Tonight’s game

November 15, 2006

If anybody would care to talk about that, you can do it here.

Ks activated A.J. Bozoian before today’s game to take the spot by Pascal Morency.


15 Responses to “Tonight’s game”

  1. Hoss Says:

    My mom tought me if you don’t have anything to say nice, don’t say anything at all.Not much to talk about!

  2. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Some of us heard Chaser refer to one of our D-Men as “Honker”…..

  3. blake Says:

    God, I love the way Steve Martinson speaks his mind and doesn’t give a darn what anybody else thinks. You go, Steve!

  4. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    You what?

  5. scoops Says:

    Check out the Martinson fight in the penalty box. The link is about halfway down on page 6.

  6. Derick Says:

    Ruid has a goal assisted by Larocque and Bozoian.

  7. jc Says:

    Not a very good game by the Komets. We got outplayed tonight. Oh well, can’t win them all. Hopefully we’ll play much better against Elmira on Friday.

  8. Mark Says:

    I watched this game on the B2..and the Komets were horrible..i haven’t seen them play that badly this year..pretty disappointed with the effort..

    Lets hope they regroup for Elmira on Friday..they come with the same kind of effort, they will get blown out..Again..

  9. golightly Says:

    Yes, they did not play well. But it wasn’t as bad as watching my Carolina Panthers.


  10. Burgee Says:

    i missed it, someone give me the low down. i was being the good parent and coaching the indoor football team tonight, i did have my other kid texting me with updates but at 4-0 she gave up and went to bed.

  11. Tony E Says:

    The only comment I have is they need to get used to playing 5 on 5 if the penalties are going to be reduced as they have been the last couple of games. They looked out of position most of the game.
    But in all fairness they have not had much chance to play 5 on 5 for much of the season. I think after a couple of games to adjust things will be fine.

  12. Mark Says:


    The Lowdown…the Komets didn’t play well at all..pretty much sums it all up..the effort wasn’t there in my opinion..

  13. David Says:

    I think it is very obvious that Pascal is a much need member of the K’s!! Richardson was the only one who tried to put a fire in the squad with his fight tonight. Nobody else even tried to do anything like that, not even Syroczynski did anything. I love what Richardson tried to do in a 4-0 game. Syroczynski is 6-5 225 has no points and 8 pims and I have yet seen him do anything. While we took the hogs to the wood shed at home a couple of weeks ago they returned the favor tonight.

  14. golightly Says:

    I wanna see a good fight!

  15. Burgee Says:

    i caught chaser right at the end and he said it was like they didn’t even get off the bus.

    This will eat at this team until fridays game, should see some good hockey this weekend.

    did i hear right, i thought i caught chaser saying big snake was going after kiyaga.

    Muskegon won again — amazing.

    the fight video mentioned above kinda makes me think big snake is darth vader and stevie is darth sidious. They’ll both lose in the end.

    P.S. Rockford still stinks. bunch of cheap shot sissies.

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