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November 17, 2006

All of you who love the fights so much, are you fans of boxing or ultimate fighting? If not, why? Why hockey fights per se?

I’ve also always wondered, what do you tell your kids?


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  1. Tony E Says:

    Lol don’t forget “pro” wrestling.

  2. Heather Says:

    What do I tell my kid? I tell him its a part of the game. What else would I tell him? I also would mention to him that the guys are fighting to prove that they aren’t going to take crap from the other teams. Call me a horrible parent but that’s my explanation. I also do like ultimate fighting and my cousin actually is in the UFC so yes I enjoy watching him. So does that give me a legitimate reason to cheer for fighting? If not too bad lol.

  3. golightly Says:

    I’ve been learning about hockey in the past year(from the south, we are football fans)…I am hooked, I love it. I’m not a big fan of fighting at all, but when I see someone get rocked on the boards, I do want to see them stick up for themselves. Do I really want to see blood and someone get seriously injured? No not at all. (and I hate boxing & wrestling & NASCAR)
    As far as what I tell my little boy? He is 6 and is just learning playstation NHL…taught to him by a pro hockey player…he thinks the fights are great, but it’s a video game…all he has seen at a live game were just hard checks…but he also will take a football in the face & tackle someone twice his size, (and he’s less than 40 lbs.)and love every minute of it…so it’s all part of the game.

  4. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I hate fighting…I think they should rename this league the Elite Professional European Hockey League. Cheapshots are great. I love to watch my team get challenged to fights when you have a 5 goal or more lead and no one has the pucks to drop the mitts and dance. Funny thing is..against Flint they all claim that no one would fight them…talk about a change in Philosophy.

  5. Heather Says:

    same question back at ya what would you tell your kids?

  6. blake Says:

    Don’t have any kids, and don’t know what I’d tell them, either. I just thought that was always a fascinating question for parents. How do you deal with this? Does it in any way encourage kids to do anything or not?

    Fighting has never done much for me. I understand some people really love it, and I understand its acceptance in the game, but it’s just not my thing. I never really felt like it proved anything because the first thing that happens after a fight is the planning and build up to the next one. I just never thought they accomplish much.

    I’ve always thought it was an interesting dicotomy that it’s legal on the ice, but two guys in the stands 10 feet away get arrested for it. Guess I’m the worst nightmare for the pro or anti forces because I could care less.

    I have always found it very interesting that so many people are so passionate about it one way or the other.

  7. Skate Says:

    I can watch a boxing match but I wouldn’t walk across the street to see UFC. That’s just too much like a “Toughman” competition which reminds me of a couple of drunks in a bar taking it outside.

    Did Hansen (Terry Harper II) win his fight with Tidball?

  8. John W Says:

    The old IHL days had much more of this activity and I don’t think anyone’s kids in Fort Wayne grew up to be murderers by being exposed to it.You know, its interesting that we have become so “civilized” on issues such as this as a society while taking totally uncivilized positions on much more important items.Its the way a culture of death tries to hide its real morality, by being pc on issues like hockey fights.

  9. Matt Says:

    I could go a whole season without seeing a fight and it wouldn’t bother me. I like physical games and as long as there’s some hitting during the game I’m happy….a good open ice hit is awesome.

    While I wouldn’t mind if there was no fighting, it doesn’t bother me when there is a fight and if it’s a good one I’ll cheer for it. Back in the early-mid 90’s when my family would all go to games my sister HATED when the players fought and my dad would just say it’s part of the game….today she still thinks it’s stupid

  10. JungleMonkey Says:

    I don’t have kids. If I did I’d explain to them that different people have different jobs. Some people shovel poop at the zoo, others get to play football, and some people don’t have a lot of skills so they are forced to punch people in the face for a living. People do what they’re good at. Sometimes when Dad goes to work, they’re are people that try to steal things out of his desk, when you catch them doing this you challenge them to go out to the production floor take off their glasses and then you beat the everliving daylights out of them. You see little Dicky, after a good beating the rest of the engineering staff learns by example that you don’t steal from my desk. The same thing happens in hockey, son. Some guys want to try to take advantage of situations by “breaking the rules”… sure there are penalties for this type of thing, but that is more like a “timeout”… Sometimes you get really dumb guys that don’t learn, the only way to make them understand is to punch them in the head. Remember that dumb dog we had that I had to smack around when he crapped the floors? “Yes, father.”… Well, its just like that son. “Oh, I see.”… If you’re one of the smart people, you will make friends with a big dumb guy and he will do your fighting for you. I call these guys enforcers, but that old guy in the newspaper and his pack of peace mongers refer to them as “goons”… Here, let me show you in the dictonary… Under enforcer you will find this picture of a man named Steve Fletcher, perhaps the baddest man to ever wear orange and black… Now here under goon you will find a picture of a man named Jeff Worlton, see how his head takes up two pages… Can you see the difference son? “Yes, Dad”… Now tell me what you’ve learned today…..

    1. Jeff Worlton has a giant head.
    2. Sometimes when people pick on you, you have to punch them in the face.
    3. If you can find a big dumb guy to be your friend let him punch people in the face for you.
    4. That old newspaper guy is a stick-in-the-mud.
    5. Sometimes assests must be protected by force.
    6. Dad will always lie to your principal and act angry when you beat kids up, but never punish you as long as the other guy deserved it.

    And thus, you all now know why I don’t have kids.

  11. Heather Says:

    Very well put JM always get a laugh out of what you post

  12. sparky Says:

    JM you crack me up. I do have kids, so lets put this in context. My son goes to a FWCS high school. One day we were sitting around and he casually informed me that as he was standing in line to leave class one day, the guy behind him lit his hair on fire. Being the concerned mom that I am, I said, “Really, did you tell a teacher?” and he said “No, I punched him in the chest, he fell on the floor and all his friends laughed at him.” Now, was it wrong? Right? I guess he could have gotten a teacher involved, or walked away and ignored it and maybe it would never have happened again, but he settled it in his way and its done. Some days you just have to stand up for yourself…when and where depends on the situation. Smart kids, and smart Komets, can figure that out for themselves.

  13. golightly Says:

    Monkey…absolute entertainment in making a terrific point!

  14. Greg Says:

    So what keeps this kid who lit your sons hair on fire from doing it to somebody else, punishment as in detention or expultion from school.

    Leagues need to admit that fighting is okay and get rid of the instigator rule. If they want to keep the instigator rule and say that they are trying to eliminate fighting then league officals need to grow a set and start handing out serious punishmentment for offenders.

  15. sparky Says:

    It doesn’t Greg, but thugs are thugs, I doubt if detention would turn him into an angel either. I’m just saying that fighting doesn’t bother me if there’s a reason for it. What does make me light-headed is seeing a player laying on the ice after a cheap shot.

  16. David Says:

    Who leads the league in standings and majors this year? 1 team MUSKEGON and what they are proving is not only can we beat you on the score board but we can also take care of you if you so choose to play a chippy game. Why does everyone want the Indy Ice back in the UHL? One reason no body remembers who won those games between the ice and k’s but they can recall all the fights that happen during that series. When people went to those games most knew that the game will be filled with after whistle scrums and fights!!! What I tell my son is that it is a part of the game, not the only part, most of the time it is to change the game, to rub it in the face of your opponent, or to protect a fellow team mate. Take last night for instance let’s say #27 for the k’s takes up the offer from Tidball no matter what happens he is going to gain a lot of respect from his team mates for taking on their tough guy. Matt has played in 9 games gets little ice time has no points and 8 pims. What is his role I ask? Just like most of you questioned Worlton’s worth last year. At least when challenged by someone he fought did not win them all but he did his role for the K’s until they let him go. Look I am a paying customer and want the K’s to win and also love to see fights even Barry Melrose and Bettmen have stated the the NHL hall of fame should honor those who were know as fighters in the NHL because it is a part of the game and there has been some really good ones over the years…Will see how we stack up against Muskegon and Kzoo through out the year and even Rockford and Elmira. While I am a critic on this issue I will say this, the K’s this year are fun to watch no matter what happens in the fighting department.

  17. Melissa Says:

    Yes. I like the fignts. My kids like the fights. I tell my kids it is part of the game. If you are someone that has grown up watching hockey, it has always been apart of the game. When my husband was little his parents took him to a game saw a fight, then got into a fight at school. My husband told his mother, the big guys fight so can I. Needless to say, his parents did not take him to any games. Last night I told my husband, I hope there are some good fights tonight. Haven’t seen a good fight in a long while. He told me, if thats the only reason you are going, stay home.

    GO KOMETS… Kick some butt!

  18. stratocaster718 Says:

    I’m okay with the fights, and see the purpose they serve in helping with the self-policing. I think hockey has taken a lot of the self-policing out of it, and moved too much of the policing to the league office. But I’m also like Blake, and can take or leave it; would rather see an up-and-down game, evenly-matched, hard hits and a Komet victory.

    I have a simple fix to remove probably 50% of the fighting in hockey; as virtually everyone accepts it as part of the game (see the prior posts and any article/debate on the subject), then the clock should run during a fight. Simple. The referee would signal the point where the clock stops running, when the fight is ‘over’. The team that is losing would not want to fight and lose valuable game time, and the team that is winning would get roughing/instigation penalties for trying to start fights. Then they’d be shorthanded.

    Very simple. Fans would probably hate it. But it completely addresses the ‘part of the game’ stance.

  19. scoops Says:

    With Matt not fighting Tidball…getting Tidball out of position directly created the goal. Now, don’t you think those you play the game and his teammates see that give him respect for doing that as well? It may or not be pure coincidence but that is what happened.
    The fight offer was pure BS. It was not for a teammate or not for the something that happened within the game earlier. It was for Tidball’s stats because he isn’t doing anything else this year. It was for selfish reasons and I have no qualms on Syro telling him to take a hike.

  20. Melissa Says:

    Didn’t seem like Elmira was picking on Caveman all night? Anyone know what thats all about? I thought I heard last year that he knocked a guy out before coming to the Komets?

  21. JungleMonkey Says:

    Caveman puts a puck into their bench and then stands there and runs his mouth, he got what he had coming to him.

  22. blake Says:

    I wonder if we’ll see the point where fighting isn’t part of the game anymore. The reason I say that is looking at the evolution over the last 10 years where it seems to be less each season. Ten years ago I would have said absolutely not, but I can see now that it could be possible. Ten years ago owners were so worried about offending that portion of their fans, and I don’t get that sense now from hockey in general. Now they’re just as concerned about offending the fans who don’t care for it, and that’s a monumental shift that they are even considering those fans.

    We’ll see.

  23. Brandon Says:

    Next time we get a cheapshot taken on us, how about if we set the other person on fire? It could scare the poop out of everyone else in the THERE’S your intimidation factor.

  24. Tony E Says:

    Blake I dont think you will ever see it gone because I think without fighting you would have more Donald Brashear or Marty Mcsorley tyye incidents. Really there is occasional fighting in every sport whether it be the bench clearing brawl in baseball or the scuffles that take place in basketball and football. Of course there used to be the bench clearers on a fairly regular basis in hockey but the penalties became so severe that those have almost vanished. I think fighting will eventually result in a automatic game misconduct. Really it should. Any play in hockey deemed by the referee to be an “attempt to injure” results in a game misconduct. What is fighting? Is it not “attempt to injure”?

  25. stratocaster718 Says:

    Brandon – u got everyone laughing out loud in my house. Good one.

  26. Hoss Says:

    I wonder what the heck Richardson was doing barking at the bench from acrossed the ice? It looked like he was opening a can and taking a drink then did something with his arms and so on…

  27. dnl Says:

    I’m not a big fight fan to begin with, but getting rid of fighting would be one of the worst things a hockey league could do. Cheapshots and stickwork would go through the roof. Better hire about 3 more refs to police the ice if the players aren’t allowed.

    Fights that are started ‘just because’ don’t enertain me at all. If someone wants to fight to prove how tough he is or just to increase his penalty minutes, he should probably go into the UFC. I don’t think that belongs in hockey. Fights to keep the other team honest is a different situation. The choice to fight still needs to be there.

    If nothing else, what are the first three questions anyone asks you after you see a hockey game? Who won? What was the score? Any fights?

  28. dnl Says:

    LOL agreed Brandon! Plus we’d only have to do that once! Every team in the league would learn!

  29. Says:

    Scoops the fact of the matter is we hear how we have guys who try to call out someone and we get the standard line of “we asked but no takers” and when it happens to us we turn it down, he even tried to get Richardson to go with him. I would not Richardson fighting him, but with Pascal out of the lineup we don’t have anyone of value in the fight department. I will get Hansen all the credit in the world, he might have not have had to do what he did and get the 1 game suspension had someone address the issue earlier with Tidball. As for what Domber did, so what but when Sgori and Tidball took a run at him there why didn’t more come of it they both tried to take his head off. What is so ironic when we were down 4-0 in Rockford Richardson went after someone there and there was no outrage about that and what was the point question..when it happen that game was over all ready

  30. Brandon Says:

    Exactly! I’ll bring the lighter fluid so if someone has a lighter, we’ll be set.

    hmm, I wonder if we could reach Puhalski tonight… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do that at center ice and let’s hear 1 person say the Jungle isnt back…

  31. Tony E Says:

    How about…..
    A—–Komets get the reputation of having an amazing powerplay so teams avoid taking cheap shots because doing so lands them in the penalty box and more often than not results in a goal.
    B—– they can get the reputation of retaliating everytime a cheap shot is thrown at them and so teams take continued runs at them knowing the Komets will always respond and pretty soon the Komets forget it is a hockey game.

  32. Tony E Says:

    Of course all of the above hinges on how the game is officiated.

  33. chuckitt Says:

    if any of you ever played hockey, the question of fighting would never come up. in a game where you are going full speed on ice, a game with a frozen chunk of rubber flying at you at 100 mph, where your opponet carries a weapon and doesnt hesitate to slash you with it, jab you with it, hook you with it and butt end you with it, then youd understand the role of fighting. when i was in college. no one wore a shield and you took care of problems with checks and your fists, once fighting was disallowed, then the players had to wear shields, simply to protect themselves from all the cheap stickwork. and you could have 6 refs and you still have the opportunity to stick someone. what did i tell my son? i, like an intellegent person, i tought him right from wrong and that fighting in hockey was an honor thing and part of the game, fighting off the ice was not the same thing and wrong. if you want to complain on the negative side of fighting then hockey is the wrong place, cause in a one on one, hardly ever is anyone seriously hurt. now if you want to question fighting, why dont you questin prizefighting, where the goal isnt to teach some body a lesson, but to knock the snot out of someone and try to physically knock them out!

  34. Tony E Says:

    Funny thing is many hockey fights are about as “civilized” as a fight can be. I have seen on many occasions where once a guy gets his opponent down the guy on top has the chance to throw a “knockout” punch but holds off.

    I always wonder what the people who love hockey fights think of playoff hockey. It is amazing how intense most playoff games are and yet even in the “goon” days there was rarely any fighting.

  35. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    It isn’t the fighting that excites me as much as the checking and physical play of bodying up your man. This is what continues to lack.

  36. blake Says:

    Good stuff, Chuckitt. I respect your points. Thank you.

  37. Burgee Says:

    Not into boxing or ultimate fighting, its just not my thing, I enjoy hockey and American football(not soccer!).

    I like football and Hockey because you get to wear pads and go hit people. I always enjoyed hitting people hard as a football player, but i also enjoyed the role as protector, if you did something stupid to my team, i had your number and in due time i would get my chance to nail you legally and i would, but it wouldn’t affect the outcome of the game. If i could have played hockey when i was young i would have taken the same approach if after a hard hit someone would have wanted to fight i probably would have mixed it up but more than likely never instigate it or just all out ask if anyone would want to go, I would just nail them — HARD. If fighting was legal in football, I would have probably fought.

    Intent to injure, don’t believe in it, I think Robin Big Snake is a psycho scumbag, i think everytime he fights his intent is to injure, like his fight with Capt Caveman, it appeared as though he was trying to gouge his eyes out

    Why do I like hockey fights, its exciting, itโ€™s a way to take care of business and your allowed to do it if your willing to pay the price, the price is penalty minutes.

    I don’t tell my kids anything about fighting in hockey or otherwise. I just hope I have brought them up the right way and they make the right choices.

    If someone lit my kids hair on fire, i would expect them to clock whoever did it then turn themselves in.

    The kid with the lighter – Assault with a deadly weapon, Heinous Aggravated Battery all felonies.

    Clocking the idiot with the lighter – self defense.

  38. blake Says:

    Ditto, Burgee. Thanks.

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