Some notes

November 5, 2006

It’s the first time a Komets’ goaltender won his first
professional start since the Franke brothers bought the team in

There were a couple of other rookies who won their first
games with the Komets, but the keys are first start as a pro and did they start
the game. There was a rookie a few years ago who relieved and won the game, but
did not start.
I’m back past 87-88 and I can’t find out for sure on anyone else. Anyone have any ideas?


It’s also the first time a Komets defenseman has had a
hat trick in a game since Frederic Bouchard scored four goals against Kalamazoo
on March 2, 2001.


7-1 is the best start since 7-0-2 in



13 Responses to “Some notes”

  1. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Big Year Guys and Gals……Big Year.

    Hey, that Dan McWhinney ain’t to bad either. Not bad for just the back-up, eh Super Fan? Let’s give the kid some time to grow. He might be gold.

  2. Blake Says:

    I never said he wasn’t. I just said I wouldn’t start him ahead of Frenchy most nights.

  3. Rick Says:

    Blake, check Robbie Irons. I think he got a shutout his first start way back with the Ks, but I can’t be sure it was his 1st professional start.

  4. Skate Says:

    If memory serves, Irons posted a 3-0 shutout of Des Moines in his first game as a Komet.

  5. Skate Says:

    I was there. That gives you an idea how old I am.

  6. blake Says:

    Wow, do you think the stretch could go all the way to 1967?

  7. Rick Says:

    Looks like Skate and I are together on Robbie’s first game so we must be right, LOL. I agree the score was 3-0 but I couldn’t remember the opposing team but Des Moines sounds right.

  8. Rick Says:

    Geez, I can’t believe that was almost 40 years ago!

  9. ilovehockey Says:

    Great job Dan and the entire Komet team. I had the UHL site pulled up yesterday during the game also, and when Flint scored the 3rd goal, the site had an unofficial final of 3-2 Flint. Somebody jumped the gun big time. With this Komet team, you better wait till that final buzzer sounds. Just plain AWESOME!!!!!!!

  10. chuckitt Says:

    skate you is older than the hills!

  11. Komet Fan Says:

    McWhinney did fine, but Frenchy should be playing 80% of the games. He is the starter and this team will go as far as he takes them.

  12. Melissa Says:

    I believe the score board on the UHL site is ahead because it was posted that the 3rd Komet shoot out shooter already scored before Chase announced who the shooter was. I think Chasers is time delayed.

  13. Tony E Says:

    If you listen online there certainly is a time delay. When I used to be one of the nerds ERRRRR hardcore fans (JUST KIDDING FOLKS) who wore earphones to the games he was right on with the play

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