At practice today

November 29, 2006

Some updates:

Pasacal Morency says he should be able to go this weekend coming back from a separated shoulder.

A.J. Bozoian is still day-to-day with a hip pointer/abdominal strain, but he thinks he’ll be ready to go.

Everybody was in a good mood and seemed ready to go for the weekend.


101 Responses to “At practice today”

  1. Greg Says:

    With as well as the team seems to be playing I would be interested to see who would any of us sit in favor of putting Pascal and Bozo back in the line up.

  2. chuckitt Says:

    i would just start rotating players, so everyone gets a game off to keep fresh.

  3. dnl Says:

    I agree with Chuckitt. It would have to be up to the coach and players to see who needs a break and who doesn’t. If possible I’d rest two forwards.

  4. nicko Says:

    I’d try Pascal in Voorhees’s spot. Not to knock Voorhees, I think hes doing a great job, but that line could use a bit more fire. I definitely wouldnt break up the third line.

  5. JungleMonkey Says:

    Pascal gets his spot back in place of Huckalo. Bozo should play in front of Kiyaga. I’d like to see Bozo and Hansen matched up. Let Domber play with Aurther and Honkanen rotating.

  6. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I say Bozo plays, Art sits….(rookie for rookie…I think?

    Morency plays in Voorhees’ place.

    This is nuts I know but just a stab…

    Goodwin, Gascon, Labarre
    Ruid, Rudenko, Goneau
    Hukalo, Morency, Richardson

    Syrocynski as the 10th man.

    This would balance out the lines. Make us alot more dynamic. Puts a great passer on ech line with good scorers. I think that Rudenko and Ruid would benefit from a guy that can pass the puck for them to score goals instead of trying to create so much for themselves.

    Go ahead and blast away as I am sure that you guys will.

  7. Hoss Says:

    Blast Blast Blast!!!!

  8. pentalty box Says:

    In Dec when the K’s play that stretch of 7 games in 10 days. How many games do you think McWhinney should be in goal?

  9. Komet Fan Says:

    1 or 2 games for McWhinney during that time frame, though I am not sure if he will still be here by then….

  10. Tony E Says:

    Why do you say that?

  11. Burgee Says:

    I don’t want Pascal to come back too early, i want to make sure he is well healed, besides that we play those cheap shot you know what sissy crybaby whiny stinky icehogs.

    I’ll take orange sauce for my duck friday night and some hot n spicy bar b q for my hog saturday.

    Friday night Tapp will do something stupid out of frustration and saturday night Big snake will do something stupid because he is stupid.

  12. Komet Fan Says:

    The birdies are a whisperin…..

  13. Mark Says:

    I seriously doubt McWhinney is going anywhere..he has a huge upside..and to top it off..he is a great kid…

  14. JungleMonkey Says:

    He has a huge upside and has played 2 games… You guys do the math. Let me state that I know nothing of these rumors, just seems to me that the kid is going to want some playing time.

  15. Mark Says:

    I’m sure with time more playing time will come…I was completely surprised he didn’t play one of the games last week…

  16. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I am sure that a rookie player that is looking to improve his professional skills and get experience is loving to sit behind KSP and not get many chances…I bet anything that the word out of Komet Nation will be that he just wasn’t good enough and that is why they let him go. Who will be the next guy to come in and ride the pine? Wouldn’t it pretty much have to be another rookie so that they can get their 4? (or is it 5?) rookies in the line-up and still keep the same combination of players in the line-up. A non-rookie goalie would force Bozo, Kiyaga, Syrocynski all to play and in turn a guy like Voorhees, Hukalo, or Morency would be sitting out.

    Any news out there at all about player moves? Is this Dawe or Becker going to make the team?

  17. Heather Says:

    Haven’t you all learned by now that Frenchy is our best shot at getting anywhere in this league…come on now why would you take him out? He’s hot right now and nothing will happen to him. LOL

  18. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I smell sarcasm….

  19. Heather Says:

    where? I have no clue what you are talking about…LOL

  20. Heather Says:

    Just agreeing with everybody else seems to be the only thing that works around here… Follow the leader…Would that be Scoops?

  21. Brandon Says:

    And which Scoop is Scoops? We demand a #!

  22. Heather Says:

    “And its #19, section 212, row 17, and the seat varies but its usually #10. Come on over and we’ll have a hug. It would be nice to put some names with these wonderful voices.”….from Scoops himself LOL

  23. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    A hug….sounds kind of Brokeback Mountainish to me….no thanks.

  24. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    plus I think his sidekick all ready has a crush on him….LOL

    Only kidding you guys.

    Laugh…don’t kill.

  25. scoops Says:

    *Yawn* – there is my reaction for Sonny and Cher.

    Isn’t that why you posted? For some kind of reaction?

  26. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    A very Super Fan type of response I might add.

  27. JR Says:

    I think we may be seeing some of that trickle down effect with players coming to the league. Flint has signed a few good players lately plus a couple others…

  28. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Sonny & Cher….lol When does JungleMonkey get a sidekick… If there are any mid-20’s blonde female Komet fans out there I would be happy to send you the JM Sidekick registration form.

  29. MJ Says:

    I am a blonde, blue-eyed, mid 20’s female Komet fanatic. However, I live in Cincinnati. Is there a distance restriction for this sidekick gig?

  30. Jungle Monkey Says:

    No distance restrictions.

  31. scoops Says:

    ……but you may want to keep your distance.

    How does someone from Cincy become a Komet fanatic? Did you used to live here?

  32. scoops Says:

    Hit…you taking me up on the McWhinney gets a start this weekend wager or did Bingham already tell you at lunch this week he was playing?

    I just have a feeling he will play at home this weekend. For one….Quad City is one of the weaker teams in the league and two, he has seen Rockford before. Hopefully he gets a start that way maybe we can put the “we want McWhinney” screams to bed.

  33. Greg Says:

    Anybody see the score of the Chicago K-Zoo game last night.

    Kalamazoo 9, Chicago 1

  34. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Scoops, Why so defensive?

  35. MJ Says:

    I am a Fort Wayne girl and just moved down here in April. Komet hockey has spoiled me! We have an ECHL team, but they’re nothing like our Komets!

  36. scoops Says:

    I will not stand in your way of any Casey Kasum long distance dedications you may do for MJ. I was just too lazy to do a caps lock LOL. There was no intended tone.

  37. Jungle Monkey Says:

    That’s good, I had “Somewhere out there” in mind.. I just need a inspiring story to go along with the dedication….

  38. Tony E Says:

    MJ welcome to the blog. I am glad to see with all of the strange things going on around here newcomers are still sticking their heads in.

  39. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Tony and Greg are another pair of sidekicks..

  40. Greg Says:

    Am I Butch or Sundance???

  41. MJ Says:

    JM – I used to LOVE that song! I actually sang it in a school vocal competition many years ago. Inspiring story – what could be more inspiring than star-crossed bloggers?

    Tony, I hate to disappoint you but I am a lurker, not a newcomer. PS Did you ever find a Thunder Bay Thundercats puck?

  42. Tony E Says:

    LOL I have no sidekicks or friends…
    The closer people get to me, the more they want to kill me.
    MJ no I haven’t . I have plans to take a trip up that way later this winter. I will stick my head into one of the local hobby shops and see what I can do.

  43. blake Says:

    I know for a fact that coach Bingham has not yet told either player or anyone else who is starting in goal when this weekend.

  44. Heather Says:

    If I wasn’t already elected to be Hits sidekick I’d be yours Tony LOL

  45. Tony E Says:

    Lol thanks Heather. I was thinking about it and maybe I need a side kick to balance all of the rear kicks I keep getting!

  46. Heather Says:

    Is there a rule that you can only be one persons sidekick? I sure hope not LOL

  47. pentalty box Says:

    I hate to ask a stupid question but here goes anyway. Can McWhinney opt out of his contract or does he have to be released?

  48. jc Says:

    So anyone have any info on the 2 rookies the K’s are supposed to sign? Nick Tuzzolino who is a 6-5 d-man and Micheal George who is a forward.

  49. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Scoops reminds me more of Nipsy Russell anyway…you know…he was on my show all the time. Scoops is just a bit defensive about everything…ease up dude. It is just a freaking blog site. MAN!

    I have no clue what you are talking about a wager or about having lunch with Bingham. You have lost me there. Tyoe whatever you want though. You are just trying to get a reaction anyway…right? Pot calling the kettle black? Is that what you meant?

  50. Tony E Says:

    He can’t opt out of his contract and play again in the UHL. Most other teams in other leagues will not touch him either because it would set a bad precident.

  51. Tony E Says:

    I know fairly well of Tuzzolino having seen him in the OHL the last several years. Here is a scouting report on him

  52. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Is this the same George Michael that we all know and love. You gotta have Faith in him….LOL

  53. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    don’t look now there’s a monkey on your back!!!

  54. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Wonder if he will be a father figure to the rest of the team or not?

  55. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Larry The PA Guy will have fun with that guy if we sign him….for sure.

  56. Tony E Says:

    Lol, now he is interesting. He comes from the Sask Junior Leagues which is a step or so below the OHL. I did some poking around. I have been to the Battlefords. It is up in northern Sask and is an old trading post dating back to the 1700’s.
    Here is a website for his last team

  57. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Ok, back to the serious hockey talk before scoops has a coronary or something. Sorry officer no fun police.

  58. K.M. Says:

    Michael George in his last season of junior had 74 points in 55 games. He also had 185 penalty minutes.

  59. Tony E Says:

    The numbers are good but keep in mind it is not a high level junior league.

  60. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Can George Michael take the body?

  61. Tony E Says:

    I say that not to degrade the guy. I just don’t want people to expect him to score 40 goals at this level.
    Not saying he can’t but you don’t want to put expectations on someone that he might not be able to live up to.

  62. K.M. Says:

    I saw he was also listed on Lake Superior States hockey team this year. I am not quite sure, but aren’t they a decent D-1 college hockey school?

  63. Tony E Says:

    Yes they certainly are. That had me confused as to how he could be in town and in school at the same time.

  64. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    George Michael…I am still chuckling on that one….

    There is actually a 6-9 guy playing for Missouri right now on ESPN2 and his name is Leo Lions. I am not kidding. Hillarious.

    My favorite all time is Dick Pole. I am sure there are others out there funnier. Is that a word?

  65. Tony E Says:

    Razor Shines……

  66. Tony E Says:

    Harry Colliflower

  67. Tony E Says:

    Ah and who could forget former Detroit Lion Harry Colon

  68. Drop The Gloves!!!!!! Says:

    my favorite is KOMETWARROIR MAN!

  69. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I saw Razor Shines play about 20 times in Indy as he was a AAA player for the Indianapolis Indians for a long time. He was a big strong 1st baseman who just never could make it to the next level. He was supposed to be the 3rd base coach for the White Sox this upcoming season…but I heard on a Chicago Radio Station that he got fired after 5 or so games in a winter league and may not be with the Sox any longer?

    Dick Trickle…..?

  70. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Harry Balls anyone? Former mayor of Fort Wayne……Classic

    Wonder what his campaign slogan was…anyone have an idea? Tread lightly.

  71. Tony E Says:

    Ron Tugnutt?

    I heard about the Shines situation. I don’t believe the winter league will have any bearing on his position with the White Sox. They wanted him to make changes to his coaching staff and he refused and got fired.

  72. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Duaney Duaney?

  73. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Wisconsin Badger Basketball Standout.

  74. Tony E Says:

    God Shamgod

  75. Tony E Says:

    The great Canadian baseball player Stubby Clapp

  76. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Blake Sebring……LOL

  77. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Just wondered where he was at is all. That should have got him going.

  78. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Coco Crisp

  79. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Milton Bradley

  80. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Howard Johnson….Mets 3rd baseman

  81. Tony E Says:

    Since I just listed his card a few minutes ago I will give a shout out to former Pirates pitcher Whammy Douglas.
    Hopefully Blake has a life tonight unlike us LOL.
    Goodnight all/

  82. JungleMonkey Says:

    Goodnight MJ =)

    I’ll have to find that Fivel Goes West Soundtrack….

  83. MJ Says:

    WHO DEY!!!!! Down with the Ravens! Goodnight JM. Sweet dreams! And I believe that song is from the first movie, An American Tail. Yes, I am a dork.

  84. Greg Says:

    I see where Kevin Reiter got Released by the Phoenix Roadrunners of the ECHL yeasterday.

  85. Jungle Monkey Says:

    JungleMonkey hearts Dorks.

  86. Tony E Says:

    It is getting steamy in here 😉

    Reiter may be Tyler Masters revisited. Overvalue yourself and close too many doors and pretty soon you find your once promising career on the skids.

  87. Greg Says:

    I guess that’s what happens when you just flat out refuse offers for no apparent GOOD reason.

  88. Jungle Monkey Says:

    I never seen all the promise in Reiter that others did. Granted, I seen him in limited action, but he seemed like an average run of the mill UHL goaltender. He would have made for a decent backup, but not the guy I want between the pipes as my starter.

  89. Greg Says:

    That’s the key, a decent back up. WIht Reiter in net I bet he would of gotten games that you don’t give a rookie. That way, the number gets a little more rest.

  90. Jungle Monkey Says:

    I think a guy like that is only going to play the backup role if he has some assurance that the “throne” is his once KSP vacates it.

  91. Greg Says:

    That’s a point I hadn’t thought of. I just figured he wanted a good shot a the number one job and figured he wasn’t going to get it with St. Pierre here. But I’ve heard other things where the timing doesn’t fit, so I’m not sure what to think.

  92. Skate Says:

    Please note the leading Quad City PIM guy is Goaltender Jason Tapp.

  93. Skate Says:

    Apparently, he has gone Ape Sh– in a few games.

  94. Tony E Says:

    Many nights Reiter was the best player on the ice in Missouri. You can’t blame the guy for wanting to try to move up. I just think it was short sighted on his part to think he was going to walk into a starting job in the ECHL after being the starting goalies on one of the worst teams in all of minor league hockey last year.

    Way off this subject..I wonder what Matt Hunter is doing now. I seem to remember him ignoring the calls from coach Bingham.
    Now it appears he is out of hockey, maybe of his own choice.

  95. Tony E Says:

    Also noted there have been no takers for the services of Jeff Worlton.

  96. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Tapp also has the leagues worst GAA and save %

  97. Skate Says:

    Saying Reiter was the best player on the ice for Missouri is roughly equivalent to saying he had the highest IQ in Kentucky.

  98. Jungle Monkey Says:

    114 Cool points for Skate. That was a great analogy.

  99. Greg Says:

    Tapp tried to chase Cloutier of Rockford down in a game two weeks ago, it was hilarious. According to the announcers, Cloutier wanted no part of Tapp to the point that Cloutier was banging on the glass to where Rockford’s locker room was to get off the ice and the attendants wouldn’t open the door.

    Things must be really bad in Quad City for that to happen.

  100. Bob Says:

    Maybe Kevin will realize that he is a decent back-up and swallow his pride the next time his phone rings…(if it rings)

    I wonder if QC might call him if they get any worse off. Oh, my bad….they’ve only won 4 games!

  101. Tony E Says:

    Reiter can start and play well on any team that has a solid defence. Of course at this point in the season, most teams with solid defence have no need for a starting goalie.

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