Domber update

November 18, 2006

I asked Domber what happened in front of the Elmira bench and he said he was not lipping off. He was telling Jackals Coach Kris Waltze that he had not intended to shoot the puck at him. Then he got creamed. I had a direct line of sight to him and could clearly see his face, and I didn’t think there was much venom at the time.


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  1. Skate Says:

    Even if he DIDN’T do it on purpose, he should have said he did and then ask Waltze what was he gonna do about it?

  2. Hoss Says:

    Next time you talk to him, ask him if he needs to switch brands of sticks. He broke a twig tonight and at least three times it slipped out of his hands. He should really swich from the “Land O’ Lakes” to something better.

    PS Great game tonight! I have nothing bad to say. Do I get $5 tonight?

  3. Drop The Gloves!!!!!! Says:

    check this out

  4. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    They stole my likeness…

  5. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I know Blake said Mario is hurting, but come on…he hasn’t checked anyone in 2 weeks. What is the deal? No one is taking the body. Tonights game was a good win….I will take it, but which team was Puhulski coaching? His team was more physical than ours. That is nothing but a disgrace.

    The coach cardboard cutout next to me could have stood behind the Komet Bench and we could have had a battle of the GQ’s. A stare-off…no one would say a word.

  6. Janice Says:

    some people are never happy for crying out loud!!!! This team is winning..and all you people can do is whine about the fact that no one is hitting….if our team is such a disgrace then why are you watching?…we are winning, can’t you just be happy with that…

  7. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    The team isn’t a disgrace…the fact that our old coach’s team even plays more physical than us is a disgrace. I thought after all the talk all summer long we would see excitement on the ice this season. The usher had to wake me up to tell me to go home. That game was fairly un-eventful. Honker fought and that was nice to see. But little to no body checks and guys collapsing on defense and making no contact. That to me is boring.

    The 3rd line is by far the best group we have. They play hard every shift and make things happen…JF Labarre and Marty Gascon are becoming my favorite 2 players. Fun to watch.

    Chicago is dreadful….

  8. Burgee Says:

    Adam Fish is a great official and i hope we get to see him in ft wayne this year.

    I looked IDIOT up in my dictionary after the game and it said see picture, low and behold it was Neil Christopher. Period 1 – ok, period 2 – ok, period 3 Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. How can you go 2 periods of calling nothing to calling everything then not calling crap going on right in front of you. NOTE to IDIOT be consistent!!!!!!!!!

    I get to see my first NHL game in a couple of weeks and am excited to see NHL officiating first hand.

    And what i am paying for these tickets, i never want to here anyone complain about the price of Komet tickets again, be thankful for what we have. At those prices, lets just say i’ll check off attending an NHL game from my list of things to do.

    My buddy J man will not believe what Huck did this weekend, i think he is doing a great job this year and is coming around just fine.

    I must be blind i didn’t see Hit tonight but i am sure i heard him at the begining of the game.

  9. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Wasn’t me that yelled it…guy directly in front of me…same guy that got beat by a girl in the turkey toss that was wearing the Hukalo jersey…he is a Mighigan fan and had just a few too many….I mean…way too many.

  10. David Says:

    I am with Hit, good win but boring hockey the mad fin got a dancing partner and I about pee myself…Euro hockey must have changed…Our energy over the last 3 games has been lacking greatly and nobody can disagree with that assesment. Friday will tell what type of team we have here. Are we really this good or is the rest of the league just plain BAD!!!

  11. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Good thoughts there David. I wonder the same thing. The Fury are tough. We shall see. Can this opinion be attacked too? LOL

  12. Tony E Says:


  13. David Says:

    Well Hit I am sure it will be…I have come to the conclusion that I will enjoy my other bloggers on I have resigned myself to looking from afar with this site for awhile. As I say goodbye, while I feel this club has improved it’s skill level and blue line, we are not as tough as it may appear. Do we have 3 lines that can score yes, but I am not sure we have what it takes to take on Muskegon or Kzoo night in and night out. We shall see…

  14. blake Says:

    Here, David, let me hold the door for you.

  15. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    That was a cheapshot….I am dropping my gloves….geesh.

    Have an opinion…don’t suck…..don’t blast each other for opposite opinions. Wow!!!

  16. Tony E Says:


  17. Jason Says:

    I love how people get blasted if they have an opinion that is remotely negative…even though its true.

    The three games I have been to have been boring. While it is nice to see our guys pile up the goals, the level of play in the league (especially by some of these other teams…more on that in a second) is not good enough that you can have games with zero physical play and have it be entertaining. Some people are fine with the entertainment value of the play right now but then there are a lot of us who grew up with entertaining hockey, where there was goal scoring, crisp passing, end to end play, and players actually checking each other, and we enjoyed that type of play and don’t believe we should have to settle for an inferior product.

    While the play is boring league wide from what I can tell from other fans accounts, it is especially true for the Komets. Part of that I think is the disappointment that we were believed we would have a skilled, physical team who would stand up to other teams if need be, and would not get pushed around in our own building. Unfortunately, while we have an excellent team skill wise, we don’t have a team that will go out and take it to the opponent with physical play also. I do not enjoy seeing Mike Dombkieqicz being run after the whistle with no one jumping in (even if he precipitated it) I don’t like to see three of our players having to be helped off the ice because of cheapshots with no one doing anything about it. I, and most true hockey fans, hate that.

    On the same note, its annoying that Puhalski put the same type of team on the ice the last few years but he took incredible heat for it but everyone says when Bingham’s boys don’t fight back when getting cheapshotted, “it isnt the right time”. Give me a break, Puhalski’s players hit more and stood up for each other more than these guys have.

    It’s just frustrating b/c I, like many others, remember how good and entertaining these games used to be and still can be…but for numerous reasons are not.

    That all being said, the Frankes and Bingham did one hell of a job putting together an incredibly skilled hockey team who loves playing together. They really did their homework this offseason and put together a tremendous roster. Heck, they haven’t even had a close game at home yet. They are just blowing teams out of the way. It just makes me wonder how we were able to do this over the offseason but these other teams have put together such awful teams? Is our front office and coaching just that much better in this current climate (salary cap). From the looks of it, there are three excellent teams (FW, Musky, and Kzoo), a potential solid 4th (Rockford), two who can beat those teams every once in awhile but pose no real threat (Chicago and Elmira) and 4 that are just terrible.

    Anyways, those are my thoughts, if you want to bash me for having an opinion that everything is not glorious and incredible at the games, go ahead, thats your right, but hopefully this sums up the way many of us feel about the team.

  18. JC Says:

    Jason, I will second that. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  19. Heather Says:

    amen to that

  20. scoops Says:

    Just simply unbelieveable. It was a good win but, We got great balance, but We are really doing well this year, but. Do the players owe you anything? Should they feel bad if they only deliver a “W” when the final buzzer goes off?

    Didn’t you kind of come to some conclusion that when the schedule was printed that this probably wouldn’t be the most appealing game for you fight happy “Komet fans”? And I use that term very losely.

  21. Tony E Says:

    Jason I think the crisp passing etc will come with time. The season is still young and between the fact that the guys are still getting to know each other + the fact that the way the game is being called has changed 180 degrees in the last week, there are going to be growing pains. I think alot of people remember the days of the IHL. Well, those were also the days where the teams stayed together alot more than they do today.
    I don’t think the talent in this league has gotten worse. I think it has gotten younger and less experienced. With that comes the mistakes of inexperience which will get cleaned up by midseason. Really this season every team started off as an “expansion” team with the roster movements and cap restriction. The Komets, Kwings and Muskegon did the best jobs of getting guys who fit together. I think many of the other teams will catch up.
    Another key this season…I think the goaltending in the league this year overall is as young and inexperienced as it has ever been.

  22. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Good post Jason…..don’t let any bean bag throwers get you down for your opinion. LOL

    I would bet 75% of the crowd at the games feel the same exact way. The majority of seasoned hockey fans do. I don’t care if they fight…I like a good rumble as much as the next guy or gal, but give me body checks and hustle. Our #2 line looks like they are going through the motions about 3/4 of their shifts. Our #3 line is outplaying the whole lot of them. I like how they play.

    We are on of the top 2 or 3 teams at this point. That makes all of us happy. I just think the bottom line is that the product so far just isn’t what we were expecting as far as the exciting physical style that was advertised. Even the Marketing on the radio overblows the “hard hitting” phrase often. I think I heard them market the Elmira game as being a physical game with the roughest team in the league? Pretty sure that was what I heard…maybe not the exact words.

  23. Tony E Says:

    Sooo here is a question for all of you….
    4 on 4 hockey full time… yes or no?

  24. Heather Says:

    so because we have an opinion about how they play we aren’t fans?

  25. Burgee Says:

    It is interesting to see how the team has changed with the new coach.

    i did see some things tonight from Chicago that tells me by the end of the season they will be one of the top defenses, i don’t think it will really be noticable until march though.

  26. Burgee Says:

    5 on 5, i like it crowded

    4 on 4 too much room on the ice.

  27. scoops Says:

    Was tonight’s game on the boring side…yeah. I expected that considering who we were playing but I will admit I didn’t think we would blow them out.

    Puhulski’s players stood up and hit more than our guys? Please. I didn’t think either team took the body all that much to be honest. As for sticking up for someone…I didn’t think anything happened tonight that required player A to stick up for player B. Did I miss something? was there one of these “cheap shots” or “goalie runs” I hear so much about? It just was not a physical game and leave it at that.

    I know everyone would rather be both entertained and win. Wouldn’t that be perfect. But if you had to pick just one…I almost find it hard to believe the bashers of this years team would choose winning over entertainment.

  28. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    No opinions…no fun…agree with all that is written…don’t think…conform…believe what you hear…trust the scoreboard if the game was good or not…fear being attacked for speaking your mind…be serious all the time…don’t laugh…don’t smile…yell scoops…

  29. Heather Says:

    as a player you have to be willing to take the comments praising you and the ones that criticize you…you’re not always gonna be on top of your game everynight and with that you can expect to be criticized…I mean I heard Elmira was supposed to be good and I’m sure they got criticized a lot by their fans after that 8-1 loss…I wonder what the lockeroom was like the other night when we lost 5-1…did the coach praise them for losing? or did they take the criticism? I guess we have to be on the Frankes payroll to have an opinion about how they play.

  30. blake Says:

    So, and I’m not trying to be flip with this, I really want to know. If you are so unhappy with the product, why go? That’s one way and possibly the best to voice your opinion in a situation like this. I don’t understand. Please educate me. Have you considered that and how much?

  31. Heather Says:

    My son enjoys the game that’s why I go.

  32. Heather Says:

    Oh and the fact that I have season tickets and I’m not gonna let them just collect dust. I’m not unhappy with the product but would like to see more. I mean haven’t you ever had something but still thought what if I could have more?

  33. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Are we not Komet Fans…or are we Bashers? Have an opinion and you are one of the 2. Or both. That is nice.
    I don’t think anyone on here tonight said someone got cheapshotted and needed for someone to stand-up to it. I think it is the consensus that tonight was blah, and non-physical hockey equals nap-time. This was truly a Puhulski style of game. What we all were so willing and happy to get rid of. We got it rammed up-ed us tonight and it stunk.

    I said great win…wins are better than losses. Thanks for the lesson once again. To all of my fellow bashers and non Komet fans (whatever)…good night…and Go Komets.

  34. blake Says:

    Great point about the goaltending Tony. That is always where you look first to see what kind of depth of overall quality a league has. By far the three best goalies in the league are on the top three teams so far. I expect Chicago will have a different goaltender soon.

    I think the overall quality of coaching in the league is the best it has been since the Komets joined, but the goaltending is a definite difference over the last two years.

  35. scoops Says:

    “So because we have opinions we aren’t fans”

    Use your grey matter and think for a second Heather. This team just trounced the opposition 14-3 at home this weekend. What is the vibe around here for the most part? Gloom. What is the popular complaint? That you didn’t get your fight quota met and this team did not entertain you enough during their victories. Selfish. Some of you do not deserve this team.

  36. Jason Says:

    I wasn’t talking about tonight…I was talking about the season in general.

    Also, why should we have to pick winning vs entertainment. Here’s an idea…how about winning and entertainment. Actually, entertainment isn’t really what I am talking about as far as the tough stuff. I am talking about standing up for teammates when they get cheapshotted. As far as entertainment, I am talking about putting the body into people, making those boards shake a little bit, or even some good clean open ice hits.

    I could take or leave the random fights that really have nothing to do with anything, but I would like to see the team jumping in there to protect teammates, and if that means dropping the gloves then fine, drop the gloves…but at least stand up for your teammates. Sure you are drawing a penalty, but doesnt it really matter when we are up four or five goals anyways, like we have been most games.

    Last thing, if you think the complaining is over fighting, then you and the other people who complain about us “complainers” , are sorely wrong. I just want to see some weight being thrown around. Hit some people, stand up for teammates, etc. We’re not all fight happy, we just want to see good hard hitting hockey.

    One other thing, it is the team’s job to entertain us. Face it, this is a business, the Frankes are in the business of entertainment. It is their job to entertain the fans. Wins aren’t just going to cut it. Ask the numerous folded UHL franchises such as Columbus, Adirondack or Binghamton. Winning just happens to be part of that equation. One of the most entertaining Komets teams we have has was the one who missed the playoffs in the IHL. You know why? Because you had guys like Andy Bezeau and Sean Gagnon who played their hearts out every shift and threw the body around, and played the physical game that most FW fans love. (please don’t miscontrue what I am saying as winning is not important…because that is not what I am saying).


  37. Heather Says:

    Who would the some of us be? Care to name names? Am I one of them?

  38. Tony E Says:

    Goodnight everyone. Play nice please.

  39. Heather Says:

    on here? come on Tony that’s impossible

  40. jc Says:

    I think a lot of you get mixed up on what people are griping about. Just because you say you want to see physical hockey it doesn’t mean you want to see fights all the time. I wouldn’t mind seeing a game with a lot of hitting, some goals, and no fights. That would be an entertaining game. Sure everyone likes to see goals but the 50 minutes in between the goals are a lot of times boring. To sum up my point….wanting to see physical hockey and wanting them to just fight all the time are 2 totally different things. A lot of you on here think all of us so called complainers want to see fights all the time. Thats not true. We want to see physical hockey.

  41. Heather Says:

    maybe I should become a “scoop girl” and then maybe I can have an opinion that doesn’t get bashed all the time? Just a thought.

  42. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Scoops needs to take a chill. You work for the team, well kind of. Keep bashing the fans for our opinions. That is good logic. We don’t deserve this team because we would like them to hustle and play the physical (hitting/checking) style that we were promised in the off-season over and over again.

    Scoops…your stiche is getting old…you know the one where you have no opinion and just like to criticize those of us who actually do have one. You must be just like Super Fan…you know…getting paid to be there so you really aren’t a fan. Hmmm?

  43. Heather Says:

    exactly JC

  44. Jason Says:

    “I’m not unhappy with the product but would like to see more. I mean haven’t you ever had something but still thought what if I could have more?”

    I was trying to respond to Blake’s question but couldn’t figure out the wording, luckily I didn’t have to as you summed it up perfectly.

    It’s not that the product is terrible, its just that it could be a lot better…there are so many different ways that this topic could go, so many different factors so I’m not going to get too deep into it but I will say, I think the game of hockey has changed in general, not just in the UHL.

  45. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Physical play doesn’t mean Fighting…get it through your minds Bashers of people with opinions. Physical Play is checking, taking the body, clearing the front of the net, etc.

    Go ahead and spin this how you want and claim we all want fighting. Once in a while, a fight is needed…like when one of your star players gets creamed. But this is not what people want overall. Give us what we were advertised please.

  46. Heather Says:

    glad I could assist you although that comment will get stomped into the ground so be ready

  47. Burgee Says:

    Heather, do you have red hair and sit by the bud suite, if so i met your husband today.

  48. Heather Says:

    LOL no my husband is in Texas.

  49. Jason Says:

    To finish answering Blake’s question, I don’t go to all the games anymore.

    Mainly b/c there are better entertainment options for my dollar on some nights.

    I don’t want to be saddled with season tickets and be locked in to watching snoozefests for 38 nights of the year. I try to pick and choose games that will be entertaining.

    It probably hasnt helped this year that we have just dominated other teams at home and have yet to have a real challenge.

  50. Burgee Says:

    i was shopping today and had my komets jacket on and the guy at the store told me his wife and son were season ticket holders and she had red hair and sit by the bud suite… if its anyone else, don’t spill the beans where i was, i was present shopping!

  51. Heather Says:

    It wouldn’t be hard to pick me out but I don’t sit by the bud suite

  52. Heather Says:

    oh what did you buy me? lol jk

  53. blake Says:

    Fair enough, Heather.

    To read some of you folks — in general — you seem so unhappy about the games, but you still go all the time. Maybe that’s part of being a fan. For years I was frustrated with Da Bears! but I still watched. But I sure didn’t spend any money on them. That’s a Catch-22 as a Komets fans because you don’t have any other way of watching the games.

    A lot of this group seem to be spending a lot of time, energy in money into something that you are not happy with. If I’m unhappy with something, I’ll be darned if they are going to get any of my money. The old shame on me principle.

    As for the advertising, isn’t some of that buyer beware? It is what it is, which is advertising so it is inherently flawed by definition.

    Something else to consider, I’ve been writing about the lack of hitting in hockey for more than five years now. Nothing has changed. Why? Because they obviously see no need to when people keep going to the games and paying their money. So in a way, and I’m trying to think of a less insulting way to say this, customers get what they deserve or pay for, or maybe a better way to say it is they get what they accept. There is no real incentive for owners to change things.

    A crass way to say it would be that by continuing to go and pay your money, you are enabling what you see as poor product.

  54. Burgee Says:

    A t-shirt that says

    Don’t mess with Texas!

  55. Heather Says:

    LOL thanks

  56. Heather Says:

    I’ve been thinking I wonder if I’ll ever get one of those…LOL

  57. Heather Says:

    Didn’t I say that I wasn’t unhappy? Must have made an error and forgot the U-N. You know I can be happy with vanilla icecream but sometimes don’t you just want chocolate or caramel on top? Maybe sprinkles or a cherry?

  58. Jason Says:


    Is not going to the games really going to send a message. Do the Frankes really care about losing a couple of fans.

    The attendence has been going up the last few years but its not because there are more die hard fans, its because Mr. Sproat and staff are doing one hell of a marketing and sales job.

    They have already made decisions to show that the casual fan is more important than the fan that buys the season tickets, and if some ways they are right to do that, because typically the casual fan is the one that determines whether you draw the 6,000 a night or 8,000 per night.

    Besides, its not completely a Komets problem or a UHL problem, a good portion of it is hockey in general is changing (or changed) and many of us are frustrated b/c there is nothing we can do about it. We can either take what is offered or take nothing at all, and in the end most of us would rather have something than nothing but we all wish we could have what we used to have.

    I have no idea if any of that made sense, I am tired.


  59. blake Says:

    Good points, Jason. Thanks.

    Good night to all.

  60. scoops Says:


    Hockey is not always 60 minutes of full throttle and hitting everything that moves type of a game anymore. It may be the grand ‘ol game you remember and itmay be the game you desire now but its not that type of game night in and night out anymore. Its not in the UHL, IHL, SPHL, ECHL, or NHL. Like it or not…that is how it is…except in Muskegon and Kalamazoo evidently. Those people are lucky to see top-notch games 38 times a season.

    Jason said it really well….you kind of get a jist of what games will be nice to see and which ones will not. I probably would not want to miss a Rockford, Elmira, Muskegon, or K-zoo game. Flip a quarter for the balance of the league.

    My stance I have taken has absolutely nothing to do with what I do during intermissions but go ahead and keep using that as ammunition if you wish. I would encourage each and every one of you that is unhappy with how we arrived at our division leading record to go stand outside the lockerroom and tell these players with whom you are unhappy with just exactly how you feel. Take a tour inside the lockerroom and while they are icing sore bones and muscles…..interrupt their excitement by telling them face to face….”you should of given me more tonight” or “this game was boring for me.” We’ll see if they say “I’m sorry.”
    The blog I don’t think was really intended to be your own personal journals. I too am unhappy with some of the play out there by both the team and by individuals (at times)but I don’t haul tail home, fire up the PC and lay down the insults on people who probably already know they played a poor game. Last year was one thing but it clearly turned into a circus. The same 3 or 4 people were the constant target of criticism, whether they deserved it or not. This year, even with the tremendous start we have had…there seems to be no joy for what is going on. I guess that is a little unfair. To clarify….the negative remarks outweigh the positive ones. This is an entirely new team and in a short amount of time has gelled into something pretty special. I would like to think there is better days ahead. Yet….for some of you that is not enough for you.
    This is regular season hockey ladies and gentlemen. You are not going to get the game you should of TIVO’d everytime you take your seat. You might feel that is your god-given right but be at least a little realistic.
    Back a few topics ago someone commented on how Brosal could say Rockford has the best fans in the league. That title belongs to Fort Wayne. Does it? Granted… the poo-poo’ers here make up a very, very small percentage of “fans”, which again is used losely. I know to the majority of true Komet fans….these guys are heros no matter what they do on or off the ice.

  61. blake Says:

    Sorry about that Heather. Too tired, getting slap happy. And confused.

  62. dnl Says:

    First of all I’m not going to ‘pick a side’ on this debate. Both sides have valid points.
    JC- As you don’t think people are understanding what kind of lack of toughness some other people are complaining about, I don’t think you see what some people are really posting here. Some don’t care so much about fights. Some do. Some like to hide behind saying they don’t, but is pretty evident in most of the posts that they do. There has been plenty of posts here calling for fights when fights weren’t really needed to begin with. I think it goes both ways. By the way, once your ankle heals, we can play some hockey and I’ll let you experience all the checking that you miss! Ha!

    I also find it funny when side A blames side B of trying to attack them and plays the victim. There are very few ‘victims’ on this blog. It’s happening all over, both sides of the arguement are trying to snub out the other side. If you don’t believe me, reread all these posts just in this story but take away names and which side they are standing on. It goes both ways.

  63. iluvhockey Says:

    I have to agree with scoops and dnl completely. I told one of the players not to read this blog last night. I am embarrassed what people say at times and don’t want our guys to hear this stuff. I say, you want to bash them for a wonderful start so far? Tell it to their faces. I see people around me all night just screaming at a couple of the players every game, then they go down after the game and shake that same players hand and say, GOOD GAME. I just get incensed. Everybody has the right to their own opinion, but will you say it face to face? My philosophy is, if you’re not hapy with a winning team and the ups and downs of hockey, don’t come to the games. Plain and simple.

  64. komets10fan Says:

    I love our 3rd line with Gascon and Labarre. Huck is doing a good job, but that is still Pascal’s line and I miss seeing him out there. That line will get even better once he returns. Awesome game K’s! Keep up the hard work.

  65. scoopsismyidol Says:

    I have to agree with scoops I mean come on people be glad we are winning.

  66. Hoss Says:

    Funny Stuff!

  67. Tony E Says:

    This has been an interesting thread for sure.
    Thinking back to my days playing the bottom line was to win and to do whatever it took to continue winning while playing within the team concept and the coaches philosophy. The Komets are winning and by all accounts getting along. So while some fans might not like the style in which they are accomplishing their goal of winning, I am sorry to say but they can care less if you are happy about it or not. As long as the wins keep coming and there is harmony in the lockeroom, what the fans think or want is and should be a very very very distant afterthought. There is talent on this team to rival even some of the IHL teams that came to town. To me, I don’t want them to change a thing because what they are doing is working.

  68. blake Says:

    Dang it dnl, you’re trying to bring logic and civility into a blog argument. How dare you be so rude! This is no place for reason.

  69. scoopsismyidol Says:

    blake you should make sure that the people that disagree with us get kicked off the blog we only want people who share our views boooooo to the other people for not being supportive of your team what a disgrace

  70. Heather Says:

    awww isn’t that sweet scoops has a sidekick

  71. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Yeah…you tell ’em Komet Warrior…I mean…what is your name? MAN?

  72. scoopsismyidol Says:

    Do you think he’d let me into his club? He’s an awesome guy.

  73. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Now I definitely smell a rat…

  74. scoopsismyidol Says:

    to the same people who say they should hit harder would you really go up to them after the game and say that? honestly? wonder what would happen if you did they’d probably laugh at you

  75. Hit Somebody!!! Says:


    We have a great team this year.

    The games are for the most part fun to watch.

    I would much rather support this team than anything else.

    Who cares if they fight or hit or anything, right?

    It is up to the players if another team comes in and intends to injure our team. We as fans can’t do anything about it.

    If the players are ok with the cheapshots…I guess we as fans are too. It is their call on the ice and they have to live with it. They are the players. We as fans will support them no matter what.

    Just stop telling us that this will be the season we are trying to bring the “JUNGLE” back, we are tired of that game.

    Next topic please…this one is going no where and makes no sense any more. Who cares?

    You win Scoops….great job. Have yourself a Crunch Ice Cream Bar on yourself. LOL

  76. Tony E Says:

    If the players read some of the stuff said here and down the road talk to other free agent players thinking of playing here………..

  77. scoopsismyidol Says:

    Nobody will want to play here because our “fans” complain too much even when we are winning.

  78. Heather Says:

    I may be stupid for posting this but here is a good example of why we need to take the body and not let the cheap shots go…Muskegon is winning they can run up the scoreboard and they won’t take the cheap shots and hit hard and where are they in the standings? that’s right number 1 they have it all and they know that they have to give 110 percent in everything they do on the ice to be there…they are dominating the league because of that

  79. scoopsismyidol Says:

    Do you honestly think that the Komets aren’t giving it everything they’ve got out there everynight? If so then maybe you don’t deserve to go to the games.

  80. Tony E Says:

    For the fight fans check out Plenty of video clips of fights involving Maple Leafs and others. If you click on the interesting lady on the right side you can download two fight filled music videos.

  81. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    lets play that card again

    You don’t deserve to go to the games because you would like to see your local hockey team play a tough style of play.

    Really, what is wrong with wanting that.

    I say, we forget this whole discussion…let the players play the game the way they want to…we will support them and cheer for them. They are the ones on the ice and have to manage the games.

    scoopsismyidol….score us a hat-trick and beat The Fury and we won’t say anything about the cheapshots as long as you guys are ok with it. We will leave you guys alone. It is your guys call as far as how you choose to deal with the headhunting and intent to injure that will go on game after game in this league.

  82. scoopsismyidol Says:

    score you a hat trick? why so you can still complain that we don’t do enough? I wouldn’t want to give you something to cheer about

  83. scoopsismyidol Says:

    Here’s a thought…how about you strap on the skates and go out there and do what we do? see how long you last.

  84. scoopsismyidol Says:

    my guess is you wouldn’t make it 2 seconds into pregame warmups

  85. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    At least Rob Guinn used his name when he blogged on here…as did Captain Colin.

    I love this team from top to bottom. My main complaint is that the ownership marketed and promised all summer long that this would be tough physical hockey…the JUNGLE. We here this crap every year and it never is true.

    You guys are a great team. I cheer louder than anyone. I only yell at the idiot refs and still yell “Way to go Guinn” when your opponents score a goal. I have always supported this team.

    The cheapshoting issue has always been a pet-peeve of mine. I hate seeing other teams come in and take liberties with our team. But I have learned something over the past few days. It is for the players to deal with. Not us fans.

    I will support you guys no matter what. Period. Vocally and finacially as always.

    Sometimes you have to realize…this is just a bunch of crap that people say on here and most of it is not intended to be that serious. Don’t take it so personally. Actually, I wouldn’t even read it if I were you. Most of it is bad attempts at jokes or a group of people trying to fight with each other and not really caring about what it is they are saying.

    Bottom line….Win Komets….we are behind you.

  86. scoopsismyidol Says:

    so you are the classy one that yells about a player that isn’t even on the team anymore…wow you must be proud that there says it all about you

  87. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    It is a joke. Not a big deal.

  88. scoopsismyidol Says:

    How about for once you keep your mouth closed and just enjoy what we do out there? Is that too hard of a concept to understand? Do you complain about everything else like you do the way we play? How about just being happy you have a hockey team here and that we are winning.

  89. Heather Says:

    I think its time for a timeout lol

  90. Jason Says:

    Who are you?

  91. Heather Says:

    Who is the scoops sidekick? LOL

  92. scoopsismyidol Says:

    It doesn’t matter who I am…It only matters that you all quit complaining so much about a team that is winning.

  93. Tony E Says:

    Whether or not this poster is a real player or not I think people forget that these guys are human beings with families who also read these blogs. And yes I am well aware as an athelete you have to expect a certain amount of crap from the public but at the same time, why are these guys getting so much of it from their own fans?
    Unlike some teams here in the recent past these guys do not seem like a team just here to collect a paycheck so they do not have to go and work in the “real world”
    These guys are working as hard and as together as any team I have seen in Fort Wayne in years.
    This may sound too simple but Blake was right, if you are not happy with the style of play, either lace up the skates and ask Coach Bingham for a tryout or leave these guys alone and let them continue to produce wins! These guys take enough crap on the road. They don’t deserve any of it when they return home.
    Off of the soapbox and on to enjoy the Grey Cup. Prediction : BC Lions 32- Montreal Alouetes 20.

  94. dnl Says:

    Ok let’s move on everyone. This subject is only going to get nasty from here on out. How about we move on to the Larocque call story??

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