Heather Says:

    The whole coach thing if you saw after that I put LOL it was a joke ease up a little

  40. Heather Says:

    ok I think I’m going to bed now lol

  41. Tony E Says:

    Me too. Gnite all.
    On Goodwin. I think if he has another solid season this year he will get a serious AHL look next year. I don’t think he has the size or speed to be a first liner there but he certainly could be a servicable player. Also as Blake said, his showing the ability to play well under different systems will make him an attractive commodity.

  42. Bob Says:

    Tony E, The thing that got my attention on that story is when one compares the population difference between the two cities and yet were ranked #2 and #3. BTW, your crazy dare has mine beat…when I was about 20-21 I climbed on top of an Azar’s “Big Boy” statue in front of the restraunt and sat on the plate next to the big plastic burger for my meal! During dinner hour!

  43. ilovehockey Says:

    I have also noticed that Goody has stepped it up several notches this season. He’s always been a good player, but it seems like he just flourishes in Pat’s system. Actually, it seems that every player is doing well under Pat’s system. I am extremely impressed with Pat and with the team this year. All of the players seem to be very nice and always come out of the locker room to meet the fans, unlike a few last year that always snuck off the ice after the game to avoid the fans. I also think that AJ is very much improved this season. Maybe it’s more ice time, I don’t know. I don’t think that he really got the opportunity last year to show a lot of talent. Too many other good players and he was put on the back burner. I’m not worried at this point about McWhinney not being in goal yet. I agree that Frenchy does need to get in a groove first. We all figure that Dan will play sometime this weekend, and that’s ok. I know that we don’t want to exhaust Frenchy, but we do need to keep him sharp at all times. Sitting too much isn’t good either. Kind of a double edged sword as far as goaltending goes.

  44. Tony E Says:

    Lol Bob now that would be a picture for the blog. The crime stats for both Detroit and Flint are incredible and sad.
    Both cities are trying to right the ship but it is going to take years as well as a full fledged economic turnaround. Education is the key and is horrid in both cities. I could not believe it when I would talk to the kids while doing Pop Warner and they would tell me that there are 35 kids in their algebra class and only FOUR textbooks to go around!

  45. Komet Fan Says:

    Heather, after reading continuous rants about how Frenchy shouldn’t be playing as often as he does, people need to realize that the Coach makes the decision who is playing goaltender, not the player. People on here act like Frenchy is “keeping down” his backup intentionally. Baloney!!!

    Sorry you took personally what I said. It wasn’t directed at you, just at people who constantly question why Frenchy plays 80% of the time. Here’s a clue for those people: It probably has something to do with the fact that he gives the Komets the best chance to win!!!

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but people need to get a clue when it comes to why certain players, especially Frenchy, who people seem to think makes the lineup and puts himself in the game, that the Coach makes that decision. as I stated, I am pretty confident that McWhinney will get a start this weekend and hopefully he does well. If not, I am sure people will then get on here and say that it is Frenchy’s fault since he has “hogged” all of the playing time…

  46. Komet Fan Says:

    Blake, you can talk “systems” all you want, but it is fact that most of the players who played here last year and are on this year’s team would NOT have returned this year had Chief been back. It had nothing to do with his “systems”, it had to do with Chief and his personality and how he treated his players. I already know that you were privy to alot of the going ons with players last year that you didn’t mention in the newspaper or blogs, that would support what I am saying.

    I am not going to argue with you that Chief has a pretty good resume at the UHL level. That is fact. But, ask yourself a question: Why hasn’t he had an opportunity to move up to a higher level with all of this success? I would say it is because he lacks good communication skills with his players. There is plenty of evidence to support what I am saying.

    As far as Goodwin goes, I would agree that Goodwin has shown much more potential this year than the past 2 years. Part of it is opportunity, part of it is that Chief is gone. Again, Chief has won at this level of hockey, but who has he developed when he was in Fort Wayne? Not much…

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