Injury report

November 11, 2006

Pascal is out 1-2 weeks with a separated shoulder. K.J. said he mostly got the wind knocked out of him, and the rest of the team left under its own power.

How bad is Flint? Except for the cheap shots, could you even tell they were on the ice after the first period? They looked incredibly disorganized. There were quite a few times when Generals were looking around at each other like they were trying to figure out who was supposed to do what.

I like and have a ton of respect for Kevin Kerr and Al Sims. I hope they can get this pulled together because both are quality men and hockey people. I just wonder what kind of resources they have to work with. I don’t know, but when you look at the Generals’ attendance numbers you have to wonder. Generals fans have always impressed me as some of the most passionate in the league but are there enough of them?


44 Responses to “Injury report”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Good to see Pascal’s only going to be out a week or two, he landed HARD on his shoulder in the 2nd which caused the injury. With as many cheapshots that Flint threw at us, i’m surprised that we only came out of that game one down.

  2. David Says:

    With all the cheap shots nobody really did anything about it, the Rock just gave the old “why I outta”…With Kzoo and Elmira coming in we may be in trouble in the “toughness” department with Pascal out be interesting to see if someone else steps up…Also, we have had 2 games with Flint and the radio ad this week called our games with Flint “not just a game, but a WAR”…The 2nd period kind of resembled a “war” like atmosphere but a boring first and uneventful 3rd. Is this the best looking PP at times it is like taking candy from a baby…

  3. blake Says:

    You actually believed the hype? There is no such thing as a war in hockey anymore and to me that kind of advertising is very offensive considering our country is at war. How bad is that kind of crap on Veteran’s Day of all things. That’s totally bush.

    BTW, Anybody still want to jump on the David Frawley could be a great Komet bandwagon?

    As for Mario, there were legitmate reasons he did not fight. I’m not going to comment futher on that, but you should be able to figure it out.

  4. Brandon Says:

    I’ll steer clear of that bandwagon, thank you very much. Jason Selleke is another story however

  5. blake Says:

    I don’t know, I really didn’t notice Jason much at all after the first period, either.

  6. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    What? Does Rob Guinn have a hurt shoulder again this season? You know, Rob Guinn has forgotten more about fighting than any of us has seen hockey, so don’t question his toughness…

    Or is it another case of everyone in the league is afraid of Mr. Jorde? He can’t get anyone to go with him?

    Or is it another Galbraith story that we shouldn’t ask any questions about because he is such a wonderful person….until we got rid of him and everyone…I mean everyone jumped on him for every reason you can think of.

    So instead of throwing out a speculation of why he won’t fight…just tell us. LOL

    Who on this team will stick-up for 5 star players taking cheapshots to a much weaker and un-talented team like Flint? Who on that team scares anyone? What are we gonna do when it is Elmira or Muskegon? Take the cheapshots? Just wondering?

  7. Top_shelf Says:

    I agree with HIT, Tell us Blake!! Were in for it next week with Elmira if nobody is going to step up and let the other team this is not Puhalski hockey anymore…………..or is it ?

  8. komets29fan Says:

    I talked to Pascal last night after the game and he said he’s going to try and be back next weekend. I hope so, but I don’t want him to come back before he’s ready to and cause further injury to it.

  9. chuckitt Says:

    other than superior talent this team looks the same as last years in the toughness department. everyone says how tough they are and then we get phantom excuses when they dont stand up. if you only knew…..well isnt that the job of a reporter? to report the news instead of giving us company lines,, if you only knew… well if they can only play their game at a limited basis due to something, then we need to know or i guess we can just decide to only pay a little part of our tickets, cause gee, im having problems at home and if you only knew…

  10. blake Says:

    My policy has always been, if they are in the lineup then I don’t talk about injuries. Unless maybe you’d prefer the other teams to know what’s going on… If they are out of the lineup, then all injuries are fair game. There’s a difference between being hurt and injured.

    How are they “in for it” against Elmira when the Jackals have a whopping total of nine fights this year?

  11. komets29fan Says:

    sorry that I mentioned that about Pascal.

  12. David Says:

    Let me see if I can figure it out with the Rock…he has a bum hand or a bad shoulder…He took a run or you could call it a cheap shot at Bootland the other night in Kzoo so if he is unable to fight when needed he should play the game clean and stay out of scrums…

  13. scoops Says:

    Yup…that is what I want to see…the league’s best defenseman who is scoring at will sitting in the box to show “how tough he is”. What does it prove?
    I did see a few knees and elbows from Flint last night which were repayed with goals, hits, and a victory.
    And I really do not understand this whole thought process of having someone that “scares” the other team. The people that “scare” other teams is having Laraque on point. Having Morency out there hitting everything that moves and drawing 3 or 4 penalties a game of our powerplay to continue their success. Or better yet….the Bee-Gees should “scare” other teams. That is what should scare some teams. Not some jackass who gets 1 or 2 shifts a game and ususally fights ONE guy on the other team…..not the ENTIRE team.

  14. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I meant, who on Flint scares you?

    But, we are going to lose player after player if someone does knock some heads after one of your star players takes a cheapshot from a team like Flint. Just wait until Elmira who has the 2 PIM’s leaders in next week to take wild shots at our top players, then we will really be in for it. I just want some one to pound the first cheapshoter and I think it would stop.

  15. chuckitt Says:

    every team needs someone to scare the other team for a couple of reasons. one is hockey is partialy a game of intimidation. if your forwards are afraid to go into the corners then youll never get pucks dug out in your favor. second, if you dont have someone to scare the other team, then they will sit back and take shots at allyour skill players. and as we have seen in our recent past, if you cant be scary, then its first round and go home. quit talking about goons. goons are history. we just need guys who will protect and make the other teams afraid. remember the jungle? teams didnt want to come here to play. remember when fletcher took the ice? he wasnt a good and everybodys heads came up when he hit the ice. our team looks like they are willing and able, i just was disapointed that flint got away with a couple intent to injure plays. shouldnt happen.

  16. Brandon Says:

    Bring on the gong show!

  17. Sniper Says:

    Someone pounding the first cheap shotter isn’t going to stop cheap shots. Those dirty players are still going to do it. My other problem is, I don’t think fighting Flint would’ve have made a difference. They are terrible, we were winning, and why risk getting hurt over a bunch of pukes like that? Say Laroque fights, gets hurt and gets an injury that keeps him out for a long time, what does that prove? We will stick up for our selves? Sure, but then you lose that scoring threat. There’s a time to fight and I don’t think last not against Flint was a time to do it. You could see the guys wanted to, but I think it was better that they didn’t.

    I also don’t think any team has anyone that scares guys. And the guys we have this year do enough of a good job getting in opposing players heads as it is and most of them will mix it up when necessary, and I really haven’t seen anything that made it that necessary to fight when we’re winning by 3+ goals a night at home.

    Are we going to games to see hockey or fights? If it’s fight watch Friday night fights on ESPN or ESPN2 if they still have that.

  18. JR Says:

    Sniper, Why do you continually bash those fans who like the rougher side of hockey??? If they want to see a fight, they want to see a fight. Big deal….and to bring up the fact that these guys could be hurt if they engage in a fight is silly. These same players could get hurt screening the goalie, checking in the corners, or just hopping off the bench. I agree with your other entry that this squad doesnt even compare to the Puhalski teams from years past. I am enjoying this team so far and I enjoy reading the entries on this blog; but if it upsets you so much you may want to think about no longer reading the entries….

  19. David Says:

    Let me ask a question because it has never really been asked here, I do not think.

    When is it the right time to fight somebody? Everyone on here always gives this response to fighting…
    1. We were winning what’s the point
    2. What if so and so gets hurt.
    3. We do not need a goon

    Hit, chuckitt, JR did I miss any of the responses?

    So please someone answer the question, When is it the right time to fight?

  20. Tony E Says:

    I see Snipers point and while I fall into the side of the coin where I could care less about fighting I understand why others enjoy it. There are always differences in sports like this. In baseball, some people are thrilled with a 2-1 tight game while others love to see 10-7 slugfests.

  21. Tony E Says:

    Dsvid Goons at all levels of hockey are about as extint as my political party in congress right now so I think that point is moot.
    Right time to fight? This is going to sound like a cop out answer but speaking from experience, as a player you “know” when the time is right.
    I mean I could tell you that when your team gives up a couple of quick goals in the visitors building that might be a good time but in this day and age that is likely to get you an instigator penalty and put your team into further trouble whether you win the fight or not. In todays game where misconducts and suspensions are handed out rather liberally (a word I don’t like using LOL) you have alot more to think about than just “lets drop the gloves, get it on and take our 5 minutes”.

  22. JR Says:

    Fighting is not the only way to show the opposing team your displeasure… Scoops and Sniper are right in that scoring on the subsequent powerplay or delivering a good body check the next time the guy is on the ice are both good examples. My problem is when the penalties are not being called and no one steps up and at least gives the ol face wash with the mitt… That being said I have seen this team step up on several occasions to protect other players. Most notably Hansen and Morency. My question, since I missed the game Saturday, is did anyone step up for Hansen when he took his shot??

  23. David Says:

    Tony all I want to know is when the guys on here think it is the right time to fight? When someone points out that something should have happen, either myself, hit, chuckitt, the response most time is one of the above. If there is never a right time the UHL should not change the how they call a game and have strict enforcement because they guys who usually cause the trouble will either be in the penalty box or on the bench because they are not on the penalty kill or powerplay. But if the UHL changes their position on this then the non calls will happen and how do we handle the situation when our number one deterrent is our powerplay is not give opportunities.

  24. scoops Says:

    We’ll have this argument till the end of time because its bloggers wishing this was the 70’s and 80’s and others that have come to grips with reality that this is 2006. Hockey is not played that way anymore. Nothing wrong with either view really.

    Regarding the “intimidator” stance. The intimidators your mentioning most often are sitting in the middle of the bench….intimidating nobody for 58 minutes a game. Throwing fists is not the lone factor in intimidating your opponent and quite frankly its a very small portion of the game anymore. Personally I’d rather them step and start hitting people left and right, as they did during the second period thuggery….and keep tacking on goals in the process.
    I do not know when the right time to fight is and I do not think there is a right or wrong answer. Like Tony said….you can just feel it. Most often its to repay someone from previous acts of idiocy, something to change momentum, something to wake up a team if they are flat, or two guys just wanting to put on a show.
    I’ll stick with the team we have who have people on the ice at all times who can throw down and stick up for each other each night that have a Matt Goody or Jon Mirasty wasting a roster space.

  25. Tony E Says:

    I see both of your points but there is a problem in many cases with the whole “stick up for your teammate” thing. In most cases, the guys in this league who deliver cheap shots will not fight. So you challenge them and end up getting a penalty against you and the guy delivering the cheap shot gets away with it. Or you end up fighting someone who had nothing to do with the problem in the first place. And since you have no idea what is called from one game to the next you might find yourself with a misconduct leading to a suspension.
    There are always going to be “reasons” to fight and the coin flip of “reasons” not to. I will say this to the linesman in this league, when they do decide to drop them..stay the heck out of the way instead of trying to break it up too soon! One of these officials is going to get hurt.

  26. Tony E Says:

    Well now I can say I see all three of your points! lol

  27. komets123 Says:

    Perhaps we should trade away all our players for all of the Flint players?? i mean come on guys.. THEY ARE TOUGH… Would be great to have a team of guys that are so tough.. They are out of posistion, move slow, can’t play defense, and i think they almost caught up to the puck once or twice.. but those boys are tough.. just the kind of toughness we need on our hockey team..

    now onto a more serious note.

    After every cheap shot i saw many different komet players taking “legal” runs as the generals.. Hukalo, Goodwin, Larocque, Vorhees, and Hansen all tried to do their part to send a message.. Nobody dropped the gloves to beat em up.. but they threw their bodies around and tried to get there revenge that way. Hats off to them.. Last years team would have tucked tail. This year they dont. They rip off 5 unanswered goals, and never backed down..

    I love a good fight. Especially when we suffer a cheap shot. But to compare their lack of fighting to last years team is insane. They are much tougher, and have much more heart..

    Some people are too critical IMO.. certainly have a right to be. Pay good money to see them.. Problem i see is this though. No matter what “recipe” for a team you try to put together, there will always be something lacking.. If you want the toughest in the league, then you sacrifce some skill.. you want the most skillful then you sacrifice some toughness.. I believe the Komets have the correct make up. Whole lot of skill, speed, heart, and enough toughness to where our team will not shy away from the play…. Very difficult to put a team together that is the toughest in the league and the most skilled.. I for 1 am happy with the product i see on the ice.. high scoring, great PP and PK, few nicer hits then previous few years.. Would like more fights, but not needed.. i do not feel it is needed at this point.. We seem to hang with the tough teams just fine.. How has the tough play worked for the generals so far? maybe they should have gone for some more skill instead…..

  28. David Says:

    Not talking just about Flint, but Kzoo and Rockford, and more than likely Muskegon… Take a look at this and the response given…

  29. David Says:

    And this one not much different in what Willis did Friday Night in Kzoo…

  30. JungleMonkey Says:

    Blah, blah, blah…. Fights, goons, and all the other nonsense. The Frankes haven’t signed a legit fighter since Steve Parsons. We’ve blamed Puhalski, Worlton’s Mom, and everyone else. Just blame management. I’d love to see some hockey fights, but I have come to grips with the fact that it’s not going to happen in Fort Wayne. I just wish some people would stop making excuses for it, 5 years no enforcer…. It’s not hard to figure out once you take off your Franke-frosted glasses.

  31. Tony E Says:

    JM all Parsons could do was fight. How many guys like that can you name in any league anymore? Even the UHL the “enforcers” can play.

    Parsons…gheesh never have I ever heard a guy who played 28 games with a team get so much love lol. What about Bruce Ramsey who was on that team all year??

  32. Tony E Says:

    grrrr…should read “even IN the UHL, the “enfocers” can play.

    BTW I guess we can all look forward to Blake being in a good mood this week after tonights football game 😉

  33. blake Says:

    I thought Sniper had an interesting point. Why would the Komets stoop to their level and try to play that game. That was Flint’s only chance Saturday night, while they had no chance if the Komets just played the game. I think the Komets are more than capable of turning that type of game into a brawl, but that would have given Flint a better chance to win.

    There have been some great points here on both sides, though. Who’da thunk it, a very intelligent discussion about pugilism. Good stuff, everybody.

    And, yes, I’m in a good mood after the football game. Now if only the Dolts would lose! They must be the luckiest team on earth this season.

  34. JR Says:

    You mean its 2006????? Wow and all this time I thought is was 1986… Please inform me prior to the season what actual year it is so that I can correctly adjust my frame of thought…. Get off your high horse scoops, the teams who have either won the cup the last few years or came close have mostly all had some muscle on thier roster and they found a way for it to work. And before you all go crazy on me I do like this team just the way it is, I believe it is a nice refreshing change from the last few years…

  35. scoops Says:

    I agree with you. So what is your point exactly?

  36. ilovehockey Says:

    Have to agree with Komets 123. A fight every once in a while is OK, but I much prefer just a good overall team. Our guys are afraid to fight. They are probably 10 times smarter than lots of these guys on the other teams. Using their heads is getting them where they are right now. I love the team this year. Best one that I’ve seen in a long time. They do stand up for each other. Maybe they don’t come out kickin butt all the time, but they show their agression thru their style of play. I just don’t understand how people can complain about a tema that’s got a fantastic starting record. Last year, I couldn’t even find a Komet on the standings page for about the first 2-3 months. Take a look at that page now. There are FW’s all over the place. Continue to do what you’re doing K’s.

  37. ilovehockey Says:

    Excuse me, that should have said that our guys are NOT afraid to fight. Typing too fast.

  38. chuckitt Says:

    the whole problem is if you dont take care of cheap shot guys, just scoring a goal is not going to stop them, it will just make them get more chippy. there are times to fight and every team has guys who will drop gloves if challenged, if not then they as a team wont go far. look at the team that calls itself hockey city, muskegon always has rough and talented guys. look at the team with the most ahl callups last year, rockford, same with them. we have the toughness im just shocked we didnt stick up for the players more. if someone on my line took a vicious cross check and flopped head first into the boards, i would have been on that guy instantly, cause i sure wouldnt want him to do it to me the next trip down the ice. players know when to fight and that would have been the time but not much happened. i just wondered why not? hockey has evolved to the sissified euro style and the days of strictly a goon are gone so why do you non fight fans always bring up goon this and goon that? we all agree goons are dead so why is the word even on here anymore? fighting is just another form of message sending. dont do that to our teammates or you will get this, dont show us up in our own building or youll get this or its also a way to get the crowd and teammates fired up and back into the game. its hard to say exactly when the right time is but as tony says a player knows, and thats why i still wondered why we didnt do any retaliations on sat. maybe it was because the guys figured that fling wasnt worth the effort, i guess we need the guys to comeon here and give their opinions or maybe blake can get some comments for us.

  39. ilovehockey Says:

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe Pat told them not to retaliate. With the officiating fiasco every game, they don’t know what the heck they can and can’t do anyway. Maybe some of the players would be willing to talk about, maybe not.

  40. Greg Says:

    Problem is chuckitt that the retaliater seems to always get the worst of it. If the league could grow a set it might, and I emphasize might, curb guys from committing those infractions, but when questionaalbe hits happen and there is no call, then you go after a guy and end up taking a penalty that could cause your team to lose, yeah you’ve sent a message to not do that again while at the same time losing the game. This is just my opinion but I think must guys would want to make sure the team wins instead of sending a message.

  41. chuckitt Says:

    right! but at the time i think we were ahead about four or five to one and i cant think of a better time to stand up when it looks like a team mate takes a hit that looked to me like an intent to injure. they didnt have to fight but i was looking for a little more comotion than what happened .

  42. Greg Says:

    I see your point. I’m not sure we’ll ever know why they decided not to throw down. I think we just need to have a little faith that the Komets won’t let that situation happen happen again.

  43. chuckitt Says:

    you are right, my only point is that this is the same stuff we heard last year and we are all use to hearing the same things the last few years and then not being delivered. i just want to make sure all people remember and dont blindly listen to the company line again. i think this years team is special and i see us going all the way. ill be the ist to say it. but that wont stop me from asking questions!! thats what this blog is all about.

  44. Greg Says:

    You got that right!!!

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