Two words

November 24, 2006

Halelujah Harding!

Fury leads 2-0 after two. They are doing to the Komets exactly what the Komets do to everyone else. They are smothering them with the forecheck. That’s about all that needs to be said.


44 Responses to “Two words”

  1. JR Says:

    What is Muskegon doing differently from the rest of the league on the penalty kill???

  2. Sgriff Says:

    Only one thing to do in the 3rd bear down and come out hittting everything that moves…Blake would you say the K’s were a little tight tonight? I have no idea just from what is being said on radio. Hopefully we can get a break or two in the 3rd

  3. blake Says:

    No, Ks aren’t tight enough if anything. They aren’t hitting and Muskegon is waiting for sloppy opportunities to jump all over them.

  4. Sgriff Says:

    I wonder what Bingham is saying in the lockeroom right now??? I am sure you will not be able to quote that…

  5. blake Says:

    BTW, attendance last night was 7,639 and tonight it’s 7,931.

  6. JungleMonkey Says:

    Good game tonight. I guess there is more excitement in a tight game then the blowouts we have become accustomed to on home ice. A few points….

    1. Kudos to Guy for jumping in and sticking up for a teammate. This is the kind of thing that we “fanitics” have wanted to see. Still not sure why Guy is protecting the Rock, but that a secret the rest of the world will have to wait on an answer for..

    2. Kiayaga needs to stick to writing poems.

    3. Frenchy looked pretty decent in the loss. You can only stop the second and third chances so many times.

    4. If the K’s came out at the beginning of the game the way they did at the beginning of the 3rd it very well could have been a different outcome.

    5. Some major players had some poor plays tonight. Passes were ugly at times.

    6. I hope Morency is back soon. He is needed on the third line. Huckalo isn’t a goal scorer, and he doesn’t change the pace of the game. While Morency isn’t going to light the lamp any more, he certainly can change the pace. Labarre and Gascon played pretty well tonight.

    Overall, I think the Komets are in good shape, but Muskegon has a lot of talent. If we are going to compete with them in the post season we’re going to have to play a lot sharper.

  7. chuckitt Says:

    learned two things tonight, muskegon aint that good and we werent willing to be better. nuff said. no hitting and no taking control of the game.

  8. Tony E Says:

    I had a great time being back tonight. Hope a blogger was lucky enough to win the box of sportscards

  9. chuckitt Says:

    good to have you in the barn tony but im still waiting on my bud……skate was in the barn tonight also, and he dint get any prettier.

  10. Blake Says:

    Chuckitt, can I steal those two sentences for my entire story tomorrow? LOL. I can’t say it any better than that.

  11. Blake Says:

    I will disagree with JM tonight on one thing. It wasn’t Arthur who was horrible, it was Domber. He was the direct result of the game-winning goal.

  12. JungleMonkey Says:

    I never said Arthur was horrible. I said he should stick to writing poems. To single out anyone person for playing poorly would be wrong. There were several guys that didn’t play up to their potential tonight.

  13. Tony E Says:

    Lol ok. Assuming a family situation doesn’t prevent it, we will be down for the two games around
    New Years. I will see what I can do regarding some Tim Hortons Timbits and a couple of brews for you guys.

  14. JungleMonkey Says:

    If your passing out free beer…….

  15. Blake Says:

    But JM isn’t that essentially saying the same thing? You just said it in a different way, but you said the same thing.

  16. Heather Says:

    ding ding ding round one LOL

  17. JungleMonkey Says:

    I was stating that his writing is on a higher level than his hockey. I was showing appreciation for his poetry. I was trying to be positive instead of negative. It’s a little trick that Scoops taught us… I agree about Domber however.

  18. Blake Says:

    OK, fair enough. That was the only point I wondered about. Everything else I’m right with you 100 percent.

  19. Sgriff Says:

    Blake What was Bingham’s thoughts on the game?

  20. stratocaster718 Says:

    Chuckitt nailed it for sure in two short points. Stinks to get a loss, but definitely the best home game of the year. Good job by Frenchy and a few others. I didn’t blame Domber as much for the GWG as I thought it was a very bad line change.

  21. Hoss Says:

    Did someone say Tim Hortons? Mmmmmmmm….doughnuts!!!!!

  22. Blake Says:

    Instead of hustling to his spot, Domber was slow getting out and then he got turned around and couldn’t get back up ice.

  23. Drop The Gloves!!!!!! Says:

    i think Rendoko(sp) is good but when will he learn to pass the puck

  24. Skate Says:

    Blake, I hope you were talking about chuckitt’s FIRST 2 sentence comment and not his SECOND.

  25. Brian Says:

    Now I’m gonna disagree with most of you, and say that the last goal was not Dom’s fault! The way I saw it was that Dom got pinched and double teamed at the blue-line It was just him and the two muskegon players for at least 5 seconds with no Komet help He spun away from the two once but with no other K to pass to he was stuck. The puck was grabbed of his backhand from behind and Labarre played the rush wrong covering the puck instead of the winger, and that is what created the goal. There were other breaks that the Fury had where our K’s covered the winger and let Frenchy take care of the puck and they didin’t score, So French did his job, in that particular instance Labarre didn’t let him. Bottomline the Komets didn’t play their game they didn’t hit and they looked confused. I mean Goodwin was the only person that I can remember throwing any checks with the exception of Srysinzki(sp). As much as I hate to say it the team has no one to blame but themselves they looked horrible as a team and deserved the loss noone took them out of their game but themselves the ref had his whistle in his pocket and was letting them play The komets never did that.

  26. Komet Fan Says:

    Here are thoughts on thsi game:

    1. Pool stole this game for the Fury. While the 1st half of the game was pretty even, the last half was completely dominated by the Komets. Outshot them 25-9 and outhustled the Fury all over the ice.

    2. Frenchy played well, just not much action for him the last half of the game.

    3. Rudenko and Vorhees have been disappointing to me so far. Rudenko tries way too much individual play and Vorhees looks lost out there since he can’t score goals at the level he is use to.

    The Fury showed me nothing last night. Talented yes, but Rockford certainly has more talent than the Fury.

  27. blake Says:

    Brian, according to the system, Domber never should have been in that position to start with. If he does what he is supposed to instead of free lancing, there’s no problem. It’s one of those things where what one guy does wrong makes the other four guys on the ice out of position. He got caught and by that point there’s nothing anyone could do to help him. Goodwin even comes off the bench at the start of the play yelling and pointing at Domber to get back a good five seconds before the Muskegon defensemen threw the puck out, but he didn’t get there. Muskegon lives off looking for mistakes like that, and they found one.

  28. blake Says:

    Truthfully, the bottom line is Muskegon followed its gameplan better than Fort Wayne followed its instructions, and that’s how the Fury won a big road game. They had eight rookies in the lineup and didn’t get a point from their top three scorers, but still won because they were more disciplined. That’s all it was. Yes, the Komets out-shot them in the second half of the game, but they already had a 2-0 lead and the Komets did exactly what they wanted them to, firing from long range and not getting to rebounds. Pool came up big the five or so times that he had to.

    To me, it was fun to watch the chess match between styles. Maybe now some of the Komets will start to play the system the way they are supposed to. Every game coach Bingham comes in to the post-game press conference talking about how he’s got to get everybody on the same page. Last night it cost them.

  29. Bob Says:

    Last night was a game that either team could have won. It came down to which team took advantage of the others mistakes. We made more mistakes than Muskegon. Frenchy played well, but Pool was awesome. I had someone in my section state that Pool should have been the #1 Star of the Game.

    I told him that I doubted Pool has an account with 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union!

    Last night was overall a well played, even entertaining contest….just play the systems, reduce turnovers and miscues with the puck. Go get Rockford tonight!

  30. Brian Says:

    I am amazed that you could tell Goodwin was yelling at Domb from the press box Blake, I stand by my previous post, So he got caught on the wrong end of the ice during a change, there were four other Komets on the rink they all got the minus 1, I had to go to bat for Domb because to single him out and say the goal was all his fault was bulls**t.

  31. blake Says:

    Brian, do you really think I’d make a statement like that without being sure? I looked at the replay 10 times between periods. Shane was getting PO’d at me because I kept making him run it back.

    It was his fault. Face it. I give him individual credit when he makes a good play and I have to call it like that when it’s a bad play on the game-winning goal.

  32. blake Says:

    But I’m too busy kissing guys behinds as someone else said here last week.

  33. blake Says:

    Brian, this is exactly what I saw on the tape. Ruid goes after first Muskegon defenseman Smyth who has the puck and flips it over to Kotsopoulos. Syrocynzki is late getting over to him, giving Kotsopoulos time to flip the puck in the air down the boards. Goodwin is supposed to stay high on the forecheck, and it pointing and yelling to Domber to back up, but Domber got caught cheating up just inside the red line. The puck sailed over both Goody and Domber to Noel Bernier who went in two on one with another Mukegon player. Kiyaga took the other Fury player, as he should have, leaving Frenchy 1 on 1 with Noel-Bernier who took the perfect angle and skated within 10 feet of Frenchy before firing. Neither Domber or Goody could get back in time, and Noel-Bernier had time to skate the puck in from the blue line that far.

    Now are you convinced I looked at the tape 10 times? That is exactly what happened.
    I don’t like the fact that I had to point it out, either, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Plain and simple, it was Domber’s area of the ice and his man who scored.

    Knowing Domber, and I didn’t get to talk to him after the game, he’ll stand up and admit it.

  34. Brian Says:

    We must be talking about different things blake I speak to Domb almost daily myself and I too know he would admit his fault. The play I am thinking of domb had the puck near the defensive blueline after bringing the puck from behind the net and gets doubleteamed while everyone else is breaking into the offensive and he gets pickpocketed from behind and whomever was back played wrong it just seems to me that ever since the playoffs last year every time Domb coughs up the puck everyone starts sayin it’s his fault and bashin him for it. Ther are plenty of other players who lose the puck every night but it just seems like Domb catches all the flack for it. Any way didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers blake just had to drop the gloves for my boy ya know. On a good note K’s lead the piggys 3-1

  35. blake Says:

    You’re right, different plays. That was first period, and he got the puck thrown at his feet and into traffic in the first place there. I wrote it down but I left my notebook at work or I could give you the exact time.

    Totally understandable that you wanted to stick up for your friend. I respect that.

    It’s not like I took great pleasure in pointing out the mistake, either, but that is what happened and I have to be honest with the readers and tell them what happened.

  36. blake Says:

    By the way, does anybody remember who said this the other night, “I don’t mess with lines at all. The Richardson, Goneau and Goodwin line is about ready to bust out with a three-goal night.” C’mon, give a guy his props when he’s got them coming! LOL. So what if I was a game early.

  37. Heather Says:

    LOL who was it that said you kiss their behinds?

  38. Heather Says:

    So who won the fight tonight?

  39. blake Says:

    Blake, writing “puff” pieces and kissing the players a**es gets you no respect from people either….

  40. Sgriff Says:

    From what Chaser said the Rockford player stun Matt pretty good. He fought one of their “tough” guys. I will give Matt a “that a boy” because a lot of people have been questioning this kid’s toughness.

  41. Heather Says:

    I never questioned him but from what I saw last night he’s one of our biggest hitters…LOL now I know blake

  42. Sgriff Says:

    Heather I was not saying you, it just seem more than one would say something about this kid over the last couple of weeks.

  43. Heather Says:

    Oh I know you weren’t referring to me I was just making a statement…I mean there were numerous times last night he had amazing hits that I cheered for

  44. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Coach had to have told Matt to start making things happen a little more often when on the ice because he didn’t start playing that physical until the Muskegon game. I am not bashing him, I am glad that he is doing that. If you are going to get 2 shifts a period, why not go out and throw your body around and make something happen… He is doing that now, it will help the team, and he will quickly become a fan favorite and most likely will earn lots more playing time. Great job!!! This is what a 10th man must do to help his team and bring a spark out there.

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